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  1. Do it. Rick mapped mine to 370bhp and 405 lbs. It is looney quick!
  2. Have to add my two penneth here.... I love keyless and would never spec a car without it again. As others have also stated, just keep the fob in your pocket. Never had an issue with it not opening or locking. I have attempted to lock the car with the fob inside (just to see what happens) and it wouldn't let me. Maybe the OP has the lock settings on auto lock after xxx seconds? I disabled that one when I first got the car. The only ever-so-slight annoyance is forgetting to take the fob out of your pocket when you're washing it. Someone else mentioned this too.... the mirror in, mirror out hokey cokey! Other than that I find it addictively convenient!
  3. Yes mate, it's happened pretty much since day one to be honest. At first I thought someone had planted a bomb!
  4. I know this has been mentioned before, but I couldn't find any posts that said definitively what it is. My car (and other people's) have a beep that originates from somewhere in the engine bay after the car is stopped (or maybe it does it all the time and you just can't hear it!). I took this vid last night... https://youtu.be/0t87taNv19M Admittedly that's not the most exciting vid on YouTube but I was moving my phone around to see if the mic could better detect where the noise was coming from. Does anyone actually know what it is?
  5. Get it mapped. Stick a tow bar on it. Add headlight eyelashes. You're unique again.
  6. I'd be interested to know this as well as I would definitely extend my lease if the option is there. I have extended leases on many other cars, and it's always been a painless exercise, but never tried it with VW finance.
  7. OK thanks for the feedback everyone. Looks like I'll be changing at 8,000 miles then. Might look at those Contis that Rebecca mentioned...
  8. Apologies if this has already been covered, I did have a quick search but couldn't see anything. Anyway, just wondering how many miles people are getting out of their tyres? I've just had my first service this morning, at 12 months and 7k miles. Apparently my front tyres are down to 3.5mm and the rears at 4mm so going to have to think about swapping them soon. For info, I'm running the Potenzas on the prets. I work from home so most of my journeys are short, local trips and the majority of my miles come from weekend blasts around A roads. I also had a custom map at 4k miles. All the same, I wasn't expecting them to be wearing so much in just 7,000 miles!? Be interested to hear how other people are getting on. Thanks
  9. Used eco mode once - that was enough. Don't mind start/stop mode at all, works a charm for me. On my previous car (Astra J VXR), it was crap so was always switched off. Other than that, my car is never in anything other than race mode. Oh, and I LOVE my manual gearbox
  10. "A lump of mental" Surely that describes the thieves
  11. Auto Express review out and they absolutely love it: http://www.autoexpress.co.uk/ford/focus/94086/rs-hatchback# Sounds good from their review but the design is crap IMO and as usual the interior looks like it was designed by Fisher Price. That dashboard looks like it was lifted out of a 20 year old Kia. Seriously, how can they get that so wrong? The big nasty plastic bins surrounding each instrument dial would make me cry every time I got in it. Anyway, as I'm running an awesome stage 1 map thanks to Rick at Unicorn (370bhp and 401lbs) I'm quite happy with what I've got.
  12. Puzzled as to why people say prets are hard to clean!!!?? Easiest wheels to clean I've ever had on a car. Huge gaps between the spokes mean you can clean the entire wheel and rim with ease. No fiddly gaps to have to start poking wire brushes through. Aside from that I do think the R is very colour sensitive and different wheels look better on different colours. It's all subjective though, get the ones YOU like the best, and don't stress about cleaning either of them.
  13. yeah my car lifts on the straights since the remap
  14. As for the OP's original question.... The only attention I've had recently is two people asking me whether my car is affected by the emissions scandal I think that pretty much says it all. If you like a sleeper, it's the perfect car.... especially when you go stage 1 eh Fraser
  15. Ya know what, I'll open the bonnet when I can be arsed and have a look. I suspect you're 100% correct though!
  16. Anyone know what would cause condensation to form in such a specific pattern?
  17. Sheesh. Is this the stuff they're teaching them on the Young Driver Experience courses now?
  18. Couldn't agree more mate, and I'm firmly in that camp. I rarely hit motorways these days so most of my 'races' are as you described... off a roundabout or a blast up to 80-90 on a dual carriageway. I'll always back off if someone wants to take it beyond those speeds, especially as I've usually proven my point by then! However, this thread is not about judging other people if they choose to go faster. If someone is on a deserted 4 lane motorway at 3am and comes across a stage 3 Peugeot Bipper that fancies a go, then God speed to both of them if they end up doing crazy speeds. In the words of Homer Simpson... "What made you Judge Judy and executioner?"
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