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    Happy Christmas from us to you!

    Good afternoon all and in advance of the big day the chaps at VWROC Towers would like to wish you and your families a very happy Christmas and new year. It's been another record year for us and we'd like to thank you all for your inputs into the site, after all it's only as good as you guys make it. Also a very big thank you to our wonderful Mod team who work very hard behind the scenes. Your work guys is greatly appreciated as it takes many many hours to keep things running smoothly!! One final reminder is that the VWROC 2018 calendars are now in stock and available via the Store so if you haven't already got one please do before they go! Stay safe and thanks again to you all, wherever you are in the world. The VWROC team.
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    The 6xxHP Beas7 - Guy's 6MT 7R

    Little edit from the boys over at MiniTorque.... made me chuckle
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    I almost went with the 18’’ prets for my winters but the width/offset put me off without running spacers. Anyway, went with BBS SX (18x8, ET45) which I’ll be putting on tomorrow. Been a nightmare as DPD delivered 2 last Friday, collected one on Tuesday as they couldn’t find the other which finally arrived tonight. Cleaned, sealed and dressed [emoji106]
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    Golf GTD vs R

    That's it for me really. I have test driven a GTD and been a passenger in a fast drive in one. It's got that diesel-quickness about it. The torque is obviously there, but feels breathless and rough at high RPM. Clattering on the outside as well which I didn't like at all. Wouldn't call it a hot hatch, though it has the look of one. And actually a freshly cleaned and waxed GTD with a nice colour (the grey suits it) can look as good as a GTI or an R. Same tinted tail lights and front lights, and standard wheels look great. Personally though, regardless of the higher price and running costs, I'd always go 4WD in future - 4Matic, 4Motion, XDrive, Quattro...and whatever the non-German brands call it as well. Not just for the rare bit of snow I see here in London, but purely for traction off the line. It's the most useful feature that you can use at anytime in any conditions.
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    Just a quick update, there now appears to be an official link from the VW website which takes you along to the following site: http://webspecial.volkswagen.de/maps/int/en/index.html Latest maps now appearing there for post 2015 Nav pro users atleast (not checked any others)
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    Disappointing Dynaudio?

    I was really disappointed for the first week (after Audi B&O) but now really happy. Maybe thats speaker run-in (never heard of that!) or just getting used to it, but when I stopped playing with settings and just settled in...in seemed to get better! Definitely though is susceptible to source quality, I'm using SD cards with iTunes files, and that seems to work really well. Being piped from phone less so.
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    Police R?

    Ditto, it's rather fun lol. i have a Tag for the toll so it's even more of a rolling start. however I have seen upwards of 10 BMW 330d Police cars (mix of marked and unmarked) and 2 camera vans on the toll before. I was in my 330d at the time and scarily blended in with the 'pack of sharks' lol.
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    As I'm in the the states at the mo, a 9mm
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    So it begins...

    Afternoon Gents Well, it's officially started. I have my 7.5R booked in with VAG Tech for Stage 1 Revo remap, Racing Line springs and H&R antiroll bars to stiffen it up. Just a little bit of a tweak for now... I'll give it a few months before stage 2 starts. How much work did you guys do for Stage 2? I'm guessing it'll take an upgraded air intake, exhaust manifold and brakes along with the remap. Any suggestions on what else should be upgraded? Either out of necessity or a "it was simply better with..." Ta!
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    Project 7.5R - ARBs

    Trying to work out what to do on the anti-roll bar front with Project 7.5R. SuperPro do a range of rear bars - 22mm, 24mm and 26mm. I’m thinking rear bar only to dial out some of the inherent understeer of the car as it’s 4WD. I’m inclined to go for the 26mm bar but am not sure of the size of the standard rear bar on the R. Advice appreciated. Whilst I want to dial out some understeer I don’t want to go too far the other way and create an oversteering monster!
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    Tarox BBK. Discussion

    Just to be different I am considering the Tarox 8 Pot 360mm BBK. My car is used predominantly on the road and the occasional track forays I'm also probably going to use Tarox Corsa pads as they are harder and will cause less pad pick up in the grooves hence cut down on vibration.They are not fully floating but I've had their kit on my old APR Stage 3 kit and it worked superbly especially with Corsa pads. Trouble is they do some really nice anodised colours and my original plan was to keep the callipers subtle and order them in black or grey but I'm now looking at the red calliper. Being Oryx running on Prets I wonder whether it will look odd or too garish. They won't match the rear callipers which you can't match. I suppose they will really stand out. Any opinions
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    Facelift Mods

    The funny looking B is the scharfes s or double s - so the same Sent from my Nexus 7 using Tapatalk
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    Does Haldex AWD work in reverse gear?

    Check this out at 3:20 onwards.
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    Pets and Petrolheads!

    Ballach looks to be enjoying himself mightily. What a charmer. Thanks for sharing the photos.
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    I shoot up regularly with special K, so always keep a stash in my car. At least £5000 in used notes to pay plod off. 🙂
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    APR Roll-Control Springs - R/S3

    Just a quick note to let you all know that we only have one set left of MK7R APR Roll-Control springs in stock for immediate dispatch today. https://www.vrsnorthampton.com/home/2933-apr-roll-control.html?search_query=roll-control&results=23 We believe these to be the most comfortable lowering springs available for the MK7 R. APR Roll-Control Lowering Springs are designed to improve handling while delivering a stylish visual upgrade to the vehicle. This simple, yet effective upgrade lowers the vehicle’s center of gravity, giving it an attractive new stance, while remaining fully compatible with the OEM dampers. In doing so, body roll is reduced and handling improves without sacrificing ride quality or greatly impacting the life of the OEM dampers. Each spring is manufactured using premium material and the latest high-end techniques to ensure they resist sagging, and withstand harsh track conditions for years to come. APR Roll-Control Lowering Springs' spring rates are only slightly stiffer than OEM. Using an even stiffer rate would sacrifice ride quality and could also cause the system to be underdamped which would be a detriment to performance. Both the ride height and spring rate are designed in parallel around the criteria of keeping the OEM dampers and maximizing performance while maintaining OEM like ride quality. Ride height is typically reduced between 1/2" - 3/4". Any S3, GTI or MK7R owners - get in touch today.
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    Country Boy

    Wolf pressure washer any good?

    I've found out it was just clogged in the filter, so sticking with my Nilfisk.
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    Mk7 Golf R Order thread - part 2

    Great choice. A lot of us have taken delivery of our cars in the last couple of weeks so haven’t checked this thread for a while but it’s great to see it still alive with new R owners starting the long wait to collection! Word of advice the thread definitely doesn’t help the patience lol! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Disappointing Dynaudio?

    And so it came to pass! Give over Col.......look what you’ve done now, pass the tissues......😭 😂
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    APR Roll-Control Springs - R/S3

    Hi Rob, Yes, they work very well with the DCC. Probably the best riding springs we've used on a 7R. Very very comfortable, yet firm.
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    belfast col

    Disappointing Dynaudio?

    Well I never...It appears Becs is right! I mean shes always right as she's a woman.......😏 https://www.cambridgeaudio.com/en/blog/how-run-speakers
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    Disappointing Dynaudio?

    My experience is that Dynaudio 'works' (shows its talents) best with FLAC files, CDs - with BT streamed audio being both lowest detail and fun. But, even with lower res files, the underlying sound is very pleasing (to my tastes). I run a pair of Dynaudio £2.5K active speaker at home, so I like the DA house sound - as do many studios as DA are a reknowned monitor manufacturer. The boot sub is weakest link (esp compared to Helix sub) , but the door cones and especially the A pillar tweeters, are very good. System does need some running in (cones are moving parts and stiff out of box, x-over electronics etc pass current better, once warmed) - plus One's ears acclimatise. My suggestion is that Dyn is superb value but needs different settings for different music (unlike their domestic setups that work best 'flat'. So, you may need to tinker with the EQ, if you are interested and your tastes are varied or eclectic. High mid ranges can be tiresome, too much low EQ can cause clipping. Trial and error - I couldpost some setting for various Muzak types that I enjoy for reference. My live ridding advice for Dynaudio is to let it come to you over time. Pick some fav sounds that you know well. Pick some hi res, well recorded and mastered material and try it at moderate volumes.
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    Sits nice, a bit more nose diwn than the vwr ones I have fitted now.
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    Disappointing Dynaudio?

    Its not as good as the B&O Audi systems I have experienced for sure, I think a lot of that is to do with the Audi (B9 A4) had a large centre speaker under the dash, The Dynaudio has to try and create this central sound from the sides, which it does a pretty good job of. Its not amazing but its decent especially for a Golf level of car. https://www.whathifi.com/features/dynaudio-excite-sound-system-review-vw-golf-mk-7
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    Disappointing Dynaudio?

    Google “running in speakers” or “breaking in speakers” Same applies to new headphones which require a period of ‘burning in’.
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    19” upgrade

    You're a gent thanks for the info much appreciated.
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    Disappointing Dynaudio?

    Polo GTI with standard speakers. The bass nowhere as good obviously but provided a much more central sound. After a round trip to Southampton today fiddling I've just accepted everything sounds better louder and as mentioned by others they'll improve over the next couple of weeks.
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    Jon R306

    Project 7.5R - ARBs

    Come Thursday I’m going with the 24mm Superpro rear anti roll bar with standard OEM links on the softest setting to see how much turn in this adds, .without going over the top and adding oversteer. along with KWV3S and Superpro front 0007 lower control arms. I'm looking forward to the difference over stock non DCC suspension , LCA’s and RARB.
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    Golf GTD vs R

    The R is simply the best on wet. slippery roads, which is all we seem to get at the moment.
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    Ultimate VWROC driving playlist....

    Nice work putting this play list together Col, there are a few skippers but on the whole a damn good drive. It reminds me of driving with my old man sometimes
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    It ships with 50hp and 88ftlbs at 4.75psi boost Rob Anything else you'll need the £28 data cable to adjust. There's a sale on at the moment too..........JB4Shop
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    Disklok with DSG paddles

    God now your asking but yes I think it is a small I bought it about 15yrs ago for one of my my Subaru's and it's now well battered and the stickers have all come off, it's very snug on the R wheel mind you.
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    Merry Christmas to Wo-Wo!

    Thanks Bec! Hopefully we'll have some dedicated interior products to show you all in the new year! Neil
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    Leaving handbrake off

    My father had that same habit which led to problems more serious than a sticking handbrake. One Saturday afternoon in my pre-driving adolescent days while he and my mother were away, I was "practicing" the shift pattern in his trusty Anglia (yes, they were imported to the States) on what I thought was our level driveway. It wasn't. Leaving the car in neutral during a momentary distraction, I found myself and car in the back garden nudged against a tree. It would have been hilarious to watch my frantic but unsuccessful efforts to get the car back on the driveway before my parents returned, never mind the dented fender. The Old Man was not amused. Neither of us learned a lesson from the incident. A few years later he'd parked his Opel Kadett in the same spot. I started the car to run an errand, then remembered something needed inside the house. What I didn't remember was that he still never set the brake, so I returned to find the Opel in the same tree-hugging position as the Anglia. Dad was more mellow this round; we split the cost of repairing the fender. I eventually bought the Opel from him - my first car. I ALWAYS use the handbrake, even in my truck with automatic set in Park.
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    What strange things do you keep in your car?

    Haha! So true. I spent 6 months working in and around florida last year. Everyone it seems is armed to the teeth!
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    End of pcp - alloys

    Loads of places. Look on eBay, some even come with free fitting if you go collect them. I managed to pick up a puncture and found 2x Continental SP6 tyres for less than £50 each (including fitting) and they still had 4mm of tread left. Enjoy the RS3 mate.
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    Police R?

    If I wear a work shirt, it seems people think it's similar to police, that couple with short hair gets used to get some great responses. one bloke just glanced and must have seen the car and me in his peripheral vision and threw the mobile he was using across the car, unfortunately it hit the passenger seat bolster or something and bounced back smacking into drivers side window just missing his head lol. Annoyingly everyone used to slow right down when my Tourer 'suddenly' appeared behind them, sometimes you just know they have been up to no good lol.
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    Police R?

    The amount of times I've slowed down because I've seen bloody 330's driving sensibly, expecting to see a uniform... only to find out its a bald middle aged man trying not to fall asleep.
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    VW Data Plug

    The data plug for VW Connect? I thought it was kinda cool when I first picked my new 7.5R, but the novelty quickly wore off. Once it has a big more functionality it may be worth it, but currently... I reached 85% efficiency on my commute... so? I just drove 81 miles with an average speed of 50mph... well that's just incriminating. I just refuelled... I know, I was there. I just don't see the point at the moment. Give it a year to see where they take it, but for now... nagh.
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    Ultimate VWROC driving playlist....

    I'll stick it on when I'm back in the car, hopefully squeeze in a play drive tonight. Driving from England to Belfast? How much did you have to inflate those tyres?
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    Turbo upgrade

    I’m running mrc software, you would need Custom mapping. mrc have done a fair few now and I’m sure rick at unicorn has also done them just to name a couple, Not sure the cost on it tbh as they had a sale back in September 20% off and fitting will all come down to your own garage or doing it yourself etc. Will need Stage 2 hardware along with upgraded plugs are recommended. Then it’s plug and play basically. They also do an exchange price so can swap you old turbo as long as it’s not went bang as they won’t build it. My mate owns his own garage and is a tte supplier so can maybe get a decent deal. He also had a is38 sitting so sent it away for 470 build then took mine back in exchange which meant no down time on my car as 6 week waiting I’m sure. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Disappointing Dynaudio?

    There's a setting on Spotify for high quality audio make your that is ticked. Too much reverb means your highs are to loud I think?
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    Disappointing Dynaudio?

    I have mine on Dynamic setting and with the Treble bias on +1 , and it sounds awesome with most music i listen to. Using Spotify via Bluetooth on 320 kbit/s. Plugging it in ala Car Play sounds just about the same. CDs also sound pretty damn good , and also stuff on the DAB. The Dynaudio is better than the H&K setup i had in my previous car. Not by much , but still noticeable especially the higher end and the lows.
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    Disappointing Dynaudio?

    If you're burning ITunes songs in whatever compressed format it stores them into an Audio CD, then it won't be any better quality than listening from a phone playing it. The fine detail and "quality" was removed when the file was encoded into ITunes, and can't be put back in regardless of the medium it's put onto. Nb. ITunes can do lossless, but still the phone vs CD will be the same. If however you're copying your own audio CDs, then you'll be fine, as there's no encoding step removing anything.
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    Disappointing Dynaudio?

    For me Dynaudio has got better by time when using... B&O might be clearer, but dynaudio has better bas lower down. B&O again you need to put the volume up before something happens but then again you can pull it to the max without any distortion that I can't do with dynaudio. Well not a big issues on those volumes you will loose your hearing So in the end, I like Dynaudio and would not choose the car without it. But if comparing to B&O it lacks a bit, I think. Just I hate all rattling sound in my car with a bit higher volumes. :/ Seems rattle near the front passenger door and seat belt. Haven't really figure it out from where it comes (but this is another matter).
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    Golf R 7.5 Estate Aftermarket Exhausts

    I have just had a BCS Powervalve fitted to my Mk 7.5R. Quality is as good as you will get. The guys that I used to fit it, Hi-Tech Performance in Northampton, were really impressed. One of the added benefits of the Powervalve system is that it sounds pretty much stock at low revs (so you won’t upset the neighbours!) but makes a fab sound as the revs rise and the exhaust valves open. Price is not silly either considering the quality.
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    Disappointing Dynaudio?

    I hope it's worth the 500 quid :/
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    Cayman GT4

    Thanks mate. Only took me 20 years of hard work, blood sweat and tears haha but worth it in the end Thanks Doc!
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    Disappointing Dynaudio?

    My Dynaudio is fine. One thing I do that a lot don’t is listen to music on CDs - supposedly, the sound quality is better on a CD. I use iTunes to burn my own CDs and make up my own compilations as I have varying tastes in music. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Disappointing Dynaudio?

    What was your old car ? My last car had B&O in which at the time was a £750 extra I think and came with 14 speakers and 705 watts. Im pleasantly surprised with the Dynaudio especially the speakers at the base of the A pillars. I use iTunes music copied across to an SD card.
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