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  1. MY Golf R Replacement Sponsored by GHD

    Looks fab!! When you say it's nowhere near as quick as your R.. with a stage 1 Revo surely it's got to be??
  2. Nurburgring 18/19th June Lapiz 5dr.

    Looking great lads! Sounds like a cracking trip!!
  3. M20 westbound 2.30 today - black mk7

    It looked lovely. Cheekily tried to come up the inside of me but I got to boost first....
  4. Loads of Mk7s for sale at the dealers.

    I also see loads in my neck of the woods. Saw 3 yesterday within 2 minutes and I agree that there's a benefit of it not standing out too much!.
  5. Loads of Mk7s for sale at the dealers.

    I might go on the Veyron forum and tell how crap it is and that I'm off to buy a Chiron!
  6. Attempted Car Jacking!

    Jeez that's scary shit! Be good to set up a sting and get them. Roughly. Very very roughly.
  7. Loads of Mk7s for sale at the dealers.

    He can calm down on a BM forum as he's banned. What is it with BM drivers....
  8. Le Mans 2018

    It has. The cops killed it off a few years back. It was getting very stupid with drink driving creeping in and the odd person being run down etc
  9. Le Mans 2018

    Good way to run it in! Pity you'll miss mad Friday but will keep my eyes open for a new R Wagon!!
  10. New member checking in

    I used to like you.... All joking aside the pop up nav is far better positioned IMHO. Don't want to be looking and the gear stick to see where I'm going!!...
  11. New member checking in

    I'm surprised after driving a A3 you didn't cancel the R! *Col awaits the abuse*
  12. New member checking in

    When I ordered my 6R VW had a rule that if they couldn't deliver within 12 weeks they had to supply a courtesy car for the period until your new one turned up. Check with them!! They always 'forget' to mention it but ask them.
  13. Le Mans 2018

    Catch up for a beer!!
  14. Le Mans 2018

    I recognise that tent! You staying at Travel Destinations at Porshe Curves? If so that's where we are!!
  15. Le Mans 2018

    Yea only posher!