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  1. You should see both better times and terminals from yours once the DSG slip is sorted. 124-126mph and low 11’s and maybe a high ten with a good 60’ time. 😎👍
  2. I’ll be very interested to see what times you get at the Pod as I’m running very similar power/torque. 😎
  3. It doesn’t look like this thread has been posted in for a while. Let’s resurrect it with a few dragy runs. Here is my first ever dragy run on the stage 3 in my 7.5R DSG. This is a base map and so will be much quicker once finished. 😎
  4. Ultraleggeras on. Much better feel than the 19’s😎
  5. Car is just about where I want it to be now. A few more little tweaks and I’m done. 😎 sits right and the alloys fit perfectly at the wings.
  6. Didn’t get to the ring. Car wasn’t quite finished. Still more to do.
  7. I have both and the Leyo is excellent. Easier to fit and easier to empty. Looks way better too.
  8. Hi Chris, both have great reputations. It would boil down to closeness and pricing, but I have been with Statller for ten years and that says a lot. 😎👍
  9. Under 2.2 bar peak. Still doing 1.9bar at redline.
  10. Yes, it is Statllers and the maps are by ETuners for both engine and DSG.
  11. Had to DETUNE the car. First map made 603bhp and 535lbft! final map was put on today at just over 500bhp/450lbft. 😉
  12. I didn’t expect that!
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