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  1. JonnyG

    Advice C2V3

    Its easiest to use it as a drying aid everytime you wash the car. Just spray it on over the wet car and then dry off as usual with a plush MF drying cloth or two. This avoids potential smearing and also additional rubbing with a MF cloth. As with all final coats it's only going to work as it should on well prepared paintwork - decontaminated, clayed and polished. It should leave a slick, silky feel with good beading/sheeting for around 4-6 weeks. I do think it is now being overtaken by newer products though. If you want great gloss and slickness (and ease of use) try P&S Beadmaker (my new Summer month coating !) . if you want good beading and longer protection try Sonax BSD (a bit grabby to apply and buff off though), and the new Meguiars Ceramic wax has got some pretty good reviews (around £14 at Halford right now).
  2. That's so true ... it took me four goes at different places to get one of my fronts balanced properly. I was beginning to give up hope ! In the end my local Costco tyre depot sorted it, but next time I'll start with a decent balance machine.
  3. Were you going round a bend by any chance at the time this happened ?
  4. Stick with what you've got and put the £30 a month you save towards a Mk 8 R 😉😝. There are usually good offers on new models, particularly lease deals.
  5. We've had four Mk 7 Golfs over the last 4 years (cheap lease deals - 2 R's, 1 GTD and 1 facelift GTi) and two of them have been slightly noisy with regard to wind noise on the drivers side - funnily enough these were the GTD and GTi and not the R's. It has been very slight though and I've just lived with it after trying a few things with no luck. It seems worse on windy days, even at lower speeds, rather than just at higher speeds.
  6. Gtechniq sell a maintenance "kit" for the CS and EXO coating. It is recommended (by Gtechniq) to use their Citrus Cleaner occasionally to decontaminate and restore the coating to its native best 😀
  7. Good luck with your search. 5dr DSG should be the most common available for the facelift I think as VW sell more in this spec than any other. My tips are : 1 As above take your time to find the right one and always look at it in the flesh before buying, even if travelling far. There have been numerous threads on here about the condition of R's not matching the ad descriptions 😟 Try and be flexible on colours and options too, to widen the choice of good examples. Never trust the salesman's banter / promises ! 2. Check out the alloys and tyres carefully. 19" Prets are prone to cracks (hidden on the inside of the rims). Check they are genuine VW alloys too … there are a lot of replicas about. The tyre conditions and wear can also give you clues about tracking etc. 3. Have a long test drive and check the DSG changes are smooth all the way up and down the gearbox. Once fully warmed up, put it in sport mode, floor it and check for no stutters/flat spots in the revs. just before gear changes. 4. Check the ACC (Adaptive Cruise Control) works OK … the radar is in the front badge on Facelift R's. 5. Check the cars service history. VW dealers should also know the full electronic history. Facelift cars after a certain date do not have a service book anymore so don't be alarmed if this is missing.
  8. I must be easily pleased as I'm happy with both on the Golf R with no real preference. Going forward I suspect the analogue dash will be phased out completely.
  9. I use Gtechniq C2 (v3) every wash and it lasts a good two months which is longer than my next car wash 😀 The big benefit of keeping on top of wheel protection is that the dirt just washes off with normal shampoo … with no need for harsh wheel cleaners. 👍
  10. After watching a few YouTube pro detailer's videos, I convinced myself I needed one of these mini polishers for all those little areas that are inaccessible to larger machines. Ordered from Clean Your Car (with 5% discount code) and arrived promptly. First impressions are that it is solid and well built and I'm very pleased with the whole kit that comes with it. You get 3", 2" and 1" backing plates, two extension rods and a good set of pads in each size. https://www.cleanyourcar.co.uk/shinemate-ep803-rotary-polisher-kit
  11. JonnyG

    Bird poop

    When it dries in direct baking sun it really can be lethal 🤢. It seems to depend on what the little sh#tters have eaten too !. I've not heard of the hairdryer method before so I hope that works for you ! Otherwise I would guess it needs a good cutting polish with a machine polisher really. Even then it may only reduce 90/95%. As above best to carry some wipes / detailing spray and a couple of MF cloths in the car this time of year to get bird poo off asap.
  12. I generally use Waze through Carplay now … mainly to get the live info ..potholes, accidents, police vans, queues etc. On a long journey the other week (Leeds - Crawley) I used both my TomTom 510 (with live traffic updates) and Waze. The routing was exactly the same, and when a detour was required (to avoid M25 queues) both directed me the same way and Waze was quicker to inform me of the required detour. BTW there are so many managed motorway sections and speed cameras on that route (M1 / M25 anticlockwise) it really does make me question whether performance cars are really worth it for me now. Most of my other journeys are commuting in traffic or motorways with speed cameras.🙄
  13. New Nilfisk C 125 Model 125 bar Pressure Washer - Deal of the Day today on Amazon (Sunday 19th May 2019) - £80.00 (usually around £100 - £130). Cheapest its been at £80 https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B01MT9QEJL New compact, high-pressure washer with a powerful 1500W motor Higher pressure and increased water flow (460L/h) to give you the best performance of all compact cleaning machines Comes with a hose reel for tidy storage of the hose which, together with the compact design, makes it easy to stow away when not in use Easy to use Click&Clean connectors with quick and swivel coupling 2 years of domestic warrant Metal Pump - Built tough Made from Aluminium this lightweight yet robust pump is the heart of the machine. Delivering long lasting superb performance.
  14. Its definitely worth having a sealant / ceramic coating applied after a polish but for me £250 is not worth it. You could easily do it yourself in half a day - its just wipe on / buff off.
  15. The best I've found is Sonax Polymer Netshield. Its around £15 for a big can and although its for paintwork it does a great job of deepening the black colour of rubber and plastic trim too. Best to wipe down with IPA or something similar first. It's a great sealant too, I doubt you'll find taller/rounder/bigger beads with anything else.
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