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  1. JonnyG


    No that was in fact for the older 8P ... from 2015, if you look at the dates on the post and the forum directory at the top 👍
  2. JonnyG

    Hire car

    Wow ... just wow 😲 Sounds a bit dodgy to me 😁 "Recorder William Edis QC said the witnesses were linked to the firm that recovered Mrs Harries’s car and put her in touch with the claims management company which loaned her the Mercedes" and "She also took out a separate “after the event” insurance policy, which is expected to cover the car hire cost." Another reason to have front and rear dash cams methinks !!
  3. FWIW I wish I'd kept my RS3 for much longer (see my sig) as that was the last car I owned. Since then I've just done 2 year personal leases. It's also still worth nearly as much today as I sold it for (to Volkswizard) in March 2015, so would not have suffered much depreciation at all.
  4. JonnyG


    The optional wider wheels and tyres were : 8.5J wide 19" wheels 255/30/19 tyres You would need to check the back of your front wheels - the wider ones are 8.5J - standard ones are 8J If you don't have the wider 8.5J alloys you should stick with the standard 235/35/19 tyres on the front and 225/35/19 at the back 👌 Yes, there is a slight difference in width (235 front and 225 back) - but that is what Audi set as the standard. More info in this thread : https://www.audirs3oc.com/topic/1768-tyre-sizes/
  5. Having read your post a few times I'm convinced you need to keep your R for longer 😁😉🤣
  6. JonnyG


    With the 8P, the wider wheels and tyres were an optional extra, and there aren't many cars about with them on. I managed to get a set on Ebay and they did help improve the understeer on the 8P. I'd go for something grippy at the front for sure, the Michelin Pilot Sport 4S or the new(ish) Goodyear Eagle F1 Super Sport.
  7. I think VW will soon introduce a further safety measure for KESSY like this for the Seat Ateca Basically the key fob has a motion sensor in it which turns off the signal when the key fob hasn't moved for a while (i.e. at night). Quote from Seat Ateca manual :
  8. I use an SD Card for music and always have. SD Slot 1 for music and Slot 2 for the Sat Nav. I may be wrong but it rings a vague bell that the the system can only handle so many songs / tracks. For that reason I have always kept to a 64GB SD card and (fairly) limited folders / albums. I've only had problems like yours occasionally and if so deleted some folders (albums). It may be worth deleting some of your folders (albums), checking the SD card is not corrupt and trying again !
  9. Cold Weather and Tesco Momentum (99RON) does it for my exhaust 😁
  10. I'm a bit OCD about the screen and Piano black areas and treat them with great care to avoid minor scratches etc. My tips are: 1. Brush the whole area first with a fine detailing brush and or very soft feather duster (and a vacuum if available) 2 Use a damp MF Glass cloth (with your diluted cleaner if needed) wipe very very very (!!) gently around the area. 3. Use a clean dry MF glass cloth to finish off, with hardly any pressure at all.
  11. Best to coat the felt seals as well as the rubber seals with whatever you choose (after a good clean to remove all wax / silicone which will make yours doors squeak and creak). I use Autoglym Vinyl and Rubber and never had the noise return after using that frequently.
  12. I was amazed to see how well old leather can actually be restored !! :
  13. OK I've driven quite a few '100 miles now with the new 7 speed DSG in my new Cupra and the things I've noticed are :- Advantages : More relaxed cruising with the extra 7th gear Much better S-mode (it seems a lot more dependant on throttle position than before as to when to change up. i.e. it doesn't hang on to the revs as long with partial / moderate throttle position. Disadvantages (if you can call some of them that) As described in posts above - a "slipping clutch" type of feeling in certain conditions at low speeds A fair bit more sharper when setting off from as standstill as the clutch engages, making parking / manoeuvring at very low speeds a bit harder. This may be just be specific to my car I guess ? Slightly less smooth down changes at low speed (probably that 2nd to 1st change that you notice) Overall though I'm happy enough with the 7-speed DSG and would trade the "disadvantages" for the benefits of the extra 7th gear.
  14. Ooops … you're right 😲 my bad !
  15. I owned one of the last R32's for around two years and loved it - Deep Blue Pearl metallic, 5dr, Leather Recaros and DSG. IMHO if you can find one in good condition it will really hold its value. Obviously they are now well behind in terms of performance and tech, but the sound of that engine firing up will put a smile on your face every day 😉 I can honestly say it's one car I wish I'd kept hold of. Any excuse for a few nostalgic photos of my R32 😍
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