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    Penguins R Detail

    Day 1: Took the rose tinted specs off this morning before making a start. I think my R wasn’t loved by its previous owner. No scratches or anything major, just in need of some TLC. First thing to address; exhaust tips! They were in bad shape and to make it worse they were tack welded on: I left some Bilt Hamber Auto Wheel to dwell of five mins and gave them a brush. Moved some carbon deposits but not much. Then switched to 000 wool primed with Valet Pro Bilberry. Took a lot of work to see any improvement. These are pitted beyond saving but now look half respectable. Gave the back boxes some attention too: ...and fast forward to the the end of today (last thing I did), after polishing with Autosol and more 000 wool. Finished with Finish Kare 1000P: The wheels are in good condition so just needed a clean with BH auto wheel and used my Wheel Woolies and wheel mitt for the first time. Now to start on the body. BH Auto foam with a little Surfex HD. Grime was visibly visibly dripping off the car A quick rinse and now to get rid of the fallout with some BH Korrosol: Fire up the clay bar. BH medium auto clay. Oddly the clay never seemed to get really dirty but I could hear and feel it was pulling plenty off the top coat..organic/sap maybe? Took a while but ended up lovely and smooth The top coat looked a bit cleaner but was still pretty dull. Played around with a few different pad/polish combos (I found the paint hard) I settled on green Hexlogic and Megs 105. Not 100% perfect but I think a harder pad will be needed on this paint. Then made a 2nd pass with BH cleanser polish to really make sure the paint was clean and ready to wax. Applied a layer of BH double speed wax, I’m pleased with the shine/reflection The gloss black trim needed some love. No before pics but I used a Sonus FX pro pad and Megs Ultimate compound (took plenty of crap off the surface!) Then gave the windows a clean, inside and out before treating the windscreen, rear and front side windows All done for today. I’ll attack the interior tomorrow and give the front bumper trim some attention. A long day work but the R is looking much better than it did 12 hrs previous.
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    Another R nicked...

    Update: Police spoke to my son yesterday. They have arrested and charged the leader of the car theft gang here in MK. He is in court in June. His method was to steal a car, leave it parked up for a week and if it wasn't recovered, move it to his workshop and dismantle and sell the parts. He slipped up a bit as he had a large amount of personal effects from the stolen cars and so linked him to numerous thefts. Can't wait to see what punishment he gets. If his hands are still attached to his wrists after judgement, he has got off far too lightly.
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    Finally! (it's here!)

    My R estate should be on a trailer and making it's way to me at some stage this week 🤞 The dealership is now operating with skeleton sales staff with the showroom still closed (likely until June) but their drivers and workshop are now back up and running, making a start on the backlog. They have a trailer available and are set up for remote collection/delivery; so hopefully by Friday at the latest I should finally have the elusive R on my driveway. That's me not sleeping for the rest of the week! 🙄🤣
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    Rear spoiler comparison

    I always loved the Clubsport spoiler, after much research in 2017 decided to go ahead and get one. Expensive as the tailgate needs to be changed but think it’s worth it. The main spoiler part took about 6 months to get however, as it was forever on back order.
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    What did you do to your R today?

    Well fitted my freshly powder coated black wheels today. Still keeping my silver prets though.
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    The 2k Milestone.

    Hi Fellow R owning, driving, enthusiast Forum members. I hit 2k posts soon and am amazed at this. I love being on here, the chat, the fun and the help is fantastic, thank you all. You will all understand tho that I am keen to be spending much more time at the wheel and covering many miles in what’s still left of this year! Stay safe everyone. Better times are getting nearer.😀
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    Car Battery

    Thanks mate! I’ve passed my 100 day point after stem cell transplant on Saturday just gone. I’ve had no infections, no unscheduled visits to hospital and they’ve started reducing my medication with a view to me coming off it altogether. My blood counts are rising and I’m feeling great so far so fingers crossed![emoji41] Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    What did you do to your R today?

    I added this little addition today! Really subtle but I really like it!
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    Wheel refurbishment

    Took longer than thought as time ran away with me yesterday and haven’t been able to clean it yet but had to take a quick pic with them on, finally! Will try to give it a proper wash down and maybe go for a covid friendly drive and take a couple better pics [emoji108]
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    Finally! (it's here!)

    Oooft she's a fighter. Went for a spin on one of my fave local roads.
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    Men in Black 2 was poor, haven't seen the 3rd one but can't imagine it's any better Sent from my VOG-L09 using Tapatalk
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    Car Battery

    I’m using a CTek with the extension cable as @NRW posted above. I run the cable in near the wiper arm. No issues closing the bonnet. Be careful not to forget & drive off, hence the red safety tag on my cable.
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    Sonoran R

    A55hole parkers!!!

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    What did you do to your R today?

    Just ordered by 034 Motorsports Rear Sway Bar and End Links...
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    What did you do to your R today?

    Finished working from home a bit early and broke the car free from its driveway solitary confinement to take it for a much need run. Took it down the coast and ended up in Dover taking in the white cliffs and watching the ferries come and go. Lovely! Seagulls were constant companions in the hope of much missed human food! They are having to fend for themselves again and relearn how to catch fish! I’d forgotten how easy it is to get to licence losing speeds in this car! Have a nice layer of dead bugs splatters all over the front and on the windscreen now but small to pay for a good drive! Missed it!
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    Dealer help

    A deal has been struck and I’m now the proud owner of this.
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    What did you do to your R today?

    @NRW Neil, I Dedicated this video just for you🙈
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    What did you do to your R today?

    I picked up my R today after getting a full service, and get a new IE Tune.....(changed from the Custom Stage 1 tune I had).....The difference is night and day different....My butt dyno reckons I've gained about 25 extra horses....This new tune is so much more aggressive than my last tune....so am now maybe 385-390bhp......The acceleration is smooth, but brutal at the top end especially.....Very impressed with it.....So much better and more enjoyable to drive now....Probably knocked .5 seconds off my 0-60 time........Will check that at some point...but that is what it feels like.....Next mod....IE Cold Air Intake...then after that...go full IE Stage 2.....Can't wait.....
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    Still waiting on stage 2 parts to arrive, until then! I gave a few photos from the most recent detail, tried a new wax out, super glossy!
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    Social Distancing

    We’re all well into this habit now, and it seems likely that it will need to continue, to be maintained for some time as Lockdown arrangements are gradually eased. Just an idea😂 - as R enthusiasts - would be nice if it could be enforced in car parks, with everybody leaving a parking space on each side between them and the next car. 😂Nice idea tho.
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    Dealer help

    Get everything in a chronological timeline; a concise synopsis of each issue and the dealer response/action and subsequent failings to rectify the issue. Stay factual and don’t add anything emotional, inflammatory etc. Provide any relevant supporting documentation; dealer printouts, photographs etc Send it to VW CS and CC the dealer principle. Clearly state the reasons why you are not happy and what you would hope the next steps should be and what your intentions are, should a resolution or commitment thereof, not be forthcoming e,g contacting the ombudsmen. From now on try and keep all communication and interaction with the dealer via email. Keep notes of anything else, dates/times/names/etc. If you have finance on the car then I would also inform the finance company too. If you had the car from new then you could still go down the rejection route. It’s traditionally harder to do, the longer you’ve had the car but if the faults and failings to fix have been reported early on and multiple attempts have been unsatisfactory then the odds are in your favour but you’d likely need independent reports on the car and/or mediation/support from the ombudsman to really have a chance. Be prepared for a drawn out process. Sounds a crap situation. Good luck with whatever you chose to do.
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    Rare Golf R Colours

    Does Ginster mean something different to you guys in N America, Aus, NZ? Here in the UK I wouldnt want to drive around in a Cornish pasty coloured car!! 😂😂
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    What did you do to your R today?

    Finally got to take my R out for a decent long drive after 6 weeks to the chemist and supermarket for essential supplies.....(and this is an understatement)....it felt... GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD!!!!...
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    What detailing have you done today?

    Washed, clayed, polished and maybe edited a touch 😁
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    Limestone Grey MK 7 R Estate

    Ok, so I've just fitted my gunmetal pret reps to my lsg estate, not seen this combination before as far as I can recall, …. waits for deluge of lsg golf r with gunmetal prets, pictures attached for info and comments.
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    What did you do to your R today?

    Finished off the final piece of my car today by adding the flow designs front splitter pretty much done with modding the car now very happy where it's at Cheers peeps
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    Charles M

    18" tyre review.

    Might be of interest to some.......
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    How long is your tank of fuel gonna last?

    According to my current use, I have done 37 miles since filling up exactly 4 weeks ago! That is an average of 1.3214 miles a day. The range is saying 283 miles left. This means under the current situation the rest of the fuel is going to last me 214 days or 30.59 weeks!!!😭😭🤣😂🤣
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    Pets and Petrolheads!

    ....meanwhile, in my house... Spooning cats
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    Pets and Petrolheads!

    Talk about a Cats Dinner... that was was our evening meal tonight. our cats gate crashed the meal and brought along their own waiter service. i think they expect to much during lockdown..
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    Decisions! I guess a lot depends on what you actually want - the standard and your expectations. DIY - much might depend on your willingness to do it yourself, your own skill and abilities, confidence in yourself, the equipment and setup you have available, and not least, if you have the time to devote and commit to it. It can be very hard work doing it yourself, it’s much more than just the actual machine polish. However DIY can reap great results (depending on the above) and be hugely rewarding. It would be a learning curve if you’ve not done it before, but you might find that it’s something you want to try, and learning a new skill that will see you into the future with this and other cars. You might need to assess your existing equipment. You mentioned a cheap rotary. How confident are you with that? A rotary carries more risk (of striking/burning through the paint) than a DA orbital polisher, due to the set non oscillating rotation of the disc and added heat build up on the panel. A DA is a safer lower risk machine. Just something to bear in mind. You might be well acquainted with your rotary. Bodyshop - could be an unknown quantity. They might do a great job, an adequate job, or poor job. ? I wholeheartedly agree with Count Drunkula that the devil is in the detail and there’s far more to it than a machine polish. Prep is every bit as important as the actual machine polishing, and more so ime. Correcting an under-prepped car can do more harm than good. Will the bodyshop undertake all that needs doing to prep the car to the state required before doing the correction? And then the correction itself. Pro Detailer - if you choose one with a good reputation, perhaps one personally recommended, and with examples of their work available as evidence of their worth - then you should be confident they will do a great job. It is what they do for a living. It will then come down to cost and discussing and finding the right package for you, be it correction and protection, or just correction, prep included in all of course. There’s many packages on offer and they should be able to tailor one to your needs. If you can get a price and package to suit your requirements then that’s a no-brainer imo. It will be as if it’s a new car, well much better than most new cars!
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    Weekend wash and wax (text and pic heavy)

    After weekend wash and wax thought I would put some pictures up (wrote in 'what wax are you using' but did not add photos). Car is Oryx white so never going to look as good as dark cars, but as Milliband would say 'at least I tried'. This is the first time I have washed the car after waxing it with quality waxes (see below) and was really impressed how easy it was to clean and how the WoWo wool mit glided over the car. Car was only dusty with some cobwebs as not really used for obvious reasons. Went around all gaps (bumper to panels, headlights, window sills, corner of wing mirrors, etc) first using the wash solution below and a couple of detailing brushes (mistake was not to have rinsed the muck off, left to dry - doh). Sprayed wheels first with BH autowheels (2 at a time) then agitated with supplied brush and rinsed off. Rinsed car off and then washed top to bottom using Megs NXT (80ml per 16litres, should have used 40ml in 8 litres really). Rinsed car off and then rinsed again using deionised water (at around 30ppm, took samples during rinsing). Dried car bodywork with a Gyeon Q2M silk drying towel (a drying towel should be used dry, I now know) and used a megs waffle towel for door shuts. Washed wheels using a Halfords MF wheel mit and brush and then rinsed off, then dried with an old MF towel (WoWo wheel towel on order). Lightly polished wheels with Auto Glym Super Resin Polish (AG SRP) and added two coats (24hrs apart) of Poor boys wheel sealant (applied with cheap cotton polishing cloth, which was then binned after use, buffed off with cheap MF cloth). Cleaned exhaust tips with AG SRP. Cleaned glass with AG fast glass (Purestar HD glass towel), polished glass with AG glass polish (cheap MF cloth - then binned) and then sealed glass with Angelwax H2G0 (cheap MF cloth to apply and WoWo MF cloth to buff). Finally waxed bonnet, boot, bumpers and roof (sides of car done earlier and did not need waxing, nor did the car for that matter) using DoDo light fantastic wax and WoWo pad. Roof waxed (did clay bar first using Megs quik detailer and bar then light polish with AG SRP) with Bilt Hamber DSW (Light fantastic too hard to see). Did wax roof spoiler with DoDo SNH wax as it is a harder wax (my least favourite for applying). All buffed off with WoWo and BH MF cloths. Now sleep. Phew, that was hard work (not the cleaning but the post, got logged out half way through and then had to reattach all pictures).
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    What did you do to your R today?

    These landed today.Last piece in the jigsaw looks wise and should also improve the ride quality and handling.Booked into Awesome for next Friday.
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    Loaded the bikes on the car and drove around a bit 🤣
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    What did you do to your R today?

    First bit of wax it has seen for a year. It really needs claying and doing properly, but it'll do for now - probably another year ha!
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    What did you do to your R today?

    Celebrating the Norwegian national day🇳🇴
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    What detailing have you done today?

    Gave the car a quick wash today. It’s not been washed since I did my big spring detail back in early April, and has largely been sat static on the driveway gathering dust, pollen and whatever the birds decide to deposit on it each day. Despite a good covering of sandy dust all over, it came up well with little effort - wheel prewash wheel (Wo-Wo Wheel Cleaner); snow foam (Bilt Hamber Auto Foam); bucket wash (Swissvax Car Bath) and dried off; tyres dressed with Gyeon Tire and tailpipes polished with Mother’s Mag. Job done. Best thing was trying the new Kranzle short trigger gun and nozzle set with my pressure washer today. First time using it and something of a revelation! A big thank you to @Munch and @Clarkie48 for posting up their recent short gun purchases recently, and putting it on my radar. 🙏 👍 I’d looked at them previously in the past but never really given much thought to just how much one might improve pressure washer use. But it really does. Gives much more control and direction of water, and massively better for accessing wheels and low down areas as well as the rest of the car. I’m all for stuff that adds a little ease to the detailing process and this is one that certainly does that. I’d put this as one of those detailing eureka products! 🙌 I chose a Kranzle one that would work with my Kranzle PW and all my existing attachments and it was a cinch to attach and use my existing snow foam lances. Only thing to note is sometimes need to sling the pressure hose over your shoulder to keep it away from the panels. The nozzle set is great too. I used the 45° white nozzle for general rinsing which is perfect for that. And the black low pressure nozzle is really good for mixing up the shampoo solution for bucket wash. It’s enough pressure to aid the solution nicely sudding up, but low enough pressure to not blast water everywhere. All washed and dried
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    Wheel refurbishment

    Got these out for a quick tidy and will be fitting them later today. Need to give the car a quick rinse down first [emoji106]
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    Recommend me a vacuum.

    I use a Charles. Like Henry but with wet vac capability. Henry’s eyes are too close together, he can’t be trusted 👀 Better than any Dyson or Shark we have/had.
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    Hi - newbie

    Here she is
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    IMO even the "experts" cannot be certain how things are going to play out, there are just too many unknowns. I believe that unless/until an effective vaccine is produced, delivered, and taken effect, everywhere is in for a bad time over the next year or so, one way or another. Gaining "herd immunity" via infection would take it's toll, particularly on people (of all ages) who have pre-existing health conditions, but widespread lockdowns are also damaging, and not just to the economy. There are currently predictions floating around Oz of increased suicide rates potentially exceeding forecast covid-19 death rates. All in all it is a bit of a shyte sandwich whichever way your particular country goes.
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    The 2k Milestone.

    Here you go, although hope you don't have any allergies 🤔
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    Social Distancing

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    Black mirror caps

    Hi folks just added some new black gloss mirror caps that now match the race line alloys,well happy with the results cheers kev
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    Servicing Dealer? / Specialist?

    Electronic records are not that critical. I keep all service receipts in a file so have proof of what was done for all work. If selling privately much better to have a neat file with all servicing documented than a service book that anyone can stamp.
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    DSG: should I be worried

    It’s a place that no R should ever go. It’s the driving mode equivalent of.....
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    May 2020 - Photo of the month competition

    Thought I'd add one of mine from my lockdown trip out 😂
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    Pets and Petrolheads!

    My Bella & Bobby
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    VE Day 75 Celebrations

    Anyone who served in those battles deserve to have a drink raised to them this Friday.
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