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  1. No spam whatsoever please guys Just the following format filled in please: Date Ordered: Date Order Amended: Dealer/Lease co ordered with: Original BW: Current BW: Confirmed BW: Date Collected: Gearbox: Paint: Optional Extras:
  2. Please post videos of the T-Roc R here 👍
  3. Jack - Sorry for going slightly off topic.... Gaz - Is the only thing your missing for the ultimate set up, is the alloy front hubs? Alan Hi Alan, I'm sure there's a case for polybushing all round as well as the alloy hubs, but yeah I'd say I'm getting close to a great set up. The car goes in on Monday for a revised geom, so I'll have more feedback then, but honestly I can't explain how happy I am with the move to the Bilsteins. I was a little anxious that the ride would be super hard, and whilst I'm sure it could be set much harder, the settings Statller have recommended
  4. It just so happens that I have some H&R springs for sale However, I do agree with Viv - a bit part of springs is aesthetics. Mine sat lovely on H&Rs, handled well (probably working with the other suspension mods I've done) but still rolled a bit even in DCC Sport mode. The ride was a bit crashier than stock, but not uncomfortable, even in Sport - though I am on 18s. The real benefits come from coilovers, ALK, alloy arms, bushes, adjustable ball joints and lighter wheels. I've had Bilsteins PSS10 B16s on for less than 24hrs and it's fair to say I'm a total convert. It all
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