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  1. N3DXT

    my new toy, 6R

    When did you get the car? We px'd it in May 2014 for an S3 (now gone).
  2. N3DXT

    my new toy, 6R

    Hi James I can't message you I'm afraid, I think its a post count thing as you need to have 25 posts to use the messenger service.
  3. N3DXT

    my new toy, 6R

    Just seen the pic from the Beaconsfield meet up, definitely my old one 👍
  4. N3DXT

    my new toy, 6R

    Lovely looking car, could possibly be my old one. I'll message you the full reg, if it is my old one I'll probably have some old pics I could mail you.
  5. I went with a MK7 in the end, purchased it at the end of July and hence didnt see the responses to the thread. Thanks Scottw and AJP for your responses.
  6. I've seen the above for sale, its a red, 3dr DSG model. Does anyone know the car? It seems to have been with the dealer a long time and thats not usually a good sign. Any information would be helpful. It'll be a second car for around town and stuff, I've had a 6R before (steel grey) but traded it back in 2014 and been in Audis ever since.
  7. Spotted a couple of times over the last week, 10 plate 3 door, good colour choice.
  8. That's really bad. I'd take it back and demand they pay for a detailer to do paint correction at your risk. The door strips should be something they offer to replace as I'm sure they are an easy swap out. Agree with Danno on this, I'd refuse to accept that paintwork.
  9. Got a call from Caffyns in Brighton today, they had a Lapiz Blue demo (manual) arrive today which should be available for test drives from Friday.
  10. Lower Centre Grill - 5K0-853-671-J-041 - £161 inc VAT
  11. Answered my own question - VW Vortex always knows http://www.deutscheautoparts.com/View/V ... 450/132736
  12. I did do a search to no avail - including the interweb. Does anyone know the part number for the lower centre grill (under the number plate). A kamikaze pigeon has snapped a bit on mine and I need to order a replacement. Thanks
  13. I can't believe that they won't do handovers on a Saturday. When I picked up my Audi on Sept 1st (Sunday) the dealer had a whole morning of handovers timetabled with the first one at 7am. I thought all dealers would have to do it, its only 2 days a year!
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