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    Can you believe it's been 5 years since the R was released. I've made a little video of reviewing it while driving some scenic roads in Scotland. Check it out, would you still buy one today, I think I probably would.
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    Penguins R Detail

    Day 1: Took the rose tinted specs off this morning before making a start. I think my R wasn’t loved by its previous owner. No scratches or anything major, just in need of some TLC. First thing to address; exhaust tips! They were in bad shape and to make it worse they were tack welded on: I left some Bilt Hamber Auto Wheel to dwell of five mins and gave them a brush. Moved some carbon deposits but not much. Then switched to 000 wool primed with Valet Pro Bilberry. Took a lot of work to see any improvement. These are pitted beyond saving but now look half respectable. Gave the back boxes some attention too: ...and fast forward to the the end of today (last thing I did), after polishing with Autosol and more 000 wool. Finished with Finish Kare 1000P: The wheels are in good condition so just needed a clean with BH auto wheel and used my Wheel Woolies and wheel mitt for the first time. Now to start on the body. BH Auto foam with a little Surfex HD. Grime was visibly visibly dripping off the car A quick rinse and now to get rid of the fallout with some BH Korrosol: Fire up the clay bar. BH medium auto clay. Oddly the clay never seemed to get really dirty but I could hear and feel it was pulling plenty off the top coat..organic/sap maybe? Took a while but ended up lovely and smooth The top coat looked a bit cleaner but was still pretty dull. Played around with a few different pad/polish combos (I found the paint hard) I settled on green Hexlogic and Megs 105. Not 100% perfect but I think a harder pad will be needed on this paint. Then made a 2nd pass with BH cleanser polish to really make sure the paint was clean and ready to wax. Applied a layer of BH double speed wax, I’m pleased with the shine/reflection The gloss black trim needed some love. No before pics but I used a Sonus FX pro pad and Megs Ultimate compound (took plenty of crap off the surface!) Then gave the windows a clean, inside and out before treating the windscreen, rear and front side windows All done for today. I’ll attack the interior tomorrow and give the front bumper trim some attention. A long day work but the R is looking much better than it did 12 hrs previous.
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    New turmeric yellow R owner xD

    What's happening guys. Snapped this little beauty up before my works lease car goes back and couldn't be happier. My names Luke. I live just outside of derby. Had to drive all the way to Preston to pick her up and it was totally worth it imo! Thought I'd sign up hoping I could get the low down on this awesome bit of engineering so any support, tips and tricks would be awesome! Attached a photo of the car. Hope ya'll like.
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    Any news or update?

    Hi all! I’m still here! I had my stem cell treatment mid January - it wasn’t without minor issues but all good now. My brother, who donated the cells, flew to San Diego on Tues 14th January. Next day, they took the stem cells out (4.6 million of them.) and a courier took them and hopped on the plane back to the UK. Next day (Thursday) at 6pm, they went into me! It took about 3/4 of an hour. Five days later, I was admitted onto the ward and underwent various rounds of high dose chemotherapy to kill my immune system off to prevent it attacking the stem cells. Whilst on the ward, the staff inserted a feed tube up my shnoz as the mucusitis caused by the treatment inflamed my mouth, throat and gullet. I didn’t eat solid food for the 11 days I was in as it was too painful. Less than 24 hours after it was put in, I had a violent sickness attack and vomited the tube up so ended up with one end hanging out my beak and another two feet (because I’m tall![emoji23]) hanging out my gob and feeling very sorry for myself. After this, my diet became a mix of Ready Brek and protein shakes but managed to maintain my weight, even with bouts of sickness and diarrhoea! Eleven days after admission, I was given the all clear to go home and here I am! I have a suppressed immune system, courtesy of medication, to stop it attacking the stem cells but I’m now open to infection so I’ve pretty much quarantined myself for the time being. The good news is that my blood counts are rising rapidly - my lymphocytes have doubled in a week! They are looking at reducing my medication which is good as it’s given me the shakes periodically and terrible neuropathy in my fingers and toes - think permanent frostbite - which is magnified by the current cold weather. I’m still managing to get out most days for a walk as exercise will help me recover sooner but hat, scarf and gloves are the order of the day - especially the hat as all my hair has gone and I now look like a microphone! [emoji23] So what next? Well, it’s just a waiting game and hoping that the counts keep rising. I could be back at work in July which would be good because that would be a year from diagnosis to return to work - almost unheard of - but I’m not hedging my bets. I have good days and bad days on the fatigue front which is disconcerting but I know it won’t be forever. The physical bit is easy - spinal injections and numerous bone marrow biopsies caused pain but that’s easy. The main thing is my mental attitude has vastly helped and I’ve not been afraid to get free counselling from various quarters - I can’t overstate how important the counselling is - you have to forget the macho, male image and take the help when you need it, which I’ve done and it’s REALLY helped. So as I said - I’ve just got to play the waiting game and let my body heal. Thanks for all the support and kind messages - it’s helped along with everything else! Onwards and upwards![emoji123][emoji41] Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Finally getting time to do a big spring detail. Started it last weekend but spreading it over a couple weekends (working during the week), so continuing this weekend. The lockdown gives me the chance to take it at a leisurely pace which is a nice! I’ve already posted a couple bits of stuff I did last weekend, in different threads but thought I’d consolidate it all into one thread in the detailing section for anyone who is interested in this kind of stuff. Very pic heavy thread but I like to document stuff as I go along. Not finished yet as more polishing to do and then protection to go on, but it’s progressing. So far...... Last weekend saw the wash and decontamination stages - Iron/fallout removal; Tar/glue removal and claying and another wash. Decontamination gear at the ready. Due to the coronavirus lockdown the car’s just been static on the driveway providing target practice for the feathered fiends! Snowfoamed Citrus pre wash Post bucket wash, rinsed and dried off ready for decontamination After giving it a good wash and dry, I moved onto the chemical decon stages first iron/fallout remover on the whole car. Unfortunately you can’t see much evidence of fallout remover working on a black car except on the wheels Next was tar remover stage (no pics) and finally claying to remove any contaminants the chemicals didn’t shift. Not much but a bit here and there. Gave it another post decon wash ready for the polishing stage the next day. Doing a 2 stage polish all round, correction stage followed by refining stage, as it’s been a good long while since it had the polishing works. First polishing mission was to spend some time on the smaller areas such as B pillars, boot lip, wing mirrors and door shuts and lower sills etc, using a Rupes Mini Bigfoot (with 100mm pads) which is perfect for these areas. I first gave it another very quick wash to get rid of the dust that had settled overnight, the constant problem with having to work outside, and then got to work in the sunshine. Polishing gear Taping up and getting started Pre DA, lots of swirls on the B pillars, some hedge inflicted scratches and the consequence of the sun getting to fallout remover in about 10 secs after application! oops! but was confident it would polish out. Post DA - swirl, etching and scratch free Next up I tackled the boot sill, which despite care, still gets scratched lifting gear in and out of the boot. Swirls, scratches and scuffs Banished with the DA Onto the wing mirrors. Pre DA a few scratches and looking a bit dull Post DA, scratches polished out and paint refined Door shuts, B pillars, sills One thing I found in this session was that Rupes polishes and sun baked panels do not mix. Polishing in the sun is not ideal but some polishes fare worse than others and Rupes is definitely in that group! I started out first on the B pillars using Rupes pads and polishes but the sun heating the panels (unfortunately no choice but to work in sunlight on the drive) was causing the polish to dry instantly on the hot panels meaning it couldn’t be worked properly. So I decided to switch to the Meguiars Microfibre DA System using spot cutting pads with D300 Correction Compound followed with Meguiars Finishing pad with D301 Finishing wax (still on the mini Bigfoot), as both Meguiars polishes have a much longer working time and don’t suffer the way the Rupes polishes do on hot panels so are fine to use in the sun. They worked a treat on everything. .............................................................. Broke off from detailing for the working week but did manage to paint my rear hubs one weekday afternoon. About 4 years overdue as they started rusting after a few months from new, I don’t have the necessary decent jacking gear at home so I took a risk and decided to rub them down and paint them with the wheels on. Fortunately the risk paid off. Used Hammerite Direct to Rust metal paint in Smooth Silver which looks good with silver Prets. At the same time I painted my wheel weights to match them in. Before (pic from a while back) After Fronts are ok so as the hub material is different and fares much better, so left those as they are. ................................................... Working week over, today it was at last time to get back to the detailing. Gave the car a speed wash first, once again to get rid of the settled dust. Then got down to DA polishing, this time starting working on some of the the main body panels. Another very sunny one out on the drive so I had to put up some cover so out came the detailing scene of crime tent! Neighbours probably think it’s corona quarantine gone mad! Bonnet swirls and some bird poo etching Breaking out the DAS6 Pro Plus Amd Meguiars DA Microfibre System pads and polishes Nice and swirl free now Front wings - more swirls Swirl-less A few shots of polished panels under big light That was it for today! Some more polishing to complete tomorrow and then waxing time on Sun.....
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    London Bridge attack

    Wasn’t in the office in the city yesterday, but was getting evacuation alerts on my phone just after 2pm. Top marks to the chaps who fought with the terrorist nut, disarmed him and stayed on him until the cops arrived. No stab vests or anything but these chaps jumped in and held him. Every one of them should be given a medal (and free beer for life in the city pubs). Well done the the armed response team who slotted him on seeing the vest. They couldn’t know if it was real or not, so right decision. Just hope a bunch of human rights lefties don’t start asking for an enquiry on the shooting. Also saved the cost of a trial, no cash paid to lawyers defending him, and saved us years paying to house him in jail.
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    Show me your brakes!!!

    Brembo composites on 44 inch Vagon wheels...
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    Gave her a polish

    Lovely day today need to keep busy under the circumstances. all the best keep safe
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    Unicorn Motor Developments Self tune System is now available for all Golf’ R’s from 2014-2018. That is, any non GPF car. https://www.unicornmotordevelopments.com/shop/index.php?route=product/category&path=196 This allows you to install Unicorn software yourself using a handheld device. It is semi-custom. You tell us the spec of the car, the fuel grade, intended use and we write a file to suit based on the experience of tuning 1000’s of similar cars in house. For example it could be a medium torque Stage 1 tune for 95 octane, or a Stage 2 tune to with linear delivery to suit track work. How it works: You plug in the handheld touch screen device into your OBD port. Tap diagnostics and the device will read any DTC or trouble codes. Then click on tuning and follow on screen instructions to read your ECU and save the contents to the device. You can now unplug from the OBD port. You will be given a link to Unicorn software which you need to install on your Windows PC. Once installed, run the software and plug the device in to a USB port. Follow the onscreen instructions and you will get a file of your £CU contents. Email us this file and we will email you a tuned file in return. This file is loaded onto the hand held device ready to be flashed onto your car. Plug the device back into your car, tap tuning and follow the instructions to flash the new tuned software onto your ECU. The device can store 5 different tunes and you are free to switch between them as you wish e.g. standard, 95 octane, 98 octane. DSG is currently not supported. You are free to use any other DSG tune, you must tell us if you have DSG software so we can tailor our software to suit. Prices are the same as our Dyno tunes, £499 Stage 1 £599 Stage 2, inc. vat. Stage 3 is available but you must have VCDS to be able to send detailed data logs. Many Thanks, Rick
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    Spurs Mad Dave?

    Thanks everyone! All good thanks, combination of health/work & generally getting a bit bored of the forum and internet in general really. I was seriously thinking of changing cars this year but after having a look around and not really finding anything that floats my boat I have instead spent a load more £££ on my R and plan to keep it at least another year and for another couple of road trips to Wales and the Pyrenees [emoji41] Have been active with PMs and conversations with fellow members, actually had more forum members round mine for work than ever before [emoji16]
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    Hi all / recently had the APR Low Torque 98 Ron Map. Coincided with a friend (Porsche 991 Turbo S) suggesting a couple of evening sessions at the Ring. So a quick 1001 mile test ensued....! Some onboard footage and my thoughts on the three days of fun…! What an enjoyable trip, three days of great company, nice scenery... , weather, cars and food... even managed to pop to Cochem, a picturesque town on the Moselles river, Wednesday daytime which broke up the track action: My family hatch… 2016 / Mk7 / DSG / APR Stage 1 low torque map (I’d guess around 360 BHP and 360 lbft not dyno’d as yet). Not a proper sports car - and the Ring really highlights this - especially the need for: Tyres (excuse 1) think I’m used to the AD08Rs on my ratty old sprintday Celica, Golf is on its OEM S001 Bridgestones (slippy when hot…had to be wary of managing understeer – road speeds you can normally load it up – foot in and it will pull round…). Brakes (excuse 2) Car is running OEM discs with Brembo (OEM – I may beg to differ - grade) pads up front and pagid discs / pads rear. Initially first two laps on the Tuesday eveningI took a passenger / to get my eye back in / not go silly straight away. The front brakes overheated – even after a drive locally after each lap they were still emitting wisps of smoke. There was also an odd noise – like unbalanced brakes / wheels… more on that below*. The front pads did look like they `cooked` and started to break up at the disc face took on an appearance not dissimilar to BBQ coals: However once cooled they regained `some` bite and were at least useable the following evening – if not that confidence inspiring. Chassis work / Transmission (excuse 3) .... to be fair it’s on standard `non adaptive` damping and felt pretty good – it did lean / but not excessive roll / and although a tiny touch floaty in parts but that is the undulations at the Ring: I can now also see why people have the DSG boxes mapped (TCU tune). You can even hear in the footage me requesting changes (paddles and lever incase I hadn’t hit the paddle firmly enough) which wouldn’t have caused over revving - that the car didn’t deliver.... it’s almost as if at certain speeds / it ensures you want to change / airing on safety and you need a double press. Not had that on the road at all. ** Warning ** - Always check your car properly!!!! So the first evening session was cut short due to a bad accident closing the circuit around 6pm(ie not re-opening for the rest of the evening.). On the few minute drive back to the hotel there was a horrendous noise from the front when turning left and right – like the diff had broken / or the brakes had somehow worked loose / or a wheel / tyre was out of round. After some initial thoughts once cooled we went to check it over – I noticed one of the wheel cap covers missing and the rest of them sitting proud…. yep – All of the offside wheel nuts were HAND TIGHT…. I cannot explain the feelings I had at that time! (I had indicated a good 165 on the autobahn the day before …) and done two laps with passengers… I didn’t check the wheel torques at the front as part of the checks I did… 🤦🏼‍♂️ my `guess` is that when it was last off the wheel was nipped up / and wasn’t torqued afterwards... / the extreme heat cycle has then caused them to loosen…. Either way I decided to count my blessings and tighten them up…. Onto happier thoughts – and a better / quieter evening session with no closures Lap times: The Wednesday eve my best two laps in the Golf – I managed a bridge to gantry of 8:41and an oddly consistent 8:42.... GPS gave an average of 84 MPH and a 135 MPH peak on circuit: Autobahn blast (traffic) showed a GPS 159 - rock solid at this speed: MPG – I left the average ticking away from the start back in the UK…. 416 miles gave an average of 29 MPG - that includes some derestricted autobahn.... however ... on circuit.... 8.6 MPG: Few sums showed about £290 fuel (98) all in. Two onboard laps: https://youtu.be/VB9je5qnic8 https://youtu.be/haVzGiKMTJg Few photos: Pretty busy: Interesting Breakie: Well located accommodation on the half lap entrance: But overall a great car for a trip like that - really comfortable - DynAudio and Apply Play made the journey enjoyable.. I feel that the APR Stage One tune has transformed the car for me - feels like it ‘should’. Feels nicely torquey (oddly) and has so much more urgency over how it initially felt (I’ve had the car since January). Really happy with the engine performance (in this first 1000 miles of the Map). Now thinking a TCU tune (due to the reasons above) / Cup 2s / Clubsport discs and pads (or similar).. would increase my enjoyment. A great few days.... thanks for reading.
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    I'll be honest, I'm not keen on the whole "self policing" dash cam thing. I get they are great if you have an RTA but shopping every little thing just doesn't sit well with me. I'm not implying this is what you mean either, just giving my opinion on dash cams. If you watch all the "bad driving" dash cam vids on youtube you can see some twonks seem to try and make bad situations happen. Just so they can make a clip. They seem to drive ultra aggressively without any normal thought or courtesy. Just because they have dash cam fitted they feel they rule the road. Sent from my S9 using Tapatalk
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    Jeff R

    What did you do to your R today?

    Well it’s not mine but it is a brand new Golf R & I have spent since Thursday doing a full 3 stage correction & ceramic coating on it after finally landing myself a contract from a local VW main dealer, chuffed to bits
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    Another R nicked...

    Update: Police spoke to my son yesterday. They have arrested and charged the leader of the car theft gang here in MK. He is in court in June. His method was to steal a car, leave it parked up for a week and if it wasn't recovered, move it to his workshop and dismantle and sell the parts. He slipped up a bit as he had a large amount of personal effects from the stolen cars and so linked him to numerous thefts. Can't wait to see what punishment he gets. If his hands are still attached to his wrists after judgement, he has got off far too lightly.
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    This arrived today !

    This turned up today.... What great timing to end the week and break the doom and gloom of late Bye bye stock system and on with the new exhaust. Resonated and valved fabulous quality fit and finish are spot on.
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    1:18 scale model

    Finally a 1:18 scale model coming out of the Mk7 Golf R, due out in June.
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    Cheerio - bought an RS3

    As per the title, I bought an RS3 last week. Obviously it's an awesome machine, especially that 5 cylinder engine when you're giving it the beans! However, my R has also been brilliant - astonishing value for money and not too far behind the Audi to be honest. Oh and here's the obligatory pictures....
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    Just picked her up.

    A few pics of the car after picking the r up what a car and surprised how economical it is aswell. Please help me find a solution for the annoying sun glasses holder rattle 🙏
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    London Bridge attack

    This is the right section for such talk, general topics, current affairs etc. Exactly where it should be. Absolutely no call for that type of language, regardless of whether you agree, disagree with what’s being discussed here.
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    Not a great start, 3 days into ownership!

    Finally, after nearly 8 weeks I collected the car from the body shop yesterday. Having driven the car for just over 100 miles now, everything seems to be working as it should, and just as importantly, the paint & panels are an excellent match. Loving the new Oettinger spoilers as well.
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    Shit myself.

    Just popped in to Tesco’s and parked next to a silver BMW coupe who had the END spot with more room. Nice car, well looked after let’s park next to this. Go in and grab my shopping as you do. Heading back towards my car the BMW is still there but my car is hidden behind it. As I approach the BMW I can see the parking space I parked in is empty!!!!! My stomach has just hit the ground and I’m thinking WTF I don’t Even have keyless entry how’s it gone [emoji22] Look around frantically and see another BMW coupe in the next parking lane across in the end spot and my car is sat next to it [emoji23] [emoji23] my face must of been a picture of horror for all of 30 seconds and if anyone was looking at me flapping and swinging around looking every direction they probably thought I was mad. Stupid thing to share but I had to tell someone [emoji3]
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    Not been on for a while.

    Thanks for all your words of support! I’ve seen all sorts of success stories everywhere and it’s heartening to see so much support! This condition afflicts the young as well as me and if they can do it, I’m sure I can! Going to treat myself to a drive out in the R tomorrow as it’ll probably be a while before I feel up to it again! I’ll keep you in the loop as much as possible and once again, thanks for all your support![emoji123] Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    What detailing have you done today?

    Washed off several weeks of crud, dead bugs, dust and pollen. Waxed it using up the last off my Swissvax Crystal Rock and will now take out a small mortgage or get a second job to pay for another pot! 😆 Looking a bit down and brown! Back to Black
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    Finally! (it's here!)

    My R estate should be on a trailer and making it's way to me at some stage this week 🤞 The dealership is now operating with skeleton sales staff with the showroom still closed (likely until June) but their drivers and workshop are now back up and running, making a start on the backlog. They have a trailer available and are set up for remote collection/delivery; so hopefully by Friday at the latest I should finally have the elusive R on my driveway. That's me not sleeping for the rest of the week! 🙄🤣
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    Rear spoiler comparison

    I always loved the Clubsport spoiler, after much research in 2017 decided to go ahead and get one. Expensive as the tailgate needs to be changed but think it’s worth it. The main spoiler part took about 6 months to get however, as it was forever on back order.
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    Unicorn Self Tune - Review

    Ever since I got my first R I have looked again and again at posts about [email protected]ornMotorDev's work and considered the long road trip up to stockport from Kent... Then I saw the post about the self tune option from Unicorn and thought I would take the plunge... I got the unit ordered and once it arrived I quickly set about reading the ECU from my R and emailed it off to Rick, who sent me back an updated file pretty much the next day (minus the weekend) Loaded it on to the unit and set about tuning my own car, basically just flashing the ECU but I figure I can now call myself a tuner [emoji16] Bit of a scary procedure what with warnings not to turn off ignition or remove the device while running or the ecu would be damaged!!! Also just about every single warning possible flashing up on the dash during the procedure [emoji33][emoji33][emoji33] But after about 30 minutes it was all done, I turned off the radio and lights while doing it and had no issues but I think if I did it again I would put a charger on the battery just to be on the safe side, certainly wouldnt attempt it if I had any worried about the battery! Took the car for a quick drive straight after and I am so happy with it, better in every single possible way [emoji41][emoji3059] If you are not local and want to go stage 1, 2 or even 3 then this is another option to consider, the unit even reads codes and does data logs. Thanks Rick [emoji106] Also recently got a racingline stage 2 mono block BBK fitted and a P3 gauge. The brakes are excellent so much better than stock set up, even with better disks and pads the fade on the stock brake set up just gave very little confidence and feel... The P3 gauge is nice too, totally unnecessary but nice to see oil temp from cold rather than just -- until 50 Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
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    White 7.5R wagon

    I had no intention of correcting my Golf, but quarantine reared its ugly head and the rest is history! First of all she was washed, iron fallout, tar and glue and clayed. I washed it like normal and then used EZ Car Care Reset, it's a spray that strips wax and feels slimy, it strips well, though. Not much fallout which was nice. Next I got her dry and in the garage to be taped, I also ditched the front plate holder and stuck the plate to the bumper. I was undecided about this but decided I like the cleaner look. Ready to polish! I hate polishing and had no intention of doing more than a 1 step. As far as one steps got Scholl S20 Black is the bomb! It cuts well and finishes very well. However, it's not the most efficient, especially on the Golfs hard-ish paint. I'm using pretty basic equipment; Das 6 Pro, Scholl purple spider pads and some lights - Scangrip pen light and a home made sun gun which is a beast. I also like to use a set of hearing defence as it's so loud. Before and after shots - remember this is a one step compound. Pretty impressive, eyy. White is really hard to capture swirls! Once the polishing was done I washed the car again with a strong, 4% PIR Bilt Hamber Auto Foaming to help degrease as much as possible. Followed by a super gentle mitt wash and pat dry. Once dry I wiped with and IPA/water mix. The plan was to coat the car in Tac Systems Moonlight and follow up with Car Pro Elixir, but taking to Rebecca about her Swissvax collection got me curious and in perfect timing, Damien offered a half full tub of Best of Show. While I waited for BoS I took to the interior. Seats removed - it's a used car, so it's nice to do this once to get rid of the previous owners dust/hair. Interior done. I seen a post on instagram about hoovering your mats and then making a 1:7 mix of fabric softener and water, so it makes the mats smell nice and holds the stripes in place. Seems to be working, although the car hasn't been driven since doing them. I wrapped the aluminium dash trim in my old BMW in a black stretchy and sticky backed alcantara. It's perfect for stuff like that because it's also super thin. Anyway, I found some in the attic (must of bought this stuff in 2014), so I wrapped the door handles. Nice touch I think. Swissvax arrived and time for some finished shots! Again, it's so hard to capture gloss on a white car. And this one is the Sun on the bonnet in the hope to show lack of swirls. Kind of worked. Super happy with the results! Hated every moment of the polishing but the results are always worth it! The good thing about doing it in quarantine meant there was no rush, so after about an hour of polishing (more like 10 mins sometimes) I would stop and come back to it later. Ideal. Prior to all this the wheels were removed, decontaminated, clayed and coated. Can't wait to get some proper tyres on this car. Cheers for looking!
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    coming up soon..
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    Last few bits today. Replacement caliper plates had arrived so they went on, glad to see the back of the stained old ones. Off with the old ones On with the new Final coat of Best of Show on, wheels sealed with Gtechniq, glass cleaned and sealed , window rubber and trim dressed, tyres cleaned and dressed and tailpipes polished! Bit of beading after a quick hose down Today’s gear And all done! Exterior lockdown R detail complete! Here endeth the mammoth photo blog thread. Thanks to those of you who read/viewed it and weren’t bored completely senseless, and for those of you that were, you should know better than to venture into one of my detailing threads. 😜
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    What detailing have you done today?

    AG SRP by machine and then some AG EGP, its never looked better!
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    Batch’s Tornado Red 7.5R Wagon

    Hope everyone is keeping safe and well during the pandemic and lockdown. I’ve actually been quite poorly so not done much at all for a fortnight, however there have been some changes since my last update as well as yet another clean, and with time on my hands I managed a rare engine bay clean, tailpipe polish and quick fizz over with CC Speciale ceramic detailer! Couple of weeks back, I finally had the EBC Redstuff rear pads installed, along with braided rear brake lines to match the fronts, and a refill with Racingline racing brake fluid - we’d only chucked in normal fluid when the new brake kit was fitted. I also fitted new front droplinks, shorter heavy duty ones. Jury is currently out on those! Annoyingly, with the current situation as it is I’m not going to be able to put the new setup through its paces any time soon... Gratuitous front brake porn shot... I also caved in and picked up a Racingline dipstick from the guys at Progressive Parts, a great firm to deal with who also suppplied my droplinks recently as well as many other bits for me. I added this after grabbing a lower engine cover which I think tidied the bay up nicely...
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    Thoughts on the R - Bec's DBP

    Today it was time to get started on a full DA polish. Needs some correction and refinement all round. But today’s mission was to spend some time on the smaller areas such as B pillars, boot lip, wing mirrors and door sills etc,using a Rupes Mini Bigfoot which is perfect for these areas. I first gave it another very quick wash to get rid of the dust that had settled overnight, the problem with having to work outside! Gear ready.... Taping up and getting started Pre DA, lots of swirls on the B pillars, some hedge inflicted scratches and the consequence of the sun getting to fallout remover in about 10 secs after application! , but was knew it would polish out and it did Post DA swirl and scratch free Next up I tackled the boot sill, which despite care, still gets scratched lifting gear in and out of the boot. Swirls, scratches and scuffs Banished with the DA Onto the wing mirrors Pre DA a few scratches and looking a bit dull Post DA, scratches polished out and paint refined One thing I found today was that Rupes polishes and sun baked panels do not mix. I started out first on the B pillars using Rupes pads and polishes but the sun heating the panels (unfortunately no choice but to work in sunlight on the drive) was causing the polish to dry instantly on the hot panels meaning it couldn’t be worked properly. So I decided to switch to the Meguiars Microfibre DA System using spot cutting pads with D300 Correction Compound followed with Meguiars Finishing pad with D301 Finishing wax (still on the mini Bigfoot), as both Meguiars polishes have a much longer working time and don’t suffer the way the Rupes polishes do on hot panels so are fine to use in the sun. They worked a treat on everything. Currently working on door sills and door shuts but decided to call it a day as I’m knackered now! Will continue next week...
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    New Wheels

    The wheels that I have had my eye on since buying my car in November finally landed today.I will leave it a couple of months before fitting them,that’s if I can resist that long. Love the Matt Anthracite colour.
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    Here is a non exhaustive list of things you should not and should be doing....and no this is not taking things to far, this should be common sense: Hygiene Wash your hands!, a lot! - in particular immediately after you come in from wherever you have been Try not to touch your face at all when outside, unless you have just santised your hands Use sanitiser after contacting unknown surfaces, if you can't wash your hands....see below on making your own hand sanitiser. Be aware of cross contamination, e.g. washing your hands then touching the tap to turn it off - turn it off with a wipe or wipe the tap handle down Clean surfaces regularly, and in particular - door handles, light switches, taps, letterbox, table/worktops, and anywhere you prepare food. Wipe down all the outer packaging of food bought from a shop, using surface wipes As above, wipe down the packaging of anything you have delivered....particularly if they have a plastic outer covering (polythene) Wash clothes regularly, in particular jackets/coats. 60 degree wash recommended...if leather then wipe down with surface wipes. Pay particular attention to cleaning things like your glasses (as you take them on and off often). Also don't forget to clean things that you handle outside, such as car keys, debit cards. Avoid using cash if possible as its just another thing to be cleaning and a cross contaminator. Wipe down car interior and exterior handles, along with surfaces and steering wheels (especially if you are not carrying a hand sanitiser in the car, and using everytime you get in from touching something outside) Travel Dont drive up to snowdonia or caravan second homes to 'self isolate' - amongst 1000's of other people in isolated areas with limited health services. Only travel if necessary, to your place of work or a supermarket IF NEEDED Work from home where possible, pressure your employer to allow you to. You can go for walks in the park, but if they look ram packed then don't - you need to distance from people. Don't sit next to someone on a bench. You need to be keeping at LEAST 2 metres from anyone else Panic Shopping Buy only what you need for the week Dont go shopping everyday, it is a effectively a gathering of people which you need to try and keep away from. Limit shops to weekly. When in the shop keep 2 metres distance from people if possible Don't queue outside with 100's of people...putting yourself and others at risk of spread. As above wipe your food down with a surface wipe before storing it in the cupboard/fridge Wash your hands after handling everything. Isolation Try to stay away from elderly relatives. If you have any symptoms, even a cold, self isolate for 7 days (14 days if you don't live alone - for all members of a household, even if only 1 with symptoms) Keep at least 2 metres apart from anyone else where possible. Don't be a complete moron and still go to any bars/restaurants/events/gatherings which should be cancelled/shut. HEED THE GOVERNMENTS ADVICE/ORDERS - this not just some form of flu and it affects more than just the elderly. It's mortality rate is at least 10 times that of influenza (seasonal flu) and its transmission rate is higher. Everyone is at risk, and yes the younger far less so, but no one is immune or invincible, besides which you should be doing your part to stop the spread. Ignoring the advice and spreading this virus at an uncontrolled rate will lead to a complete overload of the NHS, and 10,000's will die in this country alone if we don't get a grip on it. Hand Sanitiser A highly effective and powerful hand sanitiser can be made from isopropanol (IPA / Isopropyl Alcohol). 70% IPA, 30% distilled (boiled then cooled) water and a dash of glycerine/glycerol (15ml per 1000ml of solution). The glycerine stops your hands from drying out. Measure out with a measuring jug, mix together in a bottle (shake with the lid on) and pour into small spray bottles (empty out old perfume bottles if you can't get hold of any small spray bottles) This mixture is very effective and annhilates the coronavirus, just don't spray it in your eyes as it will sting like hell, also stings on cuts - but this is the same for any sanitiser. This mixture is what has been recommended by the WHO (World health organisation) for 3rd world countries / disaster zones which have no access to normal commerical hand sansitiser. The only issue is people have cottoned on to this and started panic buying isopropyl - also some B**stads have bulk bought it and selling it for a small fortune on eBay. Although i expect supplies to open back up. As of March 23rd Restricted Travel / Business Operation List of whats still open...and you can travel to - if essential: Food takeaways (no seating areas, no ability to eat food on the premises, no eating outside the premises) Supermarkets, Indoor & Outdoor markets, Corner shops, Newsagents Pharmacies (Chemists) - including non dispensing Petrol Stations Post Offices Banks Garages (repair) Car rental Bike shops Laundrettes & Dry Cleaners Home and Hardware (B&Q, Wickes, Screwfix etc) 'Health' Shops Pet Shops Everything else is banned, should be closed, and not travelled to, specifically these places are prohibited: Restuarants, Cafes inc workplace canteens Pubs, Bars, Nightclubs Hair, Beauty & Nail Salons, Tattoo & piercing parlous Massage parlours Auction houses Car Showrooms Hotels, BnB (except people living there as interim due to their main residence being unavailble, or are a key worker) Campsites, Caravan parks (except people permanently living there) Libraries Community centres, youth centres etc (except when used for volunatry services such as food banks, homeless etc) Places of worship - churches, mosques etc Cinemas, Theatres, Concert Halls Museums, Galleries Bingo Halls, Casino's and betting shops Spas Skating rinks Gyms, Fitness Studios, Swimming Pools, Leisure Centres Arcades, bowling alleys, play centres Enclosed spaces in parks, playgrounds, sports courts and pitches, outdoor gyms Parks remain open, but not playgrounds - they must be closed.
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    White Golf R (newbie)

    Afternoon all, had the car for a week now & absolutely over the moon! Other than cosmetic I haven’t got many plans for the car(as yet) she had her first wash this morning, White’s going to be savage to keep clean 🤣 Spec as follows: Golf R 7.5 310 17 plate, currently on 4K miles DCC Full leather interior 2 tone carbon and white leather Tinted windows Black wrapped roof , was bonnet as well but removed R decals Regarding de res which I’ve done on most of my cars, is it worth paying the extra for a BCS kit ? been a while since I’ve had a golf , my last was a MK2 8v Gti when I was younger, absolutely loved that car and the community! Pic at end! Many thanks, location wales
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    Golf Mk7.5 - Now Closed for Ordering

    Soon the mk8 will grace our roads. You will be able to tell a mk8 from a mile away.... They'll be the ones swerving all over the road as the driver tries to adjust the cabin temperature with the touch controls. 'Hey VW, i'm Cold' …. …. 'Playing Coldplay - Fix You'
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    Cheapskate owners

    You should have walked away from that car! 3 year old wiper blades!! Wow - just absolutely wow!
  38. 9 points

    Rare Golf R Colours

    Irish Green...
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    Scott's 7R Build

    @Bowen yes similar sort of area, send me a pm👍🏻 Thanks all for the kind words I appreciate it! I've just returned home from collecting the car and honestly I am amazed!! Its like collecting a brand new car all over again! So impressed with the attention to detail provided as well, honestly can't recommend Vivid enough 👌🏻 Enough talking, pictures incoming: Can't wait to get up and give the car a good clean as the motorway took its tole! Will be meeting up with a few mates this weekend, so shall get better photos ASAP. I'm aware the colour won't be to everyone's taste, but I absolutely love it. Awesome finish and breaks necks like crazy 😂 Watch this space for more mods
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    What did you do to your R today?

    Installed a MAXTON front splitter (V2) yesterday. Quite chuffed with the way it turned out 😁. Did require removing the front bumper to install and about 4 litres of washer fluid 🙄which was a PITA, but well worth it.
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    What did you do to your R today?

    Swapped one 4WD for another. Left the R a few thousand miles away and opted to take a back seat in this for a very rocky ride up a Thai mountain.
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    Golf R or GTI TCR (newbie)

    Ok folks. Thought I would update this. My heart wasn’t in the Lapiz blue, beautiful car and colour but I knew I wanted something less common, at least in Northern Ireland I figured out none of the VW dealers here don’t actually advertise their new cars, so on Thursday I rang them all to see what they had. There was a lot to choose from but only one worth going to see, who also had grey TCR. Contacted dealer who I had semi agreed the deal for the Lapiz and told him I was going to test the other 2 cars before I made my final decision. Friday afternoon I flew home from London and went straight to the dealer at 4pm. Drove the TCR which was great.. really great but the grey wasn’t for me. The black features really make the car stand out but I know I would get sick looking at them. In the showroom sat a metallic black R... this was the one! Deep Pearl Black Pan roof Vienna Leather Spielberg wheels 90% tints Didn’t drive it, signed my life away @ 5.15pm after a lot of haggling! Cherished transfer registered @ 5.30pm after I took out a new insurance policy while I the sales person was completing paper work. Ended up getting just over 15% discount (including finance contribution) along with 2 years free servicing. There was no one to make the plates for the car so had to drive the 75 miles back this morning to collect it. Here she is. Sorry for the essay. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Not been on for a while.

    I’m sure I speak for all here in saying we are all wishing you very best with your treatment Camel. At least with the diagnosis now you know. Show the “pussy cancer” the exit door, however long it takes. You have a great positive mental attitude that will see you through the rough mate. That’s a huge plus. Rooting for you Camel, and your family too.
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    Hi guys, 11 wks on an yesterday picked up this little beauty. Come from MK3 Focus RS but have to say I’m impressed. 9 options in all Lapiz paint, black door mirrors, Spielbergs, pan roof, Vienna leather, DCC, climate screen & black oettinger spoiler.
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    What did you do to your R today?

    Well fitted my freshly powder coated black wheels today. Still keeping my silver prets though.
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    Weekend toy

    A couple of weeks ago i picked up a new weekend toy, a nardo grey RS3 I still have my R estate which i use for work, shes currently on 110k Miles but never misses a beat. Love the RS3 the noise this thing makes is incredible, has anyone else made the move across?
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    Just to update the original opening post of this thread. The claim has finally been settled in my favour and my excess fully refunded. It’s taken a while and one way or another I still end up penalised through increased insurance premiums as is the wonderful way car insurance works, but maybe, just maybe, the dad in the video might think on next time. Probably not but you never know. And I’m glad I got a dashcam.
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    Service dealer or independent?

    There are crap Indy garages as well as crap dealers though, it's just about finding the right one for you at the end of the day Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
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    Two year lease over today

    Indeed. Interesting he thought the Golf R was joyless, detached and dull ............ then ordered a Volvo. 😊 😉
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    What did you do to your R today?

    Giving her a much deserved rest and clean after stretching her legs on just about every sort of terrain Britain has to offer over 3 days in the Lake District. During two of the days we did over 100 miles of mountain roads... I knew how good this car was, but after driving this road (and then turning round to do it all over again) I can truly say I am in love with it. When the sun started to drop she took us as sure-footed as a mountain goat up some trails I absolutely wouldn't have taken in my previous coupes and old rattly hatchbacks deep into the mountainside. Took everything incredibly steady as all the really tiny trails are covered I'm sharp gravel and occasionally bigger pieces we had to get out and move.. but we escaped without a puncture and with nothing seemingly shaken loose. Once we'd satisfied ourselves anyone THAT determined to steal it, frankly deserves it we hiked into the wilderness and set up camps at sunset. Oh and it took two people, all our camping and hiking gear in the boot (with the full size spare AND subwoofer in place!), no obscured rear view and still had room to give the dog the entire backseat. This is why I spent 24k on a used 3 door family hatchback.
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