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  1. Easy one for me on the 3-door - the fact that on opening the doors, there’s only one ‘catching point’ and on a windy day in a car park, the doors can inadvertently open fully without you being able to control them!!
  2. A general update for anybody considering a purchase - VW have ‘adjusted’ their Prices (upward) from 1st April 2019!
  3. 3 year Service and MOT on my car and no issue at all to my request to have the filter cleaned by main Dealer as part of the Haldex service - charged me for parts (filter and seal) and took before and after photos too.
  4. I'm travelling through Geneva that day and I've never been to the Motorshow before so looking forward to seeing some new cars, 'in the flesh'!
  5. I sometimes wish that our Politicians (of any Party) recognised this.....
  6. Brilliant news - for many of us on the Forum who have been witnessing the goings-on, the fact that so many will be picking up their new R's on 1st March (after all the mixed information and delays) is a collective time for celebration!!!
  7. Yes they do and if it's your first ever car, an ideal solution but for those with an existing Policy who're trading in, a Cover Note from the existing Insurer with the new Reg No, will suffice.
  8. Just arrange a Cover Note from your insurer to be issued in advance to the Dealer (assuming you have a Registration Number) and this will allow the Dealer to Tax the car - all of which is done online by them now in the Dealership itself.
  9. Another point to make about rural roads in Scotland during the winter months is that it's not always snow and ice that are the 'danger' - farming vehicles dip in and out of fields readily and tend to leave a layer of mud and slurry that can be equally hazardous - spirited driving on rural roads in an R on a warm day can therefore lead to the odd 'scary moment' and wearing winter tyres as a 'precaution' can often save a red face as a result!!
  10. I drive throughout Scotland and having owned a MkV R32, MkVI R and now the MkVII R, I’ve always put winter wheels and tyres on each car from the end of October through the Winter months - many folk suggest ‘why bother’ but as has been suggested, below 7 degrees the OEM summer Conti’s are not nearly as reliable - winter tyres for many are deemed a luxury overkill but to me, they’re essential! Glad you’re OK though and some mess on your R even with a relatively low impact crash!
  11. Who'd be a VW Dealer just now, must be a nightmare. Audi customers are equally pi$$ed off
  12. So everyone, even the SMMT, is getting completely hacked off with VW........... At least this is some clarity being circulated internally by VWUK to assist their patient Customers
  13. Interesting that this Thread already extends to 444 pages of Posts and not many 'got it' pictures of happy customers at Delivery!!
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