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  1. Thanks @Ismet_U. It looks like AdSense is dumping promoted content in to advertisement slots. I'll take a look at the AdSense control panel when I get chance.
  2. @Ismet_U we haven't changed or added any ads in months. If you're not logged in you will see more adverts. Perhaps this was the case?
  3. I'm sure that's how the R32 boys felt too 'back in the day'. For me the R brand should be applied to most models, just like the S and RS brand at Audi. The R should be the range topper for each model. Arteon R anyone? Yes please.
  4. I've passed this one to Danno & Bellend Col. I'll see what we can do. Sorry for the delay everyone.
  5. Timeshare? I'm sure we could all chip in!
  6. It's an SUV in name only IMO. It's basically a hatch on stilts really. What do you have out in the States that rivals this? I wonder what the reason is for not releasing it in the US. Any idea? Too much competition or not enough interest?
  7. True true. But that’s a good thing! I must admit, I quite like it. Not a fan of the blue interior mind, but hopefully that can be spec’d in black. I’m looking forward to taking one for a spin.
  8. Post links to articles, news and reviews about the T-Roc R here
  9. No spam whatsoever please guys Just the following format filled in please: Date Ordered: Date Order Amended: Dealer/Lease co ordered with: Original BW: Current BW: Confirmed BW: Date Collected: Gearbox: Paint: Optional Extras:
  10. Please post videos of the T-Roc R here 👍
  11. Post photos of the newly launched T-Roc R here!
  12. IIRC I had 5 & 6. It was firm, but far from harsh or crashy. It rode much better than stock or with springs.
  13. The thing with B16s @Chris92 is that they are totally adjustable. From ride height to dampening. I used to thrash mine down country roads. If you're on 18s with decent tyres and leave a decent ride height, you'll be fine. I found the ride to be massively improved over H&R springs. I will never, ever fit just springs to a car again. The first thing I did on my 2015 RS3 was map it and fit B16 coilovers. For the money, nothing comes close.
  14. Neither. Go for B16s mate. They're amazing on a 6R.
  15. Can you recreate it, so you can get the IP?
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