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  1. ordered 17 march BW32 unconfirmed full spec without panroof
  2. second dyno with 340hp archie got the same value
  3. i hope you choosed bursmeister option, because of rattles 😉
  4. i posted again s3 is tuned and they deleted for the second time i dont know why
  5. they deleted my reply on youtube with s3 abt video what a joke lol
  6. this guy is a audi fanboy?? yes is a abt version here it is the car
  7. but isnt a s3 abt? with 370hp?
  8. stage 1 with 444hp? crazy
  9. golf 8 will be blue my actual car is a white leon and looks very good with white but after 7 years is full of rattlles
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