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    So today had a traffic light competition with a TTS, obviously as you would expect it was pretty much neck and neck, and thennn boom i see the classic blue lights in my rear view. I instantly pull over as there is no winning when you try to get away from them, but LUCKILY the TTS had other plans and carried on going (not sure if the driver didnt see the lights on not) so, they completely ignored me and chased down the TTS, so i pulled into a side road, shut my lights off and waited for 10 mins for s**t to cool off. 10 mins later i drove sensibly home. Moral of the story is, if ur gonna do something stupid, look around you before you do it hahah
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    My Golf R Illustration

    Decided to have a go at drawing my Golf R in Adobe Illustrator.
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    Show us your ‘post WLTP’ Golf R’s

    Just done over 400 miles today. A few pics after the first wash..........
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    The 2016 MK7 R is gone. Traded it this evening pretty much unexpectedly on a fully equipped 2019 MK7.5. Manual, of course. Early this week the local dealer's sales manager emailed an offer to take my car in trade for a new one with no money down and no change in monthly payments. I was highly skeptical, and rightly so, but no harm in dropping by the showroom after work, right? There on display was the fully-equipped Lapiz 7.5 you see below. The deal turned out to be something of a sleazy come-on, but the end result was more or less as promised. No cash down payment and the monthlies are unchanged. The car comes with all the electronic goodies, some of which the pleasant saleslady actually taught me to use. It has 19" Prets (don't know about the gloss black finish) and a six year/72 month warranty, Despite my curmudgeonly objections to modernity, I do like audible proximity warning (rear, front is silly), blind spot warning, LED headlights and tailights and maybe even Navigation. My reaction to DCC adaptive chassis control remains to be seen. Most of the other bells and whistles were on my old car. The drive home was brief but pleasant. Odometer went from 9 miles to about 14. Storms are predicted tomorrow, so I'll likely drive the truck to work. I'll be out of town at a conference next week. More to come when I return and have the opportunity to drive some more.
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    Paul C

    What did you do to your R today?

    Coated my new prets with Gtechnic C5 and fitted them to the car. Also gave the car a good clean and a coat of Gtechniq C2v3 liquid crystal. Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
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    Next time you try, leave the wife at home. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Picked mine up on Thursday...it’s spiffing.
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    Two good deeds this week

    There are still honest, genuine people out there. Getting few and far between but none the less its still nice to hear/see people doing good deeds. Back when I was about 14 I seen a guy drop his wallet in tesco garage as he got back in his car. I shouted and rode across on my bike but he shot off before I could get to him. There was £140 in cash in the wallet, so I took the wallet home because his address was in there, and my father drove me to the address in the evening when he got in from work. His house was about 5 miles from mine. He was obviously doing well for himself given the house and car he had. When we got there the guy had noticed his wallet missing literally 15 mins before and was over the moon with me returning it. He took all the cash out and gave it all to me there and then. Without even counting it. I was speechless. My Dad said there is no way you can take that, so we tried giving it back to him but he said it would cost a lot more money and hassle than what he’d just given me, to replace all the contents and the wallet. He shook my fathers hand too for bringing me up the right way. It was a life lesson and I’ll never forget that for the rest of my days.
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    What did you do to your R today?

    Not specifically today but in the past week - Took the ‘chrome’ exhaust tips of my car for a deep clean, they’ve come out okay but are badly pitted so I will be leaving them off for the mean time as I quite like the raw look of just the exhaust tips. Had an oil change after covering 6000 miles with the new engine, car has just ticked over to 34,000 miles overall. And finally had my wheel alignment done, the rear was 5mm out which was having quite a bad effect on the wear of the tyres. Car feels fantastic again, these really are special cars😁
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    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Picked up yesterday. In for ceramic today Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I took mine out for a bit of a drive in the sun today 😍
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    Dealer washed my car 😡

    Well I’ve got my baby back! 😍
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    Two good deeds this week

    It was dark, late at night and I was walking down the path alongside a dual carriageway (A405) I was walking the same direction as traffic. A car passed at about 60 mph and just as it passed me there was a loud crack. The car swerved violently and half spun, then flipped and rolled across the path in front of me. The car ended up about 150 yds ahead of me. I sprinted over to the car just as a middle aged lady was pulling herself from the wreckage. I asked if she was OK and she was shaken but not hurt. She kept mentioning a case she couldn't find and seemed flustered more about the lost case than the car!. I replayed what I saw in my head and remember seeing something fly off the car as it rolled. I went and had a look and found the case. She hugged it to her chest and said thank god etc. It was about then a motorist pulled up and gave her a lift to the nearest phone. Yes, it was that long ago! Anyway I made my way home after giving her my phone number as a witness. About three days later a guy called me and said it was his wife I'd assisted. Could he do anything for me? I told him I'd got battery acid on my jeans and they'd dissolved into holes. This was true btw. He sent me the money for 2 pairs! It turned out they were jewellery dealers and there had £50,000 of bling in that little case.
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    Two good deeds this week

    1. Out for a walk on Sunday and near the local park saw a wallet on the floor, thrown near a bush. Opened it and had a debit card, an OAP travel pass and a driving license - but no cash. Guess had been stolen and dumped.Was only a couple of miles away so walked round to return it to rightful owner. Got to his house and no-one in, so dropped it through letter box with a note saying where I’d found it and my mobile number. Not heard a word since. Just a call to say thanks would have been nice. 2. On the tube yesterday’s carriage half full, and a drunk / stoned / having problems with life (delete as appropriate) bloke in ripped joggers and a filthy top got on, ranting about something, then walked down the carriage away from me, sat next to this young girl in her early 20s and started trying to put his arm around her. No one did anything, so I got up and walked over just as another chap did the same from further down. We both got there at the same time and he asked the girl if she’d like to sit with him, and I told the bloke to shut it and leave her alone. Probably helped I was in jeans and my site boots as had been inspecting a warehouse earlier, had been a hard day and I had a headache, so probably came across as a mad / hard bugger. Not sure me in a suit would have had same effect. Got a lot of smiles from other females in the carriage, most of the men were pretending nothing had happened. Anyway next stop was end of the line so we got off and the girl thanked both of us and we all left the station. No cops around, so I did tell the guy on the ticket barrier but he didn’t seem fussed.. Nothing amazing in the scheme of things, but I felt good about both incidents.
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    600bhp Golf R raffle

    I just see a “600bhp” Golf R on Kumho tyres....speaks volumes to me about the owner. I wouldn’t touch this with a cattle prod, but ETTO
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    Deep clean and decontamination...

    So I picked up my 7.5 R on Tuesday from VW Altrincham, just under 2 years old with 10K on the clock. Asked the dealer not to clean it, they did obviously but has happy to spot tar all over the NS wing and doors so lucky they didn't clean it too well! So first clean today, trying to correct two years of swirls on DPB! First job was Iron decontamination, I concentrated mainly on the wheels, not too keen using it on the body work. I used Auto Finesse stuff which changes colour like IronX and its all I could find locally but seemed to do a good enough job. Used Auto Finesse Tar remover to get the spots off. Then a layer of AG Polar Blast foam, proper jetwash in all the little nooks and crannies. Then a Chemical Guys Citrus wash using 2BM, Feracla clay mitt all over and it was starting to feel nice. Dodo DAS 6 Pro polish with Chemical Guys V36 cutting polish on a Hexlogic medium cutting pad, then Poorboys Black Hole on a polishing pad, finished with some Muc-Off wax. Not a bad first go, I'll probably give it another pass with the polisher as there's still some swirling but its way better than it was. Really happy with this car so far! Who else is cleaning this fine Saturday afternoon!
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    Infuriates me. She broke the law, a number of times by the looks too. No matter what gender the individual is they should be prosecuted and handed the same punishment as the next person. What if she’d crashed and killed someone? Would she have been let off as easy then? No excuse for it.
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    What detailing have you done today?

    I gave it a long overdue and much needed wash and wax (QD). Used my new Kranzle K10 pressure washer and Kranzle snow foam lance today. It’s on another level to the Karcher K4 Full Control Totally different beast altogether, and going just from today, I wished I’d invested in a Kranzle years ago. The lance is excellent too. It was a joy to use both. A few pics Snow foamed Citrus pre washed Clean and refreshed with Swissvax Lotospeed
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    Batch’s Tornado Red 7.5R Wagon

    Few pics from a recent shoot...
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    What did you do to your R today?

    Coated the R with Gyeon ceramic coating yesterday... Loving the results so far!
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    My Facelift R Performance
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    Another golf in headlines

    I think you are missing the racism, appearance of the driver has nothing to do with anything, in my experience scum bags come in all colours.
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    Been a very very long wait for this🤦🏻‍♂️ but worth it in the end, glad I stuck with it and didn't cave for an a35 AMG 😍 thanks to RS Autospa Montrose for the prep and full detail inc. ceramic-coating and Ecotyres Arbroath for wheel/tyre fitment (no thanks to Inchcape VW Cheltenham 🤡 😆, still waiting for replacement driver's grab handle missing upon delivery). Looking forwards to getting some miles on her and enjoying, sorry (not sorry 🤷🏻‍♂️) for pic heavy post 🙈🚗 #shinyshiny #theredwagon#7.5R #needsroofbars #RS Autospa #fireballKorea #Ecotyres Arbroath
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    Voice Control

    I don’t bother with the lousy VW voice control. I find Wife Assist to be much better at understanding comprehensive instructions. Of course, it’s a lot more expensive than VW voice activation, doesn’t work on solo journeys and it often argues back, but on the whole, it’s still better than VW’s software.
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    Rick R

    9.89 second Golf R in Puerto Rico

    Hi, I'm the owner of a 2017 VW Golf R and would like to share my 1/4 mile experience with my R went last Wednesday (3/28/19) for the local track (Salinas Speedway) for a private track rental (JOMO Rental) after 2 months of inactivity, prior to install new IMS780. I only did 3 passes. Best one 9.89sec at 134.76 mph @ 1/4 mile when we achieved 9.94sec Hellcat DESTROYER - VW Golf SMASHES Big V8's by 1320video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uoln-J6QTg4&t=2s Fast Or Nothing GOLF R the V8 Killer local promoter did a video from my Golf R(is on spanish, hope you enjoy it) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uX7mcFrhaek If you want to read more about my Golf R build: https://forums.vwvortex.com/showthread.php?9276123-9-94-second-Golf-R-in-Puerto-Rico https://www.golfmk7.com/forums/showthread.php?t=48200 Thanks, Ricardo
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    600bhp Golf R raffle

    Looks like a bad deal, to me. 1999 maximum ticket allocation, with no confirmed minimum target; this, read along with the terms and conditions on the competition website, means that the person running the competition can continue deferring the draw until they've made the £50,000 they want for the car. The skeptic in me also wonders how 'random' the winner selection process will be...
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    Here’s mine Revo19s put on the car yesterday need to lower it now
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    Bec's Guide to Detailing

    Ok so I’ve cracked it got the swirls out after 2 stage polish and now wearing gyeon can coat
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    What did you do to your R today?

    Milltek non res. Full Racingline billet engine dress up package.
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    Rear PP lip spoiler .

    I have access to the following spoiler 5G6827940 041 sourced in Odesa ,Ukraine. My Son is currently based there diving in the Black Sea and the 'R' seems a popular car amongst the resident commercial divers. In short he was admiring a colleagues R when the extras came in to conversation, it transpires the extortionately 'sterling' priced spoiler is £95.00 out there ( £239.00 here) confirmed as a genuine part yesterday at VW Odesa. Needless to say I have one on order for when Junior returns at the end of the month, anybody interested in adding one to the order do let me know, he's travelling back in to the U.K by road so there will be no duty issues.
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    April 2019 - Photo of the Month Competition

    Taken with Honor @r2avo
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    Show us your ‘post WLTP’ Golf R’s

    Here is mine, was a good day for delivery as it was raining all day today, absolutely loving it so far too,massive step up from the Audi A1
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    New KW rear springs on, was sitting to low before , now looking a bit more grown up!
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    £800 to ship my R over to Brisbane £2000 for a 40ft shipping container for the rest of my chattles. I can get a 4 bed house with a double garage and pool and 2 "sheds" that are 9 X 7.5 metres and 6 X 6 metres to start up my detailing business and it's in 1 acre of land. All for £90k less than what my 4 bed house is worth now. Anyone for a group buy on a ship deck? Who's with me?!
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    That Odd "Skritch" Noise

    Unlikely as it seems, the service department found a three or four foot tree branch lodged in the rear suspension! It fell out on the lift, and the noise disappeared. Don't recall running over such an object, although the combination of wind and rain often leaves significant detritus on the streets. Kudos to Randolph, the taciturn service manager, who was annoyed by my vigorous driving maneuvers while trying to reproduce the sound but waived the normally automatic diagnosis charge when the cause revealed itself.
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    Here's my estate, must of been a banked car as no rear camera or kessy.. 😭 going to retrofit the rear cam. I find the engine gets to temperature alot quicker than my pre wlpt hatch.
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    My Golf R Illustration

    No, drawn from scratch, using a photo as reference. This is how it looked before I added the textures.
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    Voice Control

    @PhilC22 I had a test drive of a different version of WifeAssist. WifeAssist 1 got wind that I was thinking of an upgrade and completely blew a fuse, the system went berserk and sparks came out of it. I sought professional advice and was advised that it would be cheaper to repair WifeAssist 1 compared to the upgrade cost to a new version of WifeAssist. The cost to upgrade was extensive and it wasn't guaranteed to work any better than WifeAssist 1. After checking the forums it was widely reported that an upgrade to a new version of WifeAssist often brought immediate improvements, but these improvements deteriorated over a period of time and sometimes would end up being worse than WifeAssist 1. After much deliberation I decided to stick with WifeAssist 1. On the odd occasion when I feel like an upgrade it works out more effective to hire a different version of WifeAssist on an hourly basis or sometimes take a free test drive. [emoji23][emoji23] Sent from my SM-G955F using Tapatalk
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    Wife’s car (Golf) needs its second service, so I ring the local VW main dealer to book it in . All proceeds as normal (reg, confirm make and model, my name etc). All’s good till we get to my contact number – I give him the landline I’m sat next to ( I work from home so have 3 land line numbers + mobile, and the wife's mobile of course). Dealer – thats not the number we have on record for you Me – ok, well thats the number to ring me on Dealer – it doesn’t match our records Me – where are we going with this? I’ve just given you the number to ring me on Dealer – for GDPR purposes I have to confirm your details Me – again, I’ve told you the number to ring Dealer – I cant give you any details until I confirm your number Me – I don’t want any details, I’m trying to book a car in for a service here Dealer – the number doesn't match Me - well that's your problem not mine Conversation rapidly deteriorated from there literally into a shouting match (both guilty) as I wasn’t interested in playing the “guess what number he has on his system” game and him unwilling book the car in without me matching what computer says. 5 minutes later I ring the main dealer in the next town over, 3 minutes later car is booked in for a service.
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    Close call! I always remember many years back in my new Golf MK5 GT, some car was right up my arse so I just floored it rather than move over- they stayed with me, then as I got to a section of the dual carriageway with street lights, in my rear view mirror I saw 'Police' emblazoned on the bonnet......brown pants time after that. Pulled over and was very apologetic and he let me off with a warning (think he just wanted to get home as was 1am).
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    I don't think that its sensible to think that you can buy a used product and receive a custom service on it for the lifetime the product was functional and can most likely change hands four to five times.
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    Morning Commute

    2.4 miles too and from work, 5 days a week. Country roads there and back. Some say I should cycle/walk, these people don't own an R 😁😂
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    What did you do to your R today?

    Well today I gave her a much needed clean inside and out. Have decided after much debate (mostly with myself) that the time has come to part ways with my much treasured wagon to free up some cash for home improvements. Fate doesn’t seem to be favouring my decision as had an altercation with a pheasant yesterday which took out the ACC unit. From reading up it’s going to be an expensive fix. It’s not all bad though as just waiting for a new leased wagon to arrive which will soften the blow..... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Exactly the same for me. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    What did you do to your R today?

    Says the man who takes almost every thread off topic. 😂
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    Post WTLP, definitely been parked up for a while. Bought from dealer stock 21st feb collected 1st March. No reverse camera or lame assist but it does sound a lot better then my MK7. I miss the drawers under the front seats.
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    Show us your ‘post WLTP’ Golf R’s

    Hi all, like dopper99 I too have just come from a C63s coupe(w205), which I owned for 2 years. This is the first golf I have owned for quite some time, previous golfs included an ed30 & ed35 gti’s and a gti Pirelli edition. my new r was a brand new stock car which I got with a very good discount so long as it was registered and purchased before the end of this month. Added options to standard- Lapiz Blue electric drivers seat dcc 19” Pretoria pan roof tinted glass from rear pillar leather vienna dynaudio discover pro nav Only done 20miles so far but liking the interior for comfort, the leather is not as good quality as the merc but everything else is on par. Obviously missing the sound and power but can live with that, for now.......
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    What detailing have you done today?

    Perfect weather for it today [emoji106] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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