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  1. They are quite pricey, but I did get £170 discount on them, so a little bit better priced than I initially thought. MPS4S tyres did cost another 545 on top though.
  2. I have both, I use the dragy for general honing and the race box on track as it is designed for trackwork and can be used in conjunction with other apps like Harry’s LapTimer. Not used it now though for almost 18 months due to Covid. My advice…..if you can…get both. 😉😎
  3. Not been on here for a while too. I am currently running Oz Ultraleggeras at 17x8 ET48 and they just fit over the stock brakes without spacers. 8.1kg for the alloys and 10.8kg for the 235/45/17 MPS4 tyres, so 18.9kg total. Having said that I have just pulled the trigger on a set of Oz Alleggeritas at 18x8 ET48. These are just 7.6kg a corner and will be shod in 235/40/18 MPS4S tyres that weight 9.9kg a corner, so a total of 17.5kg a corner.
  4. 5dr 7.5R with Pano roof and 1/8th tank of v-power UGP stage 1 ECU map UGP TCU map Pikey intake mod with Pipercross panel filter and CLP intake elbow. Oz Ultraleggera wheels 0-60 mph = 3.32 1/4 mile = 11.54@117.90 100-200kph = 9.55 0-100mph = 8.20 0-130mph = 14.62 😎👍
  5. Just spotted this. I moved back to bone stock after being stage 3 for over 2 years and decided to see what my 0-60 was. Exactly the same time as blower as well.
  6. I looked at the 8R and wondered exactly the same as some on here. I have what I consider to be the best model out of the 7/7.5 Golfs and that is an 18 reg 7.5R pre OPF and a highly specced one at that. On pondering this question I was lucky enough to look around and drive an 8R. Looks of the 8R is worse than the 7.5R, and it has lost all the “je ne sais quoi” by having all the character deleted from it’s interior and injected with too much tech that older guys like me hate. The quality is a step down in the 8R although it’s one saving grace is the actual drive of the car, which is lovely...
  7. According to my current use, I have done 37 miles since filling up exactly 4 weeks ago! That is an average of 1.3214 miles a day. The range is saying 283 miles left. This means under the current situation the rest of the fuel is going to last me 214 days or 30.59 weeks!!!😭😭🤣😂🤣
  8. I feel your pain. I was looking forward to smashing out a 10.6 at the Pod this year.😭
  9. Sticky tyres and weight loss should drop the time to around the 10.65 to 10.75 time bracket. Launch is decent anyway, so I doubt sticky tyres would improve the time much. weight reduction is key, reducing the weight by 80 to 100kg should easily drop 0.1 to 0.2 off the full weight time. battery weight is just over 20kg, so that can be dropped by 10kg, removing the rear bench is nearly 20kg, removing the spare tyre is another 20kg, passenger seat is over 25kg and a race driver seat would reduce the weight by another 10kg. that little lot is 85kg..😎
  10. Yep, with hindsight a new set of clutchpacks would 100% have had me into the 10’s with the 6R. To consider that the 6R needed WMI, full strip out, carbon replacement parts, sticky tyres and a lot of patience to finally get it to 11.02@125 and now the 7.5R makes 10.87@128mph with a basic stage 3 conversion, on normal road fuel, road tyres and full weight is phenomenal. 👍😎
  11. A few shots of the R.😎 Running well at the moment. Just had it’s 3rd service in 14,500 miles including DSG service. 10.87@128.55mph 1/4 mile 6.65 for 100-200kph 0-60mph in 3.00 60-130mph in 7.85 All times done with full weight and 99ron only on road tyres. 👍
  12. I bought them from AliExpress. £18 inc. delivery. my caps aren’t carbon, they are sprayed in the body colour. 👍
  13. New paddle extensions fitted over the weekend. Much better feel than the stick on ones I had before. Literally a 2 minute job and well worth it.😎👍
  14. Cheers Bowen. It is a bit of a faff to be fair. Taking out the top part of the screenwash bottle and access to the separator on the head are the fiddliest parts.🥴
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