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  1. Anyone? I keep seeing this car, a red, and a LSG R with private plates around Welshpool.
  2. A full four wheel alignment shouldn't take longer than an hour FFS! I had the whole front subframe dropped, sports cat / downpipe replaced with OEM, and four wheel alignment done by Awesome Gti and it took 3.5hrs. And that included a 1/2 hr lunch break! Do these dealers really know what they're doing? Obviously not!
  3. To all those who are concerned about getting their Rs stolen, take heart. It could be worse: Britain's Top 10 Most Stolen Cars
  4. I think Col means three days to get a replacement. You have to excuse his English, he's not from these parts 😁 I had a cracked screen on my 7R and it took a similar time for Autoglass to get a replacement. However mine was a heated screen. Don't think it can be to do with the rain sensors as they're normally in a box which is stuck onto the screen
  5. You're right of course. However it's a little more complex than that and involves Mrs R Soul selling her Polo Gti and buying a Mini Clubman John Cooper Works, me having recently bought three classic cars, and us both buying another property in Bath. The real plan was for me to drive the classics more, using the Up! when the weather was bad, and ultimately seeing whether I could live without the R. Well having run the Up! alongside the R for several weeks I can now 'fess up. I sold the R last week 😱 I was of course very sad to see it go, but reckoned that after exactly two years and 32,000 miles, £15k depreciation wasn't too bad and thought it was for the best. For the moment at least. I'm now on the lookout for a low mileage BMW E46 M3 (facelift version) to add to my collection if anyone knows of such a beast 🚗
  6. The candelabra hangs from the sun roof and illuminates the grand piano located on the back seats of course! It's great to hear the tinkling of ivories whilst I'm at the wheel 😆 The 90ps does make an enormous difference over the 75ps version which was the one I test drove before placing the order. I am toying with the idea of getting it mapped to 130bhp using a company called Celtic Tuning (175 lb ft of torque!!!) but think I should get the suspension sorted first as it's very easy to spin the wheels as it is. If it could be mapped to 155ps I'd have to re-badge it as a P155Up!
  7. Ha! Missed this thread but I too can report that I have an Up! for running about in. The mileage on the R was getting so high, I had to do something! Mine's the new High Up! Tsi 90ps in white silver with the red 17" wheels and red mirror caps. What my car friends refer to as the 'Liberace Edition' 😁. Everyone thought I was joking when I said I was getting one but I really enjoy driving mine. Last long trip in it was down to Bath on to Plymouth and then back to Oswestry. I averaged 54mpg, despite traveling most of the time in the so-called 'overtaking lane'. It seems it's comfortable cruising speed is 85mph when it's doing a paltry 3,000 revs Brilliant little car!
  8. If your ACC was set to 55mph then a more accurate GPS reading would be 53mph, the speedo reading of the 7R being approx. 2mph over. IF the camera flash was a real capture (and IMO it's unlikely) and the so-called 10% rule is a myth you may well get a ticket. However this should give you the option of going on a speed awareness course so it's not all bad! In a 50mph speed limit I used to set ACC to 55mph in my previous 6R as it read + 4mph over GPS, therefore with a probable measured speed of 51mph which I deemed safe. But really we're splitting hairs here because in reality what are you going to save in terms of time, going only 2-3mph faster than the limit? And anyway, the probability is that even if you're in the 'overtaking' lane with your ACC set at 53mph, all the cars in front of you without ACC will be doing 47-48mph. And so therefore will you! 😬
  9. And that really explains why this thread is such a waste of time. My R is c400 bhp and it is (ahem) quite quick. I really enjoy driving it in a spirited fashion should the roads, and more importantly, the lack of any other traffic allow. If some brainless idiot challenges me to a race (which does quite often happen) I ignore it. What's the point? I know my car is probably faster than most, but trying to prove it on a public road? Forget it! Because of this there are undoubtedly a few go-faster merchants who believe they've 'embarrassed' me. Or that I'm too chicken to rise to the challenge. I seriously couldn't give a monkey's.. If people want to prove their driving skill (or, as is most often the case, lack of it) and the full potential of their car, go on a track day or similar. The most fun I've ever had in my car was doing a hillclimb in it, with full race-track back-up such a fire crew and ambulance etc. I know there have been several times during this 269 page pointless waste of internet space where people have voiced similar opinions, and/or asked for it to be locked down. I think it should stay as a prime example of how seriously pathetic, and potentially dangerous to other road users, some people are.
  10. Same happened to me when I was picking up the Up exclamation mark In fact when it didn't BT connect I ended up telling the salesman how to do it It was helpful when Mrs R Soul picked up her JCW Mini though as it saved me the aggro of telling her and her not listening
  11. Here here I don't even even listen to the radio these days as I find it such a distraction. Wish it were so easy to turn off Mrs R Soul when she complains about me driving too fast
  12. Says the man who constantly texts whilst driving.
  13. I believe the rule is that you have to have owned at least three Porkers before qualifying for superpower status. The guy in front of me was obviously a real Porker enthusiast... most likely a good friend of David Cameron
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