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  1. Finally got the roof wrapped!

    Excellent price that 👍👍👍
  2. Finally got the roof wrapped!

    What price was it to do the wrap? Looks really niceeee
  3. Counting Using Images

    Some advice !! 😉
  4. Sun's Up and Cruising

  5. CM Wheels Prets

    Bought a set from CM Wheels in March and can't fault the service or quality. 8x19 et45 and fitted with 245x35x19 Uniroyal Rainsport3's

    You could also get one of these: https://www.festive-lights.com/disklok-security-ramp-post
  7. Uneven road surfaces in the R

    UK roads are crap at the moment - pot-hole heaven - so running R in race mode gets a bit hard on the arse 😁 but the car manages very well !! I tend to switch to normal when on local roads, 20 mph limits and speed bumps etc.....
  8. Counting Using Images

    Ahhhhhhhhhh.............. the black death !!!
  9. Counting Using Images

  10. Racing Line R600 - clean filter or replace

    Not sure if the foam is available separately
  11. Turbo Muffler Delete Fitting Help

    There is a rubber seal on the end of the part that sits against the turbo. This is not on the stock version. I fitted mine and rang racingline as the stock muffler has a square moulding on the outer ring and fits facing the firewall. The racingline part is not the same and fits in any way, there appears to be no right way. You can have the motif at the side, bottom or top as all the bolt holes line up which ever way you fit it. The guy at racingline pointed me to their youtube video but that didn't help with which way up you fit it. My motif is at the top but maybe I should rotate it so it's at the bottom??? The rubber seal makes the unit sit proud by around 2-3mm and tightening the fixings draws the part in and forces the seal tight against the turbo. You can also see one of the bolt holes on the stock version is squared off but not not the racingline version. All a bit confusing !!!
  12. Racing Line R600 - clean filter or replace

    Not sure what revision but bought the R600 from Racingline in March 2018 so hopefully the latest version. I think I might just get a new filter then clean the spare one and change/swap every 3 months May even go back to the modded stock version 😂😂😂
  13. What do you all do with your R600 filter? Do you replace every 12000 miles at £81 a go Or Do you clean the filter every 4000 miles with the ITC cleaning kit ???