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    What detailing have you done today?

    Washed off several weeks of crud, dead bugs, dust and pollen. Waxed it using up the last off my Swissvax Crystal Rock and will now take out a small mortgage or get a second job to pay for another pot! 😆 Looking a bit down and brown! Back to Black
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    The Tailgater Problem. Discussion.

    I'll be honest, I'm not keen on the whole "self policing" dash cam thing. I get they are great if you have an RTA but shopping every little thing just doesn't sit well with me. I'm not implying this is what you mean either, just giving my opinion on dash cams. If you watch all the "bad driving" dash cam vids on youtube you can see some twonks seem to try and make bad situations happen. Just so they can make a clip. They seem to drive ultra aggressively without any normal thought or courtesy. Just because they have dash cam fitted they feel they rule the road. Sent from my S9 using Tapatalk
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    Golf 7R Photos - Part 2

    And a DPB one for the pot.
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    5 year Anniversy my story

    Today my Car turned 5. It's a black DSG it's been a fun 5 years driving and modding but not without issues too. It's done 61k km. To start off VW dealers here were not good to deal with and took to the 4th one before I dealt with something that treated me well and hence got the sale. I bought stock model in DSG, didn't think it was worth $3k for leather interior and not a fan of sunroof. I started off getting car Opti coated which I would highly recommed and has made car easy to maintain. I have since gone stage 1 APR tune after 6 months of ownership, not that it wasn't good to drive standard but I wanted more. It's the best thing you can do on these cars as totally takes the performance to another level. I then added intake for some nice induction sounds and as I found the stock modes increasingly annoying I got DSG tune done at same time as installing inlet pipe, TMD and spulen boost pipe kit and GFB DV+ all have worked as they should and no issues at all, nice induction sounds which I personally love. Car was about 12 months old at that time IIRC. I then added the Pedal box and that even after tune was massive improvement on throttle resposne and as many on here know almost a must on these cars. I have then Added the BCS DP and stage 2 tune when car was about 2 years old. Rear sway bar and end links added at same time to improve the handling, not that It was needed but I thought with stage 2 power I might end up going into some corners slightly faster and nice to remove the understeer. I think this combo more than enough for daily car that isn't tracked. Last mods were around 18 months ago when I added BCS res delete and APR bangs and pops tune which gives car nice sporty note when activated and still reserved enough when cruising around in D mode. I've enjoyed the modding process and being on forums sharing knowledge and journey along the way and I can't imagine a better driving car that wouldn't cost a small fortune here in Aust. The negatives I've had is Water pump failed the plastic housing cracked well known issue but out of warranty so paid to repair, not long after that the Haldex not working correctly and again repaired same out of warranty. On replacing it the filter was completely clogged which was strange as serviced prob only 6 months before at good idependent garage. I also had my battery die and needed mechanic to come to my house and check car and then take to garage to replace, he wa awesome and lend me worshop car overnight so I could get to work. I've been unlucky and had someone open car door into mine causing minor dent early on and couple weeks ago some a hole has keyed my car causing fine scratch on most of passenger side, the sad world we live in, where people don't appreciate or respect each others property. Overall very happy with car and way its modified to where it is now and will just maintain well and planning on keeping long term. If I was buying a car today i would still get the 7.5R now as in Australia they come pretty much fully loaded. I'd get the upgraded stereo, no sunroof and it's easy 10-15k cheaper than similar spec s3. My wife drives FL s3 and makes my car feel dated inside with the digital screen etc which the 7.5R now has. The New Bmw 135ix would be a good rival here once it arrives and we will look at them to replace wife's car at end of lease early next year.
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    Hi guys, 11 wks on an yesterday picked up this little beauty. Come from MK3 Focus RS but have to say I’m impressed. 9 options in all Lapiz paint, black door mirrors, Spielbergs, pan roof, Vienna leather, DCC, climate screen & black oettinger spoiler.
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    Unicorn Software for all 7 speed DQ381 cars including MY19 300PS models is now available. The changes are very similar to what happens with DQ250 although the internal method of operation is significantly different. The software is priced at £449 inc vat or £349 if carried out with an engine software tune. Standard Features: Removal of kickdown in manual Removal of auto upshift in manual Increased oil cooling at higher torque outputs Increased minimum temperature before Launch Control will activate Reduced launch delay when releasing brake pedal. Reduction of delay to initiate gear change when paddle or lever is activated Increased rate of torque build up under launch control Optimised Launch Control RPM - dependant on engine tune and spec. Increased Maximum possible RPM - dependant on engine tune and spec. Increased adaptation sensitivity - this allows the gearbox to adapt to changes in driving style and wear more quickly. Increased maximum torque rise during hard acceleration. Reduced shift times in Manual and Sport modes when at high throttle positions. Increased maximum allowed torque Increased maximum clutch pressures. This is a complete recalibration of the clutch operation, depending on engine spec. Optional Features: Optimised Shift points in D mode (recommended): This increases the upshift point and down shift point at low throttle positions. The shift points have been carefully chosen to provide a more natural feel without the car wanting to race into 7th gear 1st gear is virtually unaffected, with the difference increasing with each successive gear. This results in a more eager response without the feeling of revving unnecessarily. There is no constant changing of gears at typical cruising speeds such as 30mph city driving. Optimised Shift points in S mode (recommended): This results in a much more use-able S mode. Under light throttle, the gearbox will shift up much earlier than as standard, but still higher than in D mode. We can adjust the shift points to specific customer requirements, but the vast majority will use our standard optimised options.
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    Pulling over to let the tailgater by is always the best solution, if not the easiest for temper or ego to swallow. When it's not safe to do so, increasing vigilance and maintaining extra space in front may be the only viable alternatives. I was taught to drive as though all other road users are incompetent lunatics, and they rarely disappoint me.
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    Jared’s DBP

    It was then time... the pro race 1.2’s are now on! What a difference they make, the car is fully stealth mode now. May I say they look the dogs doo-dahs!
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    The Tailgater Problem. Discussion.

    I have to admit, i have bitten a few times when someone has been right up my arse......left everything behind so far, bar another R which i believe was stage 2. Yep i know that makes me a dick - but i never tailgate someone else hoping for a race. Also conditions have to be right - i.e. not wet, not heavy traffic, suitable road (dual carriageway) etc etc I'm sure there are plenty on here that have done the same - i'm also sure many will never admit it. Difference is i know i can occasionally be a bellend - but within a defined set of safety parameters, so not a total one. I have backed out many times and just let them go - just because the other party is obviously a complete moron who is more likely to end up crashing or endanger others. As for policing the road - most you will get from me is a beep and me grumbling and swearing to myself.
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    Not been on for a while.

    I’m sure I speak for all here in saying we are all wishing you very best with your treatment Camel. At least with the diagnosis now you know. Show the “pussy cancer” the exit door, however long it takes. You have a great positive mental attitude that will see you through the rough mate. That’s a huge plus. Rooting for you Camel, and your family too.
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    Golf R vs ......

    These days with decent modern cars on public roads it is often down to which driver/rider is willing to take the most risks who is "quickest" on a challenging road, not which car is "best" or "fastest".
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    Golf R or GTI TCR (newbie)

    I wanted to thank you all for your input. I have decided I am going for the R. I collect it on Friday. Looking forward to sitting behind the wheel!! Lapiz blue Carbon leather Pan Roof. Ordered some styling mods, so hopefully they should arrive Friday. Compared to carwow my dealer was £350 off the best price for the same spec offer I received. Also I am in Northern Ireland, carwow dealer wasn’t Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Overtaking a m240 on a dual carriageway doing 75mph with accelerator buried as Audi TT glued to my bumper when bmw decides to gun it just as im slightly infront. Hugely immature but boy did I grin when Audi became a mere dot and Bmw man couldnt reel me in like he thought and i was steadily increasing the gap. He gave up and at this point! He may have a faster car but if someone gets the jump on you then catching them is very difficult. Especially if its someone in a R 😁
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    Few shots from Performance German show today Sent from my S9 using Tapatalk
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    Golf R vs ......

    Was beaten at the lights yesterday by a Lycra clad cyclist. I was stopped at a red and he rode straight through (like they all do) 😁
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    How old are you and what do you do?

    63, Retired angry old man.
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    50, Male escort Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
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    TTS Calipers upgrade for MQB.

    The biggest benefit from a brake kit doesn’t come from tracking the car. It’s more about when parked up in Tescos car park, everyone loves a bit of brake porn. 😆
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    Jeff R

    What did you do to your R today?

    I washed mine, then got smashed on cheap cider 😆😂🤣
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    What did you do to your R today?

    Had her detailed today 😊. Very happy 😎.
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    What did you do to your R today?

    Just back from the above, 1800 miles over 5 days, the R' never missed a beat, 36c daytime temps, 26c driving back through France overnight, she badly needs a wash (the car) due to insects!!!! Superb roads, very light traffic. I drove the Furka, Susten, and Grimsel passes, The Susten is still blocked at the top due to snow. The fact I was driving a right hand drive car I feel was an advantage when driving the mountain passes in some instances. Here is a few photographs of the trip:-
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    Few pics...

    More pics @onomk7r
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    The Tailgater Problem. Discussion.

    Appreciate your candor. Your (our) behavior is very human and in a somewhat perverse way reflects why we love high-performance cars. Doing the responsible thing can require extraordinary self-control but is a critical component of becoming a top-notch street driver, something I hope we all strive for. FYI, I had to look up bellend - isn't part of standard American slang. We have other terms . . .
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    The Tailgater Problem. Discussion.

    Sometimes I will slow down and match traffic as you say and then when safe pull over but boot it until then next bit of traffic and repeat [emoji16] It is at this point that if my missus is in the car I will be told to act my age [emoji1787] Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
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    What did you do to your R today?

    Very easy to fit, they just clip straight into place on Golf R control arms as they're the same arms as on an RS3. They're supplied with strong automotive cable ties to secure them. Pretty cheap as well. Total cost is about £25 from Audi parts department. Part numbers 8V0407811 and 8V0407812 Some more pics on fitment:
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    Searching for the perfect R...

    Hi guys, I’m looking to return to a Golf after selling my R32 in 2015 after 5 happy years of ownership. I sold it through R32OC but couldn’t see a for sale section here? After the R32 I bought a C5 RS6, 335d, 340i and am about to sell a V60, the golf was the best all round car I’ve owned for my own use and needs. I bought it from my brother who bought it new, it heavy every box ticked and was lovely in black. I will be looking to buy the start of August so still researching options but fully loaded seem quite rare, I’m too fussed on colour or wheels but trying to find a 5 door or estate with DSG, leather, DCC, Dynaudio, Sunroof, driver assistance stuff, climate windscreen, keyless seems to be some task! Good job I’m not in a rush! Great forum, I will update my progress... Here’s a pic of my old R..
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    Wagon R

    What do you dislike about your R?

    If only drivers here would routinely drive 15-20mph above the official limit, I’d be much happier on our roads. But as I said, you have some idiots that think being in the outside lane earns them an extra stripe, and once there they can do any speed they want UP TO the speed limit, but not a smidgeon over ...to h3ll with the two mile que behind that wants to pass. Them: “it’s a limit, not a target” Me: 👀 🤬 If i were a traffic 🚓 I’d happily spend my afternoons ticketing for obstructing traffic. 😊
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    Vibration at speed

    If the vibration happens on a smooth surface, on more than one road and most prominent between 65 and 80mph - it's always the wheels/tyres. Recommend getting all wheels balanced on a hunter roadforce balancer - from experience standard balancers are often useless with todays low profile tyres which often highlight any imbalance, low/high spots or general lateral runout (out of round). Plus most tyre fitters are lazy and don't remove existing tyre weight residue and mount weights near where they are supposed to be and not where they should be. If the vibration is felt through your seat and generally the whole cabin. the problem is in the rear - through the steering wheel only is the front. Of course check the wheels for any visible buckling. Whatever is the issue it will be tyre/wheel related. I've had issues in the past with buying wheels off ebay - which look ok, but they cause vibration at motorway speed and they are on ebay as someone figured out this was a 'problem' wheel and bought a new one and then sold this nightmare wheel on. Roadforce balancing has corrected some of them, but sometimes there is some odd imbalance in a wheel which just can not be corrected.
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    R 4 life

    Golf r stage 2 vs 340i

    Still ragging the raffle car
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    What do you dislike about your R?

    You can't go too far wrong if you expect poor driving skills from some of the other drivers we share roads with, the problem is you may not be able to tell which ones are particularly hopeless until they have done something really stupid. This was a lesson I learnt while riding big road 'bikes, and it has stayed with me ever since.
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    I once got told but a policeman that I had been going too fast round a corner, I politely asked if there was a different speed limit for straight roads or corners... then I shut up before I got strip searched [emoji15] Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
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    Fitted black wheel bolts and spacers on the rears, along with new discs front and rear with black painted hubs and new back plates painted black, oh and some new caliper covers [emoji1665][emoji41] Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
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    Slight loss of power when booting it

    Did you hit the kickdown switch? - if so then that's probably your problem, you will get a DSG WTF moment - where it was about to select X gear as you switched to S mode then you hit the kickdown and it ended up having to select a different gear.....DSG box can take over a second if it has to reselect a gear just as it was about to select another....same can happen if you are not clear with you throttle input and hesitate or slam it but then half back out.
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    Which lowering springs?

    Racingline springs, non-DCC and a recent upgrade to their matched dampers from stock too. Firm but no crashiness at all since I switched the shocks, potholes are still a bastard on 19s though!
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    Not been on for a while.

    Thanks for all your kind words peeps! Managed to get out to Caffeine Machine and give the car a run yesterday - the transfusion has obviously done its thing! Even had a little play with an A35 on the way back - I was surprised - not at how good it was but how my R stayed with it. I dare say a 0-60 would see me beaten - I have a manual for starters - but I know those A35s can be pricey but don’t seem to have moved the game on very much - am I mistaken? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Not been on for a while.

    I’m not overly worrying at the moment - when I get the results of the bone marrow biopsy, I’ll have a better idea! I’ve been told the transfusion can make a big difference so hopefully on Sunday, I can go out for a run in the R - there’s a great coffee and food place not far away called Caffeine and Machine - a true petrol head’s heaven! Some great cars and a great atmosphere! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    My R was run in with the drive it like ya stole it method......in 5000 miles, it hasn't used a drop of oil, not a drop - it's still exactly where it was on the stick the day i bought it. That might be the reason why this DSG R, with 5 doors, pano roof, electric leather seats, climate windscreen - i.e. all the heavy stuff. Does 0-60 in 4.1 seconds and 1/4 mile in 12.5 seconds - when it was completely stock. ...and i aint been driving like miss daisy - this has had 20 launches, and plenty of hard full throttle driving. Point being i believe these engines like being run in hard and will take a lot of abuse. Just wait until oil is up to temp and ya free to do what ya like. Hard to F it up with a DSG which won't let you do completely stupid things.
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    Is tyre rotation still a thing?

    Gather round for a story time: I had Potenza's all round and decided to swap 2 for PS4's (couldn't afford to do all 4 at that time) so I put them on the front as I thought its a FWD car and would be best suited there for grip, a week into them I had an enthusiastic S3 up my arse so I was giving it loads and went around a tight bend and had major oversteer - Shit myself but luckily kept the car in check lol. Next day rotated the tired to the back and never had an issue with oversteer or understeer.
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    Panoroofs on the Estate are simply brilliant. really allow load of light in (via tinted roof). great after long dog walks and getting back with a wet sweaty dog, just open roof. great in summer and mild winter days, roof open and blasting Down back roads. had mine open tonight just to cool car drown a bit quicker and also for bit of fresh air.
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    Front fogs

    I never found fog lights of any fecking use anyway - ya turn em on and it would just light up more of the fog.
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    Power coating problem

    Got the 2 wheels back tonight after getting re-done. Really happy with them now. Looks like the guy has done a much better job this time! 🤗👍🏼 Thanks for the help guys!
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    What did you do to your R today?

    Fitted these👌🏻
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    What did you do to your R today?

    Gave the old girl a proper detailing,, 2 stage machine polish, using Menzerna 3 in 1 polish, then using Menzerna Show Finish, and finally finishing off using Maguiars Fast Wax, which I highly recommend, lasts ages, next up, is to polish and seal all windows using Maguiars Glass polish and sealant.
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    What did you do to your R today?

    Took mine out for an early morning run with some mates on some superb roads outside of Melbourne (the Reefton Spur of particular note - unreal).
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    Thanks everyone, I really appreciate your feedback. I did stuff a few bits in the backend and didn't experience any difference. My first long trip with the R was successful. No dents or scratches on the car😇. And I'm glad I have 18" tires, which gave me a comfortable driving experiences and also handled the bumps while speeding on the autobahn. And not to forget all the pothole around the rural area. The biggest challenge was driving on the narrow road around Como Lake in Italy, as specially with aggressive Italians drivers pressing from behind while the coming traffic pushing me off the side. The highlight of the trip was driving on the autobahn, around Switzerland & tour to the VW factory at Autostadt in Wolfsburg. Here are few pictures & video of my trip.
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    Just getting in here before Spurs Mad Dave does. I can only think he is posting on another thread just now.... But yes, they are taking the mickey. Caught on Camera - they are nicked!
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    Batch’s Tornado Red 7.5R Wagon

    Minor update - thanks to Wheelworks in crawley for the refresh on my REVO wheels. Sparkle anthracite, a little lighter maybe than before and with a glass-like finish! Made up!
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    Golf R for work?

    Might have preferred a Volvo. 😂
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    Cheddar Gorge ready to make some 🎶
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