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    Just wanted to say a public thanks to Booth (and the rest of the Moderators) for the way that she's handled recent occurrences on the Forum. Despite recent personal digs by some members and general moaning by others (including myself) she has acted professionally throughout and her passion for both the forum and VW cars always shines through. The forum truly would not be the same without your contributions. 👍
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    Jared’s DBP

    So here we go, some pictures in the light at a recent event at Caffeine & Machine! Before anyone asks no that windscreen isn’t tinted green it’s the climate windscreen😉
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    MK7.5 TPMS High Retrofit

    Last bit of the coding done now and all works fine.
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    I nominate..........

    I nominate R400 that will sort it Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    What did you do to your R today?

    A few prep bits done, before heading off to hillier lands (that’s if the world doesn’t end before I set off!) Checked all the fluids - oil, screenwash (topped up), coolant. Following the recent replacement of water pump/thermostat housing (coolant leak) by VW last week, I now have an airlock in the coolant system so need to keep an eye on that. Tyre pressures checked, then gave it a once over with a wash mitt, and a coat of sealant. I had a little helper who appears to be saying he’s much better looking, blacker and shinier! I think he’s right! 😁
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    Pets and Petrolheads!

    Meet my new kitten buddies, 4 - 5 month old sisters Corliss and Pegeen. Pegeen's the one with the gray spot under her mouth. The house was lonely after Enzo's demise. Not anymore. I adopted them about five days ago and we're acclimating nicely. What a lovable handful. They are to be 100% indoor cats. There's a possibility I may adopt their feral mother, who will also be indoor, sometime in the future. Stay tuned.
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    Pic of new tardis as instructed
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    RAYS G025 No spacers. Direct fit.
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    Here's my 2019 7.5 i got detailed last month! Could not be happier! Graham at Azuri Car Care in Stevenage Herts was amazing could not recommend enough. Have a walkround collection video I took of it being an absolute mirror but cant upload it from my phone. Shame the weather is shite now want to get some nice pics of it out on the road at some point...
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    What detailing have you done today?

    Gave it a quick pre trip wash and a fresh application of Gyeon WetCoat. And then a small fierce panther decided to photobomb!
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    Explain the logic?!

    He/she has even parked into your space. Perhaps someone with something missing from their life, looking for a friend. Maybe a little extreme in this case, but a small tube of silicone grease kept in the car could be useful. Just a smidgen on a fingertip, then write "twunt" in large reversed letters across the windscreen. The effect when it rains will be a wonder to behold.
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    It can do it all...

    ... and that’s why it’s such a great car. Headed for a week in Scotland of hooning round lochs but first the motorway cruise up and a solid 42mpg average fully loaded. Hit a bit of traffic so caught a pic of the range - over 500 indicated is mental. My long term average is 22mpg as I otherwise am only using it for fun jaunts out but it’s mad to think it can be so good on a run when needed. Gods country is before me and that average will now drop significantly- welcome reward for a relaxed cruise up. [emoji41]
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    It can do it all...

    The R is made for Scotland [emoji41]
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    I had my R' in for service and MOT my local dealer has closed so it is a 80 mile round trip now 😞 so had to get the buckets out when I got home, I think it still looks okay for six years old, even my hubs haven't rusted too bad. It is low mileage though. Been looking at the new S3.
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    I don’t really take notice of the prices, just fill up at the local shell garage and the cost is what it is. It’s also about 20 miles to the nearest Tesco for Momentum so that’s not really feasible. Another plus is the Shell Go app and being able to pay for the fuel without needing to touch the pump and a keypad or go into the shop. A full VAT receipt is emailed to you and kept on file. Simples.
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    I’ll never....

    All of them...Stopped drinking about 20 years ago...
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    Brace arm welded onto original turnbuckle That’s it for now.
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    Mk8 R. If Not, then What?

    Honestly by the time it comes round to upgrading from "needing" to rather than "wanting" to, I'll probably bite the bullet and go electric. I tend to keep my cars a long time and look after them as I love my Golf's but I cant see the MK8 pushing me to indulge and purchase one sooner than needed so ill hang on to the 7.5 until its time to move with the times and go electric. Im sure electric infrustructure for refuelling and prices will have come down to sensible levels by then.
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    Unicorn remap pending - options

    I went to Unicorn yesterday for stage 2, he really knows his stuff so you’ll be pleased. I got 416 bhp & 409 lbft torques
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    Exhaust tip re-chrome

    just had mine done at local platers £20 each they came out as new well pleased
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    Bevel box failure

    Maybe useful if you are having issues that can’t be pinned down to the Haldex / rear Diff Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    What did you do to your R today?

    I'm just keen to see a pic of Neils hair. If someone can confuse an Astra with an R then I'm not sure I'd: 1. Trust them with using scissors. 2. Let them anywhere near me with said scissors.
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    What did you do to your R today?

    It could have been worse, he could have asked if it was the Mk8 😳
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    What did you do to your R today?

    Did you tip him? 😁
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    Pets and Petrolheads!

    This little guy will be joining our household in a few weeks. [emoji106] The wife wants to call him Bertie but not decided yet so open to any suggestions...
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    New Cornish 7.5R Owner

    Hi guys and girls, Been on the site a while and had the car for a few months, just wanted to say hello! So far so good! Still getting used to the DSG as it's my first 👍 Any Cornish members on here
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    Helix, RTS or Sachs Manual Clutch?

    Thought I’d update on my experience of RTS clutch so far having had it fitted two days ago with a new Sachs DMF. Might be useful for others considering it. Clutch fitting went smoothly. Despite the stock clutch slipping for while, the original flywheel was in good condition so I’ve kept that for eBay. The clutch itself was on its last legs though despite only having seen 40,000 miles. The RTS clutch has a bit heavier feel than stock. Nothing really heavy but noticeable. It seems to have less play / be less loose on the pedal which I prefer and when I’m not thinking about it I don’t notice the extra weight. No squeal or noise like I’ve read with sintered paddle clutches. There is some minor judder in 1st gear and reverse at low revs so far but according to what I’ve read this goes after a few hundred miles and is expected from new. It is more noticeable in reverse. I haven’t reapplied the stage 1 map yet so am running stock power but I expect this to handle stage 1 just fine now. I will update again after reapplying my stage 1 and once it’s got a few more miles on it and is properly bedded in.
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    i have a scorpion sports dp i am at apr stage 2 took the car for a mot last week drove 1 mile to the garage from cold and it still passed emissions test easy.
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    Explain the logic?!

    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Pets and Petrolheads!

    They are a lot of fun and not as destructive as that gleam in their eyes would lead you to believe. Well not so far. They were confined to one room for a couple of days but seemed to adjust so well I've given them the run of most of the house with no casualties to date. They alternately "disappear" (as kittens/cats do), then quietly sneak up on you. Happily, they are beginning to seek human attention. They do keep me busy cleaning the litter box, a reminder of how infrequently my previous indoor/outdoor cats used it. I'm looking into the possibility of buying a box with an automated cleaning system in case anyone knows a recommendable model.
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    It doesn’t appear on any service schedule that I can recall so I’d say the fact you had yours mistakenly changed a couple years back has futureproofed yours! I’d not get it changed again on that basis. These are good guides mk7 https://www.shopdap.com/blog/post/service-schedule-for-mk7-golf-r-2015-2016-2.html mk7.5 https://www.shopdap.com/blog/post/service-schedule-for-mk7-5-golf-r-2018-2019.html
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    Scorpion cat back finally arrived after a long wait, went for resonated. looking forward to getting it fitted abd back to MRC to finalise the L380X mapping. thought I’d get a bit anal and add a few layers of ceramic coating on the tips before fitting!
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    Dr Mike Oxgreen

    Pretoria’s are unsafe!

    In my previous life I was a supply chain finance specialist, and dealt with several clients in the automotive sector. Car manufacturers are not much more than assemblers. They design the cars, and the individual components, which are then manufactured by individual specialist companies to the agreed specification - I have had clients who manufacture door mirrors, air vents, and gear lever gaiters. They often set up joint-venture companies with themselves and the car manufacturer as joint owners. I doubt that VW make their own wheels. They will outsource the manufacture with a specialist company, for example Borbet, who will manufacture the wheels to whatever specification is agreed with VW, often in factories in India or China, and shipped to the factory/assembly plant to a strict timetable, using JIT (Just In Time) deliveries, so they arrive on the production line exactly when they are needed. The car manufacturer holds all the cards, and if a particular product or component is faulty, or there are high levels of rejections or returns, the manufacturer will have a clause in their contract with Borbet (for example) which enables them to withhold the cost of the failed components from their payment, by means of Debit Note. Well done those of you who are still awake. The bottom line in this instance is that there are enough instances of manufacturing defects or weaknesses with Pretoria wheels for VW to be aware of the problem, and they should be able to pass the cost of refunding the end customer, or replacing the wheels, to the supplier, as long as they can satisfy themselves that there is a genuine claim. The problem for the customer is to persuade VW that their claim is genuine, and results from a manufacturing or design defect, rather than abuse. This is more difficult to prove if the car has had more than one owner, I'm afraid. Providing examples of similar wheel failures may help in any claim, and it's hard to believe that VW aren't aware of issues with Pretoria wheels.
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    Petrol Prices. Unleaded vs Premium

    +1. Part of 'cost of ownership' IMO.
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    18'' Prets on R Estate

    So what I've decided for now is.... I have just bought four winter tyres which will be fitted to my standard 18" Cadiz wheels. Then in the spring I will decide on what wheels (and change my mind from now until then) and then refit my PS4 tyres to the new wheels.
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    I nominate..........

    Rebecca, the first post in this thread personally insulted me and nothing was mentioned by any of the Mods here. Despite being baited, you then only felt the need to lay down the law after I responded in kind which anyone in my position was bound to do. Fair enough, I took your warning / advice and a line was drawn as far as I was concerned. So why are you highlighting me again after I am yet again the target of abuse from another member on here when I haven't posted anything since? I have no issues being reprimanded for doing something wrong but take umbrage for being 'told off' when I haven't posted anything.
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    I nominate..........

    Be careful what you wish for! If you’re lucky he might be busy saving up for a PlayStation 5.
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    I nominate..........

    It really doesn't take much to get a reaction out of you, after Bob exposed you as the laughing stock of Piston Heads and openly threatening to take the 'P' out of me here, I'm glad I started this thread to try to get a mod with a backbone as you are dragging this forum down. I'm surprised you didn't threaten me with your Korean Kerr-rarr-taay like you did Bob and Dave, every post of yours just makes you look more of a fool!! Anyway, I think you'll find that's "Alfa", what sort of brain spells it the other way?? If you know what my user name means and looked at my sig or earliest posts you may find a connection with the logo, if you are not a complete idiot. That's more than enough time wasted on a shit stain like you, farewell to the good folk here...........I'm outa here!
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    Petrol Prices. Unleaded vs Premium

    Funny that people will look at a £3 bottle of wine in a 0.75 litre bottle and say I'm not buying that crap, then spend another £3-10 (or more) on something they deem to be palatable and don't give it a second thought. Yet when 99 RON costs a few pennies more than 95/97RON, we're ready to start a petition and march on Westminster 😂
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    Driving in the winter/snow

    This.... The rare day we get snow in Outer London I just don’t bother to drive. Even if it does snow and settles normally gone by lunchtime. Not going to starve for a few days and can walk to shops if it gets bad anyway. More scared of being stuck behind someone who’s bogged down, or being hit by a Chelsea Tractor who think they are invincible.
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    Best value for money modification?

    Hi guys, As the title says, I have a 100% stock 7.5R DSG, great car, but I feel the time is right to make it my own. What is the best value for money modification you have done, performance or visual, to your Golf's? Cheers 👍
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    Exhaust tip re-chrome

    The tips are chrome plated not stainless steel. It cost me about £100 to have mine de-chromed (mk7 hearse). Even though I had them powder coated, I still wanted a decent finish and longevity.
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    What did you do to your R today?

    Finally went stage 2 today at Unicorn, Rick & his team are top draw Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    What did you do to your R today?

    Yep! Lock up your Rs! 😁
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    Best value for money modification?

    Best value for money would have to be something you feel a benefit from all the time. On that basis, lightweight wheels with decent tyres. Reducing unsprung weight has a great impact on a number of things: acceleration more urgent, cornering more fun, ride is better and mpgs a bit better too.
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    Explain the logic?!

    When I first read that bit about getting your carbon R pen from the glovebox Penguin, I thought that was so you could unscrew it and use it to blow poisoned darts at the offenders. But I see you’re much more restrained and non violent than that. 😂
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    Will take one later when the missus gets home. I did ask her if the black / carbon black looked massively different, she said ‘I haven’t noticed’ She did just comment on how much better the car looks inside with the bigger glass screen. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I nominate..........

    And some of us on here will never forget. 😂
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    Well after just over 10k posts in a couple of years and the odd Moderation to both of the Rs that I have owned, its time to say goodbye 😁 Earlier this year I took a break from here just lurking around but was tempted back due to a small influx of members that were interested in modding and shared a similar outlook which was refreshing. Now though it seems to be little more than a detailing forum in the main, probably due to the only moderator writing essays, anytime anyone asks anything detailing orientated 🤣 A forum of this size and popularity needs a few moderators with different outlooks to share the work imo, the recent Joke thread stuff being a prime example, totally unmoderated. The personal stuff aimed at me just for having an opinion on that and other car related stuff was disappointing but not unexpected, I've only ever spoken from experience on here and its mostly been fun but not lately. It's a shame also that there are no meets ups planned on here, ok lately it would have been difficult but its an area that would have certainly interested me more, I've made lifelong friends on other forums before and have hopefully made a few on here despite the lack of organised meets, I've met more than a few that have bravely allowed me to rip off various bit of trim to fit stuff at my place 🤣 Anyway, thanks to anyone that's ever helped me out with anything and hopefully I have helped a few along the way, anyone that wants to keep in touch feel free to PM, I will check back in a while and answer any messages and leave contact info 👍 The mods certainly aren't stopping with a new sound system going in starting today and some interior changes planned in the new year, I can see myself keeping the R for a year or 2 yet as not bored with the car yet that's for sure 😁 Come On You Spurs 👍
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    Lets give this a go
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