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  1. Four-wheel-drive mega-hatch has the backing of VW boss as Mercedes-AMG A45 rival Volkswagen’s R performance division has reignited a development programme on a “close to 400bhp” Golf R Plus model as a range-topping rival to the Mercedes-AMG A45 and Audi RS3.
  2. @BobbyT Can I ask which exact rear spoiler have you got? I want one on my Estate....
  3. Hmmmm. Earlier I mentioned in a thread that it felt better. It tightened in the turn and felt like the rear wheels were steering a bit. That was round a low speed roundabout. Recently I went round a long sweeping flyover ramp with a grippy anti skid coating at about 85 squirrels. What I felt was a car that was not as stable. A bit fidgety. There was something reassuring about how the 6 handled on this corner. put it on the apex and as you accelerated out it would push out to the outside in a solid and predictable manor. Get it wrong at low roundabout speeds, ie in too fast, it would under
  4. Danno


    As an antidote to the pure filth thread I have decided to create a "beadage" thread. Everybody live a good bit of beadage. I shall start with my week old, unclean, AG High Def wax
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