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  1. I would suggest you ring VW Customer Service, give them your registration and ask them to check the length of warranty attached to the car. It seems strange that they have added the extra year after build, VW won't do that. Unfortunately, just because you have paperwork saying a 4 year warranty, it doesn't mean the car has it (see earlier in the thread). As I say, to be sure, ring CS to confirm and fingers crossed all is well!
  2. Yes, it is weird how you can't have a 5 year factory warranty on a car that has been built, even if it's still at the factory or in transit when you buy it. When I ordered my Clubsport I specified a 5 year warranty after VW refused to put a 5 year warranty on my previous car, a 7R, even though I requested it before the car was registered (dealer stock car). That was the first I knew about the rule and I took it all the way to the top at VW, but they wouldn't budge. It does make you think that they are built "differently" but that can't be the case, surely!
  3. ^^^ No problem. I wouldn't mind doing this myself, I really like the new lights and sweeping indicators, but the cost for me is just a bit too much to justify it.
  4. That's great news Nath.
  5. Mmm, that's strange, I wonder why it sounded so loud and tinny? That's the problem with paying so much. As you say £50 isn't the end of the world, but £169 is a lot of money to find the sound is not what I'm after. The problem is, I now have a Clubsport and they are the only people who currently do that fitment. Re. the cheap one, I don't think there will be any loss of power given that the R is turbocharged and surely the flow in the resonator will be a lot worse than the delete pipe.
  6. There is a mandrel bent one on ebay that looks to be excellent quality, but it is £169. It also uses the double clamps as per the vw original fitting and this clamp enables the original box to be refitted without having to buy any other parts. This is the one I would probably go for. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/VW-Golf-Mk7-R-Audi-S3-8V-Resonator-Centre-Delete-Pipe-Kit-VAGSport-UK-/232468623003?hash=item362035ae9b:g:5mwAAOSwf~9ZZgOb
  7. Possibly. I have had both a 6R and a 7R and I now have a Clubsport. However, despite that fact that the 7R is a better all round car, no doubt, if I was buying a second hand R, I would choose a 6R over the 7R every time. It looks far better and it's considerably rarer. The main reason I sold my 7R was the fact they are so common.
  8. No mate they are Singapore (polished and black, so similar to cadiz) on the wife's 7 R-line. I'm dealing with Durham - Don Harris - he was excellent.
  9. Just got back from Pulman, two new wheels approved (not Prets), fantastic service, hope you get yours sorted okay Nath.
  10. Thanks and keep us informed - I need to look at getting 2 wheels replaced on my wife's car and my local dealers are the same dealer groups that you have been to.
  11. NathR - any update on this? Thanks.
  12. Have you had a look at their facebook page, they've done quite a few 7Rs and there's videos of the cars: https://www.facebook.com/ZaustworxCustomExhausts/
  13. Fair enough Matt, I understand. Unfortunately, it's well beyond my limited capabilities lol.
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