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  1. Powervalve exhausts are superb in terms of build quality, refinement and noise under heavy acceleration. It really is a lovely combination in terms day-to-day use and sporty sound when accelerating hard. If you PM me I can send you a link to the article that I did for Volkswagen Driver Magazine.
  2. Looking to do something with the roof spoiler on the R. Aware of Maxton Design, but what else is out there? Don’t want to go big wing but would like a bit more than I’ve got if that makes sense!
  3. Why not get your interior trimmed in Nappa afterwards and get something better than what VW offer? The Vienna ‘leather’ is only leather where you sit and pretty much everything else is not real leather. The synthetic material they use is not bad but don’t think you’re getting leather. To be fair Audi, Merc and BMW all do the same for their basic leather interiors. Transcal (www.transcal.co.uk) have retrimmed my 7.5R in Nappa and the quality is incredible. Cost is around £1,500+VAT I think which is a lot cheaper than VW’s Nappa option at £2,615. Everyone that’s seen it thinks it’s a factory option. The reality is it’s much better! Look out for an upcoming article in VW Driver Magazine.
  4. Thanks Simmy, who did it?
  5. Just done this short recording from start-up. Throttle blips to just over 3000rpm. It’s difficult to get it over with an iPhone recording but for a four cylinder engine it’s mega. The great thing is that it’s not intrusive at all when pottering or cruising on the motorway. The slightly deeper tone at idle is spot on. Hope everyone can open the WeTransfer link: https://we.tl/s-xG5ZmtmTqx
  6. Has anyone had paint protection film put on their R? Are there any downsides that you didn’t realise when it went on? I’ve come across 3M VentureShield but who else out there does it? I’m intending to do a feature in Volkswagen Driver Magazine so any tips greatly appreciated. Thanks
  7. It’s really good on the motorway and sounds pretty much OEM, may be a little deeper but not intrusive at all. The exhausts barks when you accelerate just when you want it to. It’s the best of both worlds and I’m a right fuss pot with noise in cars. I’ve put extra sound deadening in most cars I’ve had but I’ve not needed to in the R. Jon - happy to accommodate when you’re passing. Send me a pm so we can exchange numbers.
  8. I’ll have a go at doing a recording in the next few days. It’s the best of both worlds - quiet at low revs (just a bit of rumble showing the intent) and full on howl when you open the taps. I’m fussy and it’s an easy thing to live with day-to-day and quiet for motorway cruising. If anyone is in the Midlands or SW, I’m just off the M5 near Gloucester and happy to let you have a look if you’re passing. I was at my local tyre dealers, Chris Mullins Tyres, the other day and their guys were mega impressed with the quality and they see a lot of aftermarket stuff.
  9. It’s my car and I have to say it’s a fabulous exhaust. Hi-Tech Performance who fitted it were really impressed at the quality of the welding. The one thing that people don’t realise with this exhaust is it makes the car more responsive at low revs because the valves are closed and some back pressure is generated. When the turbo begins to spool it’s a different animal and makes an incredible noise. i would never rubbish anyone else’s exhaust but if you’re in the market for an aftermarket exhaust the Powervalve is worth a close look. A few more photos:
  10. Yes I reckon that might be the case. I’m wondering whether they’ve gone up after hitting that huge pothole. I’ve not had the issue before. Is it easy to adjust them downwards?
  11. I’m getting flashed all the time in my 7.5R. May be six times tonight! Stood in front of the car and everything seems to be working ok with the headlights and main beam. Has anyone else suffered this with the new LED headlamps or could I have another problem? I hit a couple of big potholes which made the whole car shudder - not sure if that could do anything to the headlight settings. Any advice appreciated
  12. Thanks. That’s interesting. Will have to do some Googling to see if I can track them down.
  13. Thank you. It was the VW centre cap that threw me, Revo wheels usually have their own centre cap. Clearly the standard VW fits then.
  14. I know one of you chaps will know what this wheel is - https://www.powervalve.co.uk/products/vw/golf/mk7/golf-mk7-r-2014/vw185-full-system-with-200-cell-motorsport-cat-choice-of-trims-system-options-powervalve-sport-system.html I’ve seen it somewhere but can’t remember where. I reckon it looks stunning, but would probably not want it in bright silver.
  15. Long shot this one but does anyone know whether the 7.5R has the same engine mounts as the 7R? I’m about to get a SuperPro set but someone mentioned that the 7.5R may have a different rearmost mount.
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