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    Audi wingbacks in my R

    I have been looking around at seat options for a while, nearly bought some carbon nappa white/black ones around Christmas time but that fell through. Then I started to look at aftermarket Recaro and Corbeau seats but nothing really excited me. So the plan was look for some knackered old Audi Recaros and get them retrimmed but even the knackered ones on eBay were £2k+ !!! Add on over £1k for retrimming and well pretty expensive Then I saw a set that looked too good to be true, surely there must be a catch? I made a low offer on Sunday morning, went to bed and when I woke up they were mine, worked Sunday night and picked them up Monday lunchtime [emoji16] A little scratched on the gloss black backs but they could be polished or maybe even wrapped as a nice flat area... Test fit them this morning and they fit perfectly, checked out the heating & seatbelt connectors and all look straightforward, just need to get some airbag delete covers and then will get them fitted, can't wait! I had a little sit in them in the car and very comfy. Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
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    What did you do to your R today?

    Fitted my wingbacks today 👌
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    Show us your ‘post WLTP’ Golf R’s

    Took delivery yesterday.
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    Mk7 Golf R Order thread - part 2

    As promised, here are some pictures up of the car I picked up on Monday. I love it.
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    Seeing that some of us have waited for a very long time to get hold of them, I thought it’d be nice to see all the post WLTP R’s together in a single post, Heres my Oryx White 3 door 😍
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    Show us your ‘post WLTP’ Golf R’s

    Picked it on the Monday 04.03.19 and very happy with my choice..
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    Picked up on Friday, it’s already filthy! Fitted some S2T paddles this afternoon. Tried some OBDEleven bits, but they didn’t work 😕
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    Fitted my wing backs today, I had to cut a bit of a hole in the bottom of the seat (took a template from old seats) to fit the occupancy sensor from the old seats, spliced Into a couple of wires to get the heated seats to work and all seams to work fine 👌 I will plug it in to vcds soon and check for faults but so far so good.
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    Ordered 26th June and turned up today. I am a happy man.
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    Picked up Friday afternoon. 300 miles in and loving it. Worth the wait for sure. The Dynaudio is amazing.
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    Show us your ‘post WLTP’ Golf R’s

    Here’s my White Silver... loving it
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    Here’s a few new additions to my new R ... performance brakes, performance spoiler & now fully corrected & ceramic coated
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    Show us your ‘post WLTP’ Golf R’s

    Going to bring some colour to the table! Too many Grey/blacks for my liking 😉 Delivered Friday done 250 miles so miles so far, can’t get out of it!
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    What did you do to your R today?

    A bit of an update as I received a picture of one of my completed seats today and the other one should be finished tomorrow ready to be sent back out to me 🙊 Very happy with the result and I can’t wait to fit them.
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    Not today but I also bought my R some wingbacks, they are with the trimmers at the minute having a refresh or should I say being retrimmed 🙊 first picture is how I got them, the second picture is similar to the design I want and the 3rd picture is a quick taster from the trimmers as they are not quite finished yet.
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    Picked it up at 9:30am on Friday 1st March. The first 19 Golf R in the area. Have put over 300 miles on it over the weekend. Gently running it in, having a great time 😀
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    Show us your ‘post WLTP’ Golf R’s

    Picked mine up at 10:30am finally got insurance cover at 1pm,I really should of sorted it before as I just assumed you stil get the 5 days complementary insurance,anyway shocking weather driving the short journey home but couldn’t get past how rorty the estate exhaust sounds without the resonator box and no valves👍
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    Just done over 400 miles today. A few pics after the first wash..........
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    Well my Dragy arrived today....and as i posted on another thread i am lucky to have a piece of road not far from me that is ruler straight, completely flat , in excellent condition and is over a mile long.. Results put a big smile on my face - My R is putting out some incredible stock figures. Bearing in mind this is a full spec with every option bar performance pack discs so it has the heavy pan-roof & electric seats, but does have Akrapovic exhaust and 19" pret's so saving a bit of weight there. DSG of course. I did 2 runs, 1st almost identical to the second, no wheel slip at all off the line - brutal acceleration! Did a cool down run in between. This is on Shell V-Power, about 1/3rd a tank. Outside Temp 10C, Dry. Race mode, ESC off completely (long press), DSG Launch Control. Anyway here are the results! 0-60: 4.17 s 1/4 Mile: 12.56 s 1/2 Mile: 20.0 s 0-130mph: 19.54 s All those are the 2nd run...1st run was 4.23 0-60 and 1/4 mile was 12.55. As mentioned on another thread, i intend to do same tests with different fuels - to see if they make any difference to performance. Will run a few days on Tesco Momentum 99 then run same test, same place under same conditions...may have to wait for the weather to be the same again!
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    Eco mode cake v race mode cake... Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
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    Got my R back from the bodyshop! Collected it this evening, and front wing all repaired and a top job by the bodyshop. And not washed as instructed. Two nearside Prets refurbed whilst it was off the road, and as always, superb work by Lepsons. Few pics (in failing light) Now just needs a wash! And then bubble wrapping! 😁
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    Picked mine up on Friday. Absolutely love it! 19” black pretoria alloys, 95% tints and black wing mirrors look mint with lapiz blue.
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    The long wait is finally over. So happy with it! The delivery driver was very apologetic that the Morrison’s car wash was broken so he had to clean it with the lance instead.....
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    This [emoji3596] Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
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    Thieving scum in Sheffield

    This is what happens when the dealership washes the car, totally normal
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    Mk7 Golf R Order thread - part 2

    And here it is.
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    Now ceramic coated!!! Collection day number 2 was awesome! Had my 8 year old with me, he loves race mode and also fell asleep in comfort mode which he found funny.
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    Show us your ‘post WLTP’ Golf R’s

    Had my post WLTP since 22/2. Phenomenal car, I came out of a 2016 Cupra into it and didn’t expect much difference but the 7.5 is a completely different league. To those questioning whether they can be tuned, yes they can but at this stage it only seems to be BMS JB4 rather than your usual APR etc maps. Mine is running JB4 on a custom map 6 and it’s seriously quick. I’ve also got ram air intake and a BMS pedal box, pedal box makes a massive difference. Anybody considering a JB4 should speak to Shak at LSG as he knows what he’s doing. He spent a lot of time on mine being the first post WLTP car and wanted to get it right / learn for the influx of these cars he’ll be seeing over next few months. We tried it on both map 2 and 6 and 6 was spot on.
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    Black Pretoria wheels

    Black on mine look great, Indium grey, 90% tints and black mirror caps/trim. Nightmare to keep clean though show brake dust within a day of cleaning.
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    Eco mode ? ? ? You won't get in to Aunt Sallys knickers pottering about in Eco Mode. Crowman.
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    What Tyre’s

    Michelin PS4 if you have 18 inch wheels Michelin PS4s if you are on 19 inch wheels
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    Recent Oil Change (with pic)

    Fresh oil goes black very quickly. Spark plugs and air filter are not due for changing until 6 years / 60k miles. Don’t wait for the car to tell you when it’s due a service (if on long life); do it every 12 months (I change the oil every 6 months). Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Suns out=Tools out

    New discs, pads and calipers fitted, along with wheels spacers.
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    So I am a biker get a Gixxer 1000 RR YOU WONT LOOK BACK
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    Keyless Entry?

    I'm sure they said the same about starter crank handles... Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
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    Charles M

    What did you do to your R today?

    Drove to a speed awareness course. Sat there for 4 hours being told I was a naughty boy, and drove home. Given the speed I drove home, I suspect that the course was not hugely successful.
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    Show us your ‘post WLTP’ Golf R’s

    Finally picked up mine today. Initial impressions are that I'm very impressed with it. Early days though and I no nothing about VW's! Not given it any serious welly yet as running it in but impressed with the ride on 19's with DCC. Was talking about launch control and one odd thing that the salesman said was ".......never do any more than 4 launches else your warranty will be invalided....." I've read on here about LC and its been widely debated and the general consensus is provided that you are not doing it every day, you should be fine. But I wonder why he's saying this?
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    Just collected mine on Friday.
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    Love the way the lapiz blue really gleams in the sun.
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    Golf - now confirmed dead (new photos)

    Since the Mk5 you have seen an evolution....it got a little bit bigger on the mk7 but lost none of it's iconic shape. Based on the new direction, the Mk9 will look like this!
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    At last!! Picked up today but now at the detailers for a couple of days getting gtechnic ceramic coated.
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    Just took delivery of this 😀
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    Needs a clean now...
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    Audi wingbacks in my R

    @Scotty2hotty @SpursMadDave Link to resistors below. I bought two different ratings as I had read about both 2.2O and 3.3O. Thought I'd get a second one after I identify the correct resistance. Turns out they both work! So take your pick 😊 2.2 Ohms - https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/VW-2-2-OHMS-OHM-SRS-AIRBAG-RESISTORS-0-25W-2-AMP-FUSED-FAULT-LIGHT-RESISTOR/261532669816 3.3 Ohms - https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/VW-3-3-OHMS-OHM-SRS-AIRBAG-RESISTOR-RESISTORS-0-25W-2-AMP-FUSED-FAULT-LIGHT/261532857253 As for the occupancy sensor, I believe a new one was sourced and just slotted in place to get rid of the error on vagcom. I didn't personally do this bit. Here's what mine look like fitted. Test drove 200miles last week and they felt great 👌 Bum warmers work a treat - a bit too hot on setting 3 TBH but I'm not complaining! 😓 In case @SpursMadDave or anyone needs, I've got this spare loom:
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    Not 'done' yet but bought my R a little present [emoji4] Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
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    Latest is: Police who have sent me a standard letter with details of a case worker assigned to it. Hardly a priority for them though. And the rest is in the hands of the insurers. I’ll contact mine later this week to see how it’s progressing. My car is going into the bodyshop next Monday (for most of the week) to have the damage repaired and the wing resprayed (possibly blended into door). I’m having two Prets refurbed by Lepsons (private job) whilst it’s in and off the road and I have a credit hire car from insurer for the duration. So the car getting fixed soon.
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