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  1. I took a 5 year service plan on my R and once you're a few years in you're paying much less. I liked the other benefits of having a plan. I used to take it in for a fluids check and top up every 3 months, any little knock or niggle you got access to the technicians. I believe I got a much better service from my dealer because they know they're stuck with me for 5 years! I use ALA gap insurance rather than VW.
  2. noggin

    Drivers paradise

    That's not too bad!! Try the road between Kathmandu and Pokhara in Nepal called the Privthi Highway. It was on one of those 'Worlds Worse Roads' programmes. I did it a few years back in what is essentially a City Rover! Bumpy and scary!! I could have flown but I told the agent I wanted to see the countryside. He looked at me as if I was mad but respected my wishes!
  3. I get the feeling that the quality standard of VWs is dropping. I've tried 2 (mk7R and Polo Gti) recently and both felt cheap and flimsy compared to previous models. Maybe it the 'dieselgate' thing but I won't be buying a new VW anytime soon. I'll still keep my 20yr old VR6.
  4. I wouldn't buy another Nilfisk. The one I had destroyed the motor when it was a week past warranty. The metal casing inside had literally fallen to pieces. My father owns a 35 yr old Nilfisk and it works perfectly, hence why I bought one. I think the quality has dipped on the newer ones. I have a Karcher now.
  5. noggin

    Don't do drugs

    While I'm happy to hear you got your property back I can't help being concerned for the 'vulnerable' ex-tenant. I was the drugs outreach worker for your town for over five years and I know what a nightmare the junkies can be. I probably know of your ex-tenant but I don't work there now. Thank god!!
  6. It's an option. I didn't have my DSG mapped and everything worked fine. The mid range acceleration was mental!
  7. If you want more performance go for a stage 1 tune. It made a massive difference to my Mk6R and well worth the outlay.
  8. It makes very little difference except you save on the price of a new VW filter every service. I had one on my 6R and it made a minute, almost undetectable difference in the exhaust note.
  9. Certainly not!! I tried that and didn't like it. Lasted 15 months!!
  10. 61. Retired Drug and Alcohol Specialist. I just please myself everyday and do what I like, when I like.
  11. It was a Mk1, I must have the date wrong. It belonged to a girlfriend and I had driven 10000 miles in it on L plates before I took the test!
  12. I took my first test in a 1975 mustard coloured Morris Marina 1.7 which my Dad said he buy for me if I passed - I failed and missed a truly awful car. I passed a few years later in a 78 Mk1 Escort, great little car!
  13. noggin


    Paddy McGuiness spoils it for me and I'm not sure how he'll go down with an international audience. Subtitles, I suspect. At least there are sections he's not in. Harris makes the show for me because he can drive. I'd like to see them stick Freddy and Idiot Boy in mega powerful cars and send them round the track (in the rain).
  14. I did an experience day and drove a Gallardo and a Ferrari 430. Though they were fast the instructor never let me boot it.
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