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    Buy a steering lock and fit that. Also, take the accelerator pedal on holiday with you. It's held on with 1 screw and a plug.
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    Golf 7R Photos - Part 2

    Picked up my new one today (white silver with black everything!). Just need to keep it clean!
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    Snow Driving

    Race ESP Off Winter tyres on ... and then realise that none of it makes any difference as you'll still be in a queue of traffic with sh!t summer tyres, FWD and driven by terrified OAPs. ... Why did I bother,,.
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    What detailing have you done today?

    Full decon Clayed polished waxed ....Tesco car park 😊 im pooped
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    Golf 7R Photos - Part 2

    Have a couple of my reflex silver [emoji6] Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Taken last week at the top of the Applecross pass on our road trip to the highlands - incredible driving roads and scenery made for the R
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    Golf 7R Photos - Part 2

    Picked up my new one today. So for a few days I’ll have 2 R’s. Feels very different to my 2015 car. Doesn’t feel quite as racy or alive, feels more normal.
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    insta: @r2avo
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    What detailing have you done today?

    Washed it. Serviced it. Painted the rusty wheel hubs. Stuck on the side vent stickers and blacked out upper grill.
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    @quietresonance on insta.
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    Akrapovic MK7.5 R

    Just been to collect the R. I’m in love....! Had to park up behind[emoji16] The Akrapovic is incredible, completely changes the car for me. The sound on upshift is literally like a gun shot. I’m so happy!
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    DSG Cooked!!

    I fully support VW in this approach, why should they pick up the bill for a car which has been taken out of manufacturing spec/tolerances. I modded my car at 1 year old and accept I have kissed my warranty goodbye...if you can't afford to pay you shouldn't play.
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    Alcantara heaven

    So had my R a few weeks now just had my wheel retrimmed 100% alcantara with blue bits absolutely stunning, never cold in winter, just makes such a difference to the drive experience and at least 50bhp gain in performance 😀
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    belfast col

    Remap good figures........

    And as If by magic... I won't bother deleting your comment as it shows you at your best. Ta ra
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    What detailing have you done today?

    It's been a while! 10 weeks without a clean due to being busy and crap weather etc, longest any car of mine has been without a clean, but finally got time to give it a wash. Bit grubby Lots of pre washing Clean at last
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    What Has Brought Me Here Having owned a BMW E92 330i (272) for just over 5 years, my journey into Golf R Estate ownership began last summer. With a young family, the 2 door coupe was beginning to take its toll on my back (negotiating a toddler into a car seat) and a week long trip away as a family really stretched how much could be crammed into a 5-door Golf MKVII SE 1.4 TSI (wife's car). I therefore went in search of a replacement for the BMW. Initially I went down the route of SUV's, in particular I love the X5 - in xDrive 40d M Sport trim. I then realised after doing a speculative insurance quote that I would have to rule those out - could not believe how much more expensive it was compared to my 330i for what is a slower, less sporty car. Even in ‘poverty spec’ xDrive 25d (2 wheel drive only) insurance was significantly more than I was used to. I think it must be to do with thefts, damage and write-offs of X5's compared to the relatively few 330i's there are (only saw 1 other in my 5 years of ownership). Add in maintenance on such a car, it became a lost cause, especially as I would be buying out of warranty. My list expanded to include X3's, Q5's, Land Rover Discovery Sport...same conclusion mostly very expensive to insure (and at least 3-4 years old with 40,000 miles in my budget). So I started to look at the less premium alternatives: Skoda Kodiaq, Volkswagen Tiguan, Volkswagen Touareg and a few estates: Audi A6 Avant, Skoda Octavia, Skoda Superb. A6 and Touareg aside, all of these were very cheap to insure and within budget. Through this journey I realised that all the spec's I was interested in were the high performance engines: Audi A6 would have to be 3.0 TDI Bi-Turbo, Skoda Octavia would have to be vRS etc. In the end my criteria were: must be fast, must still be within budget and must have a big luggage capacity. As is almost always the case, ‘2 out of 3 aint bad’ and I found with many cars I considered that was the case. I could get fast SUV’s with big luggage capacity but were way out of budget; or I could have within budget with big luggage capacity but wouldn’t be fast. I had an inkling that I wouldn’t be satisfied unless whatever replaced my 330i was at least as fast and enjoyable to drive. I had almost resigned myself however to a Skoda estate (vRS Octavia TSI or 280 4x4 Superb) or a Tiguan. None of these options really made me excited – get the job done space and budget? Yes, absolutely. Fast enough? Yes, absolutely. But deep down I thought of either of those cars as a bit of a compromise. Enter Golf R Estate I stumbled upon the Golf R Estate early on but initially wrote it off as ‘it was a Golf, they are everywhere, my wife has a Golf, I don’t want a blinking Golf!’. After the remainder of my research brought me to the conclusion of compromise however, I took another look at the Golf R Estate. Whichever article I read (I can’t remember exactly), had a photo of the MK7.5 and I thought it looked much nicer than any previous version. The 0-60 time that started with a 4 instead of a 5, 6, 7, 8 or 9 caught my attention too. How often will I be doing 0-60 dashes where that time even matters? Probably never but as a stat it satisfied me. I checked the luggage capacity: >600 litres. Impressive. Almost as big as an Octavia Estate and larger than any of the premium German estates. Last check, insurance. Would this put an end to things? The anticipation of waiting for the first quotes to come up on Confused.com was agonising. Finally, the quotes appeared and to my amazement, they were half the price I paid for my 330i. Half. Could. Not. Believe. It. Ssshh, don’t tell anyone! The Order In December 2017 there was a great lease deal on a Golf R Estate. Now I did not set out to buy a Golf, nor did I set out to buy a new car. The lease seemed to be very good value though so I done a few sums and came to the conclusion that in my circumstances it made a lot of sense to buy new. Now, I know car finance is very personal and what works for me would not necessarily work for someone else – I am not here to tell everyone to lease their car. All I would say is even if I had the money to buy a new car (any new car) in cash, I would lease it. A good friend of mine who always leases cars (albeit for business) put it like this and I am now converted to it: “lease what depreciates, buy what appreciates”. So I picked my options: Black Mirrors & Roof Rails, Black Pretoria Wheels, Turmeric Yellow paint, sought out the best deal and asked my local VW dealer if they could match it. They came very close and it made a lot of sense to go through them. Order placed mid-December, March 2018 delivery. The Options You would think that when given the choice, one of the best parts about buying a new car is picking the colour. I found this a really difficult thing to do. To date, I have only ever had black or white cars. I was interested in exploring alternatives. In the end I decided on Turmeric Yellow having never seen it in the flesh or in estate form. At least I knew it would break up ‘the various shades of mizzle’ as I have heard modern car colours described as somewhere else on this forum. Pretoria wheels in black, mirrors in black and roof rails in black were my only real essentials. I considered the sunroof (mainly for looks) but couldn’t justify the price. I considered DCC but decided having never had this or an equivalent and always driven cars with sports suspension, I did not need it. I would have liked a ‘start/stop’ button and would have considered keyless entry to get it, had I known the button only came with that pack and was not standard equipment. My well-spec’d 10 year old BMW has me spoiled I guess (along with headlight assistant, I may miss that). The Delivery Waiting seemed to take forever. Then finally, my car arrived at the dealer. I then got some bad news…the car had been damaged in transit. I was gutted. I now realise how often this happens but in my head I pictured my new car taken care of on every leg of its journey. Let’s face it though, that is a fantasy. So I asked for a photo of the damage (which had already been approved for repair by VWFS) and took a day to decide what to do. I could get it repaired but risk it not being a good job (re-spray on a brand new car was not a great idea in my mind) or reject the car but have no guarantee that the same deal would be honoured (since VWFS, having assessed the damage were happy to repair it). In the end I decided to get it repaired. Here is a photo of the damage: 3 Weeks Later Prior to delivery I had arranged that the dealer would not prep the car, in fact I wanted it left in all transit wrap so it could be taken straight to the detailer. They agreed but informed me that due to the repair, transit wrap had to come off so they could check over the rest of the car. I was content with this. I picked the car up from the dealer on Monday. They showed me where the repair was done, it looked flawless, really impressive. So I agreed to take the car on the basis if the detailer or I spotted anything peculiar later on I could bring it back. I brought my stamped plates with me for them to fit – mounted in a surround on the rear and stuck on the front. I wasn’t sure how surrounds would look but I like them on A-Class etc. so wanted to check. On front it was just too chunky because of the OEM number plate holder. On the rear, I think looks ok. The salesperson got me to sign last bits of paperwork, showed me the basics of the infotainment, round the car etc. and gave me the keys. Due to the damage and subsequent delay, I managed to negotiate a full tank of Super Unleaded and a boot liner. I also asked for a set of Black 18” Pretoria Wheels with winter tyres thrown in but they didn’t deem that reasonable. Worth asking! The next stage was drive 1.5 miles through rush hour to the detailer in a brand new car. This, I do not recommend to anyone. It was really painful watching people dart in and out of their lane and lane hop on the roundabout. But I made it in one piece. Day of pick up photos: Pick up from detailer I had arranged for Gtechniq CSL+EXO, wheels off and C5 applied, G1 on the glass, C4 on all rubber/plastic trim and I1 on the interior. This was expensive but I hope, worth it for easy maintenance and the car looks stunning. The detailer had to do quite a bit of correction. First of all, there was a lot of fall out on the car (iron, tar, glue, bird poo etc.) that had to be removed. Next, they done paint correction which he said was quite a lot and not just on the area that was repaired. Finally CSL was applied, topped with 2 coats of EXO. They told me the drive side front wheel was loose before they removed it. That is a bit shocking really since the car was PDI’d. Here are some post-detail shots inside and out: What next? Break the car in – 1,500 miles of slow revving, patience and getting to know the car. Fine-tuning the seat position, mirrors, infotainment and many other options. Fit Windesa/Sonniboy sunshade blinds (dual purpose: protects toddler’s eyes from the sun and looks like 90% tints). I am confident that I have made the right decision. I certainly think it will be faster than my 330i and more stable with 4Motion vs. RWD but will it be as fun? That remains to be seen. I said earlier that ‘2 out of 3 aint bad’, well with the Golf R Estate I believe you can satisfy all three: fast, affordable, big luggage capacity. My dream ‘family car’ would be an RS6 but that isn’t going to happen any time soon (and realistically never) but I can’t think of any other cars that are close to either the Golf R Estate or RS6 at either end of that budget spectrum or in between.
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    Already posted eleswhere, but I like this one. April showers:
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    Golf 7R Photos - Part 2

    Managed a half decent wash with a sprinkle of quick detailer ....
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    Another recent members car installation of the Powervalve full turbo back variable tone system with Ceramic black coated trims. This one features the new 100 cell cat as the car was utilizing a hybrid turbo pushing 500 bhp. Custom mapping was performed by Rick at Unicorn A perfect result and zero drone. thanks for looking... Cheers Nige
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    Jamie's Oryx White Golf R

    Hi, I have had my Golf R for just under 3 weeks now so decided to finally start a thread for it. Previously I had a mk5gti but had been looking at an 7R for a long time. I recently transferred from part time in the Fire Service to full time so thought now was the perfect time to finally get one and to get something to show for my hard work. I looked everyday online for the right one, initially I wanted a Lapiz Blue 5dr Dsg with both full leather and pretoria alloys. I came across one but when I rang to enquire it had already been sold😬 It was then when I looked a few days later when I saw an Oryx white model fairly locally, so I rang up and organised to view it the next day. Once I saw the Oryx white in the flesh I knew it was the colour that I wanted. The car itself has a really good spec in my opinion, Oryx White 3 door DSG 65 plate 25,000 miles Full service history Full heated vienna leather 19" Pretoria Alloys on Continental Contisportcontact 5's Keyless entry and go Black electric folding mirrors Sat nav with DAB First thing I decided was to get a fresh set of plates before I put mine on IMG_6889 by jamie kirk, on Flickr IMG_6890 by jamie kirk, on Flickr Once I had picked the car up, the DAB radio didn't have the icons so I uploaded them on a memory stick Before IMG_6897 by jamie kirk, on Flickr After IMG_6898 by jamie kirk, on Flickr Private plate fitted IMG_6916 by jamie kirk, on Flickr And finally after it's first clean IMG_6927 by jamie kirk, on Flickr IMG_6928 by jamie kirk, on Flickr IMG_6929 by jamie kirk, on Flickr IMG_6930 by jamie kirk, on Flickr IMG_6931 by jamie kirk, on Flickr IMG_6932 by jamie kirk, on Flickr IMG_6933 by jamie kirk, on Flickr IMG_6934 by jamie kirk, on Flickr IMG_6935 by jamie kirk, on Flickr IMG_6936 by jamie kirk, on Flickr IMG_6937 by jamie kirk, on Flickr IMG_6941 by jamie kirk, on Flickr IMG_6942 by jamie kirk, on Flickr IMG_6943 by jamie kirk, on Flickr IMG_6944 by jamie kirk, on Flickr My favourite so far IMG_6932 by jamie kirk, on Flickr The only thing that I have done to the car is I have had a security system fitted to the car for peace of mind after seeing some videos and hearing stories about keyless cars. Thankfully this will no longer be a problem! Thanks Jamie
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    @cgautography or @charside on instagram 🤞
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    Golf 7R Photos - Part 2

    In Cowes.....sorry about the roof rack.
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    DUB R4XX

    Golf 7R Photos - Part 2

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    Nice and clean

    So I finaly had some time to show my R some love after weeks of bad weather. I striped all wax and sealants from the car. Did a full decontamination fallout remover, tar remover and then clay bar. Next was a one stage polish, I used CG V38 with a DA as I take great care in cleaning my car, so only very minor swirls to be removed. Topped of with at coat of Dodo Juice purple haze pro. 5 min after I'm done the rain starts!!! Tomorrow I plan to give the wheels a coat of wax Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
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    Sunrise at Tescos

    1st thing this morning..looking good so deserves a pic 😜