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  1. I doubt we use any more water at home than commercial car wash businesses anyway :- "Thousands of carwash firms will continue to use high-pressure jets despite the introduction today of a hosepipe ban for millions of homeowners, Thames Water admitted yesterday. .......But while domestic customers are being told to stop using hosepipes to water their gardens, commercial water users remain unaffected by the ban. A spokeswoman for Thames Water said yesterday the distinction meant that thousands of hand carwash garages in the south-east that use high-pressure hoses would remain unaffected."
  2. I gave in and bought one of these from Amazon and used it yesterday 😁. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Cordless-Pressure-Portable-Lightweight-Generator/dp/B09J2CKKP5 I was impressed with it considering the price of £48.00 includes battery, charger and all accessories. The spray nozzle is reasonably powerful and the best feature of it. The snow foam botttle is not so powerful but it will cover the car in a shampoo film to dwell (but not thick foam !!) The battery lasted for the whole car and I spent a lot of time doing the wheels and wheel arches with the spray nozzle. It was powerful enough to clean the muck off the wheel arch felt linings too after a brush with diluted BH Surfex. I taped the inlet tube to the top of a large bucket to keep the filter near the bottom and then placed the bucket on a step ladder for maximum height. I then just kept the bucket topped up with warmish water with a watering can. The hose is 5m long so long enough to get round the car (almost) with only few movements of the supplying bucket required.
  3. mmmm .not so sure the market had dropped that much for some Golfs. I bought a secondhand R-Line from Parkway Kettering for Β£25,939 last August 2021 with 9000 miles on it, and have just sold it back to them through Motorway three weeks ago with 17400 miles on it. They are now selling it (looks like sold now) for Β£26,580 (i.e. a year older and 8400 more miles) !
  4. Have you tried using something more powerful than snow foam/shampoo when washing / cleaning ? Ceramic coatings do need decontaminating every so often to bring back the hydrophic properties to their best (i.e using something more poweful than just shampoo). Gtechniq recommend using their maintenance products such as W5 Citrus All Purpose Cleaner and W6 Iron and Fallout Remover when the beading is getting poor. They are formulated not to damage coatings πŸ‘ "W5 Citrus All Purpose Cleaner is specifically formulated to provide very effective cleansing without damaging coatings, delicate trim, or chrome parts". "W6 Iron & Fallout Remover Quick Overview : - Dissolves fallout and brake dust fast, Does not damage coatings, Effective on wheels and paintwork" You can then top up with a detailing spray of your choice, which should last longer as it will be on a fresh clean decontaminated surface.
  5. JonnyG


    I don't mind it raining just after a wash and clean, but hate having to drive it on wet roads with all the spray that undoes all your good work in a few minutes πŸ₯²πŸ˜§
  6. JonnyG


    All being well the below is arriving in two weeks. Brand new and I'm only paying Β£300 more than what I just sold my 2 year old Golf R-Line for. Seemed a no brainer financially but also a bit too good to be true (the discounted price of the new Focus that is) so I'm still being very cautious. I found it through a broker that usually leases cars but sells a few outright. Still not sure about V5c - will I be first owner etc. ?. Not paid a penny yet but had PCP approved (non Ford). They don't want me to have any contact with the supplying Ford dealer... only themselves (the broker). I've gone for the 1.0L Ecoboost Mild Hybrid 155ps DCT gearbox (similar to DSG) so very similar to the 1.5 eTSI mild hybrid Golf engine and gearbox I had in terms of bhp, torque, performance and hopefully mpg.
  7. JonnyG


    Did you get chance to profile the car with a detailed text description (as well as the photos) ? Just interested as I had to abort the photos on the app due to a horible dull wet day and filthy car and so emailed Motorway all the photos who then completed the ad for me, so I never got chance to add a detailed text decription.
  8. If you can lock in a good price now I would, as I'm sure your car will be worth a lot lot more when you finally get it, but it may be a long wait ! During that wait I can see VW upping their prices at every opportunity :- https://www.reuters.com/business/autos-transportation/energy-crisis-could-cut-europes-car-output-nearly-40-sp-global-mobility-2022-10-11/ https://europe.autonews.com/automakers/vw-may-shift-output-germany-over-gas-shortage
  9. There are rave reviews currently about the new MG4, especially the long range trophy, and all for around Β£32,000. Should get a good lease deal through work once they appear. 7 year warranty too πŸ‘ https://www.mg.co.uk/new-cars/mg4-ev .
  10. JonnyG


    It's up for sale now :- https://www.parkwayvolkswagen.co.uk/used-vehicle/114227/volkswagen-golf-hatchback-5-doors-dsg-petrol-atlantic-blue I got Β£24,165 from them so a reasonable markup, but they are selling it with the VW Approved Used 2 + 2 + 2 warranty. Β£23,125 was the best offer from CarWow. Β£21,975 from WBAC And I bought it secondhand from Parkway Kettering for Β£25,939 last August 2021 so they are asking more for it now than then (a year older and 9000 more miles) ! Just shows how secondhand car prices are still high πŸ™„
  11. JonnyG


    Probably the same dealer as mine then - Parkway VW Derby πŸ‘. Yes, a pleasant retired chap came up on the train from Derby this Monday (the car sold last Thursday). He checked over the car and documents etc., phoned the accounts team and the money was in my account within five minutes. I then let him go with the two keys and remaining portion of V5c !! I'm looking out for it being advertised now but perhaps they had a buyer lined up already ?
  12. I can reverse down my drive by starting it up with the door open, selecting R and then manually deselectiing the parking brake button. I can then lean and look out of the front door and reverse up to the exact point I want for wheel/tyre washing/dressing. I'm greeted with lots of audible warnings but it can be done with the door open and no seat belt on.
  13. At the moment possibly a 2nd hand Arteon or a new discounted Ford Focus ST-Line Vignale 155 Auto (7 speeed powershift) which seems too good a price to be true so very suspicious ! Its already well past it's due date at the dealer.
  14. Its worth getting one for that final "sheeting" rinse. Much easier to direct than buckets 😁
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