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    Tornado Red mk7.5

    I've had this now for 2 weeks and it's an absolute beauty! This is my third mk7 R (technically it's still a mk7), and my first DSG for a few years. It's my 6th Golf in 7 years so I've gone from a mk5 GTI, mk5 R32, mk6 R, 2x mk7 R's and now this mk7.5. It's standard but I've added a set of Racingline R360 wheels (and had them powdercoated black), and wrapped with some Michelin Pilot Sport 4S's amazing tyres! Plus a set of carbon mirror caps bought of eBay, which look pretty sweet. I'm heading out for a drive on Sunday so will add more photos next week.
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    insta @r2avo
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    Golf R Turbo Failures

    Golf R Turbo Failures Hello all, long time no post, lots going on here, tuning development etc etc. I have tuned over 80 Golf R's, and of those cars 4 have had turbo failures. That's 1 in 20, which is not a good stat. I have also had a number of customers that have booked their car in have to cancel, due to to the turbo failing on completely standard tune. The last of these failures occurred earlier this week while on my dyno. This was frustrating but as I was logging at the time it allowed me to study first hand. The car had done one flawless power run, and then failed on the second. Data logs showed everything was perfect, with boost at 1.5 bar at the time of failure. This is less boost than virtually every tune available for the Golf R runs. So what's happening? Obviously I was keen to find out. The IS38 turbo borrows technology from Motorsport and employs a "zero clearance" compressor design. There is (virtually) no clearance between the compressor wheel and housing. This improves efficiency and contributes to the incredible performance of the turbo. The compressor housing is lined with a Teflon insert, as the compressor wheel will come into contact with it in normal operation. The issue is that batches of the turbo have not been balanced properly. A number of turbos have now been stripped and examined, only to find the balancing is out by a very large margin on a number of turbos. This causes the compressor wheel to move off centre slightly. On a "normal" turbo this wouldn't be an issue, but on the IS38 the compressor wheel is hitting the Teflon insert, digging in - and snapping the shaft instantly. In other cases, it is undoing the the retaining nut and then causing even more of a mess. The shaft diameter is considerable - it's a very strong shaft but when it suddenly goes form 100,000 Rpm to zero something is going to give. Early 2014 cars have had the most failures, but the failures are not isolated to these. We have seen failures on 16 and 66 plate cars as well. No failures yet seen on 15 plate cars, including mine which had run well over 2 bar during development. The IS20 found in the Golf GTI turbo does not suffer from this issue, it also has a much smaller/weaker shaft diameter but is properly balanced. We are now recommending that anyone tuning their Golf R has the turbo checked over for balance. Pricing is not expensive - around £250 - but there is obviously the labour involved in removing the turbo, and the 3-4 days the car would have to be off the road. The compressor insert is checked and re profiled to correct clearances, and then the rotating assembly placed on a VSR balancer to check and be adjusted as required. Options to hybrid the turbo will also soon be available but these are not required for Stage1/2 tunes. This is not any kind of ploy to extract money out of anyone, but born out of the frustration of trying to tune an incredible platform with a major weakness. Anyone is free to send their turbo to any specialist turbo company that can perform a proper balancing operation. Thanks, Rick
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    My 7.5

    Aren't you the guy that was giving everyone a hard time on the embarrassed thread saying you didn't own one and challenging owners to race your mighty M140i if we were in your area? If I remember correctly, you were calling the R 206BHP of S#IT. If Golf R's are crap and loose a ton of money, why did you buy one? Actually, you first said you had picked up a new WRX STI in October '15 then changed it to a mighty M135i in April '16 then in a later post corrected it to M140i in February '17... At 36 posts, looking through your post history it's just a stream of abuse towards Golf R's, owners and how they're financed. Is this even your R or are you just trolling us even more?
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    New 7.5R Indium Grey

    Collected my 7.5 R last night, they've only just come the road out here in Dubai so its been a long wait. Indium Grey Black Pretoria Black Mirrors Leather Pano Roof Adaptive Cruise Dynamic Chassis Control Keyless Entry Tints all round 9.2" screen. Absolutely loving it so far
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    One for people with no front plates.....

    It's the law.... doesn't matter if it looks better or not. If you run a car without front plates, or rear ones or whatever and get caught it's your damn fault. If you're big enough to risk it you should be big enough to accept the consequences. Simple. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Wheel Offset, what you need to know

    One thing I get asked a lot is what VW wheel offsets are and how to work them out. The first thing I'll add is a link to one of the easiest to read calculators I've found online: http://www.1010tires.com/Tools/Wheel-Offset-Calculator Wheel dimensions are funny things, partly in millimetres and partly inches, so are a truly international blend of confusion. Obviously everyone is aware of wheel diameters and widths being in inches. The width of a passenger car wheel is often referred to as J (e.g. 8J X 19) which is an industry marking to do with bead profile and not something I'm here to bore you with. Also on wheel markings/stampings you'll often see an H along with possibly another suffix too, this is quite simply for the hump in the wheel which is positioned to increase the strength of the wheel, e.g. H2. Google is your friend here if you're interested in specifics or this post will just get bogged down with pointless info. Then we have the PCD, the Centre Bore and the Offset. These three things will determine whether your wheels will fit your hubs and the latter will be the deciding factor as to whether the wheel will physically fit in the wheel arch. Offset This is measured in millimetres and referred to as ET (einpresstiefe which is the German for insertion depth). The Golf (& Scirocco) are based on FWD chassis despite the former's R models being 4WD. FWD cars tend to have what's called positive offset (this helps with keeping the wheels pointing straight ahead when moving and aids stability). If you have a look at the wheel diagram on the link I posted it shows how offset is calculated. There's an imaginary line running down the middle of the wheel profile and the offset is the distance between this and the rear of the hub mounting. In very simple terms when dealing with modern passenger car VW's the lower number ET means the further the wheels will stick out, or in current fashion terms "stance" or "poke". Lower ET = more poke. Or in English the wheel face will stick out more. How much is too much? I can't really answer that as there are a lot of variables and whatever I state here someone will argue the case that they've done bigger and better. In layman's terms if you want to fit bigger or wider wheels, or even just change the offset by fitting spacers there's a certain amount of room to manoeuvre before you have to resort to more drastic things like changing the suspension geometry and flaring the wheel arches themselves. Factory wheels on a mk6 Golf R are 7.5 x 18 with an offset of 51 or 8 x 19 with an offset (ET) of 50 The mk7 Golf R gets much bigger wheel arches so the 7.5 x 18 wheels get a whole 2mm less offset at ET49 and the 8 x 19 wheels keep the same offset as the mk6 R at 50mm. If the reason you're putting wider wheels or spacers on the car is purely to fill out the wheels arches (or 'stance' the car if you're down wiv da kidz) then how little offset is too much? I can't answer that as different people have different opinions and different uses for their cars. If it's an occasional driver or used for static show displays and MaccyD late night cruising then I guess your version of filling the arches will be different to someone who needs to drive in rutted lanes or potholed urban rat runs that are infested with speed humps. As a guide I'll say that an 8" wide wheel on a mk6 should be ideally around ET44 but I've personally got away with ET41 using 235 tyres on a non lowered car. With a mk7 you have much more wheel arch space to play with. You can get away with ET40 on the front and probably ET35 on the back or possibly even slightly lower offset, again using an 8" wide wheel. With an 8.5 inch wide wheel I'd say ET45 and maybe slightly less ET at the rear. BBS seem to prefer ET46 on a mk7. I've never tried 8.5 wheels on a mk6. PCD & Centre Bore As far as mk6 and mk7 Golfs are concerned (plus Sciroccos and Passats etc) then the magic numbers here we need to see are 5x112 for PCD (Pitch Circle Diameter) which refer to the bolt holes. And our wheels require a 57.1mm centre bore. This is the hole that runs through the centre of the wheel and is needed to mount the wheel squarely on the hub so that you don't get vibrations and wheel bolts that undo themselves randomly (or even snap). Centre bore can be higher so long as you fit a spigot ring to reduce the hole to 57.1mm
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    Goodbye Golf.....

    Here is the replacement
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    Clubsport spoiler now fitted. Really love it!
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    I quite like it, it saves me a sore throat trying to make the noise.
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    Audi S3 Stage 3 APR (UK) tested.

    How best to qualify what I’m about to write. I’ve done 45,000 in my Golf (7)R stage 2. I wont bore you with the mods, it’s a smidge over 400bhp. I’m used to power. Previous car Golf 6R stage 2+, Ed30, M3’s a porker turbo (996) and an over weight and thirsty rs4. More recently, in the past month, I’ve driven an APR stage 2+ RS3, test driven a standard RS7 and also a bmw m5. Not to mention a passenger ride in my friends standard new (to him) 2015 GTR. I’m looking for more. More power? More drama? More look at me? Not sure, maybe all of the above. First impressions of the Audi S3 APR stage 3. Wholly shit that’s responsive. I always like to find where the parameters of a car are and get build up to speed but I mean this is really, really responsive. From low down too. I don’t mean 3000rpm, I mean from 2000rpm!! It made me laugh uncontrollably. None of the other cars I’ve driven recently managed this. The RS3 brought a smile to my face. With such a sweet sounding engine and that sports exhaust think there would have to be something wrong with you not to like it especially at 2+ levels. The RS7 is like a big Golf R but more of that later. Ok, so there’s no dead spot like on the Golf? I don’t know. Is the dead spot unique to the 7R? Or has some APR sorcery done this?? I’d need to drive a standard S3 to find out but for now I consider that the S3 is basically the 7R with a designer badge. Nice if that’s your thing. I’m almost scared to put my foot down now, it’s not only sharp, it’s loud! The induction noises from the cabin remind me of ‘old skool’ turbo’s but with more refinement, plenty of induction and engine pops. It takes a trained ear to hear the difference between a decent aftermarket exhaust and engine overrun pops. Admittedly on this car the pops are aided by the new AWE switch-path exhaust but I can’t help notice some exceptionally ballistic overrun magic. These engine crackles, pops and bangs have me sold already. I stopped momentarily to wind the noise down abit by switching to comfort and build up to dynamic. This things set my hear racing and this is not my car! Steady! I CAN’T crash it. Freckin ‘eck! We're in comfort. What does it sound like in Dynamic?? Thoughts, “Open, private road, dynamic, first APR stage 3 on the latest map. Open the windows! BHP? Don’t care, this thing feels like an animal and I’ve only gone 400 yards. On board computer says Temp is 25C. Heat soak? Yeah probably, mine suffers badly at these temps even with an intercooler”. I’m trying to be composed now. The laughing like a little girl took away my manliness, especially as I’m sat next to a proper geeza. No launch, I’m not ready for that. So I set off in first. Smooth. Second….Ok, go! Go! Go! Go! Ok I was expecting the initial bite, it got me the first time but the torque from 2000-5000 had me grabbing the steering wheel! Christ, the acceleration was pushing me UP the seat! The power at the top end really makes you focus on the road in front. The manor in which it's accelerating after the initial thrust reminds me of a Porsche turbo. It’s that fast. Crack! Third! More thrust and more power. Crack! Fourth! Oi we're shifting here. I’m getting carried away. Hearts racing. I’m laughing. The engine overrun is making me more excited and I feel like a rally driver. There are more pops as I gear down. This car is turning me on. No vlogs were done and in the absence of P3 guage I wouldn’t like to guess a time. I was too busy enjoying the moment. The bum’ometer of this car vs the bum’ometer of my 400bhp golf 7r vs 440bhp rs3 vs 597bhp rs7 this car wins HANDS DOWN. I consider how fast a car is relative. Relative to what car your coming from. This car is fast compared to everything I’ve driven. Only when I got back into my car and drove the 45miles home did I start to digest the other bits of information. The 7r (and presumably the s3) change quick. With a DSG/ TCU map they’re sharper. I’m not sure I have actually seen quicker gear changes in my life than this stage 3 car! When things are moving that fast, unless your concentrating you’d be forgiven for not noticing how seamless the shifts are with all that power. APR clutches may help with that which I suspect being the head of APR UK’s car it probably has. Another point was how comfortable this car drives at normal speed. I anticipated it being quick, not fast. It’s exceptionally fast. It does the speed thing well. Extremely well, but that’s only half the story. I was probably more impressed with how docile the car was after giving the car a whopper of a spanking. Admittedly this involves selecting the next gear up rather than the one I would be in for my car. IE slowing down to a roundabout I may be in second in my car, in this car I’d be in 3rd. The pull away even in second HAS that rs7 grunt though. The effortless shove forward. It can be driven quickly, lazily. Love that. So far for me, its ticking all the right boxes. KW V2’s are on this car and it feels like your driving on silk. I had the joy of being a passenger in a Golf 7R with bilstein b16’s on (NeilP before he went to the Clubsport). It’s on a similar level although I didn’t drive that car so it's not a fair comparison. It’s effortless to pick up speed. In my car (7R stage2) you’ve almost got to provoke a response and then its awake; the dead spot and not much happens before 3-3500. After 5 minutes in the Stage 3 s3 I felt at home and found myself restraining myself from going fast, it's just effortless if you want it to be. I’m overly impressed with this car. I’ve followed its development and glad I got chance to review it. Hats off to APR and APR UK. Absolute joy to drive. The more you push the more the car responds. Animal without the bite.
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    Here's one I made earlier... Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
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    Jacko's 3dr Indium Grey 7.5R

    Hey people, picked up my R yesterday, couldn't be happier, the car is better than i could've ever imagined, the stuff I wasn't sure I'd like I do like, the stuff I knew I'd like I love! Anyway can't write a proper review as of yet and not got a lot of plans for it so far, so I'll leave you with a few pics[emoji106] spec below 3dr Manual Indium Grey Black Prets 90% rear tints DCC Dynaudio Any questions/photo requests I'll be happy to oblige! Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
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    The 6xxHP Beas7 - Guy's 6MT 7R

    Rolled the golf out for a few obligatory snow pics. Getting it back in nearly gave me a hernia [emoji23] Sent from my Pixel using Tapatalk
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    Something lovely.

    I'm very old today. And have been quite poorly and we didn't know if I was going to make it to today but I have. 🎉 My R was the big present and I've just had a firework display and they made this sign for me. Hug the people important to you and tell them you care life is precious xx
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    What fuel do you use

    To save you time in searching forums: Standard fuel will ruin your car, spark plugs will rust, it'll cause back-firing, severe damage to every single part of the engine, affect your marital performance and you'll be considered an illogical peasant by everyone you meet. Premium fuel, on the other hand, is a glorious golden nectar that hugs your car's engine like a pure cashmere blanket on a cold day.
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    Very Excited Stage 2 Today

    Well my cars off to Awesome today for a couple of days for some more mods She currently stands like so APR Stage 1 High torque Sachs Organic Clutch VWr600 TT Intake VWR Springs And other stuff like wheels club sport brakes etcetc She is being treated to Sachs Sintered Clutch Wagner Intercooler APR Downpipe ECS Resonator delete KW Variant 3 APR Stage 2 High Torque remap Been waiting well over a month to get in to have the work done since I booked it all but due to my work and waiting for parts I've had to twiddle my thumbs for what seems like a year Anyway very excited to see the difference in the car when I get it back tomorrow