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  1. Cheers for the thoughts Greg. We actually already do a version of that. 10 posts in the first 24hrs, then you're moved up to Junior Member status. I believe I have a reasonable idea how to prevent the spammers in the first place now having done some research. I'm very much hoping I can implement it over the festive break and when I'll also be updating the whole forum software to the very latest version!
  2. invisiblekid

    Hi all!

    Good point! I'll pop him in the Members group 👍
  3. invisiblekid

    Hi all!

    Hey @DRK I'd imagine the IP address you're switching to on mobile has previously been flagged as a spammer on our spam filter. Can you PM the IP address please? Switch to mobile and go to https://www.whatismyip.com. Thanks.
  4. PM the screenshots over to me please mate and I’ll take a look. The last thing we want is to put people off visiting or encourage the use of adblockers. Sadly the use of adblockers will kill sites like ours. I can see why people use them when you visit newspaper websites and such like. Their use of ads is horrific.
  5. Thanks for reporting @gregozedobe. We haven't made any changes to the ads in a long time. Actually, the last time was when Google implemented auto-ads which placed adverts wherever Google believed was the more prominent position. I'm certainly not seeing anything over and above what we have run for the past 12 months or so. If anyone is seeing these ads, please screenshot and I'll investigate. It may be a rogue advert or something. We can't scale back anymore, because given the state of ad revenues at the moment, we would run at a loss if we did 😕
  6. I do love this mod. It's hard to describe the benefit, it's a great mod to do.
  7. Nothing comes close to a Stage 1 map in terms of value for money and performance return.
  8. To be honest mate, I joint own the place and I’ve got an Audi badge 😂
  9. Bad by Michael Jackson on tape. First CD was Definitely Maybe by Oasis.
  10. You know what, we don't usually let this kind of thing go, but unless we have a strong feeling otherwise, I'm happy for this to stay here. Good luck Bobby!
  11. Oh man! Why?! Saying that, what I will say about Bilstein's is that they age quickly. I bought my first set 2nd hand and I know the car was looked after very, very well, but the dials were seized. If I was buying a set, I'd buy new.
  12. So, B16s eh? They're bloody awesome! I haven't had the pleasure of driving a 7R on them, but I had them on my 6R and RS3 8V. I love them! I'm very tempted to fit them to my 8V FL tbh when it gets mapped.
  13. I'll investigate Bob. Was this post in the Joke Thread, or was this a Thread in its own right, and what makes you believe that it was seen and not dealt with? Please bear in mind that we have a separate chat behind the scenes here and on WhatsApp where some matters are discussed. This process, albeit it rarely, can take some time to complete. As I'm sure you can understand we are a small team with day jobs and family. Anything that is clearly over the line is taken down straight away.
  14. Gents, please feel free to raise any concerns you have with the running forum with me via PM. VWROC does not tolerate or condone these posts and I'm unsure why you appear to be suggesting that we do.
  15. I'll post here so there's a curtain brought down here and hopefully it will allow the thread to get back on topic. I'll then post a dedicated topic in the VWROC Support section with more later, but essentially, it seems some members need to be reminded that VWROC has a zero tolerance policy on racism, hate, any form of threatening behaviour or anti-social posting. VWROC is a friendly forum with some great content and members. We refuse to allow a very small minority ruin that for everyone else. The Admin & Mod team attempt to review all threads and posts, but this is virtually impossible and therefore we do rely on people using the provided functions to report improper content. I'm sure you will agree, that we act very quickly to deal with such matters as and when they arise. For those raising the matter in this thread, please, please, please use the provided channels for reporting these types of posts and let the Admin and Mod team deal with it. That's what we're here for. Using these channels will get the message to us much faster so we can deal with the content and member(s) responsible. The final word here; any hate, threatening behaviour or racist posts will result in a permanent ban. If you want to post that kind of stuff, take it elsewhere. It isn't welcome here and it will not be tolerated.
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