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  1. Sorry to hear about you dad. I'd probably look to get it registered in my name but keep a copy of the V5 so that the potential buyer could see it was my late father's car. Winding up estates and finances etc can be a bit of mare. Is there a solicitor dealing with probate? Do you have siblings who could get a bit pee'd off with you for selling the car? Sadly, bereavement does bring out the worst in some people when you don't really expect it.
  2. I recently sold a car through WBAC, they initially knocked the price down for a few silly things (very small stone chips , the car was 17miles over what i'd stated 7517miles and not 7500 miles, one minor scratch to a alloy) but I managed to argue most of it back and ulrimately I was happy with what they paid. I've sold a couple of cars through Motorway and each time the service has been pretty good along with the price paid. I would say for slightly older cars then maybe skip WBAC as the price they state and what they pay could vary a bit when they start taking off £50
  3. I recently had a big brake kit fitted to my mk7, I was running 19 inch T Roc pretorias (ET44) but with the new calipers fitted these don't clear the calipers without a 20mm spacer and then the wheel is poking right outside the arch (basically ET24). I'm looking at some Racingline R360 wheels which mostly overcome the poke issue, I can then clear my caliper with an 8mm spacer ...it will still poke slightly so I'm looking at getting a bit more clearance using a different tyre. The question is can I run 225/35/19 on the front wheels and 235/35/19 on the rear wheels without
  4. KN12 JDO Back up for sale again, still has the GTI steering wheel but different wheels and its about 2.5k more expensive (I think it was 13995 before)
  5. I've seen the above for sale, its a red, 3dr DSG model. Does anyone know the car? It seems to have been with the dealer a long time and thats not usually a good sign. Any information would be helpful. It'll be a second car for around town and stuff, I've had a 6R before (steel grey) but traded it back in 2014 and been in Audis ever since.
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