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    What did you do to your R today?

    Washed the winter mud and crap off it.
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    Air con service?

    This. VW recommend it every 2 years but unless you are experiencing an issue with the system, it’s really not necessary at that frequency. Just a money maker for them. Best way to look after your aircon is to have it running all year round.
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    Servicing help, please

    FWIW Regal have just posted a video of when my car was in, wheels have been changed since then 😎
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    Tyre valve caps

    I'd be buying a pack of black cheapies from Ebay. Nice ones, especially those lush R ones, will disappear.
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    nige bcs

    Akrapovic Exhaust

    Remus Milltek
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    Pets and Petrolheads!

    Lovely pic. When somebody says urrrgh, I don’t like cats, I think they’re sly... I think to myself...do I really want to know you?
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    Pets and Petrolheads!

    Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
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    Scott's 7R Build

    @Bowen yes similar sort of area, send me a pm👍🏻 Thanks all for the kind words I appreciate it! I've just returned home from collecting the car and honestly I am amazed!! Its like collecting a brand new car all over again! So impressed with the attention to detail provided as well, honestly can't recommend Vivid enough 👌🏻 Enough talking, pictures incoming: Can't wait to get up and give the car a good clean as the motorway took its tole! Will be meeting up with a few mates this weekend, so shall get better photos ASAP. I'm aware the colour won't be to everyone's taste, but I absolutely love it. Awesome finish and breaks necks like crazy 😂 Watch this space for more mods
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    Not a great start, 3 days into ownership!

    You won't. You can take it wherever you want. They use the courtesy car trick as a way to get you to go with them. Don't. If it wasn't your fault you are entitled to a hire car of similar spec to your golf so I'd tell them where to stick it. Would also avoid vw dealers for repairs and go to somewhere that is vw approved with a high standing in the area. I am sure someone here would be able to reccomend a repairer if you give us your location. Looks repairable anyway and should be back on the road soon enough.
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    No disrespect but I why not take it somewhere that can also read the code and know what it is and can sort it, who knows what damage you could be doing? Must be an independent garage close by? Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
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    Stage 1 Lease car

    Been out of the loop with R for a while, but might be getting back into one, possibly on lease. I need to stage 1 it, whats the deal with remapping lease cars? Are VW now able to detect it, even if removed when going in for a service? I am guessing remapping a non vw lease car and getting away with it, will be easier than molesting a car leased direct from vw?
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    Jb4 installation query

    No worries, I better get my post count up then so i can buy one!
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    Jb4 + pedal box..

    The BMS Pedal box's are on sale atm on Bolt on Mods site. I have to go for one now 😀
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    South Wales Meet up

    Hey guys and girls, Just wondering if there are any VWROC members from South Wales, furthermore any members that fancy arranging a South Wales local meet up!
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    R Daddy Wagon

    Hi all, I'm the proud owner of a FY19 R estate 7.5. Had her for a year now. I've gone to a custom stage 1 tune with modified intake. She is quick now but in search of more sound I've ordered a res delete, so we'll see how that goes (hopefully minimal drone). Also been looking at down pipes with an idea of going stage 2.. I've got the bug. I've joined here to gleen advice from those in here who've had the 'bug' for awhile ;)
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    Bedford Autodrome

    First trackday there next week. What can I expect? Any tips? Anyone on here going?
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    R Daddy Wagon

    Your wallet will be a lot emptier being on this site! Although as mines a lease I haven't bothered modding. Also welcome!
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    White/Manual/5 Door

    Where to begin. Prior to the Golf R, I owned and loved my Renault Megane RS250. It was and is the best drivers car I have ever driven. I fettled with it pretty extensively, B14 Coilovers, FMIC, Decat, Recaro Pole Positions, sticky tyres, striped out and a remap of 310bhp. Just before winter 2018, I was just about to place the Megane in the garage on the trickle charger when I decided to sell. It was a car that needed to be used. The day after I listed it, a guy and his missus travelled down from Leeds with the asking price in cash. Quick, easy, stress free sale. Renault Megane RS250 CUP by Lloyd Bowen, on Flickr Rs250 by Lloyd Bowen, on Flickr I wanted a car that could be both practical to use everyday and to have a bit of poke. I knew the Cupra has pedigree after it stole the Nurburgring record from the Megane. So with a bit of research I knew I wanted a Cupra. I also wanted a manual (yes, that's right manual) as coming from such a driver focused car in to an auto/DSG would have been too much for me to take. The hunt began. Enter my Leon Cupra 280, Manual, Dynamic grey, Black pack with heated front buckets. Breathed on it a bit Collection day or near enough: 20181007_194805 by Lloyd Bowen, on Flickr Then came some changes. In no particular order and not all have images: Turbo elbow Intake hose VWR Springs TRC Splitter Maxton designs spoiler extension Sachs Performance clutch DMS Performance remap 370bhp/368lbf Team Dynamics Possibly forgotten somethings.... IMG_20190209_131407_674 by Lloyd Bowen, on Flickr IMG_20190216_180449_814 by Lloyd Bowen, on Flickr IMG_20190217_144640_125 by Lloyd Bowen, on Flickr Even after fitting a dogbone mount and new tyres it still suffered with wheelhop in anything other than bone dry conditions. Plus the Golf R was always in the back of my mind... Step forward my white, manual, 5 door, R. Bought from Sinclair VW in Cardiff, service was fantastic. I managed to remove most engine bits from the Cupra to the R including the Team Dynamics Then most recently I added a KSB Splitter and Maxton spoiler extension. And that brings us to today. Mods so far: Panel Filter Turbo intake pipe Turbo Elbow Short shifter Clutch delay valve removed and pedal stop RTS Clutch VWR Springs Powerflex dogbone mount Team Dynamic 1.3s Res Delete Black badges and wing mirror covers KSB splitter Maxton spoiler Next, in no particular order: Remap Downpipe Intercooler Sorry for the long post and thanks for reading.
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    IS38 Install Kit

    From what I've read you can get Littco to fix the issues that (some) IS38s have, without actually changing the performance (ie it is still a std turbo so no tune needed).
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    Rare Golf R Colours

    Copper Orange Metallic...
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    Hi guys! Couple of quick ones I could use your help with please. Best VW dealers for servicing in the surrey area? R is coming to 3 years old next Feb (and due it's first MOT) - so what should I be seeing included when getting quotes around? Haldex oil change + make sure the filter is cleaned (is the big one I keep seeing around the forums). Anything else in particular to watch out for? Cheers everyone, Grant
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    A couple of pics 😁
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    Mk8 Latest Info

    I have this feature on my A45 via Mercedes Me app. Its not so much for unlocking the car but to lock it. If I forget to lock mine i get a txt within about 30 seconds asking me if I would like to lock it remotely.
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    Sure. I have 2018 Mark 7.5 DSG (7 speed DQ381 transmission). I initially went with the low torque stage 1 tune because the dq381 transmission tune was not yet out and I was worried about clamping pressure/clutch slippage. That worked fine. As soon as the dq381 transmission tune came out I had it done and also switched to the high torque tune. That also works fine. I noticed a major difference between each stage (stock to stage 1 low torque, stage 1 low torque to stage 1 high torque with transmission tune). Highly recommended. Sorry I can’t help you with your question about the manual transmission. I don’t have any visibility there. Cheers. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Having a tuner close by is handy. I put APR Stage 1 HO file with DSG tune to help clutch packs with higher clamping pressures in 2016. Car had covered 6k. Complimenting that was a VWR R609 intake elbow pipe. I ran this for a year up to 16k and it ran faultlessly. I went APR stage 2 in 2017 and just added in the APR FMIC and DP. Car now sits at 31k and has a few track visits and it’s been fab. One set of plugs and regular oil changes are a must in my view. I too run a stock exhaust with a DP as I find it just enough. Still very quiet for family duties but nice a deep when hot! The figures are academic although I’m up at Awesome soon as it’s never been dyno’d since stage 1 which it gave 380bhp/ 390lbs on the HO file. More than enough. Stage 2 gives it even more torque across a wider area and it pulls relentlessly when needed. One tip is for longevity of the turbo is that around town or when not in a particular rush or just cruising I stick it Eco. APR run a lot less boost (Stock ECO) which J believe will help long term. It’s pretty good for normal driving anyway.
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    Jb4 installation query

    Page 25 of build thread for anyone looking for info on the plug D extension. I have parts left to make 3 more soon to be on the classifieds. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    Golf 7R Videos

    A very personal thing wheels, I think they would suit a highly modified lowered R say in Lapiz and the wheels a dark chrome... they are more of a wheel for a bigger car imo like a scooby or a zed Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
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    VCDS is the preferred choice if you have the money but OBDeleven, imo is brilliant. Cheap compared to VCDS, has loads of features, easy to use and can be used via phone/tablet. Works perfectly fine with the Mk7.5 and a long list of other VAG group cars. Lots of support and how too's online and on this forum. A must have imo. Carista is another option but I personally prefer OBDeleven.
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    Carnet won’t work for audible warning Use poinspect0r on windows with a sd card
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    Scott's 7R Build

    Little update last night from Alex at Vivid; He told me the colour looks absolutely amazing in person and that pictures really don't do it justice, especially in his unit as all the lightning makes the colour look a lot lighter than it actually is. Either way it looks great and I can't wait to see it in person. The colour I went for is Audi Merlin Purple, originally fancied nardo grey but everyone seems to go for that, when I haven't seen another 7R in the merlin. So I thought id push the boat out and try something more daring! I think it will look amazing on collection day, especially with all the carbon I have on the car to contrast against the colour change. Should really pop! Collecting the car tomorrow afternoon, a friend of mine is taking me up in his track ready Polo GTI 6C - so we should make the journey from Cardiff to Birmingham rather quickly 😂
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    Caffine & Machine

    Perfect for a nice day, I’m keep to pop up when it’s dark as it looks nice with all the lights Its only a 30 minute drive for me so it’s perfect and there was a chap there who said he is there every sat washes and cars but got a his detail exterior wash for £20 which was a bargain, he did a really good job too so fair play to him. I was mostly impressed by how friendly everyone was especially the staff The owners Porsche is something else!
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    Littco L450 initial thoughts

    So I've done a few hundred miles in the car now. And it's fair to say I feel it was money well spent. The car really goes well. And the best thing is it still looks totally stock. Took it back to devil Developments today to increase the rev limit on launch control. Really good guys to deal with (as is Rick @ unicorn). If theres one negative it would be it isnt fast enough 😀. Must stop looking at gtr's on autotrader. 🤦‍♀️
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    Arron: Bummer, but you are not the first to do this - and I suspect you won't be the last. I've suggested to both Ross-Tech and IT Voltas that they include warning message on their software - advising the consequence of selecting this option As to how to get stuff back - try this: Steering Angle (G85) calibration procedure - MQB platform vehicles 1. Select Steering assistance module @ address hex44 2. Select Basic settings 3. Select Steering angle sensor (5th option in my screenshot below) 4. Activate the procedure (It should show running when activated) 5. Turn the steering wheel slowly to the right to mechanical stop and then to the left mechanical stop. 6. Turn the steering wheel back to the mid position 7. Wait for basic setting procedure to show finished correctly? 8. Exit basic setting function and clear any DTCs Don
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    Tailgate black drain plug/tube

    Evening all, I was cleaning my 7R today and when drying off I noticed the black rubber drain plug (tailgate open in the centre) had persihed and the circular end had fallen off leaving the drain tube flapping around inside the tailgate. Has anybody else had this problem? Thinking of giving VW a call tomorrow. I'm concerned about water not finding it's way out of the Tailgate drain hole properly. Thanks.
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    What did you do to your R today?

    Fitted black wheel bolts and spacers on the rears, along with new discs front and rear with black painted hubs and new back plates painted black, oh and some new caliper covers [emoji1665][emoji41] Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
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    What did you do to your R today?

    Or maybe it was done at 2 years and 4 years ? Not everyone knows that the initial brake fluid change is scheduled for 3rd year and then every 2 years after that.
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    Need help with exhaust please!

    Hi, This is my fiirst post so please be nice lol. guys i need help! i have been searching and i am so lost. sorry if this has been discussed previously but I am going to get res delete done in few weeks time I was thinking of getting a milltek decat done. I do not want to pay so much for an full exhaust system. what would you guys recommend. Also I plan on going stage 1 remap in few months time... Also can someone explain to me what cat back means and all these other exhaust terminologies... soorrryy! dumb question I know forgive me =D
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    Well today i believe i have solved my own personal dilemma regarding the Golf R.......my new order will be cancelled monday. I have just come back from a dealership having put a deposit down on what might be the most expensive spec golf R in the country and the very very last of the ones pre-WLTP and that was a dealer demonstrator (the last demonstrator in the UK) Sept 2018 (68) reg DSG 5 door Lapiz Blue Now for the options: -19" silver Pretoria's -Akrapovic titanium exhaust -Vienna Leather Interior -Discover Pro media -Panoramic Sunroof -Dynamic Chassis Control -Dynaudio excite sound system -Lane Assist Plus (dynnamic light assist, lane assist, traffic jam assist, blind spot indicators etc) -Keyless entry -Electric memory seats -Climate windscreen -Rear view camera -90% rear tints Only been driven 2 months by the dealer. And of course no bloody particulate filter and has dual injection. Sorting personal finances out - assuming i don't hit a brick wall there, will be picking up next week
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    Golf r 420

    Who are you calling a big heavy lump? [emoji1787] Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
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    Tyre Pressure

    Hello, I have recently taken delivery of my new Golf R, in Lapiz Blue - love the car, even tops my previous S4's, however I am looking for some guidance on tyre pressures. I am on Potenza S001 - 225 40 R18 (92Y) 's and the pillar plate shows a recommended pressure of 41 psi which seems high. Can anyone provide some thoughts on the optimal pressure ? Thanks.
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    Dealers to avoid or recommend

    Every time I have been into Telford their customer service has been diabolical and plain rude. Especially if it’s the old bloke on reception that greats you. He is an absolute prick! He started an argument with me when I went in and asked him if the R they had on the forecourt (no spec sheet and still in wrapping) was indium grey. Eventually going off huffing and puffing to ask and when he came back he snapped at me ‘yes it is indium grey, are you happy now?!’ He needs a big fat punch square on the nose the obnoxious ignorant prick. That was my 4th visit when I was looking to buy. All other times I was either completely ignored for over an hour after being told to take a seat and wait for a sales guy. No offer of a drink nothing. That evening I ordered through drive the deal and my experience with jcb Medway in Gillingham was faultless. I have friends who have had similar experiences at Telford too. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Fitting a replacement footrest The standard plastic footrest cover is ok but there is a nicer alternative which looks very oem and matches in nicely with the pedals. Purchased from Aliexpress. Original link no longer valid but one here. https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32706138749.html Also available here http://www.superskoda.com/Volkswagen/Golf-VII/VW-Golf-VII-MK7-GTi-designed-footrest-for-RHD-cars-MANUAL-TRANSMISSION This is suitable for both DSG and Manual cars. Easy job - takes approx 20 mins. Requires a T20 Torx bit and a sharp knife/blade. Quick installation guide below: OEM footrest cover - locate Torx screw The screw recess is quite deep so you have to locate the torx screw head by feel with the screwdriver, but easy enough. Undo Torx screw - T20 screw Torx bit required Once unscrewed and torx screw set aside, remove the oem footrest by pushing it up towards the bulkhead, tilting it at the same time. Once removed, note the square holes into which the locating lugs on the new footrest cover will slot into. Locating holes OEM locating lugs have a marginally wider slot than those on the aftermarket footrest cover, so a little of the plastic may need shaving off with a sharp knife OEM slots Replacement footrest slots - slightly narrower - may need a little slicing off. Fit new footrest cover - angle it into place and slide it from the top pushing down and to the left at the same time. Give it a moderate tap from the top and it will slot into place. Screw Torx screw back into position. The screw hole on the new footrest is much shallower than on the oem one. All done
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    Four months and one day of ownership and after clocking 4,000 miles today on the way home from work the car is loosening up nicely and it was time for its first oil change. I’m sure running in oil is a thing of the past but running the same oil from 0-12,000 miles doesn’t sit well with me. Time to whip out the Draper oil extractor. This makes it a very simple job as there’s no need to grovel under the car messing with the plastic sump plug. Takes no more than half hour ..... Removed a touch over 5 1/2 litres so there’s really only a very small amount of old oil left. Capacity is stated as 5.7 litres. The next oil change will be at 12,000 miles on its first service. There’s a good how to here if you fancy doing this yourself without the extractor :- https://www.autoinstruct.com.au/manufacturer/volkswagen/mk7-golf/ea888-mk7-golf-oil-change/ Only thing missing it to lightly coat the new ‘O’ ring that comes with the filter with oil prior to fitment to the filter housing.
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    Key needs new battery - Warranty?

    Next week: Windscreen washer fluid empty. Is this a warranty job? Car out of Petrol after only 200 miles from new. Is this a warranty job? 😀
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    Diamond cut alloy damaged - Help!

    I recently badly kerbed one of mine 5 times the size of the photo above I had a go at repairing myself with 1500 wet and dry followed by t cut and some clear laquer etc looked 95% better but I'm a fussy bugger so jumped on the uk golf R facebook page and found a guy selling single wheels without tyres in immaculate condition, £100 each Bought 2 off him so now I have a spare minty one in the loft. Also sold my old wheel for £100 on ebay so worked iut preety decent in the end Cadiz aren't worth refurbing at £180 each as plenty as new wheels come up for sale on the facebook group page for cheaper than a refurb
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    I think independant is the way to go with this. Ive got a quote from VAG Manchester for £99 all in which seems like a good deal (bit far from Kent though!) I can recommend AKS Tuning in Bedford, as Alex is VERY knowlegable with this platform, and one of the few people I trust to touch my car. Still a bit far for you. . .
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    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    In safe, Apple today Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    How much oil?

    Does the 7R take when it's been in for an oil change service? I'm tempted to take my own oil and have the dealers use it rather than possibly putting something substandard in. I'm assuming a 4 litre would be enough?
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    nige bcs

    Standard exhaust diameter

    OEM Dia is 65mm
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