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    belfast col got a reaction from 429BEN in Le Mans 2015   
    As ive recieved several PM's about the trip I shall post more info here (Danno, Stubsy, R Soul, feel free to chip in as I'm out of the country from today until Sat).
    Firstly read this, as this is who we use:
    You can see prices and options. We camp at Beausejour and it fab. Clean toilets and showers. Hot food. Bar. Wide screen TV's. 24 hour security.
    Last year we all went in convoy via the channel tunnel. Long trip from Yorkshire but dooable!!
    If youre interested post questions on here or PM me your mobile and I'll add you to a Whatsapp group.
    Its an awesome trip!!!
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    belfast col got a reaction from Danno in White 7R Church Rd Hove   
    Maybe it's Jackies, Titos, Jermaines or Marlons!
    mind you being white and in Hove it's probably Janet's or La Toyas.
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    belfast col reacted to VW7R in BMW X5 M50d thrashes Golf Rs. Hilarious Post.   
    From the BMW Bimmerpost Forum:
    Fellow BMW Forum Members,

    In a high octane update I can today confirm that I duelled with not one but TWO 64 plate Golf Rs on the M6 Toll and M40 whilst en route back from Cumbria. Bloody hell, the traffic was awful.

    Anyway - I can confirm a few things that avid Golf R fans will want, nay, NEED to have the skinny on:

    1) Both Golf Rs have quite nice rear lights. The leds look a bit like an R! Fancy.

    2) Both of them were filthy dirty. I wondered if they have been drag racing on a farm or something. Golf owners are known to like to doing this. Also dogging. Anyway, one was red and one was blue. It put me in mind of the old Milky Way advert. You know the one - "the red car and the blue car had race..tra la la la"

    3) One of them was driven by a man with a very chunky bracelet - and he paid IN CASH at the M6 Toll plaza. It may have been Del Boy from Only Fools and Horses, but this cannot be confirmed.

    4) I beat them both into next week as the sheer unstoppable power of the midrange oomph of my M50d DESTROYED THEIR PUNY PETROL STYLINGS.

    Another victory for common sense, and my penis. For clearly and undeniably it is bigger than those poor unfortunates driving their lowly Golf Rs. And so the wheel turns.

    I look forward to muted rumblings about Petrol being great and er something about xDrive and probably somebody will talk about winter tyres.

    Festive best,

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    belfast col got a reaction from Jenny19 in MERRY XMAS CHAPS   
    Oi Jenny, were did you get my photo!!??
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    belfast col got a reaction from admin in SO OFF AIR FRI TO SUN TIME TO.......   
    Yeah it does a wee bit but no doubt Admin will look at it.
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