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    Was going to wait till test drives but with lockdown etc who knows when that might eventually transpire. I’ll give the reviews the benefit of the doubt. 😁 Ordered via DtD (dealer JCB Medway) Spec is: Lapiz Performance Pack Akrapovic Leather Harmon Kardon DCC Rear View Camera Heads up display Delivery estimate 16-18 weeks. I’ll now spend the next few weeks/months seeing my 7R through even rosier (or deep black pearlier) specs. 🖤 😂 Seriously though, I’m quite excited about getting a new car!
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    Farewell my R. Hello A35!

    Hi everyone! Bit of a blog here! Hope you enjoy reading it 😉 After 3 and a half years of owning my R I decided it was time for something a bit newer (car is coming up to 5 years old now). I spent a lot of time researching several different cars ranging from the new M135i up to an 18 month old M4 Competition! I finally went for an 18 month old A35 AMG mainly due to practicality and features. “Why did you not buy the M4!!?” I hear you say 😊 Well, it simply doesn’t fit my family life style right now – a 2 door coupe with 2 kids is just not practical enough (and yes, I did think about selling the kids!). Plus it’s interior feels very dated now… So, having owned my A35 for a few weeks now I wanted to give you all an insight in to owning both an R and an A35, the pros and cons of each and whether it was worth the extra $$. These are all my own personal opinions so any bias will be purely down to my own experiences. I will try and keep the comparisons as fair as possible but the cars are subtly different. My R was a Mk7 low spec model with DSG. I.e. no SAT NAV, no sun roof, no leather, no adaptive suspension and 18” wheels. Whereas the A35 is the Premium Plus model with Driver Assist Package, adaptive suspension and upgraded navigation system – pretty much all the bells and whistles! So here goes…. Looks and Styling This has to go the A35. Even compared with the new MK8, I still prefer the look of the A35. The longer bonnet and the back end especially with the rear diffuser just gives it a meaner look in my opinion. That said, without all the AMG styling I think the A class looks pretty average and the Golf then looks better. The A35 also sits a lot lower than the R. Most noticeable when you get out the car and your foot hits the floor a lot sooner than expected. Very similar to the old 1 series (used to own a 120D) Performance The following is not using launch control. Now this is a tricky one as my R was running an APR high Torque Stage 1 so it was a lot quicker than the A35’s 0-62 claims of 4.7s. That said, off the line the A35 is definitely quicker. There’s a flat spot / delay in the R even when tuned that really affects it getting off the line. I was always amazed at how so many cars beat me off the line at the lights in the R even though I would then catch and pass them very quickly. The A35 almost feels like it has hybrid technology – loads of low-down torque that launches you off the line. After that initial lurch, it flattens out and then picks up again around 5500rpm. Power delivery in the R is far more linear – put your foot down and it just goes and goes and goes! With the A35, you feel like you need (no, want!) to red line it a lot more. It some ways it feels more playful in that respect. Hard to call a winner here as the R was modified. They are both great. Do I miss the extra HP? Yes and no. I only really got to use all that extra power about 3% of the time. Most of my daily drive is between average speed cameras 🥺 Would I Stage 1 the A35? Right now, no. Once out of warranty, maybe! So this one is a draw. Handling I don’t confess to be the next James Hunt or Lewis Hamilton! I really don’t push the cars anywhere near their limits – more my inability than the cars ability. Both are all-wheel drive. Both stick to the road like glue. Having the adaptive suspension on the A35 definitely helps with the UK bumpy roads. That option was not fitted on my R so not a fair comparison. I never tracked the R and don’t plan on tracking the A35. So for everyday use and country lane fun – it’s a draw! Gearbox This is a no brainer – the DSG box is absolutely sublime! I really can’t fault it – especially with the APR TCU map on it. It never missed a beat and I very rarely found it to be in the wrong gear at the wrong time. The A35 box is good but kick down is a lot harsher. Road Noise Ok, so probably not a fair comparison here as the R was on 18s and the A35 on lower profile 19s. Both cars on Michelin Pilot Sport 4 (4s on the 19s). There is a huge amount of road noise on the A35. I’ve not been in an R on 19s so can’t really comment but for comparison between my two cars, the R wins. Exhaust Note Forget all that artificial [email protected] that both cars pump through your stereo. This is purely external “annoy your neighbours” ASBO noise that I’m referring to 😊 Both cars have stock exhausts. The A35 has the now law-abiding particulate filter that ruins most cars exhaust noises. However, put the A35 into Sport + mode and go for a loon around the country lanes and you are filled with the most awesome pops and crackles that can’t help but bring a smile to your face! A win for the A35! Seats Alcantara seats in both. A35 are heated with upgraded memory seats and lumber support. I have a prolapsed disk in my lower back so finding the perfect position is quite tricky for me. Get it wrong and I end up with sciatica. To that end, the A35 seats drove me nuts! I still don’t feel 100% comfortable in the car. It’s getting close and a few more tweaks on longer drives should have the settings sorted. I had none of those issues in the R! The R seats are definitely more comfortable. Side supports are a lot deeper than those on the A35. The seats hug you better and you feel like you are sitting IN the seat as opposed to ON the seat in the A35. Outside of the UK you have the option of ordering A45 seats for an A35. Not in the UK though which is a real shame as I’m sure the A45 seats would alleviate all the issues I’m having. I just feel a bit frustrated with the A35 seats still but hopefully that will pass. So for now, the R wins on seats! Interior For those of you familiar with the new Mercedes MBUX system you will know just how special the A35 interior is. This car is miles ahead of any competitor in this hot-hatch range when it comes to the interior. You can really see where the money goes when you get in to the A35. It is absolutely beautiful! Nothing can touch it. A clear win for the A35. Toys There are loads and loads of toys on the A35 and it would not be fair for me to compare them against the R as they are not like for like. Here are some of the toys the A35 has: · Augmented SATNAV reality (google it – it’s very cool!) · Intelligent adaptive high beam headlights · Adaptive cruise control with auto speed limit detection (reads the speed sign posts on the road and adjusts you speed limit accordingly) · Mercedes Me (yes, she is as thick as Alexa 😊 ) · Heads Up Display · Rear impact detection (tensions seatbelts and applies brakes fully just before rear impact. Not really a toy but the technology did impress me) · Lane Assist, steer assist, park assist, blindspot assist (Am I even needed? This car literally drives itself!) · Tyre temperatures (I have no idea how it does this? Some kind of voodoo magic I think) · Burmester Surround Sound system · Car bay parking (it will park front facing in a parking bay for you) · Adaptive damping Many more but I won’t bore you any further! Conclusion Still with me? 😊 For those of you keeping score: toys aside, I make it 5 all. So very close to call. I absolutely loved the R. It was great fun and I enjoyed owning it from start to finish. Would I recommend it to anyone? 100% yes! It is without any shadow of a doubt an awesome car. Do I miss it? Yes, I do! Do I wish I still had it? No I don’t! And there’s the crux of it. It suited me at the time and I still miss it. But, the A35 is a step up when it comes to luxury and that is where I am in my life right now. I had my fun tuning the R but now I want a little more comfort (seat aside!) in my life. I feel very privileged and fortunate (especially in this current COVID climate) to be in a position where I can afford to upgrade to an A35. And let’s be honest, it is an upgrade – just look at the price tags of the two cars. It honesty was not a “I absolutely love this car” feeling when I got the A35. Yes, it’s better looking, yes it has a shed load more toys and it sounds better! But the R is such a good car that (short of going out and buying a supercar) whatever I purchased next in the hot-hatch range was always going to have some very big boots to fill. In fact, had I not owned the R first then the A35 would have felt bloody awesome from day one! So to conclude, yes I do miss the R but every time I get in the A35, it feels that much more special and I am growing to love more every time I drive it. I hope you enjoyed reading this as much I as did writing it! Stay safe my friends! Glenn
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    This shouldn’t happen......

    Well we trust men in suits and look where that got us![emoji23] Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    R in Cave

    I joined the R movement last week when I collected my 2018 R in Atlantic Blue. I have a long history with Golfs kicked off by a love affair with MK 1 GTI's. The irony being I had never owned a GTI. First Golf I drove was probably around 1984 when my then girlfriend's mum used to let me use her MK1 1.6GLS which at 18 I loved having learnt to drive in a 1.1 Escort. I had a long history of company cars, most of which were dull repmobiles until I was able to choose a MK4 Golf GT Tdi in Jazz Blue. I still remember how pleased I was to collect that new from Hull VW. I have since had a version of every Mark normally the GTD. I have kept my last GTD which is also a 2018, in Indium grey with a pan roof and leather. It is a great car and the tow bar is ideal for carrying a bike rack to indulge my other hobby of cycling. We are a two car family so in October I convinced the missus that as we no longer had our kids around driving our cars the Audi A1 should go, we would keep the Golf and for some crazy reason I thought a BMW 330D M Sport was a good idea. What can I say, Heavy, appalling ride on run flat tyres and absolutely not the ultimate drivers car. I would take the Golf out and get far more enjoyment driving that. Luckily those days I am my own fleet manager so I could decide to make a quick decision to rectify the mistake. I started by looking at GTI's but then decided on an R. Financially I managed to wipe my face on the BMW making a slight profit and after one near miss with a crap dealer in Derby I found my car in Manchester. SPEC wise it is superb. DCC, Dynaudio, Leather seats with memory on the drivers and the pro infotainment screen. I love the car, in the COVID world I don't do the miles I used to so the enjoyment factor is more important than fuel consumption. DCC gives the car a really comfortable fluid ride and after years of diesels I love the sound. Sadly lock down means I have had much chance to use it, needless to say I go the windy way to the supermarket! I will update as lockdown eases on how I get on. My daughter did accuse me of being a boy racer, but that's what I love about the R, it is very discreet and in Atlantic is a classy looking car. It is pretty immaculate apart from mancy exhaust tips but thanks to @Booth11 and @NRW for the tip about polish I am on the way to sorting that as the before and after pics show. Looking forward to hearing from all of you on tips and your rides.
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    I'm Racingline OEM+ stage 2 with a Remus resonated and valved exhaust. Perfectly acceptable with the valves closed when cruising on the motorway and sounds great in race mode with the valves open. I'm running a Scorpion sports cat and originally had the Remus fitted without a resonator. Non res the pops and bangs were way OTT and the tone wasn't good and sounded hollow. I had the resonator fitted and it gives a much nicer tone, the pops and bangs are good without being way OTT and it just sounds meatier.
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    That was what this thread was originally supposed to be - see title and the opening post. 😂 I didn’t go as far as stating no spam or other chat as people invariably ignore that anyway! I knew it was too optimistic though to hope it might actually stay as a list thread, and I’ll hold my hands up in its failure as much as anyone. Thing is you either really need one single record that gets added to and updated otherwise other posts get lost amongst other chat (this thread being a case in point) but that relies on one person updating it as editing rights won’t be open to all. I nearly suggested it a few days back but reckoned I’d be the one lumped with maintaining it. 😂 Or start another thread for order details only can be started with absolutely NO SPAM, so just running posts with order details (as this one was intended). I think maybe the thing to do is to keep this thread live but I will amend the opening post to be a running list of who has ordered. Later on today I’ll trawl through to dig out the details of who has ordered and pop names, details etc up in that first post and then keep it updated (as best I can) as and when people post up to say they’ve ordered. Then general order chat can continue. Unless someone has a better idea?
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    I have 19 inch Rse10s and still think that they're one of the better aftermarket wheels out there. (Also bought mine from Awesome)
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    I have gone and done it again... Going for the mark 8 R was a no brainer for me- have had every single GTi from the mark 1-5 skipped the 6 as it was just a facelift model and then had the mark 7 R which was a brilliant all rounder and I loved it! I am confident that the new mark 8 R is not going to disappoint- I think it looks like the best VW R until now. Anyway here is the spec that I have gone for: Ordered via DTD- JCB Medway Deep Pearl Black (the best colour for me) Rear View Camera Winter Pack R Performance Pack DCC 2 year service plan Delivery approx 16-18 weeks 😁 Already sold my mark 7 R and do not require a car during lockdown so hopefully the new one will arrive when everything clears up. I am selling my JB4 on here so have a look at the classified ads if you are looking for one!
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    Revo stage 2 IS38 EA888 GPF released!

    So just went to pick up a chinese. Took the scenic route of course. When the car was up to temp I gave it the beans. When Revo claim 400ps.... I believe it. The Torque is much earlier in the rev band and transformed the car again. Still got the pedal box on sport +2 and jesus.... The car shifts. Was skeptical and was an expensive gamble considering how few have done it but worth it. When lockdown ends if anyone is around the South Wales area you are welcome to come for a spin in it. Chuffed!
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    Launch Control Problems

    Try explaining that one to my insurer, "did you do your pre-flight checks"...."well I had my seat belt on."
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    Wow that some list from orders in the last week or so!! Good work @Booth11 👍
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    Revo stage 2 IS38 EA888 GPF released!

    So the car is in for the work. The boost pipes were due for delivery to the garage today but hadnt arrived by the time I dropped the car off at 1pm. Hoping they arrived today so they can get the work done by tomorrow or I will struggle to pick it up until next Tuesday which leaves me without a car and work to get to (the wife is working also so.... yeah!) Fingers crossed
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    Service schedule

    It amazes me how little VW dealerships know about their own cars. My advice, find yourself a good indy and don’t bother with VW. I rang my local dealership to get a quote on replacing the coolant. I got “it’s a long involved process which takes 8/9 hours, total price £1400). Rang my local indy, took just over an hour and cost £100. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Farewell my R. Hello A35!

    Great review and nice to hear some real world experiences, rather than what the car is like around a track or in a 1/4 drag race. I hope you continue to enjoy the car, it sounds very good indeed. I've been looking at CLA 45S shooting brakes over the last week....I'm not ready to part with my R yet as I'm still in the honeymoon period but fast estates are getting few and far between and I can't afford to either buy, nor run an E AMG or RS6....the shooting brake would make an ideal successor to the R.
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    What did you do to your R today?

    Got ghost installed today. Just that added bit of security.
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    I have a rear diffuser now because they looked a bit out of proportion without it. My paint isn't too shabby 😉
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    It's all about personal preferences, there is no objective/absolute right or wrong on this subject (despite what some people may strongly believe about "their" opinions being the only ones that matter). ETTO and all that. As an example, while you may think your GT3 with straight pipes sounds absolutely fantastic, I'll bet there are more than a few people (and probably some animals) within earshot who hate it with an equal amount of passion for being too loud. I have a strong dislike for most "fake" things (eg fake exhaust tips, fake engine noises, fake cooling inlets etc). I also prefer a quieter car, so I really don't like the fake noises and rattles the soundaktor produces.
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    This shouldn’t happen......

    This is completely wrong in my opinion. Badly damaged car auctioned off and not put through the “register” as a category car. Not sure on this lads mechanical skills but that car is a mess - would be written off. Pity the new owner of this once repaired. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    For me and what I've read/seen about the new S3 it doesn't seem to drive particularly special ..... not like they say the Mk 8 R is. So if you want a different shape body, ok handling and slower car but buttons on the dash as opposed to touch screen then go for the S3. But if you want something fun to drive, faster and IMO looks more unique then go for the new R. 😃
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    We all fall for the smoke & mirrors game. Get caught up in dealer price, discount, trade in vs private sale vs sell to trade and renegotiate.....etc. Bottom line is the thing - and all the flummery that precedes it counts for not much - what £money you need to add to your car to drive away in your next. And No, I’m not criticising for a second, I’m speaking from the days I’ve spent on such calculations. Just keep an eye on the £ to add. 😂
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    Isn't January a bad time to try and sell cars after xmas when potential purchasers have less money. Also in the middle of a national lock down. 🤔
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    Launch Control Problems

    Don’t be tempted by a road near an airport. 😂
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    One of my clients recently bought a C63S. Its a 2018 fully loaded car with the all important sports diff but steel brakes. He’s an experienced pilot having many high powered RWD cars including his other current toy a 2019 911GT 3 RS. Before lockdown he wanted to see how engaging his new C63 was and how much he could deploy 500bhp to the rear MPS4S tyres it is fitted. I followed him on some local roads close to me the road conditions were dry but damp patches. Unsurprisingly the C63 even is format is no real B road blast machine. Far to heavy, early braking to haul up its mass and surprisingly quite slow corner speed. Out of corners the traction was non -existent 🤔sideways back and forth yawing at the wheel trying to keep it on track. TBH I wasn’t even on it to keep pace and was easily able on the straights to keep it in check due to the incredible traction and stability of the bargain bucket R. After our short blast we both agreed the R has to be the performance bargain of the last 6 years. It made my mind up Re running a turbo charged V8 and the associated running costs.
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    Golf R 7.5 exhaust tips

    I think my username might give you a clue
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    Newbie here

    Hi all, Just thought I'd introduce myself as I'm new to the group and a first time owner of a Golf 7.5 R Performance Pack 2018 plate called "Me Julie". I picked her up after having my Civic Type R written off in October 2020 [emoji85]. The other party did me a massive favour if I'm honest because I freaking love this R! Cant help but giving it some off the traffic lights with a big grin on my face [emoji23]. Since ownership I've had a handful of spirited drives on a few B roads (addicted!) and would love to take her to the track in the near future after getting some decent rubber. Last week I installed Osram dynamic indicators and attempted to fit a pair of carbon fibre mirror caps at the same time but ended up cracking the retaining clips on one side Not sure if the clip can be repaired or need to be scrapped and purchase a new one altogether (any suggestions welcomed) Anyways, I'm looking to start with the performance mods later this year after warranty runs out and in the process of putting together a little list of mods in order of priority and I'm open to suggestions as I have little to no clue about these cars and where to start to suit my growing addiction to B roads and possibly 1 or 2 track days a year? Thanks in advance, Berty Sent from my SM-N960F using Tapatalk
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    Service schedule

    I booked mine in for its 2nd service yesterday and was surprised to be offered an air con service and the princely sum of £135 🙄. Told them to forget that as there is nothing wrong with it. Bought the service pack when it was new so a least it wont cost me nowt for the service.
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    This shouldn’t happen......

    Would I trust a guy who wears a baseball cap backwards, has stupid hoops in his ears with crap tattoos? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    As said above, running list of 8R orders to date is detailed in first post of this thread, but here’s a snapshot of where we are so far...quite a few! 1. @Darlo Lapiz Blue 19” alloys Leased via VW direct at Stockport UK 2. @Mange White Performance Pack Winter Pack Electric heater from DEFA DCC 19" Black Panorama Mud Flaps Some Safe systems Rear Camera And some more.. Build Week 8 Sweden 3. @Northern Monkey Lapiz Blue 19" Estoril Winter Pack with heated rear seats Park Assist Rear View Camera Harman Kardon Est delivery July UK 4. @keano Black Pano roof Winter pack 2 year lease UK 5. @Fruitloop Pure White Winter Pack Est build wk 15 UK 6. @MK8TOM Black Paint Performance Pack Diamond Cut wheels Akrapovich Leather Panorama and all the tech stuff Est delivery wk6-7 Switzerland 7. @evanstafford Spec unknown Ordered 6th Jan 15-16 week delivery schedule UK 8. @Davman37 Lapiz blue Winter pack with rear heated seats too Rear view camera Est July? UK? 9. @mk8r Lapiz blue Performance pack Reverse camera. Est build wk 6 (March delivery?) Norway 10. @Jordi93 White Winter pack Arriving April/May UK? 11. @Booth11 Lapiz Performance Pack Akrapovic Leather Harmon Kardon DCC Rear View Camera Heads up display Ordered 11th Jan via DTD Delivery estimate 16-18 weeks UK 12. @TheWood1978 Lapiz Blue Winter Pack Ordered 8th Jan original delivery estimate 14 - 16 weeks, current delivery estimate 25th June 2021 (23 weeks) Lease UK 13. @Wrex Lapiz Blue 19” alloys Winter pack (cheap one) Reverse camera Ordered 11th Jan Est delivery late March/ April
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    Booo, as someone who had an expensive accident in my MK7.5 six months after buying it, I know what you're going through emotionally. It took a couple of months to repair, but I'm happy to report that the R looks fine and has run flawlessly for over a year since I got it back. Find a good shop and fingers crossed for similar success with yours. First step in getting over the pain is accepting that it's okay to feel lousy about it and reminding yourself, however empty it feels, that there's life beyond the trauma. I'm actually enjoying my R more since I got it back, which is saying a lot. To view and drive it, no one would know what happened. Those latent fears we enthusiasts have about protecting the car from a hostile driving environment have disappeared.
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    Revo stage 2 IS38 EA888 GPF released!

    Stef from Gotboost has emailed me saying the pipes arrived and he’s working on the car as we speak!. Hoping there’s enough times for stage 1 dyno to stage 2 but worst case is I get stage 2 another day.
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    First Golf 8R reviews

    I must admit this pic of a Black Mk 8 Golf R (Rear View) looks pretty cool....
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    Soundaktor - what level is yours at?

    0% I have a Res delete and that sounds just dandy as it is [emoji56] Sent from my fingers
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    Pets and Petrolheads!

    R family, meet Pasco. We picked him up on 1st Jan. He's just gone 15 weeks yesterday and had his 2nd jab. He's a Chihuahua x Pekingese. We lost our little Chihuahua Pebbles in June last year from heart failure (she was only 9) and we've felt empty since. Pasco is a bundle of joy, though a naughty little bugger. He's a weeing, pooing, eating, chewing machine. We're just getting him out in the garden for toilets and it's going fairly well so far but I think it'll be a long road! He's absolutely golden in the car though and falls straight to sleep. I went to IKEA earlier on my own with him as he has separation anxiety from swmbo already and he slept the whole way there and back!
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    Had a navy blue R just over 2 years ago, currently got a Cupra. Bit the bullet on a standard white mk8 with winter pack (Mrs request). Arriving April/May.
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    That's the problem with a well sorted 7R , it punches so far above its price bracket it gets into scary money to find something that will make it worthwhile replacing 🤣
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    Yes indeed Neil, this time of the year the R will easy cover ground quicker than both M3 and C63 due to 4WD vs RWD and the fact the R is a more agile car around tight twisties. My last car was a C63s which I had for 8 months. Great car for the engine noise from the glorious 4.0 V8, great drama, pops and bangs (proper loud in Sport+)..... But at the end of the day its no sports car and more of a GT tourer. I'm sure I read its over 1800kg so its never going around B roads as quick as an R. The "fun" part of the drive came from the engine for sure and straight line performance (in the dry and above 10 Deg C!) but not the handling. Whereas the R is fast enough and has handling to put a smile on your face. I've never looked back TBH.
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    The R does everything pretty much Drama free. Gets you across your favourite roads quickly. No fuss, no drama, does the job asked. Others seek and yearn for the drama, the sounds, squeals, screeches and yowls whilst you are at Max. Chat mode. Sometimes you don’t get between the two points much, if any quicker. But it feels quicker. Re C63 and M3 - I’m sure I’ve heard from Andy, @dopper99 - that an R would often show Four Tips to either on many an occasion😂. Doesn’t make you popular with your neighbours tho!
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    Bad Driving

    Seen this before. What a pair of tools. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    An interesting news item on the BBC website today - Tesla driver In Germany distracted and crashed while using the car’s touchscreen to adjust the speed of the windscreen wipers; https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-53666222 Could just as easily be a mk8 Golf driver being distracted and crashing while using the infotainment screen to adjust the heating / ventilation / climate controls 🤔.
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    Revo stage 2 IS38 EA888 GPF released!

    Thank you [emoji1303] Was looking trying to find my logs for when I had that car and so far been unable too. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Order placed, spec as follows: Lapiz Blue Panoramic Roof Rear Camera Winter Pack DCC Estorils Delivery was stated as end of March but once I get the paperwork I’ll update this. Purchased via Carwow, discount 14.5% I know there are no exciting options, but I couldn’t justify the Akrapovic, Leather or Performance Pack. I’m coming from a 7.5 GTI so looking forward to being back in an R. I did consider the S3/M135i/Clubsport but there are many reasons why I opted for the R including some that others have stated.
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    Yeah, point I was trying to make is that with the GPF cars they are not running more boost than the non-GPF car to make up for any deficit in running the standard downpipe with oem cat and GPF. As always with modding, it’s always a risk and if you want to play you bettered be prepared to pay should the worst happen
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    Spoke to the Dyno guy at GotBoost. Stage 1 he could hold the dyno (at the speed setting it was on) at 3k RPM at stage 1 with no issue. At stage 2, he said it was slipping as the torque was so much higher(and he didn't want to destroy the tyres). He has had to change the speed setting of the Dyno so it gave strange numbers. From my little blast on the motorway slip road (kids in the car so not to crazy) the speed was incredible. It definitely pulls much harder lower down the rev range too compared to stage 1. He did say we can do another session on it when it's had its service and we can start the run at 3k RPM to give it more accurate figures at top end (it's definitely not 277) but he used that to make sure the boost pressures didn't drop and the figures can be tested later if I want to confirm the top end performance. I am happy with that. Just need the wife to come home around 7:30 so I can go out without the girls in the car and get a good feel for it.
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    18” Alloy Wheels - No Spacers

    For those who are interested, Al (Product manager) over at Awesome GTI has kindly put the new size of Neuspeed RSe 10, 18x8.5 - 5x112, ET45 on their website, all standard colour options are available. That's what I call great customer service! Had a change of heart on the colour, went for the Satin Bronze....which I think will look nice on my Lapiz Blue R. Please find the newly setup listing here on their website: https://www.awesomegti.com/neuspeed-rse10-alloys-18x8-5-5x112/
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    As I said mate you have to ring them. The lease companies just make the admin fee or add a few quid on the monthly payment. It’s not the same in all cases but it is in this particular deal. I got deals from two brokers on the R and rang the guy I used at be for my 7.5R. One broker was adding a few quid a month and an admin fee. Central were charging the same as VW plus admin fee. So they were making £180 a deal hence why they advertised there deal as the cheapest in the UK.
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    Newbie here

    Agree, nice colour, wheel combo. Imo, lose the wind deflectors - my pet hate.....awful things. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    For next Winter Booo?
  50. 2 points

    Dealers to avoid or recommend

    @Booth11 and @NRW thanks for the Welcome. A few pics of the car after its inaugural wash! I bought a BMW 330D M Sport , it lasted 8 weeks. The ride was horrendous and it was in no way a driver's car. I Kept going out in my GTD and thinking "this is more fun" The BM went and the R arrived this week. It is superb. The ride with DCC is sublime and to drive the car is a revelation. From that burble when you start it, the effortless drive at low speeds and the spectacular performance when you want it, WOW. Machine polish and ceramic coating are booked, looking forward to non lockdown ownership. P.S. Any tips on cleaning exhaust tips?
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