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  1. nige bcs

    Scorpion Decat Clamp

    No just high temp silicone sealant will d the job perfectly - and then again will split easily should you need to refit the factory dp. Cheers Nige
  2. nige bcs

    Scorpion Decat Clamp

    It should slide into the floating clamp on the OEM system 😉
  3. nige bcs

    BCS Resonator Delete

    Hi There - we offer the 76mm variant with anti drone tube 😉 which is available shipped to the US. email me at [email protected] with your address and I can get you a Fedex quote... Cheers Nige
  4. nige bcs

    BCS Res Delete Review

    Price with forum member discount is £265.50 inc VAT - shipping is £15.00 😉 Cheers Nige
  5. nige bcs

    BCS Res Delete Review

    I think I'm going to go for the BCS version around pay day. Good choice 😉 Chers Nige
  6. Hi Greg The OEM system uses electronically controlled valves. The BCS Powervalve system uses a unique boost controlled system, which is controlled essentially by throttle and engine load - the system is active in all driver modes. This gives the driver the maximum control over the sound range... The Powervalve offers a unique perspective on exhaust technology, providing the driver with the option of two distinct natures. When the car is pottering around or cruising the sound is at once uplifted and noticeable but yet controlled and non-intrusive. However, once the car is driven aggressively and produces 8psi of boost pressure everything changes and the sound becomes purposeful and redefined reflecting the true essence of the R. All of which is under the complete control of your right foot, therefore, you determine the sound minute to minute depending on your particular driving requirements. By using this unique interaction, the driver ceases to become desensitized in the way you would with a non-variable sound, leaving you looking for more opportunities to go out and enjoy the car in a far more connected and emotional way. For more info feel free to call me on 01744 610244 for more details. Best regards Nige
  7. Hi Greg Thanks for the valued inquiry... Please would you be kind enough to email me - [email protected] with your address and I can get you a complete quote for all of the options... The system is fully upgradeable from a cat back. best regards Nige
  8. nige bcs

    Resonator Delete

    The Estate and the hatch are different 😉
  9. nige bcs

    BCS Powervalve resonator delete

    We still require an estate for two days. Please contact me if you want to get involved Cheers Nige
  10. nige bcs

    AWE switchpath

    Give me a call Richie 01744 610244 Cheers Nige
  11. nige bcs

    BCS Powervalve - Just do it...!

    Hi there If possible please can you email me on [email protected] and I can send across all the variations we offer together with the forum member prices. best regards Nige
  12. Hi Dan It looks as though you cannot receive messages... so email me at [email protected] or call me on 01744 610244 for our Black Friday deal. Cheers Nige
  13. nige bcs

    My 7.5 DSG

    Well I love the R it’s pretty much got everything you’d ever want in a car But the TTRS is just different gravy As soon as you climb in it you get a sense of occasion... You’re in a cockpit, hunkered down Gear shift above your waste stuff and then there’s the rarity factor... Take the Sepang for example - just 200 in this colour [emoji41] I’ve had it 4 years and probably done less than a thousand miles in it Sad really it’s just a garage queen possibly the best kept secret in the tuning scene you’ve only got to breathe on it to get it to 400 bhp although personally I’ve never been tempted. Take your time looking for the diamond It took me six months and in the end I drove to the end of the country for mine Cheers Nige Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk