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    So I’ve brought her home. Me and my sister in law thoroughly inspected under different lights, indoors, outsides and under heavy led torches. And the repair looks perfect. being detailed and ceramic coated on Sunday
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    The BCS down pipe is nothing short of a work of art, if I ever go stage 2 that’s the one going on my R.
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    APR Stage 1 - first month

    Thought I'd post some details as i got this on a black Friday deal about a month ago now. My motor is a 64 plate manual with no hardware modifications at all. The power increase is very noticeable. I feel there is no increase in lag, if anything there is a bit more low down torque. I find i'm now having to back off a lot more as the car is reaching higher speeds quicker and it can get away from you a bit! No increase in induction noise (inside the car), however I do hear what sounds like wastegate flutter on low boost (say around 3,000 rpm when lifting), I dont hear it at all when pushing, maybe because the exhaust drowns it out. I've never had a recirc valve before (my old car had an atmospheric one), so I don't know if this is just the recirc or the wastegate. Its also very inconsistent, maybe its not right? Engine Overrun - I get this a lot and its a bit annoying sometimes. If I'm pushing and lift, the car does seem to continue pulling for a brief moment before backing off. I'm told this is normal and it doesnt happen all the time, but still worth a mention Fuel economy is unaffected but I have it in race mode more now so i'm probably using more! Water temp unaffected but I found that my oil temp is lower! Previously it would hit 110c on a motorway cruising at 70mph and in traffic but i've not seen it above 105c now and it mostly sits around 100c. Does the car have an oil cooler radiator which can be closed off / opened by the ECU? Maybe a change in this setting in the map changes this ECO mode is now very very strange. As its a manual, pressing the accelerator past the click in the pedal takes it out of eco and gives you full maximum power, However lifting after doing this is strange as it seems to switch back to ECO mode and the engine appears to be very unhappy with this. i can only imagine it's not got the fuel overrun which it would have in race mode when lifting? Exhaust Overrun - slightly more burbles and cracks from the back but certainly not annoying like i'd find an actual pop/bang map! Its now apparently quite terrifying to people who haven't been in quick cars before! Especially in the back! Hope some of that helps anyone thinking of an APR Stage 1 and i'd welcome feedback on some of my questions if anyone knows the answers
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    I know it wont help this time, however when I deal with the service advisor on taking my car in I always insist they do a walk round the vehicle with me and note any damage, or not as the case may be, it protects both me and the dealership.
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    My fronts got flagged up by VW as being 'low on tread' recently. 14,000 miles from factory with 10 laps of a certain big green circuit in Germany Swapped to PS4s on just the front for now and the road noise is SO much more improved! I never thought there'd be such a difference from just changing one axle - and against a similar 'premium' brand. Conclusion: Bridgestone Potenzas are useless and by supplying them with the car, VW makes a worse car.
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    Mk8 Latest Info

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    Golf 7.5 on 0% APR

    My wife got her R on 0% finance. We took the PCP deal initially to get the extra discount and then I paid it off and she’s topping my savings back up each month with zero interest to pay! 😁
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    Beep sound after APR stage 1 ???!

    This is interesting as mine does the same / similar and I haven't got to the bottom of it yet. It's when accelerating past 5000 rpm you hear it and its definitely only on boost. It started doing it about a week after going stage one, it still goes very well but I'm not sure if there is a very slight drop off in power when this noise kicks in ? Dan
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    Golf 7.5 on 0% APR

    It was and that is my current proposed PCP finance deposit on 4.9% APR - however, the interest charged across that PCP term is due to be greater than £2k so 0% would suit me better
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    Recall 60E2 - Pano Roof

    Thanks for the detailed reply of what they did.. very much appreciated.. [emoji106][emoji106] will have a look tomorrow to see if my paint is still on there..!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Recall 60E2 - Pano Roof

    Cheers. Mine was done yesterday. Messed up my paint but that's another story... The recall has been out since Feb I think but no one contacted me about it. 16 plate. The fix is just a case of fitting a wider end piece of the drainage pipe, where it drains water to the road. They also do something to the top part and need to remove some internal trim to get to the pipe. I had water ingress in passenger footwell. Water would run into cabin to the left of the glove box, coming in through the light. I fixed most of it myself as it was due to mud inside the arch. I couldn't clean the drainage tube tho as I didn't dare remove the pillar trim. They didn't remove the wheel arch line so I wonder how good the work really is. I know this as I screwed it back incorrectly and they didn't correct it. Lots of rain so I should see later.
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    Many thanks mate. I may take you up on that as Our daughter is now resident in Liverpool full time and we thought after seeing her one week next year we may take a road trip up to the lovely Scotland but not when the midges are about 🤬 Hopefully we’ll pop in to see you for beans on toast on our way 👍 don’t worry I’ll cook um 😶🤣 Top man 👍
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    It probably helps that it’s tucked into the corner, so two of the walls would help prevent it moving if something or someone knocked into it.
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    I can remember NeilP had 4 wall mounted brackets fitted in his garage where he hung each wheel separately along the length of the wall. I just store mine on top of each other with cardboard between them but will go wall mounted next year to save space
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    😂🤣 no worries bud. My other rims I sold to Dave Madspurs were fitted F1 style here at home as he was passing on his annual trip into wales on a road trip. 😊 so getting them on for you would of been a pleasure bud. and My coffee ☕️ ☕️ ‘S are free as well 👍 no worries 😉
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    7 Speed query

    What Keithy said....
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    Both infuriating and agonising, especially as you’d specified Not to Wash. Tons of hassle too for you arguing your case. I hope they cough and agree to rectify to your satisfaction. I will follow intently, as a Buyer who will not set foot in a Lookers Facility. Best luck.🤞
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    The Photography Chat Thread

    All the pictures above a from a Pixel 4. 1st shot is in Astrophotography mode. 2nd is the main camera with a Moment 14mm lens attached. 3rd is portrait mode with the background in B&W.
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    One for the dsg drivers

    Good feedback. You keep an open mind. Listen to other views, but try for yourself. And decide what’s best for you. excellent. Well done man. Pleased that your choice is the one that fits your life and needs best. A Manual Guy indeed, but because of your specific needs and preferences. Thanks for the Original Post which stimulated discussion, and your well mannered feedback. Appreciate this. Drive Safely mate. Best Wishes. 👍
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    Jon R306

    7 Speed query

    And don’t forget to mention this forum for a discount I paid £189 for the pedal box plus.
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    7 Speed query

    get the DTUK pedal box plus, works a treat and it’s very customisable depending on your driving style.
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    You’ll soon be enjoying them 😊
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    Neil this is how they are stored at the moment bud and they have 5mm foam between them horizontally stacked as they are rim and tyre. The foam I’ve included in the packaging for you 👍 My daughters winter tyres off the rim I store in a home made tyre rack off the ground. find a corner and stack is perfect for your new rims and tyres bud 👍 a cool dark spot and a gentle soapy wash and rinse before storage is all they need. As recommended by My local Porsche dealers.
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    Jon R306

    7 Speed query

    My 7 speed 2015 Tiguan does it and My 7speed R did it. It’s like it’s a slipping clutch. A pedal box fixes it I had one on My R and looking to fit one on the Tiguan if a remap doesn’t fix the terrible throttle all VW fly by wire have 🤬
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    Very annoying! A few people on here who have had similar experiences have been successful in getting the dealership to pay for a detail and reapplication of coating. Worth a shot?
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    Trackers pointless?

    I think Trackers are useful but would rather have a decent immobiliser now. Trackers have good success but a lot are found and thrown out of the car or simply smashed to pieces. I had a Cat 5 Tracker Network one on my last car and the fitting, though tidy, was really obvious when I looked. I complained and they came back, watched by Tracker, and spent ages getting it well hidden in a place that a thief would struggle to access quickly. I did get told when I bought one that the fitting is key as opposed to the type of unit ! It went with the car as Tracker won't remove them, so the new owner, if they renewed the subs at least has a seriously well hidden unit ! I was speaking to a Met Police vehicle crime expert last week and he seemed to think the Tracker Network ones were very good due to using radio signals as well as GPS/GPRS and the fact they have MESH which picks up off other cars fitted with units to give another means of location. I'm not sure if only Tracker Network use MESH. The Met guy also rated a Disklok. He was saying it is going to put off the majority of people who are after trying to pinch cars by keyless methods. He had a disklok, smashed to pieces. I thought it was from a stolen car but it wasn't - it was from the police testing it ! He said it took a lot of effort and noise to get off and was well worth having. I asked about the Stop Lock Pro but he hadn't tried one.
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    Thanks and sorry to derail the thread (again). So you do have drone at 2800-3000rpm then at ~115km/h? I also have a 6sp and am frequently in that speed/rev range daily driving on the motorway. The sound with a DP is very nice however. Great car OP! Wish they were sold here in the states.
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    I store my original factory wheels on a vertical stand, which has a cross shaped base for stability. I’ve got each wheel in a VW wheel storage bag, and each bagged wheel sits on a support that’s slotted onto the vertical pole part of the stand. The supports are positioned so when the wheels are on the stand they don’t make contact with any of the other wheels above or below. I then have a cover that fits over the entire stand + wheels to keep them dirt / dust free. It stands in one of the front corners of my garage and is very stable.
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    Someone's pride and joy - smashed

    i wish they weren't wearing seat belts, so they did get life threatning injuries.
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    Someone's pride and joy - smashed

    Luckily the occupants all sustained injuries
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    Wheel & Tyre Storage Solutions, best options?

    Last time I had some to store, I put a piece of cardboard in the corner of the garage and carefully piled them on top of each other. Works perfectly. It's especially space efficient if you top with more cardboard and store something light on top of them. I believe it's regarded as better for them to be stored flat. Not sure if you have the room for this but I can't think of a way that takes up less space.
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    Mk8 Latest Info

    I can't get over how they looked at the front and thought "yes, that's great".
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    Buckling Pretorias?

    I had prets on my first R for 3 years with no issues. Got them on my new one as well and no issues. Any alloy where there are big gaps between the spokes and on low profile tyres are liable to buckle if they take a hit in the wrong place. Under inflated tyres do not help.
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    What did you do to your R today?

    I’ll be off to Gatwick in a few hours and park up the R for 10 days. Going to Cuba to escape the cold Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Checking my first golf r

    Congrats they are great cars. At that mileage there is quite a lot that should have already been done but the schedule as follows is Oil every 10k or in the cars current situation long life which is every 20k. personally i would be sticking to 10k at a max on a car like this. It should have by now had 2 Haldex services one at 30k and one at 60k if these were done and done by VW you will want to get a indy/specialist to do it again and also clean the gauze/filter as VW generally wont do this unless a previous owner has asked and VW were nice. If the car is DSG it should have had a service at 40k and the next is due at 80k Spark plugs should have been done at 60k along with the air filter and cabin filter (this is also done at 20k & 40k according to VW) It should have a brake fluid change around 3 years of age and then every 2 The above is a lot to take in but i would be making sure it has all been done and that the previous owner has not just ditched it at 60k mark to avoid the costs of servicing. As long as the indy is reputable i would not be worried about a service as long as they use the correct spec oil most places can manage a service without to many issues Check out the brakes chances are they would have had pads already but just be checking they wont need doing in 1k miles or something silly like that. The haldex is a big one to check out it is not a major cost to do and will preserve the life of the haldex pump and give better operation of the AWD system. At the mileage it is i would be checking the auxiliary belt is in good condition/replace and also checking the battery is ok they seem to go funny pretty early it would seem.
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