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  1. Fitted my Oettinger spoiler extensions.
  2. Orange +3 for me. I put it on green +1 when the mrs drives it.
  3. Hi Jonny i took it to TRC for them to fit. They charged me £80 to fit the whole kit. It took them about an hour and a half to fit.
  4. TRC kit fitted today. V2 front splitter Side skirts Rear diffuser.
  5. Hi Jon i had the car in at VW today for them to try and sort the clunking. They applied the silicon grease to the bushes but it hasn't made any difference. The only thing they recommended was to possibly upgrade the bushes to the polyurethane ones. Do you think this would make any difference.
  6. Thanks Jon i'll give this ago.
  7. Hi i'm after a bit of advice/help from those that have had these fitted, Did you have to change any other suspension components changed at the same time. I had these fitted back in February and while the ride is fine i'm finding the fronts really clunky over bumps. After taking them back to the installer and having them checked out, They said they where fine and were set up to KW settings. They spoke to KW and they recommended changing the top mounts and bearings which i did and it has made no difference what so ever (still clunky). Any help would be appreciated.
  8. I just keep mine in the draw under the seat. When in use i just put it on the cup holder cover, No issues so far.
  9. Has anybody managed to keep exhaust flaps open. I'm running the beta with the option to keep them open but i can't get it to work.
  10. I was wondering how come once we’d both staged your lights went green before mine. I was pulling you in at the end i reckon it would have been close if we’d have gone together, I think we posted identical times.
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