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    It doesn’t sound too bad, it’s deffo not quiet just the pops and rumbles from the exhaust sound a little muted for my taste. I’d imagine most folk would be happy with it and from what I can tell there is little difference between this and a pre wltp car. Although pre wltp with red delete sounds better. That’s the kinda set up I am hoping for somehow with the post wltp exhust.
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    Nightmare 😂

    Performante’s are LP640-4 bud, they like most Huracan’s are AWD, so it’s even more of just an owner who shoulda, woulda, coulda but ultimately clueless when it could’ve been someone’s life Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    Costco RON was 99 now 97?

    I've written to Costco Customer Services. I'll update this post when they respond. 🙂
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    Costco RON was 99 now 97?

    Yes someone else posted up a week or so ago saying the same thing they (Costco) will be supplying 97ron now Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
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    Charles M


    My name's Bob, and I wanted to go incognito so chose something else.
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    Nightmare 😂

    More money than talent me thinks.
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    Nightmare 😂

    It has to be my worst nightmare 😂 Imagine giving it some in front of all the lads and this happens, it’s always in the back of my mind 🥺
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    Scott B

    Any post WLTP exhaust mods out there?

    Haha chop chop Nige - needing a bit more noise! Have you had any prototypes on the car? How’s it sounding.....
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    That Odd "Skritch" Noise

    Unlikely as it seems, the service department found a three or four foot tree branch lodged in the rear suspension! It fell out on the lift, and the noise disappeared. Don't recall running over such an object, although the combination of wind and rain often leaves significant detritus on the streets. Kudos to Randolph, the taciturn service manager, who was annoyed by my vigorous driving maneuvers while trying to reproduce the sound but waived the normally automatic diagnosis charge when the cause revealed itself.
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    coolant issue mk7 R

    I had a similar issue and it turned out to be a common fault with the thermostat housing/water pump. Are you having to fill up the coolant too? Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
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    Big thanks to NeilP for letting us do the install on his R A few images showing the ceramic black trim variant. Thanks for looking Nige
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    Nige's online video this is the true noise
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    REVIEW - GFB DV+ - New design T9359

    Hey guys. Thought I would post a review on here of the new GFB DV+ for Mk7 R/8V S3, I've seen a few people mentioning them on here and I've had a couple of people ask about mine too. The DV+ is meant to help with throttle response, quicker recovery time inbetween gears and able to hold boost better throughout the revs. For more info see here.. http://www.gfb.com.au/products/blow-off-and-diverter-valves/dv-plus/dv-t9359-suits-vw-mk7-golf-r-and-audi-8v-s3-by-gfb So to start, the packaging it comes in - It's VERY well packaged and nicely presented, comes with instructions and any other info you need.. When I got everything out the box I was very surprised by the quality of everything, it's very good, the machining on the body looks quality and you can see a lot of thought and time has gone into it. Installation didn't take long, about 25-30 minutes and it's something even the basic mechanic could carry out with fairly basic tools. The instructions are superb and very easy to follow. You simply remove your old DV, remove the piston and spring and replace with the new spring, then fit into the body. A pic of it fitted.. My one and only little gripe, it is only a little one and I think it may be because of my Revo Intake, is when you fit the turbo intake pipe back on the jubile is quite right between the hose and DV+ body, it just needs a bit of persuasion to get on. Like I said though, it's a minor. So the big question, what's it like? I was never expecting any night and day differences with this to be honest, but inbetween gears it does seem to be on boost a little bit quicker, I think it's more noticeable when changing gear earlier through the revs. I've yet to do any logs but plan to do back to back logs with and without it. For reference my car is a DSG running stage 1 Unicorn. All in all I'm very pleased with it, 10 out of 10 for quality and fitting.
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    Nightmare 😂

    Oh dear 🤢
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