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    “ Does It Come In Black? ”

    Nearly there
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    Golf 7R Photos - Part 2

    As delivered, thinking about wheels and mirror caps
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    When I was 15 ,in December I lived in west Calder in Scotland .My mate and I took my dads car out late one evening while my mum and dad were at a works doo,it had been snowing and basically we parked it in a field.My dad came home and said where is the car,he saw the tracks .He walked 2 miles in the snow and wiped the fingerprints off the car and told us both to not say who was driving.We were not prosecuted because of this but my dad worked out the costs as it was a right off and we both worked for him every Saturday for a year till we paid it off,he paid us an hourly rate and marked it off till we had paid every penny and he had us doing heavy work like shifting 10 ton of maure with a wheelbarrow and painting fences and the whole of the outside of the farmhouse white in the summer and in the winter we were shovelling snow from all the pensioners houses in the village,this was a an education that you do something silly you pay the price.My dad is now 93 my best mate and I are in our 50s and when he phones my dad always says to remind him of this.My dad saved us both that night we have families and good jobs and never did anything illegal after it with criminal records it would have been a different life for us both,I guess what I am saying is kids do stupid things and make mistakes and it can be a one off thing that goes horribly wrong does not make you a bad person just a stupid one
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    Jon R306

    BCS Res Delete Review

    I fitted a ECS straight pipe res delete on a mk7.5 and drone was noticed at 2500-3000rpm but on the 7speed that’s 70+mph under that it’s unnoticeable. A year on For the money it’s a great mod but a very personal choice . For myself I think it’s fab.
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    What did you do to your R today?

    Ouch! Last time I had a screw that expensive was in Amsterdam... [emoji849] Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
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    Rob looking epic! Everything you do just makes me want to spend more money!!
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    New reshaped steering wheel!, Old one had a lacquer issue so sent it back to Control Custom who reshaped the top (Flat before) and have changed the Alcantara to Nappa leather . Hope to get it fitted this week . Before
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    It was difficult to tell my story it is not something I share because even now I am ashamed of it .I have done tours in Ireland in the 80s and 90s and also worked for the probation service and through the years have learnt that not all homeless are alcoholics or drug users,not all groups of kids on street corners are up to no good .I am aware of the decline of discipline in our kids,the increase in violent crime and the drug problems that are everywhere but we all must be careful not to judge everyone in these .I believe we should bring back national service to Instill structure,discipline and morals to our young people and teach them to respect themselves and others and if possible give them skills to progress in life but this would be a perfect world and sadly this is not
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    What did you do to your R today?

    Drove it after being away for a few days to sort some family stuff out. First time after fitting new steering wheel and was only a few miles just to clear the error codes. Have to say it felt lovely and felt like you were driving a new car - Racingline paddles were very precise and tactile too .....
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    JB4 - CANbus

    I have both AWG and JB4 - no issues [emoji106] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    Any insurance whizzes?

    If you’re making money out of the YouTube videos concerned...then you’ll need the insurance to cover you for business use as well...
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    So, what is the answer or what do we do? Disclosure, I'm white, but I will say I don't care what colour someone is though I do have issues with what is happening in our society. Some communities appear to have particular problems - black youths in London appear to be highly likely to be stabbed to death in some gang related violence and so on. I understand the reluctance to engage with the Police, past experience makes me the same but when do we take responsibility and exterminate the undesirable behaviour - I think you're alluding to sorting out between interested parties but that can't happen across the board in a country like ours. I think in our considerations we have to exclude the Police as they're regarded as ineffective irrespective of the "community" (we all live together I don't care for segregation based on colour religion or otherwise) you belong to and look at our own local area and start to take back control about what is and isn't acceptable. Sorry for rambling but all of this is deeply disturbing and I don't believe it's helpful to say this kid is innocent just because he's 14 - our expectation is that a 14 year old can't be doing these terrible things so we should be full of regret....the fact that he was and that he wasn't a "little polite boy" should wake us up to the issues we're facing. Well, that's pretty depressing. Soz.
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    What detailing have you done today?

    Well it's been a painful few weeks.... My hose split on my jet wash on Xmas Eve. That meant I couldn't get hold of a new one untill the new year! I even gave my washer a clean [emoji106] Sent from my ONEPLUS A6013 using Tapatalk
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    [emoji23] Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
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    Winter wheels been back on a few weeks now , good job in this lousy weather, also given a bit of TLC , and a coat of Collinite 915 , beading is fantastic ! Team Dynamics 1.2 18" s
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    https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-london-46804698 Another stabbing in London, but am I the only one wondering why the 14 yr old described in the article as “a polite kid, he was really respectful. He's a good kid," was riding around on a moped I guess without a licence and insurance as you need to be 16? Not justifying what happened but asking why no mention that something else may have been going on here...
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    I'm almost completely certain the new 2019 WLTP Golf R's do not come with dual injection! Having gone through the latest updates to ETKA, the engine code for the new WLTP Golf R is DNUE This is the new 300ps variant as expected. However the intake manifold for this engine, does not have the port injectors or fuel rail for the injectors. This I've confirmed with the new PR code for EU6 BG emission engines, PR-7CS. Also the 2019 Audi S3 uses this same engine and again it does not have the port injectors. So now the engines are the same as what the US and Australia had - just single direct injection. This is a deal breaker for me - for those who don't know one of the really good features brought in on GTI/R EU mk7 engines was dual injection. It completely solved the problem of carbon build up on the intake valves, which has plagued direct injection engines since their incarnation. Problems include poor fuel efficiency, cold start misfires and a general drop in power and poor running in as little as 30-40k miles (albeit thats for people who do a lot of short journeys), requiring periodic expensive carbon cleaning with media blasting or direct mechanical scraping of the valves. The dual injection also allowed for a much smoother idle than past FSI/TSI/TFSI engines, as the fuel mixed better at low load (idle) via port injection. I am not happy and all those who have been waiting months and months should also not be happy...…..you can get rid of a frameless mirror, a bit of chrome on a button and stick a cancerous filter lump in - as these are all things that either dont matter or can be undone. But now they have f'ed the engine long term performance, efficiency and smooth running. I will spend the next week trying to get VW to confirm the above - but it's in black and white on their parts database, so i cant see it being otherwise
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    jb4 TB1 at dealer ?

    Interesting.. I'll grab my 🍿 They are sold as untraceable if all error codes are removed prior to dealer visit.
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    My Bittersweet 7R

    Great choice of steering wheel! Carbon mirror caps look great too👍🏼
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    Check the date on the top of the bottle. This oil should be used within 3 years of this date. When I looked at oil being sold on eBay I noticed some of the dates were over 3 years old.
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    Stage 2+ I'd Call it

    Hi all, Booked in for my Stage 2+ with Unicorn. Hardware I currently have is Littco L450 Turbo Airtec Intercooler Forge Intake Turboback BCS Powervalve with 100 Cell Cat (Need to make another thread on this soon) Turbo Muffler Delete I'd call it Stage 2 plus as I don't need to upgrade fuel pumps on it which saves a bit of money (All coming from the guys at Littco, not being cheap and not upgrading them). Car should be 450hp which is plenty (Been Stage 2 before but the turbo blew and put everything back to stock again in my panic) Once the car has been dyno'd, I'll put the graph on here for you all to view
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    Okay everyone, we have the possibility of getting a 20% group buy discount on a Unicorn remap. Check out my post in the Group Buy section here —-> https://www.vwroc.com/forums/topic/30299-20-unicorn-tuning-discount/
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    WLTP pushed back again

    The R's on are on the way people Confirmation its passed WLTP and being released week 5 (last week of January) Dealers can register at week 9 (last week of February) Im getting 1st March 19 plate collection 😊
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    FTFY No one now does it. Parents can’t smack Teachers can’t grab them by the scruff of the neck Police can’t give them a slap and then drop them home for another with a solid warning. Thats the difference from the 70/80’s - you respected elders as if you didn’t you learnt why you should. Not condoning abuse BUT the ****ing snowflake society need to be reminded with a short sharp shock methinks...
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    Sell them, you should get most of your money back, if you prefer Cadiz over Prets (I do) go with Cadiz..... there is no right and wrong it is just personal choice.