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  1. @[email protected] you're up buddy. @Hopper - Mark will be able to look after you if you're within his operating area if you choose to go ahead.
  2. No idea what yet. I need to drive a few and see if I fancy something a bit older with more go, or something more modern with a little less poke. I really want PDK which, with my budget, limits my options significantly.
  3. The wide-ass low profile tyres on the front are not fun in the snow mate. Consider yourself warned 😂 For winter I’d probably run the straight 235/35/19 setup depending on if your wheels are the same width.
  4. I would love my 6R back for winter. I much, much prefer both the RS3s I've had, but for this nasty weather, performance and comfort, there's little that beats the 6R. Mine was brilliant in the wet & snow. I'm looking at a 911 next year, so may have to seriously consider a cheap 6R (if such a thing exists) as a run about. Also, back on tyres. All the P Zeros I've used have been garbage. I'm a huge fan of Michelin Super Sports, Pilot Sports and Toyo R1Rs. It'll be Michelin Pilot Sport S for me if I change the tyres on my RS3.
  5. Not sure about the 8P but if they’re staggered you might want to check the profile before ordering mate. The 8V staggered set up was 255/30/19 fronts and 235/35/19 rears. If you do run staggered then you need a less than 3% or 4% difference from memory.
  6. 100%. It’s disgusting that these tyres are put on any car. They’re absolutely awful tyres. So many of the RS3 handling “issues” are purely tyre related IMO.
  7. As above, I think it's 6 months minimum, but they can cap the mileage.
  8. The Corrado is a great looking car as was the Scirocco in its various guises. I'd be up for a chat with the owner of the-corrado.net, but as Bec says, admin'ing a forum is pretty time consuming, often for little reward, other than giving something to the community. No one is getting rich, that's for damn sure 😂
  9. I'm 37 and 3/4's and I'm an IT Director.
  10. With the R rebrand on its way, VWROC will most likely follow suit and have a logo that is representative of the actual R brand. We will be doing something, hopefully very soon, but we hear your frustration! We would welcome comments and suggestions on how to make our own rebrand a success so please feel free to air any views on stickers, merchandise and the logo here. Thanks for the timely reminder @NRW!!
  11. @R Soul has some stunning classics, including a BMW 2002 IIRC.
  12. I'm not sure about the logo tbh. But it's a good sign that VW are sticking with the R brand. That's very much the positive. I wonder if this is a sign they'll expand it past the Golf & T-Roc?
  13. Lovely post @jrw. It's good to know we're doing something right. We have some fantastic members here and we seem to be one of the friendliest forums I've certainly ever been a member of. Here's to the next 2,000 posts! I'd also like to take the opportunity to say thank you for the massive contribution made by @Booth11. We're always keen to push on and progress, so we welcome any feedback, especially by the more 'senior' folk 😄
  14. I'll pull some available updates now as I've noticed a few spam posts sneaking through recently. See if that helps.
  15. @NRW do you mean the 'spam' popped up on screen or was it posted to the forum? I'm a little confused as to what you mean. Thanks.
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