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  1. Great that it's here and it will make a difference to the second hand value by waiting until January.
  2. Given that the VW configurator can often be wrong and given the PP has not come down in price, I suspect that the spoiler is showing on the standard car in error. Let's see what happens to the configurator over the next few days.
  3. Mmmm, if the PP spoiler is now standard, surely the PP should be cheaper? If it is standard, maybe I'll remove the PP and add black estorils as I'm not really bothered about the other parts of the pack?
  4. Great spec. Exactly the same colour and extras as my order, other than I added DCC to mine.
  5. DTD are showing that price, yet the VW configurator still has it as £40,025. I thought the price increase was on 1st December?
  6. I was talking to a VW dealer manager the other day and the reason for these mega overpriced cars is that they don't actually want to sell them. They are used as an advertising tool to sell new cars.
  7. I can't seem to find a list of forum members anywhere - am I going going blind or isn't there one? Thanks.
  8. Looks great, suits the car really well. If you don't mind me asking how much did it cost and is that Auto-Skins in Darlington? Ta.
  9. Thanks for that. I've never ordered through Aliexpress before. Googleing it looks like using Facebook to register seems reasonably safe? Also it looks like 20% is added on at checkout for vat?
  10. R is now on order and I will be buying black mirror covers - I presume I'll need lane assist versions? Does anyone know the dealer price for these? Has anyone used Ebay or Aliexpress to buy them? If so, where did you buy from (links?) and what was the fit like? Thanks.
  11. ^^^Thanks all. Have the apps etc. where you were able to track progress been taken down/not working? Is it only the dealer that is now able to provide updates? Thanks.
  12. Once an order is placed with the dealer could some kind person ( @Booth11 ?) remind me of the stages that the order then goes through? Also, once the dealer has your order, approximately how many weeks is it before the order is accepted by the factory? Thanks.
  13. Yes, I posted this same question a couple of weeks ago as I really wanted to order it, but £3,100 is a heck of a lot of money! I would never normally pay for an aftermarket exhaust as I'm OEM man nowadays. However, despite the ridulous amount of money, because it is an approved extra and you only live once, after much deliberation and after listening to the difference in Mange's video, I did go ahead and order it. Also, Booth11's photos were pretty convincing as well! Absolutely no regrets so far!
  14. It is going to be a long wait, but the price agreed now is locked in. Bearing in mind there is a 2.2% increase on 1st December, then there will be a number of others will we wait, the price agreed now will be well under the retail when it arrives. I also understand that the current PCP contribution of £1,250 is also locked in and that could be taken away at any time, such is the strong demand? In addition, the big discounts could also be reduced as VWUK seem to be selling out of their 2022 quota - 80% is already sold (according to the very knowlegable evo1986 on the golfgti foru
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