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  1. Thanks Raiden. Ed at APS is on the case. I'll PM those guys tonight. Thanks again. Best thing to do is keep busy!!
  2. Wow, sounds like a cracking little Mini. Quite fancy a 90's Cooper. Yes, I think you're right. I'll also put some calls into the sourcing companies.
  3. I hear you! Just can't get my head into it and like a said, don't rate the 'purchasing experience', if you know what I mean 😉 I've got one of those tents for my Caterham 620. Lives in it when it's out of storage during spring and summer. They're fantastic bit of kits. Carcoon You've reminded me to also contact my classic storage place. They may know someone. Not sure what that graph is saying 🤔
  4. Oh no! What have I started 🤣 I've got competition!!
  5. I know a tad unrealistic!! Square numberplates and mileage in KM on digital display. Strange not showing as import, but without getting into trouble here, there are a few places I've been warned off by friends. That plus the unknown history pre-importation. Like I say I'm sort of tempted, but hoping that something UK based will come along. Although I reckon I'll have to do a lot of research, posting, phoning and I suspect my ideal one will have to be prised off another collector. So I'm trying to get the word out to the bloke who's not yet selling...
  6. Really good spot that, however that's a Japanese import. And as much as I'm sort of tempted by that (corrosion benefits from no winter salt on the roads) I think the spec differences and KM displays would irritate me after a while. There are all sorts of funnies with Grey imports with insurance, foreign owners books. Unknown history. And possibly criminality. So I'm gonna hang out for a UK one... If you want to see a real Unicorn, look at this one. OMFG! I'd have given a lot for that one.... Only missed it by a year or so. Would love to make the owner an of
  7. That's exactly the sort I'm after! I've posted on R32oc, but its pretty quiet these days compared to here. This is a wider shout-out. I'll bash the phones next week and speak to the main dealers to see if they can reach out to owners of good ones.
  8. Wanted.... Come on, someone MUST know someone, who knows someone, who has one hiding away somewhere! Well, now is the time to nudge them on your next Zoom call and say, "Hey, you know that R32 that you've had for years and not driven? Well I know a genuine buyer..." Deep Blue Pearl Ultra Low Mileage (sub 20k miles preferably, or even lower) 3 doors Full VWSH No imports Let me know. PM or message on this thread. Top, top money paid for a museum piece. Finders reward paid for a good one.
  9. Toppa the morning from Dublin 




  10. Four-wheel-drive mega-hatch has the backing of VW boss as Mercedes-AMG A45 rival Volkswagen’s R performance division has reignited a development programme on a “close to 400bhp” Golf R Plus model as a range-topping rival to the Mercedes-AMG A45 and Audi RS3.
  11. I'm sure, as to date we have only been here to serve a particular type of clientele. But soon we must welcome into the fold a different type of R owner.
  12. No. I love my Wagon too much. And anyway its not my scene the SUV thing
  13. You just need the older versions of the Golf R then. You can save some money on depreciation too 😉
  14. Come on...Be the first to stick your name down on the Official Order Thread..you can be Famous on here too.
  15. How does this category do in the US? From my own, possibly naive impressions, the US likes big cars. This class may be a tad small in the SUV stakes...
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