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    What detailing have you done today?

    Full decon Clayed polished waxed ....Tesco car park 😊 im pooped
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    Golf - now confirmed dead (new photos)

    Since the Mk5 you have seen an evolution....it got a little bit bigger on the mk7 but lost none of it's iconic shape. Based on the new direction, the Mk9 will look like this!
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    VW Golf Mk 7 Workshop Manual

    All, I have managed to source a VW workshop manual according to my VIN number and engine code etc, MY17 Golf R is the facelift version with DQ381 DSG gear box. Below is a screenshot of what is in the tech manual, as you will see it basically covers everything you'd need to perform servicing or any other maintenance on a Golf R. Although it is based for MY17 facelift R the tech manual will also cover both the Mk7 and Mk7.5 as both platforms are very similar....albeit apart from the gear box and maybe infotainment system. If anyone requires any of the individual pdf sections of the manual or the complete manual, click on the link below to a Dropbox, then simply help yourself. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/95szoktpexsruak/AAC1rXZY0qI-a5EewOxiDE-Sa?dl=0
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    I'm a pro [emoji41] Here is an example of my R with a lime green wrap... Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
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    R in storage until May

    It's a car, it's AWD, it has heated seats. its made for winter. its an all season car. if cars where biscuits, the R would be a Hobnob. Hard as fuvk n ready for anything.
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    Unicorn - Re-tune

    So, I've had an eventful 48 hrs. Drove down to Ecotune in Glasgow on Wednesday morning to have my Wagner Intercooler fitted and Remus front silencer fitted to my existing Remus Cat-Back. All went well, no more drone from the exhaust and it's now a bit more subdued, which is what I wanted. Excellent service by the lads at Ecotune. From there I then drove straight down to Manchester to stay the night before arriving at Unicorn first thing today. Rick as always worked his magic and performed a few tweaks. I honestly didn't expect the fantastic results that he got. When he turned the car to stage 1 back in March there were no Engine mods, he got 372bhp and 389ft/lbs torque. Now with the following mods... Wagner Intercooler Remus Cat-Back Exhaust TT Inlet R600 Intake Rick managed to get 398bhp and 415 ft/lbs torque, which is really impressive and I'm still stage 1.... totally unbelievable! He also toned down the pops & bangs from the exhaust like I asked....car sounds really good now and pulls like a train..... So worth the 16 hr return trip from Aberdeen, cheers Rick much appreciated. Just asked for a Littco L420 turbo for Xmas 😁
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    Taken last week at the top of the Applecross pass on our road trip to the highlands - incredible driving roads and scenery made for the R
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    Audi wingbacks in my R

    I have been looking around at seat options for a while, nearly bought some carbon nappa white/black ones around Christmas time but that fell through. Then I started to look at aftermarket Recaro and Corbeau seats but nothing really excited me. So the plan was look for some knackered old Audi Recaros and get them retrimmed but even the knackered ones on eBay were £2k+ !!! Add on over £1k for retrimming and well pretty expensive Then I saw a set that looked too good to be true, surely there must be a catch? I made a low offer on Sunday morning, went to bed and when I woke up they were mine, worked Sunday night and picked them up Monday lunchtime [emoji16] A little scratched on the gloss black backs but they could be polished or maybe even wrapped as a nice flat area... Test fit them this morning and they fit perfectly, checked out the heating & seatbelt connectors and all look straightforward, just need to get some airbag delete covers and then will get them fitted, can't wait! I had a little sit in them in the car and very comfy. Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
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    Golf 7R Photos - Part 2

    Silver after a good clean.
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    Found this interesting location for the R on our recent road trip around the north west coastline of Scotland Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    Brake Porn 2

    A tight squeeze but there’s plenty of calliper clearance. 8 Pot Tarox under 18 inch TD bought of forum member .. thanks Stevie This kit will fit under OE 18 inch VW alloys no problem without need for spacers. Looks great against Oryx. Roll on Donnington
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    insta: @r2avo
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    My Blue Jewel

    Hi all.. heres my facelift golf r. This is the first euro car ive owned, as Ive previous owned a few subarus and and evo X. Ive had this for just over 5weeks now and have done a few mods so far.. full maxton auto lip kit vogtland springs carbon mirror covers HnR spacers (front and rear) Res delete pipe a custom tune, Integrated engineering intake and CTS dump pipe coming soon
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    No, not the book by John Steinbeck (I knew my English O level would be useful one day!) but the line by Robert Burns - “The best laid schemes o' mice an' men / Gang aft a-gley.” Some of you may know my current situation, others maybe not! I was planning to change my car and move to the dark side of BMW M ownership. However, I received notification a few weeks ago that my job was at risk of being made redundant. It came out of the blue but undeterred, I quickly got on the phone and interweb and did some digging around and got some possible jobs lined up, one of which got me onto the books with one company, another being a firm job offer starting in the new year. Her indoors was a little more worried and my customary laid back attitude and the words “Stop worrying - everything’s in hand.” did nothing to allay her fears! I went through the usual roller coaster of emotions - shock, disappointment followed by anger and the wish that our CEO’s poo was a hedgehog! After a day or two and my usual chain of rational thinking I came to the conclusion that maybe this was what I was waiting for. I’ve just done three months of working nights away from home - 12 on, 2 off with every other weekend off. Swmbo hated it, which surprised me as having had to play second fiddle to HM Armed Forces for five years, she had to get used to me being away from home in foreign climes for months at a time as well as not seeing me for weeks whilst I worked in the parachute world. The upshot is that I weighed up my job and decided “Sod it! I’ve busted a gut for too long with no thanks!” In fact quite the opposite as we constantly had to fend off attacks on our pay and conditions - so with a firm job offer in my back pocket, I applied for voluntary redundancy. The new job means a cut in pay which I can live with but the upside is that I’ll be spending more time at home with the boss and won’t have ridiculous start times or anything like as much time away from home - my current job has had me starting as early as 1am and tramping a crane around half the country - one week saw me go to Wales, then High Wycombe and ending up in Manchester for two days assembling the stage for Beyoncé - didn’t see the missus all week and I didn’t get home until nearly midnight on the Friday night - and for what?? Due to the drop in wages, changing my car was out of the question and I have to confess I was slightly disappointed until I slapped myself with a wet haddock and said “Get a grip Steve you weapons grade bellend - it’s just a sodding car! On top of that, I have a roof over my head and food on my plate so it’s not that bad!” What it does mean though is that i can keep my R AND pay it off.......which means I could do a spot of modding! It also means I’ll be working for a crane company and not a faceless, American venture capital company who give precisely zero ****s about a mere minion like myself. The crane will shrink significantly (It’s completely different to my current mount and it’s remote controlled!!) but the prospect of sensible start and finish times, more time with the missus and the fun of modding the car outweigh everything else - I guess the stars aligned for once! Sorry for the long, drawn out essay but just had to get it off my chest! Cheers all! [emoji846] Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Just got 7.5 R INDIUM 5 door

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    Charles M

    Akrapovic Sounds Kind of Crap?

    Am I the only person in the world who is happy with the exhaust on the 7.5R?
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    What do you dislike about your R?

    For me its the flat area of the bumper at the tailgate. Water just pools there and leaves dirty marks, doesn't help my my R is white.
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    What detailing have you done today?

    Washed it. Serviced it. Painted the rusty wheel hubs. Stuck on the side vent stickers and blacked out upper grill.
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    What did you do to your R today?

    Fitted my wingbacks today 👌
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    Show us your ‘post WLTP’ Golf R’s

    Took delivery yesterday.
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    Mk7 Golf R Order thread - part 2

    As promised, here are some pictures up of the car I picked up on Monday. I love it.
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    It is, sounds crazy but it is.
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    Alcantara heaven

    So had my R a few weeks now just had my wheel retrimmed 100% alcantara with blue bits absolutely stunning, never cold in winter, just makes such a difference to the drive experience and at least 50bhp gain in performance 😀
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    What did you do to your R today?

    Have it a long overdue wash.
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    Not as good as other pictures, but brings back a great memory for me and considering it was taken with an iPhone, I am satisfied. @thelegoless on Insta
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    Hi Muzza, I can easily hit the high torque figures of any other tune out there, that's really not an issue. it's just that by default, I choose not too. There are various reasons why. Firstly you need to run more boost in the low to midrange. All tuners are running the turbo pretty hard at the top end of the rev range - i.e. close to its maximum flow potential. If you run a lot of boost in the mid range, you are then running the turbo close to its maximum all the way through the rev range so it's likely to suffer more wear. You also generally spend more time in the midrange, so you spend more time with the turbo at maximum load. Lots of low down torque is also what breaks things. It's what puts the stress on engine and drive train components. Big torque means big cylinder pressure. This means huge forces are exerted on the piston, conrod, crank and bearing surface. The torque then has to be transmitted to the road, so clutch, gearbox, differentials, drive shafts, all take a battering. There is a good argument which says; if you spend a lot of time in this rev range, then it makes sense to have all your torque here.. On a road car with excellent traction there is a lot to be said for this. The thing now is that these cars are already pretty torquey, and it's the high rpm that's lacking. Traditionally with performance cars, you were rewarded for letting the engine sing towards the redline, These days, everything is turbo charged with focus on minimising lag and increasing response. Whilst this is great for every day use, it can lead to a feeling of everything being over a little too quickly when you really want to go places. With our tune, you get a significant extra instant shove in the back, but with the power still building right up to the red line with very little drop off in torque. For myself it makes the car feel a lot more characterful and has proven itself to be ultimately faster against the stop watch. Take a look at some of the fastest most exciting cars currently out there and check out their power and torque curves - McLaren 720S, Porsche GT2RS, Ferrari Pista - they are like that for a reason! Rick
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    Golf 7R Photos - Part 2

    Couple of days old...looking good!
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    Brake Holiday Sunday

    Set aside today to fit my new brakes. Started at 8.30 this morning and finished about 5.00 pm this evening. 1. Removed original front brakes 2. Modified heat shields to accept the larger discs 3. Fitted front brakes 4. Used a Clarke vacuum brake bleeder to remove the majority of the air from the system 5. Fitted new braided hoses to the rear calipers 6. Fitted the summer wheels. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    belfast col

    Remap good figures........

    And as If by magic... I won't bother deleting your comment as it shows you at your best. Ta ra
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    What detailing have you done today?

    It's been a while! 10 weeks without a clean due to being busy and crap weather etc, longest any car of mine has been without a clean, but finally got time to give it a wash. Bit grubby Lots of pre washing Clean at last
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    What Has Brought Me Here Having owned a BMW E92 330i (272) for just over 5 years, my journey into Golf R Estate ownership began last summer. With a young family, the 2 door coupe was beginning to take its toll on my back (negotiating a toddler into a car seat) and a week long trip away as a family really stretched how much could be crammed into a 5-door Golf MKVII SE 1.4 TSI (wife's car). I therefore went in search of a replacement for the BMW. Initially I went down the route of SUV's, in particular I love the X5 - in xDrive 40d M Sport trim. I then realised after doing a speculative insurance quote that I would have to rule those out - could not believe how much more expensive it was compared to my 330i for what is a slower, less sporty car. Even in ‘poverty spec’ xDrive 25d (2 wheel drive only) insurance was significantly more than I was used to. I think it must be to do with thefts, damage and write-offs of X5's compared to the relatively few 330i's there are (only saw 1 other in my 5 years of ownership). Add in maintenance on such a car, it became a lost cause, especially as I would be buying out of warranty. My list expanded to include X3's, Q5's, Land Rover Discovery Sport...same conclusion mostly very expensive to insure (and at least 3-4 years old with 40,000 miles in my budget). So I started to look at the less premium alternatives: Skoda Kodiaq, Volkswagen Tiguan, Volkswagen Touareg and a few estates: Audi A6 Avant, Skoda Octavia, Skoda Superb. A6 and Touareg aside, all of these were very cheap to insure and within budget. Through this journey I realised that all the spec's I was interested in were the high performance engines: Audi A6 would have to be 3.0 TDI Bi-Turbo, Skoda Octavia would have to be vRS etc. In the end my criteria were: must be fast, must still be within budget and must have a big luggage capacity. As is almost always the case, ‘2 out of 3 aint bad’ and I found with many cars I considered that was the case. I could get fast SUV’s with big luggage capacity but were way out of budget; or I could have within budget with big luggage capacity but wouldn’t be fast. I had an inkling that I wouldn’t be satisfied unless whatever replaced my 330i was at least as fast and enjoyable to drive. I had almost resigned myself however to a Skoda estate (vRS Octavia TSI or 280 4x4 Superb) or a Tiguan. None of these options really made me excited – get the job done space and budget? Yes, absolutely. Fast enough? Yes, absolutely. But deep down I thought of either of those cars as a bit of a compromise. Enter Golf R Estate I stumbled upon the Golf R Estate early on but initially wrote it off as ‘it was a Golf, they are everywhere, my wife has a Golf, I don’t want a blinking Golf!’. After the remainder of my research brought me to the conclusion of compromise however, I took another look at the Golf R Estate. Whichever article I read (I can’t remember exactly), had a photo of the MK7.5 and I thought it looked much nicer than any previous version. The 0-60 time that started with a 4 instead of a 5, 6, 7, 8 or 9 caught my attention too. How often will I be doing 0-60 dashes where that time even matters? Probably never but as a stat it satisfied me. I checked the luggage capacity: >600 litres. Impressive. Almost as big as an Octavia Estate and larger than any of the premium German estates. Last check, insurance. Would this put an end to things? The anticipation of waiting for the first quotes to come up on Confused.com was agonising. Finally, the quotes appeared and to my amazement, they were half the price I paid for my 330i. Half. Could. Not. Believe. It. Ssshh, don’t tell anyone! The Order In December 2017 there was a great lease deal on a Golf R Estate. Now I did not set out to buy a Golf, nor did I set out to buy a new car. The lease seemed to be very good value though so I done a few sums and came to the conclusion that in my circumstances it made a lot of sense to buy new. Now, I know car finance is very personal and what works for me would not necessarily work for someone else – I am not here to tell everyone to lease their car. All I would say is even if I had the money to buy a new car (any new car) in cash, I would lease it. A good friend of mine who always leases cars (albeit for business) put it like this and I am now converted to it: “lease what depreciates, buy what appreciates”. So I picked my options: Black Mirrors & Roof Rails, Black Pretoria Wheels, Turmeric Yellow paint, sought out the best deal and asked my local VW dealer if they could match it. They came very close and it made a lot of sense to go through them. Order placed mid-December, March 2018 delivery. The Options You would think that when given the choice, one of the best parts about buying a new car is picking the colour. I found this a really difficult thing to do. To date, I have only ever had black or white cars. I was interested in exploring alternatives. In the end I decided on Turmeric Yellow having never seen it in the flesh or in estate form. At least I knew it would break up ‘the various shades of mizzle’ as I have heard modern car colours described as somewhere else on this forum. Pretoria wheels in black, mirrors in black and roof rails in black were my only real essentials. I considered the sunroof (mainly for looks) but couldn’t justify the price. I considered DCC but decided having never had this or an equivalent and always driven cars with sports suspension, I did not need it. I would have liked a ‘start/stop’ button and would have considered keyless entry to get it, had I known the button only came with that pack and was not standard equipment. My well-spec’d 10 year old BMW has me spoiled I guess (along with headlight assistant, I may miss that). The Delivery Waiting seemed to take forever. Then finally, my car arrived at the dealer. I then got some bad news…the car had been damaged in transit. I was gutted. I now realise how often this happens but in my head I pictured my new car taken care of on every leg of its journey. Let’s face it though, that is a fantasy. So I asked for a photo of the damage (which had already been approved for repair by VWFS) and took a day to decide what to do. I could get it repaired but risk it not being a good job (re-spray on a brand new car was not a great idea in my mind) or reject the car but have no guarantee that the same deal would be honoured (since VWFS, having assessed the damage were happy to repair it). In the end I decided to get it repaired. Here is a photo of the damage: 3 Weeks Later Prior to delivery I had arranged that the dealer would not prep the car, in fact I wanted it left in all transit wrap so it could be taken straight to the detailer. They agreed but informed me that due to the repair, transit wrap had to come off so they could check over the rest of the car. I was content with this. I picked the car up from the dealer on Monday. They showed me where the repair was done, it looked flawless, really impressive. So I agreed to take the car on the basis if the detailer or I spotted anything peculiar later on I could bring it back. I brought my stamped plates with me for them to fit – mounted in a surround on the rear and stuck on the front. I wasn’t sure how surrounds would look but I like them on A-Class etc. so wanted to check. On front it was just too chunky because of the OEM number plate holder. On the rear, I think looks ok. The salesperson got me to sign last bits of paperwork, showed me the basics of the infotainment, round the car etc. and gave me the keys. Due to the damage and subsequent delay, I managed to negotiate a full tank of Super Unleaded and a boot liner. I also asked for a set of Black 18” Pretoria Wheels with winter tyres thrown in but they didn’t deem that reasonable. Worth asking! The next stage was drive 1.5 miles through rush hour to the detailer in a brand new car. This, I do not recommend to anyone. It was really painful watching people dart in and out of their lane and lane hop on the roundabout. But I made it in one piece. Day of pick up photos: Pick up from detailer I had arranged for Gtechniq CSL+EXO, wheels off and C5 applied, G1 on the glass, C4 on all rubber/plastic trim and I1 on the interior. This was expensive but I hope, worth it for easy maintenance and the car looks stunning. The detailer had to do quite a bit of correction. First of all, there was a lot of fall out on the car (iron, tar, glue, bird poo etc.) that had to be removed. Next, they done paint correction which he said was quite a lot and not just on the area that was repaired. Finally CSL was applied, topped with 2 coats of EXO. They told me the drive side front wheel was loose before they removed it. That is a bit shocking really since the car was PDI’d. Here are some post-detail shots inside and out: What next? Break the car in – 1,500 miles of slow revving, patience and getting to know the car. Fine-tuning the seat position, mirrors, infotainment and many other options. Fit Windesa/Sonniboy sunshade blinds (dual purpose: protects toddler’s eyes from the sun and looks like 90% tints). I am confident that I have made the right decision. I certainly think it will be faster than my 330i and more stable with 4Motion vs. RWD but will it be as fun? That remains to be seen. I said earlier that ‘2 out of 3 aint bad’, well with the Golf R Estate I believe you can satisfy all three: fast, affordable, big luggage capacity. My dream ‘family car’ would be an RS6 but that isn’t going to happen any time soon (and realistically never) but I can’t think of any other cars that are close to either the Golf R Estate or RS6 at either end of that budget spectrum or in between.
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    Already posted eleswhere, but I like this one. April showers:
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    Seeing that some of us have waited for a very long time to get hold of them, I thought it’d be nice to see all the post WLTP R’s together in a single post, Heres my Oryx White 3 door 😍
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    Show us your ‘post WLTP’ Golf R’s

    Picked it on the Monday 04.03.19 and very happy with my choice..
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    October 2018 Nav Update

    Hi All The latest October 2018 nav map updates are now available here :- http://webspecial.volkswagen.de/maps/int/en/index.html Just select Downloads, click on the infotainment screen and then your golf model and nav type then select the area of the world you want and it will download the .7zip file for you to extract onto your SD card for installation. Just need to check its the 1/10/2018 version which is the October 2018 release as 1 of the options is still showing the April maps. Good Luck!
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    Picked up on Friday, it’s already filthy! Fitted some S2T paddles this afternoon. Tried some OBDEleven bits, but they didn’t work 😕
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    I went over to visit Alex at VW Retrofit in Redditch to get my 2014 Golf R upgraded from the Standard 6.5" Discover Nav system and Standard Clocks to the 9.5" MIB2.5 Infotainment System and the Active Info Display (AID). Overall I am very happy with the upgrade, it took around 3 hours of Alex's time for the install and coding. Prices are below for information, up to you to decide if you think it's worth it. Couple of things to mention if you're considering the upgrade: If you want the map display on the AID, you need the MIB2.5 and the 9.2" Display. No-one that I know of is currently able to do milage adjustments on the AID. It's not a big issue and am sure someone will come up with one in the future, but need to accurately declare mileage at MOT's in the meantime. I have a warning lamp consistantly displaying showing "Error: Range Calculation". According to another forum, this could be as simple as getting a newer CAN Gateway (£40). Booked in next week to try this. It's super awesome. Parts / Cost List: AID - 5G1 920 791 A - eBay - £550 Trim - 5G1 857 189 - eBay - £0 (included above) Install & Coding - VW Retrofit - £200 9.2" Display - 5G6 919 606 - VW Retrofit - £1350 MIB2.5 - 5NA 035 020 - VW Retrofit - £0 (included above) Install, Coding, Cables, Trims and Connectors - VW Retrofit - £0 (included above) TOTAL COST £2100 Now for the pictures:
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    I’ve obtained the guys insurer info via a colleague who can access that info.
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    “ Does It Come In Black? ”

    Hi, I’m Ramsay Very pleased with my New Golf R and motivated to learn more about it and how I can make it the car I’ve always tried to create in the past. Nearly gor there with a VR6 Rotrex Charged Corrado, made 332.3 bhp. I feel the platform with the R is right and enthauaised at all the options available and which ones I want to have. I said I would take some time and plan it all out before buying anything and already bought a spoiler 😆 I think I’m going to keep this as a forever car. My work colleagues were quite keen to see it too.
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    Cabin Temperature Adjustment

    First world problems...
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    Autowatch Ghost Bypass

    Hi guys, I’m away on holiday at the moment so I’ll keep it brief as I’ve covered this video several times and once home I’ll post the link to the thread on the Audi Sport forum. Basically it’s a stooge video designed to ruffle feathers and discredit the ghost after an installer failed to fit one correctly and was struck off as a dealer. He got the hump and this video was the result. What is shown in the video does happen if the device isn’t installed correctly. I tried to contact the guy in the video before I realised it was a stooge. He turned comments off on the video and abused Autowatch staff when they contacted him. If it was genuine why would he do these things after spending £399.00 to protect his £40k car? Anyone who want to try it on here are welcome to but your vehicles won’t start you’ll just flatten your batteries. Trust me your vehicles are Immobilised. *unless installed by this clown* Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Instagram: FAT4Y Go follow me!
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    30 years ago today (Adult humour)

    It's 30 years ago today that I met the wife. We were at a young farmers get together, always the charmer I said " You remind me of my little toe" ..... "Small and cute" she replied, " I smiled, "Well that and the fact that I will probably end up banging you on the coffee table" Like any marriage we've had our ups and downs, the lowest point for me was when I overheard her telling her friend Yvonne her sex life was like a 100 metre sprint ! " Over in less than 10 seconds ? " said Yvonne " No I usually do it with six athletic black guys" replied the wife. I took her infidelity badly and ended up stood on a bridge, in desperation I rang the Samaritans " I'm on a bridge and I'm about to toss myself off " I said "That's inconsiderate, what about anybody passing underneath" said the woman at the end of the phone.. " They will probably think it's just bird shit " I replied........ Seriously, she's an absolute diamond, here's to 30 more.....
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    DUB R4XX

    Golf 7R Photos - Part 2

    Car is looking a little different again...
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    @cgautography or @charside on instagram 🤞
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    UPDATE: Just got off the phone to the Police compound, the chap said there isn't a straight panel on it, looks like it's been in a roll. As bad as this may sound to some members, I was so relieved to hear that. It was actually found on the Cheetham Hill/Crumpsall border, and not in Gorton where it is actually currently being housed at the Police Compound, awaiting forensics. Can you imagine if that car was repairable, and I had to live with that engine and drivetrain, not to mention issues that may have surfaced down the line with VW and warranty claims, grey areas as to whether future issues were caused due to "negligent" driving and VW not honouring warranty claims, as they knew the car had been stolen. They would only need to hook up the computer to read engine history and it would reveal how long and how many times it stayed in high revs, how many launch controls etc etc. Then there would be the personal issue and coming to terms with living with a car that had been stolen and damaged, and constantly worrying of whether it was going to cause me mechanical issues, whether they would try and steal it again, trying to sell it etc etc. Anyway, I don't have that headache thankfully, but it has woken me up and made me even more alert to this sort of crime. Just wanted to say a massive genuine thank you to everyone that took the time to write words of support both publicly and privately...you're a good bunch 🙌🏽🍺
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