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  1. I wonder if all these changes will come in on the MY24 model next month, or whether they are scheduled for sometime next year? I for one will be more than happy if all the changes are made in July, hopefully before my car is built, including the big screen etc. if it solves all the clitches.
  2. @PK8 - yes, interesting valuation as I might be doing the same. What spec is your car? Ta.
  3. Disappointing, but not surprising at all, that no-one appears to have been 100% gremlin/bong/error free. I really don't know how VW have managed to, essentially, get away with all these problems, other than the cost of all the workshop visits, steering wheels etc.. It's the first time in 45+ years of VW ownership that I'm questioning a new VW purchase. It's looking more certain by the day that my 8R order will either be cancelled or flipped (if a profit is possible), as my car life needs to be 100% gremlin/bong/fault free. Frustrating times.
  4. I'm just curious, but has any owner of an 8R on the forum been 100% gremlin/bong/fault free since they bought their car?
  5. Thanks Rebecca. To those that ordered their car around the middle of 2022, can you remember how much the PP was? Thanks.
  6. When I ordered my 8R back in November 2021, I paid £2050 for the Performance Pack. Does anyone know approximately what month last year it was removed from the available UK options list and how much it was at that time? Thanks.
  7. This was posted today by the Head of Business at Martins VW, Camberley - looks like the last day for ordering both an R and an R20 is the 9th May. The R20 was always going to close shortly, but the standard R as well, didn't know that. Catching up on existing orders maybe? Anyone know what an order type "00" is?
  8. The problem is, I have a 2017 MK7 Golf and my wife has a 2019 Polo, both owned from new. In all the years of ownership neither have been back to the dealer for a fault (other than a new battery for the Golf). We are both "elderly" lol, and the absolute last thing we want is getting bongs and faults with the car going back to the dealership every other month. It's just not on when you pay well over £40k for a car. If we younger, maybe, maybe, we could put up with the problems. The reason I haven't cancelled is that I live in hope that all the problems will be rectified before mine is built. I don't hold out any hope whatsover.
  9. There's 10 2023 8Rs for sale on Autotrader, all low miles (plus a load of earlier ones) and there's 7 R20s (22/23)for sale. I reckon flipping a car is going to get increasingly more difficult, which is what I was thinking of doing with my order due to the software faults. Some of the (high priced) 2023 cars have been for sale for a while.
  10. Yes, I'm also hoping all the gremlins will have been sorted amd maybe the new hardware installed. If the build ends up MY23 (i.e. before approximately July) and the gremlins and old hardware/no backlit heater controls have not been updated, I will be cancelling.
  11. Just got notified this morning that my Motorfinity ordered R20 has an unconfirmed build week of 42 (w/c October 16th). Ordered November 2022. It will change I'm sure, but week 42 (or later) would suit me fine.
  12. Regarding the UK R20, I have the UK dealer info sheet on it and it states the builds will be MY23 and the End of Production is Week 25/23 (towards the end of June). The estimated build volume is approximately 400. Whether VW stick to this, who knows!
  13. @chillly - your car looks great, good to hear it was worth the wait. @Mr Potatohead - I'm sure you'll have been disappointed to see it it go, but at least you got it sorted (hopefully for a nice profit). Did you use Motorway in the end to sell it?
  14. It's a shame you're having to sell after all the wait (I saw your earlier posts). Have you decided how you're going to sell it yet? Have you tried any of the car competition sites?
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