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    Golf r

    I think it’s BCS for quality and prices you can get forum discount from Nigel also. I’m sure he will comment soon enough and others agree regarding his workmanship.
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    Tyre valve caps

    I'd be buying a pack of black cheapies from Ebay. Nice ones, especially those lush R ones, will disappear.
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    nige bcs

    Akrapovic Exhaust

    Remus Milltek
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    IS38 Install Kit

    From what I've read you can get Littco to fix the issues that (some) IS38s have, without actually changing the performance (ie it is still a std turbo so no tune needed).
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    Replaced dynaudio sub driver

    I was wanting to free up some boot space so have been looking at solutions to replace my 10inch sub box with something smaller that could go under the boot floor. The dynaudio sub that comes from the factory looked ideal but I knew some people say it doesn’t produce enough proper bass. Anyway I thought I would locate one and give it a try. found one cheap on eBay and purchased. Unfortunately the driver was blown when tested so a lesson learned about buying used speakers on eBay. Anyway I decided to see if I could purchase a new driver that would fit the dynaudio enclosure. I checked the mounting depth and size and to be honest most sub drivers are not made as small as the vw dynaudio dimensions. Anyway I found something that I thought might work with minor modifications to the dynaudio enclosure. https://www.bassjunkies.com/gziw-165x.html. I used a heat gun to apply heat to the dynaudio enclosure just enough to make the plastic hot enough so that when i pushed the speaker into the enclosure the plastic would mould itself to the shape needed to accommodate the larger magnet of the driver I was installing. I applied the heat inside and outside the enclosure carefully. The dynaudio speaker grill no longer can be screwed down but I cut down the moulded screw points and placed the grill over the speaker and secured it with black gaffer tape. There is space underneath the grill to allow the speaker to move freely. I spent about an hour or so after installation adjusting the sub xover point/level and an adjustment called Hawkins bass control which I think is exclusive to old soundstream amps. Anyway the results now that I’ve finished are superb. I don’t miss my 10inch sub at all and I now have a clear boot which makes the car much more family friendly. The sub on the right in one of the pictures is the replacement and considering it’s size it’s amazing. No distortion or bottoming out even at very high levels. The amp driving the sub is an old school soundstream which is clearly keeping very good control of the speaker and has enough built in adjustments to make a 6.5inch sub sound like a 10inch sub.
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    Well, I never really fell out of love with it, but it gradually started to grate on me. Until today. I bought a 2,000 mile ex/demo from a dealership and instantly loved my car. It’s an 18 reg 7.5, DSG, 5 door, in black, no snazzy suspension, and.......19 inch Pretorias. I’d read here about how Prets are the best thing, and how they’re sought after, so the spec I bought seemed perfect. I picked it up in Feb 19, and I’ve driven it for 9,000 miles in seven months. Do do I like it? I truly love it. The best car I’ve ever owned or driven. I’ve been a VW man for years and I have a brand new Touareg and an oldish Amarok, so I’m loyal. But........ Tbose damn Pretoria’s. Why do you like them? Why? I mean, really why? They ride like they’re smashing through the tarmac and they’re just......too pathetic for UK roads. I bought (don’t laugh, because I really like their look) a set of immaculate 18 Cadiz and fitted them today. And then I drove it.... Oh my God. It was like having a poo after a week of constipation. What a relief! Smooth, quiet and comfy. Flooring it, the car still does what it did, and it’s lovely and quiet in comparison. Downsides? Well, you lot say they’re ugly, but I kind of disagree. I like them. The only driving difference is a mild softness in comparison when transferring weight between fast B-road bends due to the slightly taller side wall. But it’s almost nice to feel that instead of the jarring of the 19 inch Prets. So, I’m putting myself up to be shot down, but I’ve got a set of 19 inch Prets that, as far as I’m concerned, are nothing but over-rated trash. I reckon they’d make a good picnic table. So, to all you Cadiz lads... you’ve got the best! Leave them as they are.
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    nige bcs

    BCS Powervalve Exhaust Sport Vs WRC

    Hi everyone. We've been having a lot of inquiries asking for the full turbo back Powervalve REV III exhaust system sound variants... So here are a couple of short vids for comparison purposes. Full WRC system Full Sport System Thanks for looking Cat back option also available. Cheers Nige
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    Servicing help, please

    Yeah it annoys me when people just post 'VW' are useless always use an Indy as some dealers are excellent and some Indys are poor... all depends on your location of course Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
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    Pets and Petrolheads!

    Our 2, Finn 3 and half year old Springer / GSP cross and Luna 5 month old springer - keep me fit!
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    Golf r

    Another vote for BCS Powervalve....
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    I'm earning $$$$

    You’ve got goodbadboy for that. 😆
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    Golf GTi TCR

    Interesting. I’ve recently picked up a 991.2 Carrera 4S. Handling seems a huge step on from my old Golf R and the TTRS I had before it, although I do feel less inclined to chuck the Porsche around as I’m concerned people will think what a ****! Keep us all posted with how you get on in the TCR.
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    Scott's 7R Build

    @Bowen yes similar sort of area, send me a pm👍🏻 Thanks all for the kind words I appreciate it! I've just returned home from collecting the car and honestly I am amazed!! Its like collecting a brand new car all over again! So impressed with the attention to detail provided as well, honestly can't recommend Vivid enough 👌🏻 Enough talking, pictures incoming: Can't wait to get up and give the car a good clean as the motorway took its tole! Will be meeting up with a few mates this weekend, so shall get better photos ASAP. I'm aware the colour won't be to everyone's taste, but I absolutely love it. Awesome finish and breaks necks like crazy 😂 Watch this space for more mods
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    The Wifey-Mobile Mk7 Golf R

    Next up - wrap! Now, I didn’t want to do this. I thought the blue looked good, and just blacking our the chrome and silver bits was all that was needed. But wifey-dearest had other ideas. She wanted a satin or matt black. No way I’d pay for that. I wanted gloss dark grey - which she hated. So we agreed on satin dark grey....and I actually quite like it! Went with gloss black on the roof and all the silver or chrome bits Looks even better when you start messing about with filters!
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    R Daddy Wagon

    Your wallet will be a lot emptier being on this site! Although as mines a lease I haven't bothered modding. Also welcome!
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    White/Manual/5 Door

    Where to begin. Prior to the Golf R, I owned and loved my Renault Megane RS250. It was and is the best drivers car I have ever driven. I fettled with it pretty extensively, B14 Coilovers, FMIC, Decat, Recaro Pole Positions, sticky tyres, striped out and a remap of 310bhp. Just before winter 2018, I was just about to place the Megane in the garage on the trickle charger when I decided to sell. It was a car that needed to be used. The day after I listed it, a guy and his missus travelled down from Leeds with the asking price in cash. Quick, easy, stress free sale. Renault Megane RS250 CUP by Lloyd Bowen, on Flickr Rs250 by Lloyd Bowen, on Flickr I wanted a car that could be both practical to use everyday and to have a bit of poke. I knew the Cupra has pedigree after it stole the Nurburgring record from the Megane. So with a bit of research I knew I wanted a Cupra. I also wanted a manual (yes, that's right manual) as coming from such a driver focused car in to an auto/DSG would have been too much for me to take. The hunt began. Enter my Leon Cupra 280, Manual, Dynamic grey, Black pack with heated front buckets. Breathed on it a bit Collection day or near enough: 20181007_194805 by Lloyd Bowen, on Flickr Then came some changes. In no particular order and not all have images: Turbo elbow Intake hose VWR Springs TRC Splitter Maxton designs spoiler extension Sachs Performance clutch DMS Performance remap 370bhp/368lbf Team Dynamics Possibly forgotten somethings.... IMG_20190209_131407_674 by Lloyd Bowen, on Flickr IMG_20190216_180449_814 by Lloyd Bowen, on Flickr IMG_20190217_144640_125 by Lloyd Bowen, on Flickr Even after fitting a dogbone mount and new tyres it still suffered with wheelhop in anything other than bone dry conditions. Plus the Golf R was always in the back of my mind... Step forward my white, manual, 5 door, R. Bought from Sinclair VW in Cardiff, service was fantastic. I managed to remove most engine bits from the Cupra to the R including the Team Dynamics Then most recently I added a KSB Splitter and Maxton spoiler extension. And that brings us to today. Mods so far: Panel Filter Turbo intake pipe Turbo Elbow Short shifter Clutch delay valve removed and pedal stop RTS Clutch VWR Springs Powerflex dogbone mount Team Dynamic 1.3s Res Delete Black badges and wing mirror covers KSB splitter Maxton spoiler Next, in no particular order: Remap Downpipe Intercooler Sorry for the long post and thanks for reading.
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    'R' arch badging

    Exactly what I was after, cheers mate👍🏻
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    Hi all, Had my BSC res delete fitted this morning, firstly what a nice couple of chaps, Nige and Dave and a great friendly service. It was great to actually hear my car from the outside during a drive by as obviously you normally only get to hear it from inside..... what can I say the exhaust sounds amazing, the deeper bass note and DSG fart is incredible!! The pops and bangs in S mode are soooooo much louder and better!! I have no idea how to upload videos but Nige has some on his Instagram of my car, drive by, stationary and pulling away. Link : https://www.instagram.com/p/B3g5FjCnbQB/ The videos really do not do it justice!! I highly recommend this to any estate R owner!!! Marc
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    Pets and Petrolheads!

    Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
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    What Tyres Do I Require

    Standard 19" tyres for an R are 235/35/19 There are lots of threads on tyres on the site, MPS4S are generally regarded as the best all round tyre Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
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    Servicing help, please

    Thanks Slider, that was my thought as well. Cars on the Q16 or whatever it’s called routine now, which I gather is conditional like BMWs, so may change that to fixed distance and time at this next service
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    I’ve fallen back in love with my R...

    Picked mine up with Prets, Contis, No DCC, and found the ride to be a bit harsh. Checked the tyre pressures and they were at 40 psi all round. Reduced to 36 psi all round and it made a world of difference. Its still firm, but doesnt crash like it did before
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    Ian R

    New Mk7 R Owner Saying Hello

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    Pets and Petrolheads!

    Our little puppy Rex
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    I'm earning $$$$

    Good, now can you stop spamming the site! 😁
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    I'm earning $$$$

    I've earned thousands of $ in the last few weeks it's amazing! Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
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    I'm earning $$$$

    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Indeed [emoji1787][emoji1787][emoji1787] Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
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    Batch’s Tornado Red 7.5R Wagon

    😂😂😂 I’ll take that as a compliment Dave, and your dislike of red as down to your love of the other side of North London...
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    What did you do to your R today?

    Was at the petrol station filling up this morning.....GTI driver came up and said nice car....(so had a chat about tuning fast Golf's)...Top man......(Good start to my weekend)........he was saying how well the GTI responds to a tune..but wheel spin is a problem...I politely suggested...Time to get a Golf R...
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    Milltek GPF Exhaust.

    If it hasn’t been shipped yet I’d cancel the exhaust from milltek and go and see Nige. Milltek quality has really gone down hill and a few members have reported that the back boxes have fallen apart at the welds. There’s a topic on here somewhere with picture evidence. The bcs/power valve exhaust is far better quality and sounds awesome. I’ve owned loads of different brand exhausts over the years and bcs is by far the best I’ve had.
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    Batch’s Tornado Red 7.5R Wagon

    Thanks guys, I’ve done this how I wanted it, it’s really flattering to see your compliments.
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    A massive pair

    Not what I was expecting but then again this is not the fit bird thread [emoji52] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    VCDS is the preferred choice if you have the money but OBDeleven, imo is brilliant. Cheap compared to VCDS, has loads of features, easy to use and can be used via phone/tablet. Works perfectly fine with the Mk7.5 and a long list of other VAG group cars. Lots of support and how too's online and on this forum. A must have imo. Carista is another option but I personally prefer OBDeleven.
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    ....BBS SR 19's
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    Has anybody here owned a R32

    Traded my Mk5 R32 in for my current Mk7 R. Mk7 is a far superior car in both power and handling side of things, but it just cant match the R32 for the noise, throttle response and sense of occasion. R32 used to snap necks when people heard it passing on throttle, most looked puzzled it was only a Golf😉.
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    Vagcom Engine Faults

    Untick the 'use aggressive mode' option on the top right and scan again, the faults will most likely not appear. When you see the 'not confirmed' text it means that VCDS is looking for faults where there are none i'e it's not seeing the parameters to suggest everything is perfect so it assumes there's a fault when there isn't.
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    The lazy way to clean exhaust tips

    ?? 35 minutes at Gas Mark 6??😂
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    How old are you and what do you do?

    50, Male escort Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
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    Dat assss Sent from my S9 using Tapatalk
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    The Wifey-Mobile Mk7 Golf R

    All sorted! The ACC sensor had indeed been knocked way off - sorted for much less than the £700+ VW quoted. New number plate plinth was £25ish. No other damage fortunately. It’s also now on different springs - much happier with the stance now. I was going to go with VWR springs but then a set of lightly used Emanuelle Design springs popped up for sale on the Golf R OC forum. I’d never heard of them but the reviews were really good - same drop as VWR (25mm, vs 15mm for the eibachs), but a linear spring rather than progressive with excellent ride quality - reportedly. Well I can confirm, the Golf is the comfiest lowered car I’ve ever owned! Couple of pics showing the difference in ride height: Perfect height now in my opinion! Now I’ve just got to sell the Eibachs and return the VWR springs! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Tonky gti

    Wheel Offset, what you need to know

    Will give it a go see what happens done this 2 day thou looks onpoint i think changed the colour wi the wheels will let you no how i get on wi the other wheel thanks for your input
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    Leave vehicle in P

    Hi guys, i work for VW in Australia. With that message on the dash and the fault code B116229 - Selector lever park position switch implausible signal. Then the selector should be replaced as the fault inside the selector itself. We’ve has these faults on Polos, golfs amd tiguans. if the selector won’t sit in P after the repair then it is likely they haven’t adjusted your cable correctly or the cable was bent too much during repair. Regards Matt
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    It looks like a Vel-Satis ! An odd looking carbuncle of a car owned mainly by history teachers and heavily bearded people with terrible eye-sight and cluttered homes.
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    I'm looking forward to snow this year. Last year was a laugh. Nobody on the roads, so I took my R out last year (as I posted about previously) and it was very tail-happy. Other than that - I've never felt the rear get excited. I had a tad of understeer once, but that was because I lifted off throttle and was increasing steering wheel lock at the same time (big no-no). If anyone is wondering where I managed to do this on a public road - if you in the South (Orpington area) - there is a fairly short and quite wide, one way winding road, silky smooth - and it has a width restriction at the start (but not the end) so there are never any cars getting in the way. I swear it's designed for people to have a mini blast. Will try find it on G-Maps.
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    Dashcam in ur R

    I have an F770 front and rear and tbh wouldn't recommend this camera or any Thinkware product.
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    Centre caps arrived today, understand not everyone is keen on keeping the stock VW badge count, but for those who are the part # 3B7 601 171 fit my wheels perfectly.
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    new red golf r

    what a diffrence
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    APR vs REVO stage 1

    Had the hi torque APR stage 1 & DSG tune at VRS yesterday. Stock was 303 bhp 313 lb/ft torque. Tune produced 370 bhp & 417 lb/ ft torque. The max torque is at around 3500 rpm then drops off from around 4000 rpm so definitely a torque surge is felt. All good though so far and gearbox doesn’t seek the highest gear at town speeds now which was a real annoyance to hit 5th gear at 30 mph. Some interesting cars at VRS, including the project car from VW driver mag which had new turbo and was making 480 bhp with a proper tune rather than tuning box. Another R there was tuned to 600 bhp !!
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    Number Plate Options

    IMG_6916 by jamie kirk, on Flickr I went for a set from fresh mods but with the uk legal markings
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