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  1. The Mk7 Golf R was developed by a former Porsche 911 Designer - it was his influence that brought the huge improvement of the R brand. My understanding was that the 'signature' Lapiz Blue paint colour (carried over from the 998 series Porsche 911) was reflection of this too.
  2. TP27

    Three door........Confused!!

    I am finding this a very interesting Thread, in that it's outlining the frustrations for many of us who are largely loyal VW enthusiasts and supporters of the R Brand. The WLTP 'situation' that VW has largely put upon themselves has been an utter disaster - for me, I'd have normally been well down the line of ordering a Mk7.5 R with a view to Spring 2019 delivery but due to WLTP, I'm instead buying my existing Mk7 out of its PCP with a view to holding it for another year or so, effectively until the Mk8 nears launch and I'll see how the land lies then. The 'piggy in the middle' on all this is the entire Dealer network - I genuinely feel sorry for them, potential Customers want instant information, there's a clear frustration being aimed at them and VW as a manufacturer are doing them and us (the Customer) very few favours. In addition, cars are simply not being Ordered either and this will be hitting Dealerships extremely hard financially - and I don't see VW coming to their rescue. What the future holds, none of us really know but it's great to have the R Forum as a genuine 'bouncing board' for us all to enjoy - keep the chat going, excellent stuff.
  3. TP27

    Three door........Confused!!

    Accepted - but all I've posted up here is information I've been provided with directly by my Dealer - is it inaccurate (if it is, my apologies)?
  4. TP27

    Three door........Confused!!

    I'm in the process of just buying my R outright (from the PCP agreement) and if what you suggest is in fact true, owning a 'rare' 3 door DSG Golf R might be a sensible 'investment' this time next year!!
  5. TP27

    Three door........Confused!!

    You'll therefore have to wait (I suspect) until January and all might be revealed!!
  6. TP27

    Three door........Confused!!

    I'd gamble that with the T-Roc and T-Cross coming into the VW range (all 5-door style vehicles) and with the Scirocco being discontinued, VW will keep the Golf in 3 and 5-door guise and on the R model too.
  7. TP27

    Three door........Confused!!

    I have a 3-door 2016 R which is on a PCP ending in March 2019. My Dealer is telling me that for now, I'll have to wait until mid-January 2019 before future options for ordering can be considered. That's all I know for now, other than the fact that going forward, the 310ps engine is not immediately available either (when January comes). That said, he rolls his eyes quite often when I outline certain 'facts' gleaned from the Internet on all things VW Golf R..........it's not always true!!
  8. TP27

    Three door........Confused!!

    I suppose that I'm fortunate that my chosen Dealer actually offers a first class service - has VW and/or your Dealer actually confirmed to you that the 3-door Golf R has been dropped from the model range in the UK?
  9. TP27

    Three door........Confused!!

    My understanding is that all UK based R ordering is 'suspended' until 10th January 2019+ (to complete full WLTP testing) - after that date, I'm sure there will be the opportunity to search all Models more fully. Have you not spoken with your chosen Dealer as this is what the VW website suggests?
  10. TP27

    Mk7 Golf R Order thread - part 2

    It'll be equally interesting for R drivers on a VW PCP agreement if they're left in a position that they run out of time, in that a new order is not possible before the PCP term expires. I wonder whether VW will be offering PCP owners the ability to extend their existing PCP on 'preferable terms' until such time as a new R can be delivered!
  11. TP27

    Mk7 Golf R Order thread - part 2

    My 2016 R 3-year PCP runs out in early March 2019 - I'm being told that I cannot order a new R until after 10th January 2019, it'll only be a 300ps engine and that they cannot guarantee that I can have another 3-door nor when the new car will be built and delivered. I'm now onto VW to get a Settlement and just buy my current R outright and then get it booked in for a Service and MOT in late February - I'll then just hold off on any notion of buying anything new for the immediate future!!
  12. TP27


    My neighbour's daughter had an accident in a Tesco car park (not her fault at all) and being fairly switched on, she video recorded the guy that hit her accepting liability as well as recording the damage to her car and a full video record of his car with the registration etc. I'm advised that this helped hugely in the insurance discussions and I'd now do the same, if I had a similar bump.
  13. TP27

    Mk7 R - How to fit a DTUK PedalBox

    Good decision - a complete no-brainer for an improved driving experience in your R
  14. TP27

    Speeding ? Think twice......

    It's when I hear about stories like this being banded about on the Internet that I suddenly realise that we shouldn't be surprised to hear reports of people calling 999 to report a take away owner to the Police for delivering cold pizza.................
  15. TP27

    What the heck are these?

    I found these sitting in the passenger footwell after the last Service - the glovebox has to come off to replace the pollen filter (Dealer stated) - still haven’t sussed where they should actually go back - any pics/clarification of where they should go would be appreciated!!