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  1. Hi Admin. 


    Great forum and thanks for having me.


    I'm new on as of last night having encountered my first problem with my R .. a buckled pretoria 19" alloy that I would like to replace sharpish as I'm rocking around at 50 on my space saver at the moment.   


    I've been reading around all the good advice on the forum (OEM etc) but have limited access as I'm new. 


    Is there any way I can engage with the forum to try and find a wheel without breaking the rules? 


    Thanks .. and apologies if I'm missing something. 






    1. Booth11


      Welcome along dpw200.  😊


      It’s great that you’re finding the forum a good source of information.   


      We’re sorry to hear you’ve encountered a problem with your R, unfortunately Pretoria’s are prone to buckling.  

      Regarding engaging with the forum.   All new members have restricted access to certain features of the forum, full Classifieds sections and personal messages for example which aren’t fully accessible until you reach a post count of 25.  I’m afraid we cannot alter these restrictions for individual members.   

      There’s nothing to stop you posting up about your Pretoria plight, but please be aware that other members are not permitted to sell their car parts outside of Classifieds sections, and would not be able to PM you until you reach the required post count.  We also discourage members posting up personal info such as email addresses and phone numbers for your own security.  

      We’re sure you’ll understand that the new members rules must be applied fairly and consistently. 

      We wish you well in your quest to source a replacement Pretoria.  

      Bec - VWROC moderator 


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