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  1. invisiblekid

    R600 VAG

    Depends on the buyer. I sold my Stage 3 6R for around £9k more than the PX value.
  2. invisiblekid

    Autowatch Ghost Bypass

    @[email protected] - can you help here please buddy
  3. invisiblekid

    Impressive crash

    Absolutely correct. That’s why insurance companies are starting to make even minor(ish) crashes on cars like Golf Rs a total write off now.
  4. invisiblekid

    Mk 8 Golf

    Agreed. I imagine you'll be able to opt out but you'll lose services. However, ultimately, It's inevitable. Eventually, these services will most likely be able to phone home with ECU errors (and changes, such as maps) and be used to monitor speed in the event of crashes.
  5. The KW kit didn't cancel all the errors. I could clear all the codes, but as soon as I hit a small bump in the road or accelerated hard the error would be triggered again, therefore knocking out the ability to turn off traction control. It's a very common issue. The iSweep kit however has been amazing. Not a single fault. Bear in mind it's a slightly different part for my RS3, but it's essentially the same device with different connectors.
  6. invisiblekid

    Just viewed a car.. What would you do?

    It’s most likely been washed with harsh chemicals, probably at a Polish handwash.
  7. invisiblekid

    Just viewed a car.. What would you do?

    It's been a test car mate and almost certainly has been mapped and thrashed. Run, not walk, away. I think you did the right thing in this instance.
  8. You'll need a DCC delete kit if you want to be able to turn off traction control and get rid of the warning light. The KW DCC delete kit caused me sooo many issues and basically didn't do what it was suppose to. I got the Neuspeed iSweep kit from Awesome GTI. I've had it on around about 12 months now and it's been perfect.
  9. invisiblekid

    Attempted break in for car keys?

    Or on to a spike covered in cow shit?
  10. invisiblekid

    Stolen but it looks like they didn’t get away........

    Fair enough, I guess text can taken in various ways, but that wasn’t my aim.
  11. invisiblekid

    Stolen but it looks like they didn’t get away........

    Clearly I didn't take your question literally, when it was meant as such. That said, I thought I replied in an informative, helpful manner. However, your assumption of tone says more about you than I. And then you finished with a lovely little dig. How kind of you.
  12. invisiblekid

    Stolen but it looks like they didn’t get away........

    Good points. However, in terms of what's more worrying. That's a toss up. I think I'd rather some scrote took my car by cloning a key than coming armed & kicking down my door at 3am to steal my keys! But I totally see your point.
  13. invisiblekid

    Stolen but it looks like they didn’t get away........

    Not sure how genuinely naive you are dude, but they get your keys by car jacking you or burgling your home. The forcibly take your keys. Less prevalent is keyless hacking - not sure how many confirmed cases there are actually are? Golfs/S3s are stolen for a variety of reasons: Fast cars used for future crimes Chopped and broken for parts Used for spares to make an insurance write off 'good' again Stolen, cloned and used Shipped to Europe for reasons above, albeit rarely Ever seen how many parts are on eBay or how cheaply you can source a Golf R engine block...?
  14. invisiblekid

    Your previous cars?!

    Citroen Saxo 1.1 Seat Leon Cupra MK1 1.8 20VT (Stage 1) Seat Leon Cupra MK2 2.0TFSI (Stage 2+ 360bhp) VW Golf R MK6 2.0TFSI (Stage 3 - somewhere north of 450bhp) Audi RS3 MK2 PFL 2.5TFSI (Stage 3 - 470bhp) 500 ponies club next!
  15. invisiblekid

    Thoughts on the R - Bec's DBP

    Good time to get it mapped and decat'd then 😂