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  1. I swapped my 6R for a Cayman S (the 6 pot version) and when I got it home it started dripping oil from a PDK gearbox seal! Porsche sent a mechanic out to inspect, then a transporter to take it in. Lucky it was under warranty but not what I expected from a premium brand.
  2. i drove past Leicester Parkway on Friday and there were about 20 Rs all lined up across the front of the building. Looked good.
  3. I used them when I had my Mk6R and I watched an 'operative' drop the sponge, pick it up and carry on. Luckily for me he wasn't doing my car. I drove out and never been back. Now I ring my local mobile guy and he does a wash and hand wax plus quick interior clean for 25 quid. If it's not that dirty I get a wash wax for a tenner. The important thing is that I can trust Simon the mobile guy to do a good job.
  4. I just traded my Mk6R and I'm sure that it had bluetooth as standard. I never used it so I can't really comment further.
  5. noggin


    I sold up last year, a few months before my 60th birthday. I was a reborn biker from aged 48 when I bought a Harley Sportster. It was a great looking and sounding bike, it just wasn't a good motorcycle. I sold that when I moved house and had a little hiatus. A few years later I got a new GSXF650 Suzuki. Nice bike but very little character, so I chopped it for a new gsxr1000 K7 about 2 years ago. This bike was a beast and too powerful for me after I'd had surgery. I swear it was trying to kill me after a 100mph tankslapper, so I sold it and hung up my helmet.
  6. I used to use the cheap EE car washes until I saw an operative drop the sponge, pick it up and carry on wiping!! Luckily a mate started his own car valeting bizz and he comes about every 10 days and does both cars. 12 quid for a wash and wax or 25 for a mini-valet which does the insides. Mine would end up like the white one the OP mentioned if it was left to me. I just don't have the energy to wash cars.
  7. I bought mine aged 54 and I've just sold it (stupidly!) a few months ago and I just turned 60.
  8. If you don't mind a little travelling then I'd suggest R-techs (newish) Pitstop Garage in Nuneaton. They specialise in VW upgrades separate from the tuning side of their business. Give Ben a call.
  9. I just reckon the BMW was tuned up and you got mugged. He knew he had a hidden advantage. It happened to me in my Mk6R when a member on here decided to blow me off in his new BMW 335i. I say he snuck up on me but his car was faster!
  10. My 'old' Mk6 was for sale with Synter in Coventry. Really good genuine low miler 29k. Reflex silver, DSG. I owned it from new and it was faultless.
  11. I just bought GAP for my 'new' 4 yr old car. I went with ALA again as I had my R on one of their GAP policies.
  12. @Charles M I never driven a 911 but the Cayman corners beautifully. It feels like it rotates from the middle of the car, very different to an R. It does scrub tyres a bit at low speed on full lock. I don't think the 20s help that. @Nile I'm not a track person..yet. However it soon became clear that I would need a track to really do this car justice. Judging by the rear tyres, it may have seen some track driving before I got it. The edges of the rear tyres are almost bald while the middles have tons of tread. It's still under Porsche Warranty and they've then added another 2 year Porsche Warranty. I got it from my local Porsche Dealership. I also invested in GAP insurance as well.
  13. I bought a Porsche Cayman S 981PDK, one of the last 3.4 six-pot engines. It's a 63 plate 2014 with 10k miles. It has 20 inch Carrera wheels and I had the Sports Exhaust fitted. It sounds wicked
  14. FE12 KXB Reflex Silver Mk6R. I've started this post in case the new owner or prospective new owner wants any information about the vehicle. I bought it from new from Parkway Leicester and then I promptly got diagnosed with cancer. Hence the car didn't get much use in the first year or so. I only do about 4500 miles a year in my best car and I use an old VR6 as my daily driver. I'd say 80% of the 29,000 miles have been motorway miles. I'm a single 60 year old, so no kids in the car, in fact the back seats have never been sat in! I drive with a certain amount of mechanical sympathy for the car and it's never been thrashed, drag raced, track day-ed - I've never even used the launch function! It's stock apart from Milltek cat-back (I still have the stock pipe, if needed), a KN panel filter and a custom remap by Nick Gower at R-tech. It made 304bhp and 355ft/lb. I didn't want it maxed out on stage 1 - I just wanted more than the new Mk7 when it came out!! The car has been totally reliable and I've had no issues at all. It's got a full VW service history although I had Haldex, brakefkuid and aircon all done a 4 years old, which was 17,000 miles. It's a great car, I was sad to see it go but he new Porsche softened the blow! I have all the documents and receipts from new in a folder, so if the new owner would like them or any other information make initial contact through the Message system here. As far as I know it's for sale at Synter in Coventry for 18k. I traded it with Porsche Leicester who are part of Synter Group. I did the same sort of thread for my old R32 and 18 months later the new owner found me. It was great to see the old car again!!
  15. I watch every bit of F1 on Freeview/C4, even the practise sessions. I plan my weekends around the TV coverage. I'm glad it's back on C4 for the 2019 season. I'm a Lewis fan after meeting him a few times at a kids motor project in Stevenage. He was still in Go-karts then! I've followed his progress ever since. However I like to see the new younger drivers as they mature and become competitive. The best racing is usually in the mid-field with some great head-to-head battles.
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