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  1. Ummm.. For those with modded exhausts, would it help to have the MOT done during the summer months (i.e. when it's warmer)?
  2. rjwojcik

    VW Centre Caps for 19” Pretoria

    I asked CM Wheels this 2 days ago, they told me the reps were still 57.1
  3. rjwojcik

    OBD Eleven - The Basics

    So my dongle arrived this morning, so I purchased the Pro pack this afternoon and typed in the authorisation code. Managed to get my fan speed to show in auto mode, but I used the app rather than using the long coding. Baby steps...
  4. rjwojcik

    obd11 where to buy

    I've ordered my dongle and am waiting for it to arrive. Was hoping that when it arrives I can order the pro pack then.
  5. rjwojcik

    Wheel advice

    What did you go for then...
  6. Has anyone seen anything or got any links with regard to the new GPF exhaust and how it differs to the non GPF exhaust? There was a recent post (on a BMW forum) where it described where the GPF is and how it replaced one of the resonator boxes. TIA
  7. rjwojcik

    OBD Eleven - The Basics

    Just ordered my "OBDeleven device + Easy remove" tonight from https://obdeleven.com. Can't wait to have a play. Do I also need to order https://obdeleven.com/en/home/11-pro-pack.html to get the " pro version of OBD Eleven.".
  8. rjwojcik

    Red/brownish engine coolant

    So where do they put these bags in the cooling system? Do they need changing?
  9. rjwojcik

    Autec Wizard

    Nope, but how much are they?
  10. rjwojcik

    Fitting VWR Oil Cooler MK7R.

    Does the VWR oil cooler also require moving of the washer bottle, or something? Anyone know whether the Helix one requires the same?
  11. rjwojcik

    Car wont start - Apply Brake message

    Won't VW give you a courtesy car?
  12. rjwojcik

    Hatchback Lighting

    Success, I've found the lamp holder. It must have been blown since me having the car, so always assumed there was no light. I've extracted it and am now in the process of ordering a replacement bulb.. Thanks for all of the replies.
  13. rjwojcik

    Hatchback Lighting

    Thanks. Where's the bulb, I have nothing in mine. Unless it's blown.
  14. rjwojcik

    Hatchback Lighting

    Would anyone know if there are any solutions to fit lighting in the hatch area? With the nights drawing in, I'm struggling to see inside it.
  15. rjwojcik

    Changing the battery on the key fob

    Yeap, 2032 for me as well.