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    • Oh the sound.     Regards   Damian Mac Donagh
    • My 19 plate shows m1 m2 m3 m4 m5 m6 m7 when in manual mode 😁👍
    • Just a few personal observations since purchase. Very much enjoying the car even if it sounds like I am whinging on some points. Things I like or didn't know about: ACC is useful. Auto braking (may) have saved my butt. A car emergency stopped in front of me, I was going to hit the break but it beat me to it. I think my reactions would of surficed but hey ho it worked. When the above incident occurred my seat belt tensioned up and held me in my seat (I didn't know about this) pretty cool. I found a little hidden tray/compartment under the front seats (didnt know about these 😄) Im fully converted to DSG, Auto Hold and no Clutch pedal. Even if I do still rest my hand on the gearstick and sometimes try and dip the clutch when approaching a junction to change gears 😃 The illuminations inside and out of the car at night is nice 😋 Rain sensor wipers work really well. I love driving it     Things I dislike OR have now noticed: Throttle response/acceleration is delayed in D even with race mode on, I find I switch to S quite a lot.  S can hover at hi-revs too long, the balance between wanting immediate acceleration/throttle response and not driving like an idiot has led me to using the paddles more than I thought I would. Moving on to paddles they are a little too close to the steering wheel and although I don't want some massive sports paddles I might try find some understated bigger ones with a more natural distance from the steering wheel to tap (any suggestions?) Stop-Start and me haven fallen out, just stay the f**k OFF!!! 🤬😂 Navigation maps from Google/Waze not showing in Digital cockpit is annoying. As is other AppleCar play features not showing their like current song/track info. Navigation enlarged map settings doesn't persist between journeys as with many other settings, the car forgets them next time you start the car, auto-stop/start setting being another. I have read threads before about this but I am wondering if my climate windscreen is effecting my mobile phone 4g coverage as there have been too many times I've had poor to no connection at all. The soundaktor volume is overkill at times, especially when driving relatively conservative yet it makes out your accelerating harshly or doing 100. Rear view seems pretty poor, I am not sure if this is compacted by the fact I have tinted back windows but my rear view awareness in this car seems limited in comparison to other cars I've had maybe this is just me?   Regards the car & me: Found a few minor scratches here and there I didn't see on pickup, I wonder if the dealer masked them somehow or I was just buyer blind? They could be fresh but Ive been extra careful with parking spots and such. I mean to get these looked at. I don't know whether I have just got used to the speed & power but today it seemed a little sluggish/probably just the throttle response though as when the pedal goes past such as point it goes from acceleration to warp speed 😂 I have found out I can't park! literally, I can't parallel park!! Gaps I would have normally chucked my old car in to at speed I won't even attempt in fear of scratching my alloys or making a fool of myself with 3-4 attempts 😂 I don't want passengers, they dirty my carpets and scuff my seats & door panels, just walk will you or get your own Golf R   5Door aint so bad, but I was in traffic next to a Lapiz Blue 3DR today and was a little jealous. I can't stop dropping by the jet wash, spent a fortune and it doesnt even do a great job. I need to learn to detail my car, but with winter coming up I feel its time wasted.   Lots more to say and questions to ask but thought I'd limit the post somewhat as if you got this far then thanks for reading 😂     
    • I’m just taking delivery of my R pre reg car and rung a couple of dealers with hopefully the right part number but they have been less than helpful to sell me one. Can anybody advise where i can get one?  
    • I have had a similar issue might be the same. Any time I pull off quite quickly only does it in manual mode in race or individual when you go into second it makes a bang like noise.  If you drive away normal through the gears for a few meters then do it again it won't do it and yes the car is warm. 👍  
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