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  1. Yes it will!! Sent from my SM-G965F using Tapatalk
  2. That is my car. Had a set of Pretorias on before going back to my OZ Ultraleggeras. Sent from my SM-G965F using Tapatalk
  3. are they genuine pretoria wheels you have fitted

  4. Howzit mate! Haven't been on this forum for a while... Busy with marriage plans and stuff. And work been keeping me very busy, In terms of everyday driveability. You can't go wrong with APR's Stage 3 kit. The hardware, the tune. It all just works. No surging. No niggles. No hiccups. I've been driving the car for 2 years now. And to top it off, I'm still on the stock DSG clutchpacks too. I want to upgrade to APR's new clutchpacks they have, but with money being saved for the wedding, it will have to wait a bit. A good DSG flash will be required though and I mean a good one if you are retaining the stock clutchpacks. I honestly don't think APR have a good clutch clamping upgrade on their DSG flash for the Mk6. Their Mk7 DSG flashes however are really good. But power wise... APR Stage 3 FTW! And yes get the upgraded LPFP kit cause this just makes the car more reliable too. Fueling is what protects your motor. And yes I am still on stock engine internals too. With no intention of changing it. You will be able to run the 95,98 and 104 files with no problems. The 98 file does show a bit of extra clutch slippage. I daily a 95 file as our pumps here in South Africa only have 95RON. The 104 file will definitely need the clutch upgrade. The APR RSC exhaust was built by Corsa Performance for them. After the exhaust incident with the mufflers coming loose at the welds, APR stopped selling the exhausts built by Corsa and now do their own exhaust development in house. You can buy the RSC exhaust direct from Corsa here... http://www.corsaperformance.com/searchquery.aspx?year=2012&make=Volkswagen&model=Golf My exhaust had the issue with the backbox coming loose at the welds. I contacted APR who then forwarded everything to Corsa. All Corsa wanted was my receipt or proof of purchase and they sent me a brand new replacement backbox all the way from the US to me here in South Africa. So I received top class service from Corsa regardless. I think the RSC exhaust sounds really cool too. Brakes. Unless you gonna be tracking your car. The stock setup I still use for Stage 3 on the road. I run with ECS Tuning 2 piece slotted/drilled rotors front and rear. ECS Tuning braided hoses front and rear. and Motul RBF660 brake fluid. Front pads are Endless MX72 and rear are OEM. Stopping power is incredible. But if you have the funds, upgrading to a bigger kit will only be good. I am contemplating a set of 17s with drag radials for strip days one day and that will go over my current brake setup where with a BBK it won't. And my current setup works well on the street too. It should be enough for entry level track days as well. KW coilovers is the way to go. I have the V3. I don't think HLS is available for our cars. I do see universal kits that you can have fitted but then I think it will only work in front cause of the minimum space in the R's rear by the spring perch. Honestly, my car is lowered really nicely and I have no issues going over speed bumps and entering driveways. It was lower than this and I actually raised it. The ride comfort now is incredible and it handles just as well. Current pic of my R taken on Saturday: OZ Ultraleggeras I run on my R. Amazing wheel. Nothing wrong with BBS either. OZ wheels are very lightweight. In my accident I had last year, I wrote off the whole wheel. It was completely warped, but it did not crack. That part of OZ wheels cracking is a lie. That wheel saved my life. They are very strong and yet super light at the same time!
  5. Made some collaged vids of my R's acceleration and how it has progressed from Stage 2+ to Stage 3. The left side is Stage 2+ running the 104RON program. The right side is Stage 3 running the 95RON program. Launch video https://youtu.be/L6AkOgZajc4 100+ rolling video https://youtu.be/z7X_jCFSKcs
  6. Thanks man!! Practically no lag compared to the K04. I don't really notice a difference. The kit really is engineered well. And makes power all the way to the top!
  7. Little video of how my R's acceleration has progressed. From Stage 2+ on 104 program to Stage 3 using the 95 program Even just on 95, my car is seriously strong on top now. https://youtu.be/aQgFNvOjHPw
  8. Browsing one of the vagoc.co.uk forums... Came across a build thread where a guy installed the alloy rear subframe off a Mk5 R32 on his Mk6. Not much data is given and he doesn't reply to the thread or PMs anymore. Anyone here gone this route? Really much lighter? Will it be easy to install with minimal modification? Still looking at ways to make my R lighter...
  9. Very nice! I am contemplating end links for my R myself as well as all the superpro bushes for the rear. Even contemplating the superpro front arms because of the integrated ALK. They really make some nice parts!
  10. Thanks Gaz! Does look very similar. Depending on the amount of sun or shade hitting the wheel makes it flip colour The wheels are OZ Racing Ultraleggera, 19x8, ET45
  11. Collected my refurbished wheels from HiTech Mag Repairs. And got to fitting them to my R. And took her for a drive. Some snaps of the new wheels on my R.
  12. Hey Alan!! Brakes are practically perfect. I have no issues. Stopping power from cold and brakes haven't faded either. The Endless pads are 100 times milder on my rotors. In fact I have no issues with them at all. The brakes also cool down well cause they are directionally veined and cross drilled. The screws by the hats are pretty good. The rear discs are still the old I purchased with my first front set and there is still no traces of rust.
  13. I do know that APR have released new DSG software that increases clamping pressure. They are also in the process of releasing their own DSG clutchpacks soon. These packs were apparantly fitted to this Stage 3+ Golf R
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