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    nige bcs

    BCS Powervalve Exhaust Sport Vs WRC

    Hi everyone. We've been having a lot of inquiries asking for the full turbo back Powervalve REV III exhaust system sound variants... So here are a couple of short vids for comparison purposes. Full WRC system Full Sport System Thanks for looking Cat back option also available. Cheers Nige
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    Scott's 7R Build

    @Bowen yes similar sort of area, send me a pm👍🏻 Thanks all for the kind words I appreciate it! I've just returned home from collecting the car and honestly I am amazed!! Its like collecting a brand new car all over again! So impressed with the attention to detail provided as well, honestly can't recommend Vivid enough 👌🏻 Enough talking, pictures incoming: Can't wait to get up and give the car a good clean as the motorway took its tole! Will be meeting up with a few mates this weekend, so shall get better photos ASAP. I'm aware the colour won't be to everyone's taste, but I absolutely love it. Awesome finish and breaks necks like crazy 😂 Watch this space for more mods
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    Sounds like you just need a software update on your infotainment, depending on what spec yours is you can do it yourself with a usb and the VW software... I had a glitchy infotainment whereby the jukebox list would flash repeatedly when open and I couldn’t select anything, I did an update and it fixed it completely.
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    Well, I never really fell out of love with it, but it gradually started to grate on me. Until today. I bought a 2,000 mile ex/demo from a dealership and instantly loved my car. It’s an 18 reg 7.5, DSG, 5 door, in black, no snazzy suspension, and.......19 inch Pretorias. I’d read here about how Prets are the best thing, and how they’re sought after, so the spec I bought seemed perfect. I picked it up in Feb 19, and I’ve driven it for 9,000 miles in seven months. Do do I like it? I truly love it. The best car I’ve ever owned or driven. I’ve been a VW man for years and I have a brand new Touareg and an oldish Amarok, so I’m loyal. But........ Tbose damn Pretoria’s. Why do you like them? Why? I mean, really why? They ride like they’re smashing through the tarmac and they’re just......too pathetic for UK roads. I bought (don’t laugh, because I really like their look) a set of immaculate 18 Cadiz and fitted them today. And then I drove it.... Oh my God. It was like having a poo after a week of constipation. What a relief! Smooth, quiet and comfy. Flooring it, the car still does what it did, and it’s lovely and quiet in comparison. Downsides? Well, you lot say they’re ugly, but I kind of disagree. I like them. The only driving difference is a mild softness in comparison when transferring weight between fast B-road bends due to the slightly taller side wall. But it’s almost nice to feel that instead of the jarring of the 19 inch Prets. So, I’m putting myself up to be shot down, but I’ve got a set of 19 inch Prets that, as far as I’m concerned, are nothing but over-rated trash. I reckon they’d make a good picnic table. So, to all you Cadiz lads... you’ve got the best! Leave them as they are.
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    Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
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    Milltek GPF Exhaust.

    If it hasn’t been shipped yet I’d cancel the exhaust from milltek and go and see Nige. Milltek quality has really gone down hill and a few members have reported that the back boxes have fallen apart at the welds. There’s a topic on here somewhere with picture evidence. The bcs/power valve exhaust is far better quality and sounds awesome. I’ve owned loads of different brand exhausts over the years and bcs is by far the best I’ve had.
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    Milltek GPF Exhaust.

    @nige bcs makes the exhausts he's posted - I think the point he is making is that he can put a better exhaust on your car for less/same money as the Miltek
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    Batch’s Tornado Red 7.5R Wagon

    Thanks guys, I’ve done this how I wanted it, it’s really flattering to see your compliments.
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    What do you dislike about your R?

    4 on the car and 15 buckled ones in the shed 🤣
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    I'm earning $$$$

    Thanks to all the members who reported the spam attack. Your quick reporting is very much appreciated. 👍
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    Hard Wire dash cam Kit

    The ones that the Halfords' fitters use (presumably for sale individually in store) work fine. What camera have you got? Their £30 fitting fee (takes a tech about 30 mins) includes the cost of the hard wiring kit, so its just not worth fiddling with at that price. I have had 3 fitted over the last few years and the service has always been very good.
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    Seat covers

    Got my two front covers from rhino uk - https://rhinoukbootlinersltd.co.uk got mine in black seem to fit ok, and are the thicker waterproof type of material. I waited about a week for mine.
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    What detailing have you done today?

    Sealed my wheels off today. Really hard to tell where the C5 has been applied so had to be as methodical as possible to keep it even. Hopefully it’s all done ok but will have to wait for spring to find out... used the entire 15ml to do all 4. [emoji108] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Has anybody here owned a R32

    Traded my Mk5 R32 in for my current Mk7 R. Mk7 is a far superior car in both power and handling side of things, but it just cant match the R32 for the noise, throttle response and sense of occasion. R32 used to snap necks when people heard it passing on throttle, most looked puzzled it was only a Golf😉.
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    How old are you and what do you do?

    Risk Engineer 58. Travelling to Kuwait today via Dubai, for a couple of days reviewing a new build factory. Sitting in EK lounge now watching incoming flight arrive. Upgraded to First on Emirates, so looking forward to a nice flight in my private suite. Only Tuesday but might even have some vintage Dom Perignon before takeoff
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    Show me your brakes!!!

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    My DBP R

    Right so been driving new 7.5 R for nearly a week things that are different: Exhaust is is much louder and more burbles. 7 speed is taking a bit if getting used to, slight gas in D7 results in it changing to D6. I find the standard suspension harder than normal on the DCC. I love the look of the Prets but the Cadiz are much more forgiving ( pot hole wise ) I hate the Bridgestone I want my Mitchelin PS4 back. MPG looks like it could be slightly better. The sound inside the cabin is totally different, no radio on the turbo owl is much more pronounced. The rear view camera must be differently operated motor wise sounds different when engaging. Steering feels heavier in normal. ( tyre pressures ok ) Indicator noise is much louder with the digital display The digital display is hard to figure out what to put where. Not very customisable. I need a new VCDS my HEX-CAN is totally incompatible. Leather on the steering wheel feels very dry, have just treated it to see if it softens up a bit. It would seem that it opens all doors even though single is selected. It keeps complaining that I need to turn the lights on, it’s ok car I can tell when it’s in my garage and I don’t need to. Reading of the speed signs is ropey at best. The green emergency light is annoying in the corner of my eye. I have a rattle somewhere. Glovebox is missing its shiny lock. The finger prints on the glass radio is horrendous. I notice the boot doesn’t open under certain circumstances with the keyless. Not sure what but seems more resistant. Hand brake comes on with door open rather than seat belt off. Coolant top is different, no battery cover. Cleaning all the grill/bumper parts in the air vent areas of the bumper is a pain. Don't like the honeycomb in the rear bumper.
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    In a few years the Technfrom the 7 might filter down and out....like it often does. Would seem logical progression. Fingers crossed.
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    OBD Eleven - The Basics

    OBD Eleven - The Basics - Golf R Having used my OBD Eleven to make a few tweaks to my car I have to admit getting started wasn't a piece of cake. There are lots of helpful adaptations littered across the web but no basic guide to OBD Eleven itself and the steps to take if you have never used the device before. Here is my attempt to put that right.... First a few things you should know about OBD Eleven. 1) You can download the app for free but you HAVE to buy the OBD port dongle to which it connects (via bluetooth). I bought mine direct from https://obdeleven.com/ 2) You need an android device running 4.1 (Jelly Bean) or later. It must have bluetooth and it will only work with OBD Eleven when a strong internet connection is available (WIFI or 3/4G). I am an iOS household so I bought a cheap Android Tablet specifically for this purpose. (There are no plans to roll this out on iOS because Apple devices don't support the bluetooth traffic it requires to work.) 3) You can buy basic or pro versions of OBD Eleven. I bought pro and it is what I would recommend. The dongles are the same but buying pro provides an activation key which allows you to make free 'VCDS style' modifications to your car. If you don't buy pro you will only be able to make changes by the pre-configured 'apps'. These apps automatically make changes to your car at the press of a button but they cost credits. You can buy credits from OBD Eleven direct or, I think, watch adverts to earn them. When you use the apps you don't know exactly what settings changes have been made to your car and you are dependent on using the same app to revert to stock. By using the coding options in the Pro version you know every modification you make. It also keep a log so you can unpick anything you may have done. When you get your OBD Eleven.... It will arrive in a very small package and you may be forgiven for expecting a little more. However the package contains an OBD dongle and, if you bought pro, an activation code. This is all you need. You need to download the app on your android device. Confusingly it isn't called OBD Eleven. It is called Car Diagnostics Pro VAG OBD2 (go figure). You can find it in the play store by searching for OBD Eleven though. Once downloaded and installed create an account and confirm your email. Then sign in. Initially you will only see the standard app features. If you bought pro you need to activate this on your account. To do this go to the menus in the top left corner of the app, select settings, and in the Theme menu at the top toggle the pro switch to the right. Once you have done that you will be prompted to input the pro activation code which came with the dongle. You are now just about ready to connect to your car.... You will find your OBD port underneath the steering wheel. Specifically beneath the coin holder cubby on the right-hand side. Switch the car ignition on (no need to start the engine) and plug the dongle in. Next pair the dongle with your android device. This isn't essential but it makes connection much faster each time you come to use OBD Eleven. Search for bluetooth devices in your android settings app and pair using bluetooth code 1234. You can now connect the app to the car..... Press connect - even once paired this can take a while. Once connected you will be presented with a scan screen (see a couple of images below) And if you click on My Car you get the following screen: From these areas you can view details of your car, view and clear fault codes and if the engine is running view live data from many different sensors etc. The purpose of this thread is to advise how to do some of the most popular Golf R modifications so, without further ado.... Whichever version you have you will see an apps section from the My Car screen. I have around four pages of apps and if you wish you can use these to make modifications at the cost of credits. As I said above if you haven't bought or activated pro this is the only modification option you have. Screenshots of some of the apps available to me below (can't post them all as I have reached the maximum image limit for one post): If you do have pro though you get a new 'coding' icon on the home screen, to the bottom right of the big scan button: Pressing this button gets you access to the world of control units and their underlying settings. This is where you are able to make VCDS style tweaks. Here are the new menus you see: Below are the first tweaks I made and how I did them. Soundaktor For those of us without the MIB option to adjust the soundaktor level this is a really useful modification. I turned mine completely off but you can adjust the intensity: There is a handy OBD Eleven video for this - so here you are Exhaust Flaps To keep the exhaust flaps permanently open (Golf R hatch only) and have all four working regardless of mode (or engine restart) you must disable the functionality. To do this there is an important start up procedure - otherwise you will code them permanently closed. To prepare I... 1) started the engine and selected race mode (if gearbox is DSG - select 'sport') 2) turned off the engine 3) turned the ignition back on (didn't start the engine) 4) performed the mod below. After pressing the coding button (bottom right of the scan button in the image above) you need to select: Engine Control Module > Coding > (make sure the 'long coding' toggle-switch top right is switched on) then select: Byte 9 (from the options at the top where you can type in byte numbers) > Untick bit 2. Then click the tick to save changes. Test this by starting the engine and putting your hands over the outer two exhausts. If there is an obvious stream of air pushing against your hands then you have been successful. To be doubly sure you could switch engine modes and re-check but the Golf always starts up with two exhausts closed regardless of the last mode it was left in. Pace Car Turn Signals Not to everyone's taste but they certainly stand out and I do like them. To do this I made the following changes after entering the coding menus. 1) Select 09 - Central Electrics 2) Select Security Access 3) Enter the security code 31347 and return to the previous screen 4) Select Adaptation 5) Type Leuchte16BLK into the search box for the left hand side settings and make the following changes: 6) Type Leuchte17TFL into the search box for the right hand side settings and make these changes: Press the green tick and you're done - the coding should be accepted. Other Tweaks The three mods above actually cover all the basics of coding via OBD Eleven - you should now be able to follow any of the more cryptic posts which people post on the various forums you will find on the internet. The majority of these use the central electrics modification methodology as demonstrated for the pace car lights above and as far as I can tell the security code remains the same.. Here is a good source of the other modifications which are possible. Many are not relevant to the Golf R because features are already activated or they concern front fogs which the R does not have. Those that are relevant are very easy to implement. http://obdeleven.proboards.com/thread/167/coding-adaptations I hope this is useful. So far the other mods I have completed are: Full brake lights Fan speed LEDs in auto mode Disable 'ignition on' warning when driver's door open Alarm chirp on lock/unlock Dimming DRLs when associated indicator is on Automatic coming home headlights One final note.... the app has an ear piercing alarm which reminds you not to leave the OBD Eleven in your car. Ignore it or disable it at your peril - if you leave it in overnight you'll have a flat battery by the morning .
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    lee s

    Show us your ‘post WLTP’ Golf R’s

    Not yet registered but picking up hopefully in 1 week. 3 door 😳, DCC, pano roof, Dynaudio, black Pretorias, nappa carbon leather .. can’t wait
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    Lower springs with DCC

    I’m running VWR springs on mine with dcc the ride is firm but five for me. They drop relatively low. If you don’t want to go as low eibach may be a better bet as they don’t drop as low as VWR.
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    New member

    Thanks for the really warm welcome. I will upload pics and start a build thread (although I am well in to the build), it's just a bit difficult as I have a 5 week old daughter! Spare time is sparse at the moment. 😅 Here's one of the latest photos, filthy as ever.
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    R600 VAG

    Car looks great mate what a build!
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    Team Dynamics Pro Race 1.3 in Gloss Graphite 19x8.5j ET45 with 235/35 PS4S
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    How old are you and what do you do?

    50, Male escort Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
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    The Wifey-Mobile Mk7 Golf R

    Next up - wrap! Now, I didn’t want to do this. I thought the blue looked good, and just blacking our the chrome and silver bits was all that was needed. But wifey-dearest had other ideas. She wanted a satin or matt black. No way I’d pay for that. I wanted gloss dark grey - which she hated. So we agreed on satin dark grey....and I actually quite like it! Went with gloss black on the roof and all the silver or chrome bits Looks even better when you start messing about with filters!
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    Jon R306

    Best mods on Mk 7?

    Hi Barry. Welcome and good luck keeping the spending down talking to us R fans. unfortunately moving out of My R but in My experience the best mods I fitted first were... 1..pedal box ( removes the first dead inch of throttle pedal) a revolation of an upgrade 2..Turbo Technics inlet pipe and elbow all in one.. this gives excellent throttle response ( turned the pedal box down a little) and it adds more induction volume as well as a proven 10+ bhp across the Rev range on any R . 3..K&N filter element which again added a little bit more induction noise 😁 so all good. 4..res delete with anti drone bend.. This has been Great and equally as good as the first 3 mods as I only aloud myself £180 budget on exhaust mods. being 7 speed DSG it doesn’t intrude unless you’re cruising at 100+mph so not for long and even then it isn’t any louder than a full £1500 system so all good for My taste plus the wife loves the difference.👍 result. I had 2+ years of warranty left so didn’t want to loose it by getting a remap so went instead with a trick tuning box = a JB4 with logging features and run a custom map on My R to great effect. After removal for servicing nothing was flagged up by My VW dealers so well pleased with it. great to have you aboard 👍
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    Best mods on Mk 7?

    Quick list in £ order lowest to highest 1. OBD Eleven to code stuff with (plenty of topics on here), my main one was to permanently open the exhaust valves and now I’m much happier and don’t need a res delete (too chavy IMO) & also did the full brake light enable vs the outsides as default. 2. Tyres! Michelin Pilot Sport 4 if you have 18” or PS4S if you have 19”... Totally transforms the car, I was shocked at how much better they were than conti sports and potenza’s. 3. Lowering springs, I’ve just put on Eibach Pro Springs and I’m very impressed, the car sits slightly lower (10-15mm I believe) but the ride is still great and the handling has been improved, less body roll etc. I decided against the spacers and I’m happy with how it looks even with the car lowered, I couldn’t help but see the negatives in putting them on but each to their own. Mod list depends on what your looking for, if your going for big power then ECU & TCU maps but if your happy with power go for some tweaking stuff like springs which will just improve the drive.
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    It looks like a Vel-Satis ! An odd looking carbuncle of a car owned mainly by history teachers and heavily bearded people with terrible eye-sight and cluttered homes.
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    Golf - now confirmed dead (new photos)

    It’s got something of the seat toledo about it That sad, “shoot me now” depressed face... Well. Makes the Mk7 look better doesn’t it! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Which number plates?

    Its all about standing out and looking gangsta I guess.
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    Am I the only one who doesn’t have issues with the OEM blades? At 18 months now and still okay. Will replace with Bosch Aero when they do pack up though as used before and really good. Also used rain x on previous cars but found great for a while then more issues than not using it.
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    Never used RainX (loathe the stuff) with Bosch blades, never had any need to use any glass coating with them. I prefer to have a virgin windscreen. Ime, Bosch Aerotwins work perfectly on their own and have always performed faultlessly on my cars. I’m sure PIAA are excellent too and great to have a couple good choices over the oems. As long as they work that’s all that counts!
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    The Cumbrian

    Keyless key failure

    Thought about that but not going to risk the good key! Booked in at dealers on Weds. Apparently they'd had issues with "non-VW batteries being fitted causing problems". A good battery is a good battery...sometimes I feel like I should've started conversations with "I'm an Engineer and a qualified electrician please do not try and bullshit me"
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    Yes Jon, absolutely rubbish wipers. And I wouldn't suggest jumping on the Bosch Aerotwin bandwagon either, as I have done twice, both times with disappointment. I am now doing what I originally did with all my previous cars over the years and that's to buy PIAA silicone wipers - they are the very best, in my personal opinion based on years of previous experience with them instantly noticeable to be superior to anything made of standard rubber. You can probably find them for around £47-£50 a set.
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    Get PIAA - I've tried Bosch and all the others, nothing even comes close to keeping the screen clear. They seem to last forever because they are made of 100% silicone, not just silicone coated. I fitted these as soon as I got my car and have them fitted on all my cars. http://www.piaa.co.uk/wipers/wipers.asp
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    Dashcam in ur R

    My Blackvue 650S is hard wired in. It only lasts for about 2 hours in parking mode, and soon after fitting start/stop only works after a long >2hr drive, due to how much battery it uses even with the power magic pro. Probably won't bother with one again.
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    Dashcam in ur R

    I have an F770 front and rear and tbh wouldn't recommend this camera or any Thinkware product.
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    Had them fitted after your advice and info! Really happy with them !
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    Charles M

    What did you do to your R today?

    I looked at the above, looked at mine. Thought about it. Didn't think that there was a huge difference and went back to the cricket.
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    What did you do to your R today?

    Have it a long overdue wash.
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    Beautiful @chylld
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    Centre caps arrived today, understand not everyone is keen on keeping the stock VW badge count, but for those who are the part # 3B7 601 171 fit my wheels perfectly.
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    APR vs REVO stage 1

    Had the hi torque APR stage 1 & DSG tune at VRS yesterday. Stock was 303 bhp 313 lb/ft torque. Tune produced 370 bhp & 417 lb/ ft torque. The max torque is at around 3500 rpm then drops off from around 4000 rpm so definitely a torque surge is felt. All good though so far and gearbox doesn’t seek the highest gear at town speeds now which was a real annoyance to hit 5th gear at 30 mph. Some interesting cars at VRS, including the project car from VW driver mag which had new turbo and was making 480 bhp with a proper tune rather than tuning box. Another R there was tuned to 600 bhp !!
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    Pick one of three dealer responses: “wear and tear, sir” “cut your fingernails Madame” ”they all do that” 😆
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    OBD Eleven - The Basics

    Checked the spec of the tablet and it meets the requirements just fine,dont expect it to be fast though but if you are only using it for the OBDeleven you wont worry. just make sure you set up a google account when you set the tablet up for the play store if you already have not got one. all the mods you have listed i have already done with the OBDeleven also done some on my brothers car and my cousins .of the ones listed i used an app for headlight washer disable (10 credits ) other than that i think ive done 10 other mods using the long coding.oh not sure if Lawrie mentioned it but it keeps a full history of your changes so it makes it easy to change back,you can email it to you computer and even print it off for safe keeping.
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    OBD Eleven - The Basics

    I'm guessing you would press the button without your foot on the brake/clutch? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    OBD Eleven - The Basics

    Hi all! After reading this topic I've just purchased the OBD Eleven. Can't wait to get it and get hooked in. Just a quick n00b question, how in the world do you turn on your ignition without starting the car in the keyless R? I wouldn't have a clue as I've had the car for less than a year.
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    OBD Eleven - The Basics

    My R goes back to VW tomorrow and Select Car leasing deliver me a shiny new one. I therefore decided to put the indicators and exhaust flaps back to standard. I did the reverse of the instructions above and the indicators reverted back immediately. The flaps took longer though. The OBD Eleven accepted the coding but it didn't reactivate the flaps immediately. It only did so after I had left the car locked for 10 minutes and returned to it and started the engine. After speaking with @Ninja_Geezer it seems his R did the same when reverting, so don't be alarmed if they don't start functioning right away when/if you put them back to stock.
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    Revo Stage 1 advice

    My car has been stock since before Christmas as was due its first service, the car was refreshed with the stock file with no error codes on the car, this was done at Revo HQ, car was serviced and no issues, all be it had a temperamental internal light, no fault codes on the car Done around 500 miles since service and really not been used other than pottering around, car was booked into Revo to be reflashed by them, they scanned for fault codes and some were showing on DSG, car working fine codes saying gear not being selected, they cleared them but still returned and there engineering staff checked if there were loose connections and dsg oil so no flash and trip to the dealers A scour of the net showed a few instances of these codes on dsg 7 GTIs but not much else, these were stock and some done less than a 1,000 miiles I picked up a VCDS end of last week so could also log the faults so I could inform the dealer, my dealership have moved to a new showroom with new after sales manager etc so some new relationships to build on given they were sorting a gesture of good will on hers due to the PDI prep. Car booked in and was dealt with by the After Sales Manager, top guy and fairly relaxed given springs and sat on aftermarket wheels. They diagnosed a faulty light switch which was ordered, codes were sent to VW who said do a dsg reset. DSG reset was done by dealer and 20 miles of read test and fault did not appear, After Sales Manager said monitor it so have done some VCDS checks now its done a few hundred miles, if the codes reappeared leave them on and VW would interrogate further So that is my experience of a warranty claim so far and having it dealt with, no TD1 conversation. Few lessons learned, i should have investigated in VCDS years ago, great tool to use and fault codes cut out a load of time with the dealer, worth while if you go tuning box to ensure no issues before installed and for keeping an eye on boxed and mapped cars, a decent tuner or agent will always check for codes and not map a car where codes reoccur, lots of conflicting information on the inter web
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