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  1. I've gone for giffgaff, but have not paid for a couple of months but still seems to work. OK, it's only 3G so had to confgure the wingle to work at 3G only. Last months usage was 108MB, as I only use it for the live traffic.
  2. I've just plugged mine into the USB port on the arm rest box
  3. So, the first wingle I got (unlocked to all netwroks) I manged to break by downloading the updates. After the updates were applied it became locked to a network called Zong. I managed to get it replaced and all good now. I've plugged mine into the USB port underneath the arm rest, seems to get a signal and now paired with the sat nav. BTW - I'm running a giffgaff sim which works, but on 3G only.
  4. So looks like I got a USB 4G modem and not a USB 4G WiFi hotspot , so for anyone looking to do something similar, read the technical stuff before committing. Have now ordered something else, but it was available in white only
  5. Guys, I got an E3372 tonight, the correct colour. FYI - This one takes a full size SIM and giffgaff works with this one, well it does on my laptop. What I'm struggling with is the access point name and password that should be used to connect to it?
  6. Ummm.. For those with modded exhausts, would it help to have the MOT done during the summer months (i.e. when it's warmer)?
  7. I asked CM Wheels this 2 days ago, they told me the reps were still 57.1
  8. So my dongle arrived this morning, so I purchased the Pro pack this afternoon and typed in the authorisation code. Managed to get my fan speed to show in auto mode, but I used the app rather than using the long coding. Baby steps...
  9. I've ordered my dongle and am waiting for it to arrive. Was hoping that when it arrives I can order the pro pack then.
  10. Has anyone seen anything or got any links with regard to the new GPF exhaust and how it differs to the non GPF exhaust? There was a recent post (on a BMW forum) where it described where the GPF is and how it replaced one of the resonator boxes. TIA
  11. Just ordered my "OBDeleven device + Easy remove" tonight from https://obdeleven.com. Can't wait to have a play. Do I also need to order https://obdeleven.com/en/home/11-pro-pack.html to get the " pro version of OBD Eleven.".
  12. So where do they put these bags in the cooling system? Do they need changing?
  13. Nope, but how much are they?
  14. Does the VWR oil cooler also require moving of the washer bottle, or something? Anyone know whether the Helix one requires the same?
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