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  1. belfast col

    Mercedes A35

    This gives the A35 4Matic a slight edge over the M140i and S3, which are claimed to accelerate to 62mph in 4.8sec and 5.3sec respectively, in outright straight-line performance. Wrong: They're quoting the S3 0-60 with a manual box and not the 4.6 for the DSG. Why can't journos get something like that right??!!
  2. Looking mean with your private plate....3rd R in 5 minutes this morning around 9.45 on the M62
  3. Looking smart at around 9.40 ish today
  4. belfast col

    WV18*** M62 West bound

    Today around 9.40am. saw three Rs in a row...you were 1st..........
  5. belfast col

    NA51R ** Manchester Royal

    Looking mean buddy!!....
  6. belfast col

    Kieran's Stage 3 7R (524PS/671NM)

    If you have any videos be sure to post them!
  7. belfast col

    Kieran's Stage 3 7R (524PS/671NM)

    Whats your V-Box stats for standing quarter/ 0-60/0-100??
  8. belfast col

    Ex Audi S3 owners

    So I have the new S3 and have driven a 7R and owned a 6R. Mrs also had a 7 GTD so can comment on the interior etc. The reason I went S3 was at the time of ordering the S3 had just got the updated and got the upgraded gear box (7 speed DSG) and the extra 10 horses PLUS the sat nav and cruise control which were extra's on the previous S3 were now included so it was a bit of a no brainer for me. As for the handling, I know the R is a bit cleverer with the front dif and the seats are more grippy but to be honest they're both great cars and as I don't do track days i've never felt short changed. One thing is great about the S3 is the infotainment system. From day 1 (2 years ago) i had full control of Waze, Google maps, Spotify, audio books, google play etc and the pop up screen is way better positioned IMHO as you dont need to look down and take your eyes off the road. Finally the looks, I've grown to love my S3 (photo in my signature which if you click on you'll get a high res image) but also still love the R. Fence firmly sat on!
  9. belfast col

    Woman who loves her VWs

    Welcome Lisa and what a lovely set of wheels you have. Your photos are just fine here!
  10. belfast col

    8 years ago today......

    I know what you meant. Me!! X
  11. belfast col

    8 years ago today......

    Is it really??
  12. belfast col

    8 years ago today......

    I was so excited. Loved this rare machine...
  13. belfast col

    Hurdy’s 7.5R

    And what time do you call this Mr H!?!? You come walking back in here without so much as an apology!!. (Great to have you back buddy, You've been missed!!)
  14. belfast col

    Newbie From Ireland

    Welcome buddy. Glad you found the forum helpful and love the car so far!! Plenty more to explore here and with the car!!
  15. belfast col

    Your most annoying harrassment?

    Pretty sure the last two, or three people I've banned on here have been BMW drivers and not Audi drivers. Maybe I'm biased.