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  1. I wouldn't buy another Nilfisk. The one I had destroyed the motor when it was a week past warranty. The metal casing inside had literally fallen to pieces. My father owns a 35 yr old Nilfisk and it works perfectly, hence why I bought one. I think the quality has dipped on the newer ones. I have a Karcher now.
  2. noggin

    Don't do drugs

    While I'm happy to hear you got your property back I can't help being concerned for the 'vulnerable' ex-tenant. I was the drugs outreach worker for your town for over five years and I know what a nightmare the junkies can be. I probably know of your ex-tenant but I don't work there now. Thank god!!
  3. It's an option. I didn't have my DSG mapped and everything worked fine. The mid range acceleration was mental!
  4. If you want more performance go for a stage 1 tune. It made a massive difference to my Mk6R and well worth the outlay.
  5. It makes very little difference except you save on the price of a new VW filter every service. I had one on my 6R and it made a minute, almost undetectable difference in the exhaust note.
  6. Certainly not!! I tried that and didn't like it. Lasted 15 months!!
  7. 61. Retired Drug and Alcohol Specialist. I just please myself everyday and do what I like, when I like.
  8. It was a Mk1, I must have the date wrong. It belonged to a girlfriend and I had driven 10000 miles in it on L plates before I took the test!
  9. I took my first test in a 1975 mustard coloured Morris Marina 1.7 which my Dad said he buy for me if I passed - I failed and missed a truly awful car. I passed a few years later in a 78 Mk1 Escort, great little car!
  10. noggin


    Paddy McGuiness spoils it for me and I'm not sure how he'll go down with an international audience. Subtitles, I suspect. At least there are sections he's not in. Harris makes the show for me because he can drive. I'd like to see them stick Freddy and Idiot Boy in mega powerful cars and send them round the track (in the rain).
  11. I did an experience day and drove a Gallardo and a Ferrari 430. Though they were fast the instructor never let me boot it.
  12. Shit, Why did I sell it?
  13. I'd just add that there are loads of secondhand Rs on the market. My local dealer has about 20! Make sure you get the exact spec you're after. There's loads of choice. Good luck with your purchase.
  14. Changed my mind! I went in today and changed the colour to Midnight Black. The orange looked great under spotlights in the showroom,. It looked like a dark metallic gold. However I've seen a few in daylight and it's more Jaffa Orange! Nothing wrong with orange cars but not for me. The advantage of the black is it doesn't accentuate the black plastic arches.
  15. I looked at an A1 and a Polo Gti and I thought the interior quality wasn't that good especially the cheap plastic door trim. I tried 6 small cars and the Mini came out tops for me and my needs. So I just ordered a Mini Cooper S Sport and should take delivery in 6 weeks!! I didn't go for all the tech options or sat nav as all I really want is about 200hp, Dab radio and a decent heater. The sales person said their sat nav was crap anyway. I'll use my old Tom Tom. It'll be Solaris Orange with black roof, mirrors and trim with tinted rear glass. It has the JCW bodykit, seats and steering wheel plus some JCW interior bits. Oddly, I didn't spec the sports suspension cos I wanted some comfort. I've gone for the auto box with paddles. The new auto boxes are so good these days and so easy to use. I don't do many miles and suspect that 4000 miles year will be pushing it. As long as it remains reliable I intend to keep it long term. I have it on a 4 yr PCP but I'll be paying all off well before the term is up
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