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    I also had this problem when my keys and locksets were replaced due to a break-in to my car. When you press the Drive Mode button, it flashes orange but doesn't do anything. DSG S mode worked fine, but not sure if S changes the steering profile, fake engine sound or DCC (if you have DCC) like Drive Modes do. It was fixed under warranty, but like @slider09 I don't know what they did to fix it. However I believe it was a factory reset of the software. Certainly it was a software issue and not hardware, if that gives you some reassurance that it shouldn't be an expensive repair at all. My advice - if your next service is due, is ask VW to take a look and try a factory reset.
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    Take the customers with you to new place, sure they and your new gaffer will appreciate it. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Not sure that’s an easy question as to what’s best, there’s a lot out there. I use Swissvax Lotospeed QD for in between proper waxes, to refresh on the whole car, (over Swissvax waxes, Crystal Rock usually), and absolutely love that. It’s a dream to apply and buff off. Not as slick as some of the Si/nano QDs (Lotospeed is polymer based) but absolutely amazing gloss and for me, a better finish than Si based sprays and importantly, retains and enhances the depth the original wax finish, and lovely beading too! It’s a bit pricy but a little goes a long way so a bottle lasts ages. I’ve tried it in comparison to Sonax BSD (which I rate), Gtechniq C2V3 and CarPro Reload, and another that I forget, with some of each used on different panels of the car at the same time, and though some of the nano QD’s are slightly slicker, there is a noticeable difference in the glossiness and depth of the finish with the SV Lotospeed, that the others don’t match. So that’s my go to QD for on top of carnauba wax. In terms of beading, there wasn’t too much in it longevity wise.
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    Think I’ve found a new choice! Looking at the Rivera 194 (on the left of that picture of three different wheels ) I think the aez are a no and bola csr are just being pipped grey golf has the bola alloys blue golf has the Rivera alloys
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    Count Drunkula


    I've been using Bouncers Done and Dusted Si edition for a while now since watching this review, easily the best detailing spray I've used .
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    First Mod - Golf R

    Hi All, Just wanted to share my first change to the car, changed the horrible 18” alloys to 19” Japan Racing with Continental Pilot Sport. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Bec's Guide to Detailing

    It depends on the product. I’ve only used normal Bouncers D&D which is a Quick Detailer. If something is a QD then it will be good for limited protection only, and best used for topping up and refreshing other more durable protections. But of course some spray protections are proper full on sealants and coatings and so will give longer protection. You need to research and read up on what the product you’re buying or considering, offers, but most manufacturers will overstate the longevity of their product so worth bearing that in mind.
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    Good luck in the new job @Raiden Seems your old boss makes lots of promises he can’t keep. I remember all the stress you had last time. I left a job 25 yrs ago, not had a pay rise for a few years, asked about it but was told no money, so found another job. Day after I gave my notice in they wanted to discuss increasing my salary. Told them too late and left. Bet you can’t wait to start the new challenge. And your new boss hopes he’s signed Virgil, not Mandy Carroll
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    Sounds like you just need a software update on your infotainment, depending on what spec yours is you can do it yourself with a usb and the VW software... I had a glitchy infotainment whereby the jukebox list would flash repeatedly when open and I couldn’t select anything, I did an update and it fixed it completely.
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    Good luck in the new job Raiden! If you’re the one that’s been instrumental in the success of his business and bringing the money and customers and keeping them, then I expect a good deal will follow you as you’re staying in the bathroom sales game, and unfortunately maybe after the fact, your old boss might realise how much you were worth to the business. Mind you, an old boss of mine used to follow that old saying......."If you want to know how much you'll be missed when you are gone, put your finger in a bucket of water and then remove it. The hole that's left will be how much you are missed”. His very words to me when I asked him if he’d miss me as I was leaving the job. As a result that’s my default assumption with bosses! 😁 However whilst that’s very true in some cases, there are people that make their mark and whose absence is abundantly felt later on. That might be you! 😁 What happens to his business is his worry, that’s one of the burdens of being the business owner, but it does sound like you have an admirable loyalty and do care about the place you long worked in, and that’s commendable. But pastures new for you and it sounds like your new boss does recognise your worth! Best of luck!
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    Yeah its the same company been chasing me. They said what will it take to get you here? I said I do not want to be working weekends, 10 am start weekdays, No probation period and I want the same wage you offered, Plus on Thurs I need to finish early due to family commitments. As he's a big Liverpool fan I said you want Vigil Van Dijk you'll have to pay for him. He laughed and said done, Contract got signed done and dusted. I gave my boss 1 last go before I did switch teams. But he refused to put it in writing that he was giving me the shop and said that I might have to wait a bit longer before he could give it to me. So I told him i'm not hanging around bye
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    Considering something different ... again

    This review and others tend to focus on the rawness of the experience and though the TCR, and the R usually compare well, in the fine margins of preference the journo pretty much always go the way of the other cars especially when they then factor in the cost - You pretty much always see a footnote disclaimer that says the GTI, R, TCR is the car they would want. Quite like the ST and the Hyundai N but do think all around the Gold Performance range has a better cabin and is just the best car to be in all of the time. So I look at these reviews with a pinch of salt, as it being unlikely the Golf Performance Range ever wins out against cars that have performance as their main attribute as the Golfs will hold their own in that stakes and knock everything else out of the park in comparison
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    Power consumption is high

    Perhaps look at THIS Don
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    Attempted break in

    And Anti Snap locks on all locks in house. Mate just had both cars stolen at 4.20am this morning (BMW 140i and Merc C43) - they snapped the lock on the French door and got the keys.
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    Not an accountant or lawyer, but..... Are you on PAYE? If so then there is statutory entitlement of 5.6 weeks if working a 5 day week, or 28 days. If nothing is written down, then this is at least what you are entitled to and you may well have a battle for what seems the extra 2 days if you say you've had 16 with 14 left). I am pretty sure that it isn't automatically carried over and is left up to you/your employer. I have told my employee that they can't, but that I am more than happy to pay for any un-taken holiday (not that I think I have a choice in any event). This might be of use: https://worksmart.org.uk/work-rights/losing-your-job/leaving-your-job/im-leaving-job-havent-taken-all-my-holiday-allowance
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    Good that he is seeing sense, as for the shop it's not your worry, we all think we are irreplaceable but life and business goes on whatever... Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
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    tyre choices

    Unfortunately not many people see it that way, you can also brake really hard to avoid an idiot and then thr idiot with crappy tyres on behind rear ends you... For the record I wasn't suggesting cheapo tyres just something a little less focused than the likes of MPS4S or Goodyears, if the OP can afford the best then great [emoji106] Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
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    Attempted break in

    But that will leave the car not deadlocked, and with the broken window anyone can reach in and unlock it using the inside door handle. Better to switch off the interior movement monitor using the method described above.
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    Power consumption is high

    Not me (unfortunately) as that is the functionality I would prefer. I have mine switched off all the time using a Kufatec plug-in module that switches auto stop/start from always on to always off. If you plug it in again it reverses that (ie from always off to always on). Every time you plug it in it changes it again. If it is off you can't switch it back on by pressing the button next to the gear lever. The module is locked to your car the first time you use it, so you can't switch it off for all your mates with the one purchase. There are four three ways to get the above default behaviour (that I know of, there may be more): - Buy and install an electronics kit (from ebay) that modifies the action of the switch (sorry, don't have a link, but you have google) - Make and install a similar kit as detailed by DV52 (Don the VW coding expert), this is very much a DIY proposition. - Get Autowatch Ghost - Get an APR stage 1 tune (this is new functionality added recently)
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    What detailing have you done today?

    Haven't done detailing, but bought detailing gear - was hoping the weather might be a bit dry at the weekend but doesn't look like it. Ordered wheel woollies, some iron x (different brand to normal - no billberry wheel cleaner in stock), some tar remover (we have just had a road near us redone), also a few little bits, a new drying towel as I find I really need two for the estate, and one or two little buffing towels ready for spring detail. Also bought some chemical guys wheel stuff to try, it was the red one (diablo?), and also the blue one, bought in the small bottle to give a try see if any good, i have a feeling though I will be back to Billberry, but worth a try. I need to sort my wheels out, its bugging me already that i haven't done winter prep to them!
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    Splitter Options - Need Help

    Oops 2nd I mean I clearly can’t multi task! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I don’t know where you live but if you’re in the UK it might be worth checking your home insurance documentation. It normally comes with some form of legal protection which you can use to talk to a solicitor at no cost. I did this last year regarding an employment dispute. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Power consumption is high

    Yes a strange one, could be so many different things it's hard to pinpoint, the electric on these cars are probably more complicated than the early Apollo space rockets! I have coded mine off the same way as you and if/when I get rid it's good to know that if I have an issue I can use a few credits to sort it. Maybe there should be a 'back to factory' setting in OBDEleven, my car had several tweaks done when I got it, some Inwould have done anyway but some of the lighting ones were just stupid... Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
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    That looks a suitably “R” wheel. Nice!
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    Power consumption is high

    Interesting this one, in that the S/S didn’t reactivate after you switching it back to 7.6v through obdeleven coding. I have mine disabled via obdeleven through the voltage setting (so set at 12v to fool it) but when I was having a few battery issues (ages ago now), I had occasion to set it back to standard 7.6 a few times; and when I send it in for service I usually revert it to 7.6 and then swap back to 12v after. And every time it I’ve recoded back to 7.6 with obdeleven coding, it’s reactivated as you would expect. Wonder why that didn’t work in your case, and you had to use the app?
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    Power consumption is high

    I've had mine turned off via the voltage method since I got my car a year ago with no problems whatsoever, but then I don't intend to turn it back on ever. I have read about a device that once fitted reverses the button so instead of being on my default it is off by default and then a button press turns it on, sounds exactly what you are looking for. I think it [email protected] that had it fitted? Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
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    Special K

    tyre choices

    Agreed Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Power consumption is high

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    Manual DSG mode

    In 3rd gear mine says S3 in sport, D3 in drive and just 3 in manual, I think that’s normal, never seen an M.
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    You bought it then?
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    Lower springs with DCC

    Ive fitted Eibach springs on my DCC car, really happy with the look its not obvious its been lowered but a subtle change I do have an issue however, since fitting the springs at a garage there is a very light rattle going slowly over small bumps, ive checked and all bolts are tight. I also took it back to the garage and they checked everything. Occasionally I get a constant sqeak from what sounds like bushes or something rubber. Its weird some drives theres no noise and sometimes its a constant squeaking the whole drive! Ive caked everything in grease and its gone quieter but still there sometimes! Anyone else experience this?
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    Counting Using Images

    My next car in white [emoji108] Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
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    Anyone from Scotland?

    I'm in Kent but any excuse to drive the fantastic roads up there [emoji1787] Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
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    Hi Raiden, Generally you’d pro rata your holiday so if you get 30 days over 12 months not including bank holidays then divide this by 12 and multiply by the months you’ve worked in that holiday year. Deduct what you’ve taken and what’s left is what your owed. A lot of people then either get paid this in there last pay packet it take it as leave as part of there notice. If you’ve got 14 days left you could give a months notice and leave early? Might suit your boos to leave end of the month and then pay you leave to the middle of month? Good luck. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    You would be due any days you have accrued up until the date you leave, so if you were to leave at the end of October you would be due days up until then minus what you have taken. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Golf r

    Another vote for BCS Powervalve....
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    Attempted break in

    @jrw, holy shit! So sorry to hear that. Ultimately if they want your car/s bad enough there’s very little you can do to stop them. Hopefully nobody was hurt and everything was insured. But what a terrible thing to have happened. I hope it all gets sorted quickly for you👍🏻
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    Manual DSG mode

    My 18 plate displays M - eg M3, S3, D3, E3 or E (when coasting).
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