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  1. M4 is a great car. I had one for a few months. Interior in the one I had was well below what I would expect from a car that expensive. The interior of both my RS3s has been light years ahead. I guess there new M4s are updated interiors now? The engine was superb, super responsive and the gearbox was a dream. M1 mode was a bit nervy. M2 mode was totally unusable for my limited driving ability and RWD experience. Practicality and usability-wise, I couldn’t wait to get back in my RS3. But the M4 is a wicked car. Certainly an experience I enjoyed. Not sure I could live with one though. Maybe I just needed more RWD experience 🤷🏻‍♂️
  2. I'm in awe each time I check in on this project. That commitment and skill is staggering @Mk1R. Have you set any kind of timeframe as to when you'd like to have it usable?
  3. Any reoccurrence of the adverts guys, or are we all good now?
  4. The ads are generally tailored to your browsing history, unless you have ad-tracking turned off in your browser. In which case, you'll get totally irreverent adverts, sadly!
  5. Apologies for the delay in removing this, sadly the day job which pays the bills got in the way! Just checked the Adsense settings and Google had kindly decided to turn on "Auto ads" again, which meant they plaster the site with numerous ads in various locations. This now disabled across the whole site, but may take up to an hour to implement.
  6. Thanks Bec and totally agree. I'll take a look and update a load of bits & pieces to see if that resolves anything. But the official line is; "if it doesn't work on Tapatalk, please use the website and even if it does work on Tapatalk, please use the website anyway"
  7. Cheers for the thoughts Greg. We actually already do a version of that. 10 posts in the first 24hrs, then you're moved up to Junior Member status. I believe I have a reasonable idea how to prevent the spammers in the first place now having done some research. I'm very much hoping I can implement it over the festive break and when I'll also be updating the whole forum software to the very latest version!
  8. invisiblekid

    Hi all!

    Good point! I'll pop him in the Members group 👍
  9. invisiblekid

    Hi all!

    Hey @DRK I'd imagine the IP address you're switching to on mobile has previously been flagged as a spammer on our spam filter. Can you PM the IP address please? Switch to mobile and go to https://www.whatismyip.com. Thanks.
  10. PM the screenshots over to me please mate and I’ll take a look. The last thing we want is to put people off visiting or encourage the use of adblockers. Sadly the use of adblockers will kill sites like ours. I can see why people use them when you visit newspaper websites and such like. Their use of ads is horrific.
  11. Thanks for reporting @gregozedobe. We haven't made any changes to the ads in a long time. Actually, the last time was when Google implemented auto-ads which placed adverts wherever Google believed was the more prominent position. I'm certainly not seeing anything over and above what we have run for the past 12 months or so. If anyone is seeing these ads, please screenshot and I'll investigate. It may be a rogue advert or something. We can't scale back anymore, because given the state of ad revenues at the moment, we would run at a loss if we did 😕
  12. I do love this mod. It's hard to describe the benefit, it's a great mod to do.
  13. Nothing comes close to a Stage 1 map in terms of value for money and performance return.
  14. To be honest mate, I joint own the place and I’ve got an Audi badge 😂
  15. Bad by Michael Jackson on tape. First CD was Definitely Maybe by Oasis.
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