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  1. That is truly lovely, Rebecca. Black Beauty is turning out to be the classiest R around.
  2. Oh yes, Dynaudio is fantastic and fantastic value especially as I did not have to pay for it! It pays to be really nice to the dealership!
  3. Mine is unsullied. It will be sullied once VW get their mittens on it. As it is Red already, it won't blush!
  4. My favourite is the electronic handbrake and Dynaudio, in equal measure. Then of course there is DCC which I love having in Comfort Mode most of the time as I do not profess to have Rally Driver credentials. I use my R mainly as a shopping trolley. Sad but true and what a waste some would say. You, lucky lady Rebecca, have the best wheel/tyre combination: Prets + Conti 5P tyres. Cadiz and Tombstones are not in the same league and even worse are Prets with Tombstones. But, Cadiz + Conti 5P or Michelin PSS, well then we are talking equivalence and possibly slight superiority for ride comfort. I would have ordered Prets if I was sure they would have come with Conti 5P tyres. If only the Prets were available in 18", I would have ordered them in a heartbeat. Rebecca your car looks terrific. DBP is so classy.
  5. Damn it. How dare it. I'd give it a good spanking. Mine has a wonky backside (will get fixed when I have the time) but there is no engine ting-a-ling yet.
  6. Running Totals & Increases since Last Totals on 26/09/2015. Colours for Hatchback & Estate: 1. Lapiz Blue 159 2. Tornado Red 71 +1 3. Pure White 65 +2 4. Deep Black 49 +1 5. Limestone Grey 33 6. Night Blue 23 7. Oryx White 22 8. Reflex Silver 16 Number of Doors for Hatchback &Type of Gearbox: 1. 5 Doors DSG 181 2. 3 Doors DSG 102 +2 3. 5 Doors Manual 84 +2 4. 3 Doors Manual 55 Estate (DSG only): Estate 14 Most Popular Colours for Hatchback & Estate: Lapiz Blue, then Tornado Red, Pure White, Deep Black, Limestone Grey, Night Blue, Oryx White, Reflex Silver. Hatchback: Most Popular Door/Gearbox Combination: 5 Doors DSG, then 3 Doors DSG, 5 Doors Manual, 3 Doors Manual.
  7. Top quality review from you Rebecca. As always, a beautifully composed post. Raises the bar for all of us.
  8. As per heading. Synergy Automotive Electronics is a very reputable company and are tremendously helpful. Don't know the costs involved, but for big size lovers it is probably worth a punt! http://www.synergy-automotive.com/volkswagen-golf-7-infotainment/4587746232
  9. Congratulations. Wow. What an absolute beauty. Oh yes, Deep Black Pearl looks so expensive. Must go Black next time myself. As they say, once with black you never look back! Enjoy the Black Beauty.
  10. Good point. Should have considered this. No wonder I've been hopeless at this type of work. Ta very much for alerting me.
  11. I love Deep Black Pearl. It really does make the R look really expensive and more so than any other colour. Added to this, you will have fab Contis on the lovely Prets. Perfect. You deserve it.
  12. There are quite a few of these. Hilarious. Looks like more woes for Greece after taking financial advice from Germany.... You told me to get those bloody VW shares Angela! Sorry, what can I say... Bugger what will the Fuhrer say...
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