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  1. Morning Tam, You can hang on to them for GTi mate. We went about 5 years back and it was a great day. Might pop along and say hello!!
  2. Well boys how did it go?? And bragging rights on 1/4 mile times?
  3. Bored today so did this....

    Trust me Tam i can get the low 20s over a mid run but I'm also good at getting the high stats. Many years ago @Danno challenged me to get from North York's to London and back on a tank and I did it. Getting high MPG from your R is like making love to a beautiful woman. First you need to talk sweetly to it then gently stand on her in your slippers..... So says my mate Toni...
  4. Bored today so did this....

    Maybe it has a hole drilled in the muffler? Ps.i can assure you my S3 sounds exactly the same as your R as it basically is your R but the soundakator i the S3 isn't as silly so from inside it's quieter.
  5. Bored today so did this....

    You and my mum....hang on...no, just you!
  6. Bored today so did this....

    Oh get back in the knief drawer!
  7. Bored today so did this....

    I resemble that remark Misses!!!
  8. Bored today so did this....

    No....im joiking....
  9. ****VWR James Cook Hospital

    Don't you love it when a plan comes together!! Great to have you in the gang!! Ps. I do have properly printed calling cards but had none on me!!
  10. Bored today so did this....

    Anyone beat that......or indeed want to beat that?? Ps. I can do better but wasn't trying too hard. Pps. S3 Diesel hybrid blue motion
  11. ****VWR James Cook Hospital

    Great reg. Left you a wee note.
  12. Help the VW R brand team!

    Thanks on behalf of the club Ken and glad we could be of service to a brand we all care about.
  13. Red hearse

    If it s a Mk7 the inner ones are attached to nothing...no split off. The 7.5 are as you describe I believe. There's a video on here somewhere of them being made in Germany and you can clearly see the Mk7 only having 2 attached pipes.
  14. Car vs pheasant

    You know I love you and would never refer to you like that.... xx
  15. Car vs pheasant

    I generally love them but there are a few gobby ones about.......mentioning no names.......that drive R's.......black ones....... **Col Runs**.....................................