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  1. We're in the process of developing a completely new centre, geared towards customers who also want to run with their valves open... Watch this space. Let's see if the usual suspects try and copy this lol 😉 Cheers Nige
  2. Revo Summer sale currently on 😉 https://www.onlyrevo.com/product-details/turbo/is38etr-v2-enhanced-turbo-upgrade Cheers Nige
  3. Our downpipe is designed to be fitted to the OEM cat back system - by removing the step down reducer it will also accommodate our cat back system and or any other brand of cat back system.
  4. Yes, we will be looking to develop the system when the opportunity arises 😉
  5. Yes - ceramic coated inlet pipe Cat is MOT friendly 😉 Cheers Nige
  6. Thanks to everyone who has given their referals on our pipes it's greatly appreciated. I'm happy to chat with anyone looking for input on the spec of our downpipe above what is already in print on our web site. Feel free to call me on 01744 610244 Thanks Nige
  7. Just for reference - The new Powervalve REV 4 WRC Cat back system https://www.instagram.com/p/CbIePpgAF2U/ https://www.instagram.com/p/CXlxNGJo7Vk/ Cheers Nige Powervalve Exhausts Lts 01744 610244
  8. Hi Nige,


    Hope you are well.


    I'm interested in the bcs valve res delete for a Mk7.5 R.     Could I inquire, is the 65mm inlet the correct size if fitting to an otherwise stock Golf R?   Are you still able to offer some discount on this? 


    Many thanks 


    1. nige bcs

      nige bcs

      Hi Max 

      many thanks for your valued inquiry...

      I can confirm that the pipe is sized exactly to the sliding clamp which joins it to the OEM downpipe.

      Sadly we can not offer any discount due to the huge increase in stainless steel prices.

      We will be keeping prices as they are until the end of March.

      best regards


    2. GolfRMax


      Thanks for the reply Nige,  Ah yes, no problem I understand steel prices have been going up a lot recently.    I've read good reviews about this res delete so look forward to hearing it on my Golf. 


      best regards


  9. New for 2022, Powervalve are now offering 90mm Downpipes as part of the new FLOW90 range for the VAG MQB platform. Collectors are ceramic coated for thermal efficiency. Cheers Nige
  10. Hi Nige,


    I had a BCS downpipe with 100cc on my gti perf.


    Since 2 years, I have a new car, 2019 Golf Gti TCR with opf (DNUC motor from R/leon cupra).

    Im looking for an exhaust without drone, quiet if I cruise.

    2 solution I think:

    First:  have a downpipe with 200cc and with opf (or CEL?).


    Second: maybe for a valved exhaust


    What do you think, and how much with shipping to France. :)





    1. nige bcs

      nige bcs

      Hi Julien - we fitted a 2019 OPF GR7.5 today with the Powervalve WRC system - it's perfect (zero drone).

      The price including shipping is £1245.00

      Best regards


  11. Hi, I'm new to the forum as picked up my new golf r today, It's a 2018 pre opf 310R and I have read that the res delete that comes from yourself is the best. How do I purchase this please?

    1. nige bcs

      nige bcs

      Hi Gavin

      Thanks for your valued inquiry...

      Please give me a call on 01744 610244 and I can organize that for you.

      best regards


  12. Full Powervalve Prestige REV IV with our new 90mm down pipe and cat 😉 Cheers Nige
  13. Hi everyone The new REV II Centre silencer delete pipe for the hatch and Wagon is now available. Please feel free to get in touch if you are interested. Best regards Nige
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