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  1. I bought them from AliExpress. £18 inc. delivery. my caps aren’t carbon, they are sprayed in the body colour. 👍
  2. New paddle extensions fitted over the weekend. Much better feel than the stick on ones I had before. Literally a 2 minute job and well worth it.😎👍
  3. Cheers Bowen. It is a bit of a faff to be fair. Taking out the top part of the screenwash bottle and access to the separator on the head are the fiddliest parts.🥴
  4. All the torque limit issues floated away when I went with TVS for the DSG mapping. Underground Performance worked wonders on the engine mapping too. 😎👍
  5. Right, a bit of an update.......... After a few maps with Underground Performance, I ended up booking a full on dyno day all to myself, courtesy of Steve at Statller in Sheffield. Steve did the dyno work and I did the remote tuning with Alex and Mickey at UGP (Underground Performance) along with sharing the VCDS logging. Several dyno runs and many files later we settled on 550bhp and 525lbft. Midrange boost was set at 34psi with some decent timing advance without going mad. What can I say about the car now?.........It’s quick, it’s brutal, it’s smooth, it’s quiet, it’s loud.....it’s basically perfect. The car has what you’d call a schizophrenic personality, which all depends on what mode you put it in and how you drive it in that mode. To be honest, I never thought that I would have a car that would excite me as much as my old 6R did, but WOW! This 7.5R has done it. The results on the road speak for themselves too. Alex at UGP has basically the same car, on the same hardware and software as mine and his just did an official [email protected] on 98 ron in daily driver spec. My results are attached including a few dragy runs (sorry, no 1/4 mile time until I go to the Pod😉)
  6. Another one here not convinced by the Golf 8 shape and the speculative outputs of the 8R. Glad I bought my 7.5R when I did.....before the petrol particulate filter came in and after the DQ250 left the car. even if they said it was 400bhp out of the tin I’d still keep the 500+bhp one I have now. 😎🎉🕺🏻🥳
  7. 19x8.5” TDPR 1.3’s ET45 with 5mm rear spacers. Yes, these V5 turbos romp on power wise.
  8. Mine will be approx 540bhp. I will be up in Northumberland on the 13th. It will be for road use with maybe 3-4 trackdays a year.
  9. That is a Turbo Technics V5 Turbo. 600+bhp capable.😎
  10. I am currently in the middle of remote tuning with them. They sent over a MAGIC X17 slave box for me to download the maps directly onto the car from files they send to my PC. I then log it for fuelling via VCDS on the road and then we move on from there. It is a custom mapping process. I am really enjoying this process as it is ages since I was fully involved in tuning a car. We started off on a base file with very little timing advance and boost set at a standard low level for accurate calibration of the 4 bar map sensor. We then moved on from there once the VCDS fuelling logs are done and confirmed as okay, just so we know that the engine and hardware is all okay. I am currently on a second file, which has more timing and boost. The “full fat” file is next week and that should make around 540bhp. Once this map is on we will dyno it and then we can tweak it to my hardware to push it if I want to chase a few figures.😎👍
  11. PS....also swapped tuners. Now Stage 3 tuning with Underground Performance (UGP). 😎 Not quite as mad a tune as the ETuners file, but smoother.
  12. Professional photo shoot session yesterday. Took a few snaps myself whilst there. Here are a few. 😎
  13. You should see both better times and terminals from yours once the DSG slip is sorted. 124-126mph and low 11’s and maybe a high ten with a good 60’ time. 😎👍
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