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    White Golf R (newbie)

    Afternoon all, had the car for a week now & absolutely over the moon! Other than cosmetic I haven’t got many plans for the car(as yet) she had her first wash this morning, White’s going to be savage to keep clean 🤣 Spec as follows: Golf R 7.5 310 17 plate, currently on 4K miles DCC Full leather interior 2 tone carbon and white leather Tinted windows Black wrapped roof , was bonnet as well but removed R decals Regarding de res which I’ve done on most of my cars, is it worth paying the extra for a BCS kit ? been a while since I’ve had a golf , my last was a MK2 8v Gti when I was younger, absolutely loved that car and the community! Pic at end! Many thanks, location wales
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    French R Estate

    My brother has been looking for a new car and liked both my R Estates but living in France they are almost impossible to find, his local VW dealer had never had an R estate before but one of the salesmen decided to try and find one and ended up importing a car from Germany, as soon as my brother saw it the deal was done, it's a great spec with Oryx paint, DCC, pan roof, keyless, electric leather seats, Dynaudio and even a mains plug in the boot!! He's only had it a few days but is over the moon. Pic with his other toy..
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    change of car

    Quick picture,cheers.
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    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    change of car

    well after four and a half years of golf r ownership was time for a change of car now the owner of a 2018 rs3 saloon in Daytona grey. must have spent at least 3 months of changing my mind over selling the golf as absolutely loved the car and never had any problems with it. was thinking of newer golf but felt changing golf for golf was bit pointless so test drove a few rs3 before finding one in the spec I wanted. the golf r was a brilliant car and comes with the added bonus of this forum which does a great job of welcoming and helping loads of new members. will drop back into the forum from time to time,if that ok for audi owners,enjoy.👍
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    329:bhp Arteon R engine

    Youngsters ! In my day a Hoover was the default vacuum.
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    329:bhp Arteon R engine

    Yep i've hated this with the 'R-line'...but now its got worse with real R versions, not just look alikes. 'A new Touareg R is also due to arrive in 2020.' 'R' stands for race - so how the hell does that fit with a massive ugly Touareg tanker sized boat - i'd like to see that cornering hard on a race track. As ya say i wouldn't now be suprised if they come out with a Sharan R - with foldable sport seats and launch control. I blame fat SUV's for all this nonsense - all because the average artard, for some god knows what reason, likes to feel like they're driving a bus. Why? - why does that feel better, being sat up right like ya on a booster seat. I've never understood that. Do ya feel safer? - because you're not, ya less safe in reality. That gargantuan sized vehicle is more likely to roll, more likely to spin, more likely to loose control than the equivalent lower centre of gravity hatchback....and if you think it's massive outer body offers you more protection - it doesn't, its mostly just full of air and made to look fat (look at the doors on an SUV, absurdly wide and just full of air) But this is what now sells, so sporty versions of it are appearing with high output engines - and so the trend continues of extending ya top racing brand into massive boat sized cars, making super sports versions of things where its just ridiculous. Don't get me started on crossovers, they're even worse (just a raised up hatchback with a fat body kit and no extra interior space whatsoever) - but ya get that coveted bus driver seating position. Ahh i best end this rant now, as i could go on all day!
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    Claptrap 7

    What did you do to your R today?

    citrus pre wash, snowy foamy, two bucket wash, dodo juice purple haze wax , perfect conditions, back to gorgeous [emoji12] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Pets and Petrolheads!

    Hey we go then....
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    Mk8 Latest Info

    Compared to the mk7.5 that it 'supersedes'..... -Front end has the melted look. -Lower grill honeycomb pieces are way too big and the ones that are just filled in with plastic on the sides where the lights are - look naff. -The engine cover looks like it came off a base model skoda. -Font used for the GTI body logo's just doesn't look right. -Rear diffuser is just a solid lump of black plastic with no styling / embossed features. -No illuminated metal scuff plate on the door entry edge....just solid plastic like it used to be in the mk6. -Looks like they have not bothered painting the underneath of the bonnet - looks terrible. General mk8 complaints: -Stick to hold the bonnet - cheap! -Media/Digital dash has tacky icons and styling....looses premium software look and is more akin to summit out of a vauxhall. -Castrated gear knob...no where to rest hand, nor can be used to steady hand when trying to use touchscreen when on the move. -Key hole being visible on the door handle is dated as hell (laughably so with it being keyless entry) -Media screen looks just stuck on on the dash -Centre console just looks naff - no style at all. -Too many touch controls 2 good points: -Steering wheel is nice and chunky with perforated leather. -Nice seat design (integrated headrest, sporty), will look much better in leather i expect. Reason for upgrade from a 7.5 performance: none, i'd consider it a downgrade overall, just from looks and function point of view. Dunno about handling yet but i expect zero difference with it being same MQB platform and almost no (if any) changes to suspension. I presume a performance model with a limited slip diff will be available - if not then it really is a huge downgrade.
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    329:bhp Arteon R engine

    Yep. I don’t recall having to Do the Dysoning either. 😂
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    329:bhp Arteon R engine

    That's me told.
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    What did you do to your R today?

    Finally gave it a much needed clean, was so filthy i thought it would never come back but alas she was fine especially after trying out fusso great stuff! Yes the tyres were done after!!
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    Count Drunkula

    Pets and Petrolheads!

    Now 3 years old and not much has changed 🤣🤣
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    Huwgo R

    Golf 7R Photos - Part 2

    Hi I just recently bought a stage 2 mrc tuned dsg I was previously on here with a white stage 2 mk6 r then bought a vey nice well known blue stage 3 6r Had a v nice 15 plate pfl RS3 mrc stage 2 Now im back with the r very pleased with it only 18K miles Went for a nice drive through north wales where i used to live some great driving roads
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    Scott's Stage3 LapizBlue MK75R

    Long time without update Currently car is at the point I am really satisfied to drive. Handling is perfer after Unibrace XBQ & UBQ fitted, car does not feel like race car that rigid but still have a bit flexible so it is not that uncomfortable when drive uneven road. Performace / power is amazing and I think I will stick with current power or just run lower as I would install back APR catted DP for lower exhaust sound and most important, the catless smell, which is very annoying. Due to catted DP, I will ask tuner to lower my boost a bit just for engine safety, but we will see after catted DP is fitted and do some logs to confirm.
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    Claptrap 7

    Pets and Petrolheads!

    zorros new hat Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    For what it’s worth, my bbs were gunmental/anthracite before they were refurbished. [emoji106] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Service interval 18k??

    I’ll do less than 4500 miles in my cars first year. yearl. The Oil will be changed when first service is done at age 12 months. A yearly Oil is a minimum requirement for a high performance turbo engine in my books. 😀
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    I can appreciate and admire the Type R in many respects. And Honda for being so bold and uncompromising with it. I’m sure it’s a delight to drive too, when you’re in the mood. But I could not own one. R fits my bill nicely.
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    Pets and Petrolheads!

    Aw, thanks Pete, Blower and Paul. He’s only been with us a short time but is already showing a real comical side and adventurous side as well as being a gentle soul. Loves a tummy rub too. Hanging out! Scaling the heights of my daughters room!
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    Bit late to the party but another vote here for gunmetal wheels on a DBP Golf 👍
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    I was thinking about Chavs and cars. i don't think they really appeared until fuel injection cars appeared. can anyone really imagine them putting up with using cans of Easy Start just to get their car running? more likely to be sniffing it. I guess the only carbs they could handle come from McD's
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    Let's not forget that older cars were also at times just plain f*****g scary. that and at times incredibly unreliable.
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    It is true, but my are those old beasts more fun to drive than newer stuff! You don't need a squillion horsepower to have fast fun - whatever the car it needs to feel fast (so enough HP to be able to drive the nuts off it). There's no doubt newer cars are far far better, but they've lost their edge, feel a bit sterile. The right old stuff is loads of fun and engaging - you wouldn't do motorway miles in them for work though!! It's nice to be able to have both
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    Pets and Petrolheads!

    We did! I collected him this afternoon and he settling in nicely so far. It’s already clear he likes his grub! How’s feline relations going at your place? Got a name for your lovely little girl yet?
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    Bewildering - OMG Romford crash

    Some people shouldn't have a licence. If you can drive properly these things don't happen.
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    See here: https://www.gov.uk/government/consultations/consulting-on-ending-the-sale-of-new-petrol-diesel-and-hybrid-cars-and-vans/consulting-on-ending-the-sale-of-new-petrol-diesel-and-hybrid-cars-and-vans
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    Bonjour -R estate Oryx

    My brother (simonj67) introduced me to the forum and I wanted to say hi and thanks for the great mine of information. Having long coveted Si's R estates, I have finally been able to take the plunge. We live in the south of France and as the estate version was only officially sold here for a short time they are in very short supply. The salesman at the local VW dealer as it happens is english and has been V helpful. I had been tempted by a gti prior to Christmas but only as the R's are so hard to come by. Having decided that the gti just didn't fit the bill, the dealers contacted me a few weeks ago to say that they had sourced a Golf R estate in Germany on which I had first refusal. Although 4 years old, the car was not only in fantastic condition and with only 40000kms but it was extremely well optioned including DCC, leather, sunroof, dynaudio and Oryx white which I love. Picked up the car on my birthday. Enjoying reading the forum and finding out as much as possible about these great cars.
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    New Member - Hello!

    Badgeskns.com USA. A bit dearer, and post takes longer. 😀
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    Bonjour -R estate Oryx

    I'm trying to him convince him he 'needs' a pedal box too!
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    Crazy but I love it! Not for a daily driver though! https://www.evo.co.uk/honda/civic-type-r/202099/honda-civic-type-r-limited-edition-revealed-amongst-range-wide-updates https://www.evo.co.uk/202260/honda-civic-type-r-limited-edition-revealed-pictures
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    Car Telematics and catching a killer

    As someone that drives up to Anglesey a fair bit I had been following this story. todays BBC report makes an interesting read, not only for the police work but also how tech fitted to our cars was used to nail the killer. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-51466273 it definitely goes to show everything you do with your car is recorded and available to someone.
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    Unicorn Self Tune System

    Have decided to go all out - will be in a few months time, but plan to do the following: -Littco L380X supercore -Wagner Intercooler -Racingline R600 Intake -Miltek HJS 200cell sport cat downpipe -TVS Stage 2+ DSG Tune -Unicorn Stage 2 (or would it be a stage 3?) self tune I really like the look of the L380x supercore - fast spool, flat wide boost curve. Only slight increase in turbo lag at the bottom end, as opposed to a full stage 3 setup. Looking on unicorn's facebook page they are getting as much as 440bhp out of it. Other mods that are likely to happen around the same time would be TTS brake calipers and probably a VWR catch can - as i plan to occasionally track the car. Got a 5k budget for the lot, labour is free....looking forward to fitting all this - fun project for me.
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    I have a friend with an RS6 so will let you know how I get on soon [emoji106] Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
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    What did you do to your R today?

    I had the same with a Audi RS6 Avant......had him for a short while then he just shot off. Will be going stage 2+ this year, then i want a rematch 600bhp 2.15 tonne RS6 vs 400bhp 1.45 tonne Golf R Pretty even match on power to weight.
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    @PhilC22 yes there is a degree of modern cars becoming easy to drive. the Golf R is almost the perfect example of that, apart from engine power it would be perfect car to learn to drive in. i look at the Golf R on one end of the scale and at the other end (for me) is the TVR (Chimera & Griffith) both of which constantly plotted to end me. An early morning Autumn drive on a Scottish highlands road in the R while fun, does not compare to the deadly duo. Back to th Chav thing, modern language is also responsible. if I told someone that their slammed, tinted bean canned car was Shit. I actually meant it and the car was utterly wank. say it to some 'innit' Chav and they will love you (a scary thought).
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    Pedal box or pedal box plus ?

    Part of the PedalBox cult now, grabbed an absolute bargain on eBay for the +version. Only been on the car for a day but the sport +0 seems just about perfect 👌. Took all of 5 mins to install after reading people’s installs on here. It sits hidden away in the small storage box below the steering wheel 👍
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    You did well to keep them, beat the odds😂 Haha. Yes. £1200 A big lump of money. I decided against a Cosworth Sierra in 1990/91 after advice from Insurance broker re theft frequency. 😂. Wife had an XR2 stolen from underground work car park, never seen again. Its younger Drivers who now routinely face, and pay these huge premiums. Getting on a bit does have its perks!
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    Warning to Kent Motorists

    Agree. The couple of times I’ve been stopped by police (in UK) years ago, I was polite, listened and nodded a lot. Both times was let off with a verbal warning.. Trouble is Scameras don’t discuss or have professional judgement, they just raise revenue. That’s why most people hate them
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    Unicorn Self Tune - Review

    Not the greatest of pics Ian but here you go, I got them in black as not a fan of red, I can recommend the wingbacks if you can find a decent set at a good price, not an easy task! Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
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    Eventually Led to standard fit immobilisers and car-specific stereo/ radio/entertainment. But took a long time and “a way round” is always found......nowadays we have AWG to help us tho, and all the additional security measures we need to take. So if I’m to believe the Popular Press, No more Petrol cars after 2028, I’d better damn well make sure I get as much fun and enjoyment out of this R as I can fit in!😂😀
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    So I've gone from a Stormtrooper R to the Darth Vader R....I'm going up in the world....
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    Yep....My old "Stormtrooper Mk 6 R"....(as below)....
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    There’s a world of difference between a sweet sounding exhaust and a chav exhaust. It’s not necessarily the volume but the exhaust note/tone.
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    Who cares if the R is the new Burberry. 😁 Your car is to you what it is to you. It might not be the most exclusive car on the road but to most on here it is their pride and passion. And that’s all that counts. You know if you’re a chav or not. You can tell a chav R instantly. Before you ever see it.
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    I’m afraid it’s only going to get worse the cheaper the cars get. Not sure if many people on here are also members of the ‘UK R Owners Club’ on Facebook, but the type of posts has changed massively over the last 9-12 months. Now full of 18/19 year olds asking how to find cheaper car insurance (some of which have 6 points and bans). There are owners now doing a ‘back box delete’ along with a ‘res delete’ to make the car as loud as possible!! Looks like the ‘Max Power’ look is well and truly back unfortunately. [emoji22] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Haldex filter?

    I guess the oil filter never needs changing either, it must just be there for looks like the brake discs and pads, they don't deal with stopping the car, air resistance does that so no need to change them when they are rubbing metal on metal. I guess tyres too whilst we are at it, cut to cords is no reason to change tyres, the cords ae there for visual pleasure and serve no function other than keeping the sun roof in place.
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    Show us your stance

    Compare my old stance to now....Leyo Springs...25mm drop plus ECS Flush Kit...Night and Day difference.... Rides great....no rubbing....Stance is much more to my liking... New stance below...
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