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  1. If you're going to wash your car regularly I would really recommend getting a dryer such as the Metro Vac or Big Boi. The amount of water they remove from the alloys, wing mirrors, front grill, petrol filler and rear hatch etc... is amazing. If you don't remove the tap water from these areas you will get run streaks all down the paintwork as well as the alloys. The amount of water that comes out of the wheel nut areas is endless ! Personally I took a gamble and got one of these : https://www.amazon.co.uk/Motorcycle-Portable-Blower-Vechicle-Detailing/dp/B07HG2GQGB I was really pleased with the quality of the machine. It is really solid and well made. The flexible extendable hose is strong with no sign of splitting and I have run over it once by mistake !! It has variable heat control. I think the 5 star Amazon rating is well justified. It's one of those things I wouldn't be without now 🙂.
  2. JonnyG


    The (included) rechargeable battery lasts about 2-3 months for me and that's with pretty heavy front door use, so not bad at all.
  3. Couldn't agree more ! after spending all the time washing the crud of the car it only takes a few minutes extra at the drying stage to use these new "rinse and dry" type sealants. Makes the next wash so much easier too, as well as adding gloss and protection to your car. I like Gyeon WetCoat for this. The new Turtle Wax range also gets great reviews too and is hard to knock given its price.
  4. JonnyG


    I have five of these dotted around the outside of the house : https://www.amazon.co.uk/Reolink-Argus-Rechargeable-Solar-Powered-Surveillance/dp/B07999Z3M3/ref=sr_1_5?crid=1LHAHE8L8W6F1&keywords=reolink+argus+2&qid=1579950933&s=electronics&smid=ARGDLBF91D6J6&sprefix=reolink+a%2Celectronics%2C141&sr=1-5 No wiring required and they record to an SD card (just for 30 seconds after detecting movement with the PIR) The pros are that they require no wiring, they work very well with the Reolink App on a smartphone, I get a push message and an email (with photo attached ) within seconds of detection usually, so I know when someone's coming up the drive before they get to the door - day or night. The videos are downloadable too and good quality 1080p. I've had then around 2 to 3 years now (bought one at a time) and not had any problems.
  5. I'm a leaser and usually go for the best deals around at the time of changeover, hence the current Cupra Lux at £265 a month. My monthly limit in the past has usually been around £300 on a 3x23 lease. Hoping the Golf 8 R will have some good lease deals when it comes out which will tempt me back. Having said that the choice for AWD hot hatches has never been so good with the new BMW 135, Merc AMG35, 45, Audi S3 & RS3. So the new Mk 8 R is not a definite choice for me. Looks like my monthly lease price will have to increase a bit though 😂 or I stick with Cupras and Skoda VRS's !
  6. I'll give that a try I think ! …. thanks for the tip.
  7. The difference to the PCP is likely to be a fairly low final balloon payment with the PCP, resulting in higher monthlies, which means in reality you will probably get a fair bit of equity back when you come to sell / part-ex the PCP car and settle the outstanding PCP balance. Having said that there are a few reasonable lease deals around on the R at the moment. I'd be tempted with this one if it was time for me to change : https://www.vehiclesavers.com/car-leasing/volkswagen/golf-hatchback/2.0-tsi-300-r-5dr-4motion-dsg.html?utm_source=e-shot&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Quarter414112019ActgrP11 Have you leased before ? You need to be sure it will suit you, as you are pretty much committed to paying the monthlies for the full term, with no easy way out if your circumstances change. I usually go for 24 month leases for that reason. Good luck with your search !
  8. Stick to OEM for me 👌 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Genuine-VW-Golf-Mk7-Mk-7-5-Front-and-Rear-Rubber-Floor-Mat-Set-RHD-BRAND-NEW/131341420404?epid=646189641&hash=item1e948f0774:g:FosAAOSwq7JUCuMi
  9. JonnyG


    No that was in fact for the older 8P ... from 2015, if you look at the dates on the post and the forum directory at the top 👍
  10. JonnyG

    Hire car

    Wow ... just wow 😲 Sounds a bit dodgy to me 😁 "Recorder William Edis QC said the witnesses were linked to the firm that recovered Mrs Harries’s car and put her in touch with the claims management company which loaned her the Mercedes" and "She also took out a separate “after the event” insurance policy, which is expected to cover the car hire cost." Another reason to have front and rear dash cams methinks !!
  11. FWIW I wish I'd kept my RS3 for much longer (see my sig) as that was the last car I owned. Since then I've just done 2 year personal leases. It's also still worth nearly as much today as I sold it for (to Volkswizard) in March 2015, so would not have suffered much depreciation at all.
  12. JonnyG


    The optional wider wheels and tyres were : 8.5J wide 19" wheels 255/30/19 tyres You would need to check the back of your front wheels - the wider ones are 8.5J - standard ones are 8J If you don't have the wider 8.5J alloys you should stick with the standard 235/35/19 tyres on the front and 225/35/19 at the back 👌 Yes, there is a slight difference in width (235 front and 225 back) - but that is what Audi set as the standard. More info in this thread : https://www.audirs3oc.com/topic/1768-tyre-sizes/
  13. Having read your post a few times I'm convinced you need to keep your R for longer 😁😉🤣
  14. JonnyG


    With the 8P, the wider wheels and tyres were an optional extra, and there aren't many cars about with them on. I managed to get a set on Ebay and they did help improve the understeer on the 8P. I'd go for something grippy at the front for sure, the Michelin Pilot Sport 4S or the new(ish) Goodyear Eagle F1 Super Sport.
  15. I think VW will soon introduce a further safety measure for KESSY like this for the Seat Ateca Basically the key fob has a motion sensor in it which turns off the signal when the key fob hasn't moved for a while (i.e. at night). Quote from Seat Ateca manual :
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