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  1. AFLConsult

    Transfer VW service plan

    Bought my FL 7.5 R in Feb this year and was at that time just 7 months old with 5k on the clock. Previous owner bought service plans and they stayed with the vehicle as when I took it in for 1st service, the dealers in Bolton checked and agreed there was a service plan in place so cost me diddly squat for the service, also have the 2nd major one covered next year
  2. AFLConsult

    Pedal box by dtuk

    Hahaha - not yet, will have play tomorrow on way to work - I wonder what race mode with sports + 3 is like 🤣🤣
  3. AFLConsult

    Pedal box by dtuk

    I tried sports but the accelerator pedal still seemed to have some dead play, then went sports + 1 and it reduced the dead play, then went sports + 2 and got a mint feel to the pedal now
  4. AFLConsult

    Pedal box by dtuk

    Update: Pedal Box Black Edition delivered by UPS this afternoon and fitted. Have tested on several settings - Sport + 2 is very very nice and the unicorn map is sensational now ! I have to say that my impression is that with the car in normal mode and pedal box in Sports + 2 it feels like the car is in sports mode 😁😁 feels excellent !! Might felt the cubby trim now. Few pic's of the install below:
  5. AFLConsult

    Pedal box by dtuk

    Just ordered the DTE Pedal Box + Black Edition for my FL mk7.5 and should be here in next 4-5 days so looking forward to installing 😁👍👍
  6. AFLConsult

    Counting Using Images

  7. AFLConsult

    Popping exhaust

  8. AFLConsult

    Popping exhaust

    Here you go, my MK7.5 with res-delete ---------
  9. AFLConsult

    Popping exhaust

    Go de-res and you will get plenty 😂😂
  10. AFLConsult

    To Res Delete or Not - MK7.5 R

    Res-Delete completed by Progressive Parts in Manchester and had a little mess around with the Go-pro this morning, Race mode & manual sports selected, with paddle shifting The Go-pro was mounted above the left-hand side tail pipes so you get the sound of one side only but it's good enough to hear the difference, it's good to know the sound is multiplied by the right hand side too Hope you enjoy this vid coz I do !! 😁🤣😁
  11. AFLConsult

    What did you do to your R today?

    Will do pal...
  12. AFLConsult

    What did you do to your R today?

    Booked the R into Progressive Parts in Manchester (VAG Sports) for the res delete tomorrow, can't wait and really looking forward to hearing the sounds 😁 https://progressiveparts.com/vagsport-vw-golf-mk7-75-r-resonator-delete-pipe-kit-vagsp10002
  13. Not sure if this has been a topic in the past but I have seen some really nice posts on YouTube of mk7 owners going for the VAG Sport res delete - Progressive Parts in Manchester offer the parts and fitting for a decent price but really wanted to know what people really think before I go and book the motor in? I did the same res delete on my mk5 R32 and to be honest it was pretty loud (but found out later the exhaust was fouling on the cross member) - what's the mk7 / mk7.5 like on sound and performance improvements? Cheers
  14. AFLConsult

    Pet Driving Peeves

    Had some mong reverse out of their drive on me, had to brake to let them get going in 1st gear and f**k me they immediately turn right into someone else's driveway !!!