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  1. Very nice, best colour, PP and an akra (my private dateless reg is sort of similar NHN ***).
  2. @Stobsie - sorry, meant to ask, how many plugs do the heated seats have (in total) and what are the colours (any photos)? I can see that many of the advertised seats have a red and a yellow plug, I assume heated have 3 plugs? Thanks.
  3. Thanks for the reply. I know what you mean, heated is more necessary in leather.
  4. Thread resurrection! Did you ever get the heated controls working in the end? Were the seats you took out also heated? Ta.
  5. Until the 2nd April, VW have got 20% off All-in and Service plans. That makes the 2 year All-in £30 per month (normally £37.50) or a 2 year Service Plan £16.40 per month (normally (£20.50). https://www.volkswagen.co.uk/en/owners-and-services/servicing-and-parts/service-plans.html
  6. @Booth11 - yes, some good points made there. I sat in my 8R PP that I had for a week, but didn't drive it lol. It did seem like a nice step up from my Mk7.
  7. ^^^Thanks for all your the replies. Looking on forums and facebook etc. I get the impression that the R20s seem to be essentially error free compared to non R20s. Mmmm, do I risk buying a discounted R20 or wait for the 8.5 which may or may be not gremlin free? Also, will the 8.5 cost a lot more? A dealer has an identical spec R20 to the one I cancelled, decisions, decisions! I used to be so decisive when buying VWs, I have ordered most of mine without so much as a test drive. Those were the days (if only everything in life was as reliable as a VW). Blinking gremlins have a lot to answer for!
  8. Thread resurrection (again). Similar question as before to those that have taken delivery of an 8R 20 years in the last couple of months. Have you had any issues, gremlins etc., even minor ones, since taking delivery, or have you been completely trouble free? Although I cancelled my R20, I'm still contemplating buying one of the many cancelled orders that are knocking about. Thanks.
  9. @beetle1 - not my page, but worth a read. https://www.oliverjobson.co.uk/cars/guide-ctek-chargers-and-efb-agm-and-gel-batteries-recon-mode-sulphation-and-stratification/
  10. @Fruitloop - yes that will have been mine!! Re. the R20, mine didn't have HUD so it might be a different one. (Any chance you could PM me your price if you don't mind - I fully understand if you don't want to.)
  11. Great choice and the best colour! What's the full extras spec., it would be a bit ironic if it's my cancelled order, given that we're near neighbours! Mine was lapiz, akra, sunroof, rear camera and dcc.
  12. When my car was delivered, it was in the middle of what seemed liked loads of 8Rs arriving, following a bit of factory catch-up. Now we also have end of year syndrome and the £3,000 finance deposit contribution. There was no contribtion at the time I sold my car, although I got £1,250 which was the amount available when I ordered it in November 2021.
  13. @dopper99 - it does seem very low considering the high spec of my car. The valuation at one day old with 6 miles on the clock was also very low - £37,840.
  14. Just out of curiosity, are Motorfinity customers taking delivery of their R20s gettting the VW Finance £3,000 deposit contribution?
  15. I have just received an email from Motorway asking if I was still interested in selling my 7 week old 73 reg 8R. Shockingly, the latest valuation for the car, which would have cost £53,330 at full retail price, is only £33,712. Really glad I sold it a few days after taking delivery!! Although I didn't pay anywhere near the retail, it was well over the latest valuation!
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