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    Pets and Petrolheads!

    My Two.
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    Your most annoying harrassment?

    I know louder exhaust are popular with some, but the last thing I want is a noisy exhaust drawing police attention to me when I (might be) driving slightly fast or enthusiastically. Even when I was in my 20's and riding fast bikes I chose the one with the quietest exhaust when all my mates were after louder, LOUDER, LOUDER ! exhausts. Then they whinged because "the police are always picking on me, how come you never get booked ?" Duhhh ! A loud exhaust is also a good way to annoy your neighbours and even your own family. I prefer to "fly below the radar", so a quiet exhaust and a stock looking car is my preference. Of course if everyone felt the same the aftermarket modifications industry would lose a lot of profit
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    Jon R306

    Pets and Petrolheads!

    This was My dog buddy last year he was very sick and all hope had nearly been lost when he started to recover at last thank goodness. This is is him today 🤞👍
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    Golf 7R Photos - Part 2

    Couple of days old...looking good!
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    Golf 7R Photos - Part 2

    After an epic battle with the weather, I think she looks respectable now. 1 day in 😍 Love this motor
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    Pets and Petrolheads!

    Dunster who is nearly 20 years old [emoji170] Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
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    jason robinson

    jason robinson

    hi i have had golfs,caddys and transporters for twenty years. After owning a gti for 18 months i decided to buy a golf R 7.5
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    Heatwave Madness!

    Hopefully I did my R justice. Trying to find a bit of colour but this weather is cooking every bit of green Space we have to Brown at the moment! Bojam
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    Hey guys, thought you’d all enjoy seeing my new ride: Pure White 7.5 R Grid manual
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    Milltek owners help please - GT100

    Res is to quite I had valved resonated and sports cat. Now I’m non res with the awe switchpath so I can open and close the valves when I please, drone is minimal at 70 it creeps in at 80+ even with valves closed
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    I have zero problems with jerky takeoffs & gear changes with the 7 speed DSG in my Mk7.5 hearse. It is nice and smooth all the time (except flat-out, but even then it isn't jerky, just fast changes). Maybe different cars have different calibrations or something, as there are quite a few people complaining, but also a lot of people saying their DSG is perfectly fine ? I do wish it was in less of a hurry to get into as high a gear as possible as soon as possible when I'm driving gently - sometimes the engine is revving so low it almost feels like it is lugging.
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    Jon R306

    Your most annoying harrassment?

    Where do I start 🤔🤔🤔 The best one was a tuned (indigo GT stickers) 🤨 new shape Honda type R in front of Me entering a 30zone high street and it looked nice fair play and thought fine when space comes available in a while we’ll have some fun. but to My bewildering vision he subsequently over took 2 cars in a very tight high street that were already doing just over 30mph 😳 now that was just plain dangerous 🤬🤬🤬 I saw him last week again and he had one of those stupid gun fire exhausts.... what’s that all about 😂😂 CHAV
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    Jon R306

    Pets and Petrolheads!

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    Pets and Petrolheads!

    Sorry to hear about your loss, it's always traumatic loosing a loved pet, a member of the family. we had to have Ballach, as when Oscar our previous Dalmatian left, the house was just so bloody quiet and felt empty.
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    Driving difference between 7 & 7.5

    The new 7.5 has a much better 7 speed gearbox. It gets a real hard time on this forum for no good reason really. Drive them back to back the 7 speed responds better on wide open throttle. Apparently it’s more jerky on take off well I’ve never felt any jerking whatsoever I think people are getting confused at the parking brake going off on auto hold. Just my opinion though I could be wrong. other big diff is the pops and bangs and the bumpers and diffuser are a lot more aggressive
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    Heater - odd behaviour

    ignore this. with a modern HVAC system just set it to auto and a given temperature. with auto set it will remove moisture from air entering the cabin and handle most other situations. on the reported fault, as has been mentioned these can be internal sensors and also your external temperature sensor can mess things up if it's faulty. modern HVAC systems are by no means a gimmick, a car with a good system where not only can you set it to auto but also have the fan speed adjust and activate vents is brilliant. i don't think I have ever owned a car where I had to turn off the aircon to get extra power. From September to April, the auto setup really does ensure you are covered for the bad weather.
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    Heatwave Madness!

    looks nice dude! Love red & black combo.
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    What detailing have you done today?

    Wash day!
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    Avoiding £310/year in tax

    Because my dad for example wouldn't know what options where standard or which he paid for on his gti and he bought it brand new let alone second hand. Most of the time the dealers don't even know so how the hell is Joe public meant to know. Makes no odds to car thieves, a body shop or the insurance whether it has heated seats or high beam assist. Doesn't affect performance or repair costs so why do they need to know. My house insurance doesn't ask for a full inventory of my contents, the square footage of all my rooms and whether my oven is gas or electric.
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    Avoiding £310/year in tax

    You will need to declare all options on your car that you add above standard, this is both during the factory build and afterwards if adding parts separately. its a shame that about government and taxes, they never seem to go where individuals want them, fact of life just live with it. the change in vehicle tax had to happen as there will be a shortfall in vehicle tax with electric, hybrids and very low emission vehicles using the roads but not paying their way. if anyone can afford a car that is £35k never mind £40k, they should be able to handle an extra tax. if not they should not be buying a car they can afford. We had a discussion at work and in pub, there is pretty much zero sympathy for people moaning about paying extra tax for a £40k. With cars such as Tesla cost a fair bit but paying nothing, it would almost become a tax on the poor with electric vehicles being out of their reach.
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    The 6xxHP Beas7 - Guy's 6MT 7R

    😂😂 thats madness! Look forward to seeing the pictures. Whats your plan with the gear box now Guy? I seen on Instagram you were stripping the box down?
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    When I was looking at R's a guy asked if I was considering S3's I just said no I am not a @@@@ ! Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
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    Finally the pics LoL, just have it a quick wash ..... Front ..... Rear ....,
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    Jon R306

    Golf 7R Photos - Part 2

    A year since I posted My first few images when My family R was new ... loving the R even more now after a few mods. even the dog loves it 😀
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    Facelift Mods

    errrrm.......nope! This: Scandinavian DRL 09 - Central Electrics Adaptations Select – Aussenlicht_Front- Tagfahrlicht-Dauerfahrlicht aktiviert zusaetzlich Standlicht – Set to Active