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    Splitter/side skirts/diffuser Catback exhaust Wingbacks Custom steering wheel Roof spoiler Go faster stripes Wind deflectors Stickers Sunstrip Furry dice Black roof/bonnet Bonnet louvres Lowering springs Spacers New wheels Kitchen sink Cuddly toy Sent from my VOG-L09 using Tapatalk
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    Blimey! No wonder he can’t come to the phone. I bet it’s a struggle to walk. 😂
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    Almost Passat R Estate ;-)

    Hi Everyone, Had my new VW Passat R-Line Edition for a few weeks now. Lovely car really enjoying it. Number 1881/2000 The car runs the same 4 motion 7 speed DSG box and 2.0 TSI engine as the R although its detuned to 277PS. Once the warranty runs out I would like to one day have it remapped to unlock the dumbed down power. Not quite an R but it is essentially running all the same gear apart from the sports exhaust. Looking forward to doing a few wee bits here and there to turn it into a Passat R.
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    Yes a new Golf R video, even though they don't make them anymore! Although I smell a hint of sponsorship from Revo which no doubt encouraged the making of this video.😆 Nonetheless, great feel good vid on the car - and makes you want to go out and drive.😃
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    What did you do to your R today?

    Well not actually me; Mrs P took the helm of the R today, for the first time. Kept everything nice and civil until the engine/oil got up to temp and then persuaded her to floor it in 2nd, exiting a roundabout. 🤣 I apologise if your dogs ears were damaged in the aftermath. There was screaming, followed by swearing and then the giggles. Needless to say she spent the remainder of the drive making DSG farts and the most of the rev range. I've hidden the keys! 😬
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    finally got my new alloys on Saturday - BBS CI-R's - 19X8J - ET44 - running with Michaelin PS4'S - 235/35/19 Needs coilovers now & i think a rear spacer. Front's seem to be just right
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    Q-car confirmation!

    Went to visit my 89 year old mum yesterday, first time she's seen my new R since I told her I'd bought a sensible Golf estate. First off she told me the colour is boring, then after I got home she phoned to ask if there is anything wrong with the car as it sounded noisy as I drove off 😁
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    Been feeling down lately...

    I guess most of us are feeling pretty down at the moment. Massive changes for everyone. No casual popping out to the shops or anywhere, and people stuck indoors for a few months and great uncertainty about the future. Not helped by threat of second wave and continual negative news from the media (does anybody bother to watch the news now?). The joke thread in after dark brings a smile to my face every day 😀 Bad enough for people in stable environments, but really scary for people on their own, isolated, or with existing conditions. Just try and enjoy the good parts and things will improve.
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    Got everything fitted today - now just the small matter of 500 miles to bed it all in - and yes, my wheels need a clean but unfortunately, numerous hospital visits over the last week has meant I haven’t had the chance![emoji23] Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Mk7 Golf R Order thread - part 2

    Collected earlier than expected...😁 Did't stay long with this mileage on it... Well Thats 300 on it now....👍 Lovely car to drive, genuinely well impressed.
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    Bit extreme to find that 50p that fell out of your pocket [emoji1787] Sent from my VOG-L09 using Tapatalk
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    Good afternoon Gents (and possible ladies!) Please be assured that we are open and I am indeed working from home (alongside home schooling 2 children and dodging 2 unruley pooches! 😩) Unfortunately, sometimes I may miss a call 😬 If this does happen, please accept my deepest apologies 😟 Alternative means of contact are dropping a message on our Facebook page, email or feel free to message directly on here. I'm often still responding to queries well into the evening! So fire away! 😁 I look forward to hearing from anyone who requires our assistance 😁 Stay safe! ✨
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    What did you do to your R today?

    Picked my car up from the detailers.Any excuse for a pic.
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    What did you do to your R today?

    Revo carbon scoop to go with revo remap revo panel filter and revo turbo elbow. It’s only money 😅 EBay had a 10% voucher so ordered one in from DemonTweeks didn’t take long to fit just fiddly. Retains the direct air in to the engine and straight into the OEM box
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    What did you do to your R today?

    This to this
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    Been feeling down lately...

    Coming from someone who has battled depression and overcome it Stephen...My advice to you is...Try and do something you enjoy...(every day)....If you have something to look forward to...things aren't as bad as you think....Everyone has good and bad days....and up and down moods...Driving the R makes me happy as well.... Life is short...Do things you enjoy as often as you can...if that is driving your R great...if it's something else...That's great too....(just not as great as driving the R)....
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    My first mod :)

    I've bought my first modification for the Golf R... just need the car now haha
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    310 or 300bhp on Golf R

    Well guys, the long waiting is finally over. license plates are here and this weekend where just about riding
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    Pretoria wheels. oem vs CM Wheels

    love my cm's in gunmetal
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    New R owner

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    pretoria wheels

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    Limestone Mk7 estate R

    Unleash the beast (Brands Hatch) 😎
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    Hey guys, it me or can you not get a 3dr in a 7.5 R, I’ve always preferred 3dr to 5dr but haven’t seen a single 3dr for sale. If this is the case, I’ll test drive a 5dr to see if I can get on with it and if not it will have to be a 3dr mk7, whilst I’m at it I’ll see if I can drive a manual & DSG even though from memory I’m pretty much certain that most people in here have said the clutch on a manual is weak. I’m keeping the R32 as my other cars have been sold, there is the fact that I absolutely love it too, it’s not always about the speed for me, IMO R32’s have plenty of soul & character which lots of modern cars lack.
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    Wheel Refurb Anyone?

    “Hi, is this the wheel king?” ”yes, yes it is” “could you tell me what postcodes you cover” ”I can spray the whole postcode”
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    Luke's Pure White 7R

    It's been 4 very long weeks but today I finally picked up my car following it's replacement engine and turbo! I'm not sure if its because I've not been in the car for a while and but driving it now feels so different, the engine feels much smoother than before. Treated it to a little present in the form of some new DSG paddles while it was away, it felt so good to get them fitted and go for a drive 😁
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    Lockdown weight gain / loss

    Thought it was a much better time to have a health kick as my office is full of unhealthy food on a daily basis. Eating cleaner and smaller portions and I’ve lost 1st so far!
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    Been feeling down lately...

    But loved driving my car this evening, had an exhilarating time... I love my car
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    What did you do to your R today?

    Fitted my rear usb ports that turned up unexpectedly this morning. A great upgrade for £49 delivered. I was surprised to not have any additional duty to pay. Looks like it came from the factory this way which is a bonus and works really well. Came with a loom that just plugs into the existing 12v socket from underneath so no wiring had to be cut. I am well versed in taking my console apart now so it was an hour well spent.
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    Been feeling down lately...

    I debated putting this in a separate thread, however I feel obliged to semi hijack @OOV thread. There is reams of cases and studies on forces mental health and well-being, it’s fairly well known certain organisations tend to have higher PTSD than society at large. previously I have worked as a volunteer at centres that provide help and support for various issues, from homelessness, addiction and mental health etc. That and nearly 30 years in Forces meant I was fairly confident or at least aware on how to handle challenges that life throws at you lol. rewind to January, my dad dies suddenly (mass bleed on brain, so quiet and painless), great start to 2020, surely things can’t get worse... Move forward to late February early March, I get informed that my team and me are to be made redundant and we start first round off discussions. Yes definitely redundant, no transfer etc. Then in walks Covid (or Corona as it was then with all the jokes, oh how we don’t laugh now). the entire redundancy thing is kept on hold, majority of company put on furlough, however I am not and keep working. this means I am not required (redundancy) but I am needed as not on furlough, no mixed messages they lol. move forward again to say Late April May, when things were really grim, well my mum has Alzheimer's (diagnosed the other year), she suddenly deteriorates and in normal circumstance would end in a care home, however with Covid, that would be a death sentence, so my sister takes her in. i decide to force things with redundancy and push for a decision, as we are sitting in limbo. eventually a decision is made and we can seek work and still get redundancy. this means (including notice period), I am redundant from September.. if anyone is still reading (apologies), that is pretty crap stuff. now the decent bit. i was told just before late May bank holiday I was officially irrevocably redundant to requirements. that same day I applied for a job (Thursday 21st), then had interview the following week, was told on the Friday I had the Job. i started my new job 1st July (really good company and people, excellent wage). i am still being paid (3 months full wage) by my previous employer and also my current, bit of a bonus. What has this to do with mental health... hmmm a fair bit. its been a bit of an emotional roller coaster, however with support from wife, daughter I have kept relatively focused. its really important to have an outlet, something that allows your mind to reset. this will vary from person to person, however focusing on things, believing on light at end of tunnel, accepting the situation, working out what you can change and what cannot be changed is important. I really apologies over length of thread and the blatant high jacking. Life goes on, always try to remain positive, adopt coping and release strategies, if required seek support, talk about things, don’t bottle things up. https://www.combatstress.org.uk/mental-health-support-during-covid-19 one of the biggest issues that will come out of Covid, the lockdown, furlough, redundancies, stressed And stretched uniform services with various levels of PTSD, is mental health. At times we have that Victorian attitude to it like we do with sex etc, it’s time to talk about the dog and let it out.
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    Grey Hearse Owner

    Hello, After lurking for three years thought I'd finally say Hi. Seems a bit one way taking all the valuable help and tips from here so I thought I'd join and see if I can contribute in anyway as I've had my car for over two years now.
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    Batch’s Tornado Red 7.5R Wagon

    Finally bit the bullet...
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    What did you do to your R today?

    I upgraded my 12V socket to use the VW illuminated white version. I also added blue led rings to my cup holders all wired in to work with the standard foot-well lighting.
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    Mini Ritz detail

    The wife has bought this. Her beloved mini got nicked back in May last year and unfortunately never to be seen again. She found this online and after digging into its history decided to go for it. Only 3500 from new and it sat in the dealers front window from 86 to 92 then finally sold. Apparently the main dealer and his son had an argument so 5 cars never got registered [emoji23]. Second owner bought as a birthday present for his 80 year old wife but she never drove it so it sat in the garage. All original and never been out in the rain. TJ sorted me out for a few bits (www.tjscarcare.co.uk) TJ citrus cleaner, wheel cleaner then his snow foam and shampoo. Then his fallout remover with tardis to decontaminate the paint and snow foamed again. Fine clay bar using TJ QD spray. Then I thought I’ll use something different on this car for extra protection so I used TJ ceramic wax on all the panels as it’s a high grade carbanuba lasting 12 months. But all the trims, wheels and inside I used AF Caramics then next time I clean it I will use TJ ceramic spray. Next year if mini shows are back on will enter it in a show and shine. Well pleased with it Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    MRC Tuning

    Just had Rick at Unicorn carry out a stage 1 and TCU software On my 7.5 and couldn’t be happier, cost was £850. I drove from Cambridge, trust me the drive home is perfect for getting to know the car and probably good for the adaptations? Rick really does know his stuff and gives time to explain things. I was a little concerned about the large torque increase as the car is a daily driver and I wanted to keep it safe, Rick totally reassured me that everything was well within limits and that the car was actually running slightly lower boost than average stage 1 due to how strong my engine was in standard form. No other modifications have been done to the car. Figures speak for themselves!
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    What did you do to your R today?

    “What did you do to your R today?” Quite simple. Went out, enjoyed it, then put it back on the drive. Forgot to mention the big smile on my face! 😀
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    What did you do to your R today?

    Fitted a JB1 to my MK7.5 today 👍 What an improvement! The power and torque is phenomenal. Quite enjoyed the fitting process as well.
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    Bcs 100 cell turbo back exhaust

    There’s been a few reviews on this system but just thought I would share my own experience and opinion . Had the system fitted Friday , and what can I say , it exceeded all expectations. The customer service by Nige and the team was top notch from start to finish . They are seriously passionate about the exhaust they have designed and I can see why . Even the wife was impressed with how passionate Nige and the team were , and believe me she couldn’t care less about cars or exhausts and would rather the money went towards a pair of high heels . The BCS sport for me is perfect in every way , quiet enough pottering around , then a full on animal when you want to put your foot down . Biggest thing for me was I didn’t want any drone , and with the BCS this is exactly what you get . Videos don’t do this system justice . Anyone thinking about a exhaust , definitely consider Nige and the team , you won’t regret it . Thats not me just being biased as I’ve heard plenty of other well known exhausts on friends golf r / gti,s . Now roll on Tuesday for hybrid turbo Fitting and Ricks custom unicorn mapping
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    R Wagon Adventure

    So here is my 66 Plate late model 7.0 R Wagon in Black. I've just purchased it from the leasing company..... and now that it's officially mine I'm planning a bunch of mods. I've read lots of great threads here so nothing I'm doing is all that original. 1. Unicorn Stage1 Map - Ordered 2. Set of 18" lightweight rims. Currently shopping around for something nice as I need some new rubber soon anyway. 3. Resonator delete with anti-drone. 4. KW V3 Coilovers 5. Bigger brake kit 6. Eventually look at more power with a Stage 2. On the exterior I'm still unsure. Black is not the greatest colour for an R and the only thing I can think off is to delete all the silver bits and black it out even further. Maybe some LED light upgrades and some tints. Roof Box Wagon Aesthetic 😆 Drove from London to Åre - 3400 mile round trip with some proper grippy cold weather Winter tyres. Fair bit of ice build up..... Wasn't even the coldest seen. Try -21c cold start in the morning, the car started up like every other time. Instantly and without problem. Does anyone else just randomly take photos of their cars in nice locations ? I wonder what my neighbours think when they see me snow foaming my car every other week on the street 🤣 Wish I had a drive way but maybe another time!
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    Wheel Refurb Anyone?

    All the houses in that postcode get to have matching doors. Choices are Hyper Silver, Anthracite or Black. Gloss topcoat is extra.
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    Standard rear discs now come coated

    The discs have always had a geomet coating from factory - just it burns off around the hub and edges in a relatively short time, which then leaves you with that lovely rusty hub look 😐 Don't think the hammerite is going to adhere well to the geomet. Geomet btw was developed to be an environmentally friendly water based alternative to traditional coatings. The words 'environmentally friendly' and 'water based' as always can be replaced by one word - CRAP
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    What did you do to your R today?

    All sorted. Apologies for not updating sooner, I've just got back from my second drive of the evening 🤷‍♂️ 😊 I wasn't expecting such a noticeable difference, it's not like the R is slow to begin with! Very pleased with the map; the car retains that nice smooth and linear power delivery but has just been 'turned up'. It is fast! The DSG just 'works' so I'm not going to be in a rush in hunting out a TCU tune just yet. I can't believe how bloody quick the car is and how effortlessly it seems to cover ground. Really chuffed with the results. Exhaust note has also got a bit beefier too. 😃 @marshy I forgot to ask about the gauge recalibration but when I checked my sports display it didn't show a max Kw, bar etc on the dials, but I can't recall if it did anyway? It does have cold start protection (from 70º IIRC, perhaps yours is higher to allow for GPF operating temps?), thermal protection and the speed limiter has gone too. I didn't get the SPS unit but they'll do that for me at a later date if I want to get one. I only use 99 RON so not fussed about the switchable map but the anti-theft is something I'm interested in. Toying with an Autowatch Ghost but only if they become Thatcham approved. I'm a happy bunny!
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    F1 2020 Season

    The post you've screenshot above who says he knows him from karts sounds like someone bitter and twisted to me. Do I think Hamilton has been discriminated against coming up through the ranks? I have no idea, I wasn't there. He definitely has been since joining F1 though as evidenced by the "Hamilton Family" people in the crowd. Yes the route to F1 isn't fair. Rich kids and ones that pick up sponsors get a helping hand and there are MANY that could of been great that simply didn't have the financial backing, but that goes for A LOT of sports. I could argue that I would have been an olympic level snowboarder, if only my family could afford to take me on ski holidays 4 times a year 🤥... or even just once... To aim it firmly at so called black privilege is complete bullshit. Every driver on that grid is there because of rich backers in one way or another, regardless of skin colour. Now I might not vibe with the guys personality but his driving speaks for itself. You don't become a 6 time world champion just because you had a step up. ALL of them did, yet he has still risen to the top. They can argue in that post that he won because of his equipment, well maybe McLaren and this Zip Kart saw more than just who was winning the race prior to his upgrades and looked at the personality and drive he had, and the overall package of his abilities. It's not always just about who finished 1st every race in karting. As an F1 rookie he came in and matched Alonso in the SAME car. Hell he would of beaten him and won the WC if not for that silly pit mistake in China. Yes the McLaren at the time was one of the better cars but the Ferrari was on an equal level those first seasons if not better. He won his first championship at the second time of asking against what was arguably a better Ferrari that year. 2010 onwards the McLaren was a lesser car yet he still drove the nuts off it and had some incredible results. In 2012 he had 4 wins and 7 podiums, good for 4th in the championship, despite being in the 3rd best car and picking up 5 DNF's, most of which were mechanical failures from memory. Now, has he been in one of the most dominant cars in F1 history over the past 6 seasons? Yep. Would he have won as many championships without that car? Obviously not. Does that suddenly mean he doesn't deserve the accolade of being one of the best? Of course not. Every driver that has ever won a WC has been in the right car at the right time. That goes for Schumacher, Senna, Prost, Vettel... whoever. To win a WC you need to be the RIGHT driver in the RIGHT car. You have to have both, that is just how the sport works. Many a talented driver has come and gone without so much as a sniff at a win because they were in a crap car, that is just how it goes. Hamilton has made the right moves at the right time and achieved amazing results and put in amazing performances on the track time and time again. Do I want to go for a pint with him? No. Is he arguably one of the best drivers ever in the sport? Yes.
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    Flappy Paddles

    Fitted today. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    What did you do to your R today?

    Took it for a 20 mile trip without stopping, first run since shielding started for us 115 days ago. Roll on end of July when I can stop shielding.
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    Hello Everyone!

    Deposit is down! Will be making arrangements Monday! 😬
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    What did you do to your R today?

    Had Suntek protection film applied to the top of the rear bumper, to protect from doggy claws. Almost invisible and will self heal with UV or warm water. Hopefully a good mod....time will tell Also booked in for a Revo stage 1 remap. Getting done a week on Tuesday.
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    Damian Mac Donagh

    R600 VAG

    10's at Santa Pod. Regards Damian Mac Donagh
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