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  1. They have spare wheels which they trim to your requirements then post it to you and send your old one back to them. Paid £170 but there is a surcharge which they refund as soon as they receive your old wheel
  2. Had my wheel re-trimmed by royal steering wheels
  3. I expected there to be more used stuff available on the forums an ebay than what there is since buying the golf
  4. There is also a used remus on Ebay but looks like it's been dragged out the canal
  5. Be careful of a used akrapovic thats been advertised on ebay a couple of times. There scammers hacking into people account with good feedback and the pictures there using are somebody elses. I've reported it to Ebay twice now
  6. Yeah not feeling that. Looks proper gash
  7. I only picked up the golf r last week and instantly hated the wheel as my previous car had a alcantera wheel from royal
  8. There doing a wheel for me this week in alcantera. I think you'll get a quicker response calling them. Cheers Matt
  9. Bloody hell that's strong figures. Any other mods ?
  10. Thanks for the response. I'll have to see how much the noise bothers me as quite a bit of tread left in the pirelli's
  11. I've picked up a used mk7.5 today an straight noticed the road noise. The car currently has the pirelli's fitted just wondered if you had noticed any reduction in noise on the ps4s
  12. Spending that kind of money on a exhaust for a 4 pot turbo seems madness. It's never going to sound amazing and it's not like lambo's ferraris etc when there on show in the engine bay it's going to be under the car getting covered in sh#t
  13. the top mounts may have been fitted the wrong way round. If they have the springs won't seat properly
  14. Think there's 4 races left. But with double points available at Abu Dhabi I think it's gonna go to the wire
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