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  1. I did an experience day and drove a Gallardo and a Ferrari 430. Though they were fast the instructor never let me boot it.
  2. Shit, Why did I sell it?
  3. I'd just add that there are loads of secondhand Rs on the market. My local dealer has about 20! Make sure you get the exact spec you're after. There's loads of choice. Good luck with your purchase.
  4. Changed my mind! I went in today and changed the colour to Midnight Black. The orange looked great under spotlights in the showroom,. It looked like a dark metallic gold. However I've seen a few in daylight and it's more Jaffa Orange! Nothing wrong with orange cars but not for me. The advantage of the black is it doesn't accentuate the black plastic arches.
  5. I looked at an A1 and a Polo Gti and I thought the interior quality wasn't that good especially the cheap plastic door trim. I tried 6 small cars and the Mini came out tops for me and my needs. So I just ordered a Mini Cooper S Sport and should take delivery in 6 weeks!! I didn't go for all the tech options or sat nav as all I really want is about 200hp, Dab radio and a decent heater. The sales person said their sat nav was crap anyway. I'll use my old Tom Tom. It'll be Solaris Orange with black roof, mirrors and trim with tinted rear glass. It has the JCW bodykit, seats and steering wheel plus some JCW interior bits. Oddly, I didn't spec the sports suspension cos I wanted some comfort. I've gone for the auto box with paddles. The new auto boxes are so good these days and so easy to use. I don't do many miles and suspect that 4000 miles year will be pushing it. As long as it remains reliable I intend to keep it long term. I have it on a 4 yr PCP but I'll be paying all off well before the term is up
  6. I was put off the Swift because of cheap interior plastics - one of my personal bugbears! It supposed to be a great little driver but I couldn't live it.
  7. I had one on test drive last week. Sweet little car and surprisingly fast. I though it had loads of character and loved the popping exhaust in sport mode. I actually drove an ST2 as I found the Recaros in an ST3 too uncomfortable. The steering felt really weird at first but once I got used to it it was OK. If anything I thought it had too many gadgets but I'm an old fart and don't understand connectivity and blue teeth! I was told 14-16 weeks delivery. I'm sure your lady will love it.
  8. Thanks After all my test drives, including an Audi A1 and the Mini Cooper S Hatchback , the Mini Hatchback takes it for me. It felt well built, she handled well and was a nice place to sit. I want to replace my VR6 and the Mini had a similar feel on the road.I'm going to put my order in on Friday. Mini Cooper S Sport Hatchback in Metallic orange with a black roof and wheels!
  9. I've had a test drive in Fiesta ST2 this week. The ST3 had the Recaro seats which I found uncomfortable. Quite a fun little car bearing in mind I had a salesperson in the car so I couldn't really 'drive' it. My only issues were interior quality and all those buttons on the steering wheel. I'd got my estimate of finance costs wrong and they had some good deals. Lead time on a factory order in 14 -16 weeks. I tries a Mini Clubman Cooper S on Wednesday and that was a very pleasant little car. It was raining and I kept spinning the wheels. The front felt 'floaty' and not sure if that was down to run flat tyres. Easily the best quality car I've tried but the car I drove, with options, comes in at 32k! I eventually got the attention of sales staff at VW. I went down in the Cayman, sports exhaust wide open and sport mode on. Fly into the carpark in 2nd and change down to first and let the exhaust pop and bang a bit!! I took a Polo Gti out for a spin but it was a terrible test drive through heavy Leicester traffic. I was disappointed with the interior quality - really cheap plastics. It's hard to comment on how it drove. Overall I wasn't that impressed. Lead time 9 months Todays car to check out was a Fiat 595 Arbarth. I only went to see it because I promised a girlfriend I would check it out. Not for me. Too twee and cutesy. There some healthy discounts on the quotes from Carwow. 12% offlist on a 695 Rivale bring it to 22k. I don't know where to look now. I won't but French or Korean. Looks like I'll stick with what I have for now. I've got a Mini Cooper S Coupe to drive tomorrow afternoon. I hope it's a dry day.
  10. I'm test driving an ST3 this afternoon. I get the feeling that the suspension may be too hard for me. I've got test booked on Mini Cooper S Clubman and I'm trying to sort a drive in a Polo Gti. I went to VW Leicester earlier in the week but after 20 minutes no-one seemed interested in helping me, so I walked out. The service and bodywork depts have been great in the past but their sales team are shite. I'll let y'all know how the test drive goes.
  11. A couple of lads did the same for me. I was about 21 and just left the pub with my mates. It took me 15 mins to walk back to my Mums where I was still living. When I got back my Mum was standing on the doorstep with my wallet in her hand. Two lads had found it outside the pub and dropped it off. My Mum dipped into the wallet and gave them 20 quid each. Then she turned on me! "Where the bloody hell did you get 600 quid from??" There was quite a wad in my wallet and it would hardly close it was so fat! I was a naughty boy in my early adulthood and the cash wouldn't have been from legitimate sources. I mumbled something about a deposit on a flat but she didn't believe me!
  12. I've been looking at a Fiesta ST as my daily/town/dog car. They always get good reviews. I want it to take over duties from my 1998 VR6. It would be faster and more nimble than the VR but it will never sound as nice. I'll keep the VR on ice for few years. I looked at finance on the Ford Website and, from what I could see, their PCP plan would see a total cost of over 30k!! My other option is the Polo GTi
  13. Have you seen the 'Two Cellos' version of Thunderstruck? It's on You Tube. Brilliant!
  14. It was dark, late at night and I was walking down the path alongside a dual carriageway (A405) I was walking the same direction as traffic. A car passed at about 60 mph and just as it passed me there was a loud crack. The car swerved violently and half spun, then flipped and rolled across the path in front of me. The car ended up about 150 yds ahead of me. I sprinted over to the car just as a middle aged lady was pulling herself from the wreckage. I asked if she was OK and she was shaken but not hurt. She kept mentioning a case she couldn't find and seemed flustered more about the lost case than the car!. I replayed what I saw in my head and remember seeing something fly off the car as it rolled. I went and had a look and found the case. She hugged it to her chest and said thank god etc. It was about then a motorist pulled up and gave her a lift to the nearest phone. Yes, it was that long ago! Anyway I made my way home after giving her my phone number as a witness. About three days later a guy called me and said it was his wife I'd assisted. Could he do anything for me? I told him I'd got battery acid on my jeans and they'd dissolved into holes. This was true btw. He sent me the money for 2 pairs! It turned out they were jewellery dealers and there had £50,000 of bling in that little case.
  15. I swapped my 6R for a Cayman S (the 6 pot version) and when I got it home it started dripping oil from a PDK gearbox seal! Porsche sent a mechanic out to inspect, then a transporter to take it in. Lucky it was under warranty but not what I expected from a premium brand.
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