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    Well my Dragy arrived today....and as i posted on another thread i am lucky to have a piece of road not far from me that is ruler straight, completely flat , in excellent condition and is over a mile long.. Results put a big smile on my face - My R is putting out some incredible stock figures. Bearing in mind this is a full spec with every option bar performance pack discs so it has the heavy pan-roof & electric seats, but does have Akrapovic exhaust and 19" pret's so saving a bit of weight there. DSG of course. I did 2 runs, 1st almost identical to the second, no wheel slip at all off the line - brutal acceleration! Did a cool down run in between. This is on Shell V-Power, about 1/3rd a tank. Outside Temp 10C, Dry. Race mode, ESC off completely (long press), DSG Launch Control. Anyway here are the results! 0-60: 4.17 s 1/4 Mile: 12.56 s 1/2 Mile: 20.0 s 0-130mph: 19.54 s All those are the 2nd run...1st run was 4.23 0-60 and 1/4 mile was 12.55. As mentioned on another thread, i intend to do same tests with different fuels - to see if they make any difference to performance. Will run a few days on Tesco Momentum 99 then run same test, same place under same conditions...may have to wait for the weather to be the same again!
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    Eco mode cake v race mode cake... Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
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    Show us your ‘post WLTP’ Golf R’s

    Had my post WLTP since 22/2. Phenomenal car, I came out of a 2016 Cupra into it and didn’t expect much difference but the 7.5 is a completely different league. To those questioning whether they can be tuned, yes they can but at this stage it only seems to be BMS JB4 rather than your usual APR etc maps. Mine is running JB4 on a custom map 6 and it’s seriously quick. I’ve also got ram air intake and a BMS pedal box, pedal box makes a massive difference. Anybody considering a JB4 should speak to Shak at LSG as he knows what he’s doing. He spent a lot of time on mine being the first post WLTP car and wanted to get it right / learn for the influx of these cars he’ll be seeing over next few months. We tried it on both map 2 and 6 and 6 was spot on.
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    Black Pretoria wheels

    Black on mine look great, Indium grey, 90% tints and black mirror caps/trim. Nightmare to keep clean though show brake dust within a day of cleaning.
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    Eco mode ? ? ? You won't get in to Aunt Sallys knickers pottering about in Eco Mode. Crowman.
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    Show us your ‘post WLTP’ Golf R’s

    Now ceramic coated!!! Collection day number 2 was awesome! Had my 8 year old with me, he loves race mode and also fell asleep in comfort mode which he found funny.
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    What did you do to your R today?

    Wife surprised me with this, think we’ve both got R fever!
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    At last!! Picked up today but now at the detailers for a couple of days getting gtechnic ceramic coated.
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    Just as said...I'd like to thank all of you guy's and girls for your help along the way on modding My R. From the first post everyone on this forum has been so welcoming, supportive and more than helpful on some obvious things, but new to Me. Regrettably I'm having to sell My much loved R to help out with family matters 😐 so its with a heavy heart I'll be demodding it back to stock ready for a sale probably on here or the other obvious buyers. I'll still be around for a few weeks but after that it'll be Me popping in to admire your lovely R's. And catching up on the banter no doubt. Thank you all Guy's & gals Jon
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    So finally had an email from my solicitor to say liability accepted after the dashcam footage had been viewed by the other party. I agreed a settlement figure in theory in January and was pleased to hear that the other side had offered almost double what I had agreed would be acceptable! My solicitor said I would easily win if I declined and went to court but in her opinion I wouldn't get anything more, possibly less so I should get paid out in 4-6 weeks. I can't emphasise enough the importance of dashcams, without one the other party could have said I was speeding or overtook recklessly and I could not have proved otherwise. The footage showed me going past the van in the correct lane at 28mph (50 limit) and although the van did indicate he was in the wrong lane and just hit me without looking. If you don't have a dashcam GET ONE! It could also help someone else if you are behind (or in front) an accident or help with damage when parked like in Becs case recently. Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
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    Picked mine up on 1st March. Ordered it on 20th January!! Px'd my 2015 lapiz blue. Over the moon with it just need some nice weather for a good polish and ceramic coating.
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    It’s arrived

    After months of waiting took delivery of my R today 😍😍
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    Collected Sat, big spec DSG. Quite a machine 😍, didn't realise though due to WLTP it was un-tunable 😶
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    Show us your ‘post WLTP’ Golf R’s

    Here's my estate, must of been a banked car as no rear camera or kessy.. 😭 going to retrofit the rear cam. I find the engine gets to temperature alot quicker than my pre wlpt hatch.
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    A big thank you to all the R modders

    Good luck Jon, and like others have said please don't be a stranger. "Go slowly, come back quickly" as some old saying has it. You'll need an R for the 2nd part, obviously!
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    Self explanatory really. I'm a valleys boy and 20 stone (give or take a stone).
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    Yes, but our counselling services aren’t cheap! You might have to sell your R to cover the cost, which negates the abandonment counselling need! The abandoned becomes the abandoner! Btw, that bit of counselling was FOC. 😁
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    Black Pretoria wheels

    Well sod it booked in for next week black gloss, the place where doing some when I went down and he held one against my car . Looked good and at the end of the day if I don’t like them I can change back . Will post a couple of pictures when there done next week
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    Jon R306

    Black Pretoria wheels

    J Fully agree. Love a black wheel but it must have the silver rim for myself 🤔
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    Black Pretoria wheels

    Keep them orignal silver. That’s Prets at their best.
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    Michelin Tyre Deals - F1 Auto Centre

    Great deal on Michelins at the moment: https://www.f1autocentres.co.uk/car-tyres/buy-tyres-online Use Code MCH13 for a discount. Also Michelin are giving a prepaid cashback card from £20 for 2 x 18 inch tyres to £100 for 4 x 19inch tyres - https://www.f1autocentres.co.uk/terms-and-conditions/michelin-spring-2019-offer 235/35/19 PS4S are £260.70 for 2 or £521.39 for 4 and then you get £40/£100 card from Michelin respectively reducing it down to £220.70 and £421.39! I have just ordered 2 x PS3 225/40/18 for my Octavia at a net price of £155 and having them fitted on Friday You also get 2.5% quidco!
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    Thank you all for the very kind words and the messages of support - definitely feeling the love I like the description of this thread as being 'a one stop shop for mods'. I've tried to keep it real and within a sensible budget covering small touches and mods that enhance the look or performance and that work well together also with an OEM quality and look. The car as per final mod is properly sorted and an epic drive. Also, hope I've encouraged people to 'have a go' be it detailing or home mechanics mods or maintenance. I've had a few messages regarding parts, currently these are available and will be coming off in the next week or two :- Alcantara steering wheel. Door open puddle/warning lights (LED) - 2 pairs. Boot load liner. Front disc backplates. Rear disc backplates (NEW). H&R Spacers (8mm front, 10mm rear) with bolts and lockers. 034 Motorsport rear anti roll bar. 034 Motorsport rear end links. Turbo Technics turbo inlet elbow/hose. Racingline turbo muffler delete. Pipercross air filter. RS7 Spark plugs. RS3 Coil packs. Performance pack spoiler lip with new OEM 3M tape. Extended aero undertray. VCDS cable. I will advertise here first in the classifieds for a week before going to F/B and Ebay so that you have first offers. Regarding JB4 cables I will continue to produce the AFR looms and have 3 in the classifieds. I can also make these for WLTP cars which now have a six pin O2 connector. The Plug D extension which works very well indeed come service or for JB4 removal in a rush takes a bit more time and the next batch of 6 I'm about to make may be the last ones for a while so let me know if interested and I'll reserve one for you.
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    How about these? Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
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    Keyless Entry?

    Right all this scaremongering has really affected me so I have looked in to different options, ghost, Pandora, stop lock etc But none of them really covered all bases so in the end I have gone for my own modification to prevent the car being taken [emoji16] Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
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    Sainsburys super unleaded........

    That was one tank of 95, new nangkangs (only 2 fitted to the front), TC turned off and keyless entry that spontaneously combusted [emoji25] Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
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    Sainsburys super unleaded........

    I believe this was Dave's 350Z just before he sold it. As you can see, the Sainsbury's 97 was fine in it, despite what Nissan claimed 😉🤣
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    Enabling Voice Activation Button

    I have had about 4 cars with voice control and tbh I find it more of a gimmick than useful. even getting it to call someone can mess up. its even worse if others are in car as you need to ask them to be quiet. oh and having a Geordie accent really is fun. make sure if you have an accent that the dealer updates the software. i think VW have a Jock pack, Geordie pack, Cockney pack and West Country pack, apparently there was a Scouse pack but someone nicked it..
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    Big Dxwg

    New to the Golf R club

    Hi all, after 11 years of owning various Audi A4s, A5s I took the plunge and ordered a 2019 7.5 Golf R. Black, Pretoria Black Wheels, 90% tint, Sunroof I went in last weekend to order and they managed to have one in same spec in their group stock. I am meant to be picking it this week or early next week. Cant wait. I will post some pics when I pick it up.
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    Just done over 400 miles today. A few pics after the first wash..........
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    What did you do to your R today?

    Brilliant! I finally have 4 Michelin SP4s on my car. You might recall that I bought two for the back to replace the 26k Conti5Ps. Then after a couple of weeks I had a puncture at speed on motorway on the way to catch a flight and after checking I elected to run flat at 50 mph and get my flight. Well I finally ordered 3 Tyres and had them fitted. I’m sure the dealer must think I have a race prepped Reliant Robin! I was concerned about the 71dB noise level but tbh they sound quieter than the worn Contis... I’ll keep you posted. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Damian Mac Donagh

    R600 VAG

    Full specification of the car now outlined below. I know a few have wanted to know for a while but it was forever changing for a time. Factory Specification/Options: · Night blue paintwork. · 2.0 TSI 4Motion 6 speed DSG petrol. · Black ‘Vienna’ leather wth ‘R’ logo. · Alloy wheels 19” Pretoria. · Technology pack. · Panoramic sunroof. · Lane assist including dynamic light assist. · Exterior mirrors in carbon fibre. · Advanced telephone connection. · Climate windscreen. · Winter pack with leather. · Convenience pack · Voice activation for audio. · Rear view camera. · Car – net app – connect. · Rubber mats – front (spare) · Rubber mats – rear (spare) · Safety kit. · Smoking pack. · Discover pro navigation radio system. · High beam assist. Modifications: · Full blueprinted and balanced bottom end. · Rotating assembly balanced. · Custom CP Carrillo pistons balanced to within 0.1G. · Custom CP Carrillo connecting rods balanced to within 0.1G. · Custom made pins. · Block bored 0.5mm oversize and honed with torque plate. · Superfinished crankshaft. · Gasflowed head. · APR Valve spring kit. · ARP Head studs. · Mahle race bearings for conrods. · Gaskets, rings, bolts, covers, seals, lifters, water pump belt, sump plug, oil pipe, fuel line, water hose, 8 startline hose, filter extender. · TSI Rear main seal with billet flange. · NGK Racing R7438-9 spark plugs. · Coil packs. · Generation 3 port injection kit. · Custom MPI injectors. · Autotech high pressure fuel pump. · Precision racing stage 4 low pressure fuel pump. · R600 Racingline intake system. · Custom intake pipe. · Mocal oil cooler. · Leyo oil management system. · IMS780 Turbo. · Forge divertor valve. · Actuator. · MRC black billet inlet manifold including gaskets, downpipes and coolant. · Integrated Engineering FDS intercooler. · Volkswagen Racing lower engine mount. · Black Forrest Industries engine mount. · IMS 3.5” Downpipe. · Milltek sport de-cat, cat back non-resonated cerakote black tips. · 2 No. 4 bar map sensors including conversion loom. · TVS Engineering stage 4 engine re-map. · APR DQ250 Clutch pack with modified box to hold more fluid. · Wavetrac differential. · Black Forrest Industries pre-assembled stage 2 transmission mount. · Black Forrest Industries torque arm insert stage 2. · DSG Filter and fluid. · TVS Engineering stage 4 DSG re-map. · Ohlins road and track coilovers with DDC delete. · Super Pro bushes. · Super Pro rear suspension. · Super Pro race arm kit. · Front 26mm adjustable sway bar. · Rear 22mm adjustable sway bar. · P3 Gauge. · Michelin pilot super sport cup 2 tyres. · Extensive security systems. · Paintshield whole car coverage plus headlights and foglights. Upgrade to A pillar, wing and sill in one piece. Dyno chart: Regards Damian Mac Donagh
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    What detailing have you done today?

    Perfect weather for it today [emoji106] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Steering wheel retrim

    Yeah first pic, it's a royal steering wheel retrim I got it off a member on here, lovely feel, the leather is so much better quality and just being a little bit thicker feels just right Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
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    The factory longlife 3 quantum 5w30 dealer oil that comes from your local TPS is the same oil that goes in a V10 Audi R8+ ... it’s plenty good enough for our Golf R’s & meets or exceeds the manufacturer specs required for the car
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    Thanks Guy’s that’s very much appreciated. 😕 and I’m still hoping for that last minute reprieve before I let go of the R . 🤞 its going to been painful handing over the keys to a stranger I can tell you .but I’m going to last it out as long as possible. we have been committing the cardinal sin already by driving everywhere in eco mode and coasting wherever possible.😐🤣 but worth it to hang on to such a great ride. 🤗
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    Jon R306

    A big thank you to all the R modders

    Thank you all that’s very kind I’m going GaryP now 😥😥 as said this forum is a credit to its members and a religion to us enthusiastic car nuts and for anything R wise. Im hoping for a breakthrough one day and I’ll be back scouring the classifieds to buy my mods back 🤞🤞 and find a nice R to fit out again.
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    A big thank you to all the R modders

    Yes. As said previously. Don’t be strangers, it’s always good to have genuine people contributing and helping out others even when their own circumstances have changed. Stobsie has been without his R for a while now and he’s still active, unfortunately we can’t shake him off! [emoji6][emoji23] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    A big thank you to all the R modders

    Really sorry to hear you’re moving on Jon and the R has to go. You’ll be missed! As with Rob, you’re a great member of vwroc and I do hope you’ll stick around and once the R has gone, pop your head back to say hello. You’ll always be very welcome. Good luck selling your lovely R. Someone lucky person will be getting a great car!
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    Jon R306

    A big thank you to all the R modders

    Thanks mate. I like many other members here have had the great pleasure of dealing and conversing with you over all things R and your advice and knowledge have been very gratefully received thanks to your extremely helpful nature. without your help I would still be rolling around trying to fit My JB4 never mind taking it off 😂😂 Thank you for always being there 🤔 when needed.and when very inconvenient I bet 🥵🤣 a real friend indeed 👍👍
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    Yes regrettably bud, unfortunately it's onto less attractive wheels for a while, 😮 trying to find something interesting for half the money is hard work after a sorted R. I know how they feel trying to climb everest now. But I'll be back!! ☺ one day.
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    If it’s a no deal Brexit and prices go up then I’ll be back on the classifieds buying all the bits I’ve sold [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    Golf R vs AMG A35 vs Type R

    Results are in! I'd say that CarWow Golf R was broke or in the wrong mode / fuel - i just done 12.56 1/4 mile and 0-60 in 4.17 seconds! (no slope, no wind, dry road, completely stock) Full details here:
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    Wheels look awful but as long as you like them [emoji106] Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
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    If I still had my Doberman "Ruby" and if she had opposable thumbs I suspect that I possibly could have have taught her to use a multitool - she was the smartest (and quickest learning) dog I have ever come across. Sadly she is no longer with us, but I'll never forget her smarts. Too smart for my purposes a lot of the time, she kept on coming up with new (and often unwanted) variations on trained behaviours
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    Mine is because I also own a yellow TT if you haddent guessed
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    Mates I've evangelised before the benefits of oil analysis. My R is now at 2500 miles and feels well run in. I've just done an oil change, and sent the original oil off for analysis. Results as below. Oil was always going to be OK in terms of age and viscosity, being a 9 month old synthetic. I'm keen to get the running-in debris out of the oil though with the early oil change. Note - Viscosity is [email protected] degrees C, roughly SAE 20W. I guess it was 15W 40 from the factory. Small amount of iron from the crank as expected. High reading of copper from the shells, again as expected these days from the tight tolerances and materials used for journals and bearings. No fuel detected. High Silicon reading.... hmm normally due to dust and dirt (sand etc) or bits of silicon sealant. Boron - now an oil additive... Never used to see it. Calcium, Phosphorous & Zinc are oil additives. I usually use Quantum Longlife III oil in everything, and can compare results between cars. Will probably test this again about 6K miles. Will also dig out a result from my 110K mile Cayenne Diesel, which is cleaner than this.
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    Hi Rob . I will also miss your helpful and very knowledgeable self around these parts but I’m sure we’ll keep in touch on your next adventure. Many Thanks for your help and great advice along the way it’s been great fun and a real help and to many other members I know. keep in touch mate! Jon
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    Private Number Plates

    My recent acquisition in the last few months, certainly raises a few eyebrows 😀 Untitled by Ollie Dunstall, on Flickr Untitled by Ollie Dunstall, on Flickr
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    What did you do to your R today?

    Fitted my wingbacks today 👌
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