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  1. Fitting the Wanger and changing to APR high torque makes a huge difference, money very well spent!
  2. 2018 , stage 2 , TT turbo pipe , VWR intake, Scorpion decat downpipe, APR stage 2 medium torque , dyno'd by VRS at 418bhp, since then fitted Wagner ic and latest APR stage 2 high torque which made a huge difference, so its safe to say my R is in excess of 420
  3. The Polo is a lot heavier than the Fiat, so not really true. The Polo Gti is also a bit of a weapon, I gave my old one to my son which was also running 260ish (stage 2) and it had no problem staying with a golf R, even matched a bloody Ferrari 355 which was hilarious! I do have a soft spot for the polo gti with the EA888 engine
  4. I totally disagree . A mapped Abarth is a total weapon on a B road ! Trust me. I own a 2018 Golf R , tuned to over 420bhp by VRS, on a B road , I'd say there is little in it between that and my Abarth.
  5. Is a Golf R 1350kg??? I would have thought nearer 1500kg? And forget 0-60, we are taking rolling from around 20mph onward. I'm telling you, 20-100, there is little in it if the golf is stock. Anyone in the Kent area willing to give it a try , I'm well up for it
  6. I'm not so sure, a remapped Abarth is pretty rapid, weighs around 1000kgs, mine made 182bhp and around 240lbs from memory, that puts it very close to the golf in terms of power to weight.
  7. Yes, my 2018 Abarth, remapped to 180bhp, expected the golf to pull, but I guess taking power to weight into account there is little in it.....
  8. Anyone in Kings Hill have a play with a white Fiat500 this morning? Absolutely nothing in it !!!! Lol
  9. I have the latest VWR springs with DCC. Car sits perfectly! The ride was ok on 18s but when I switched to 19s it's too harsh. Looking back, I should have gone with Eibach.
  10. Great results. What's the cost for a Littco L500 fitted with fuel pumps? I'm looking for a safe 500bhp on my 7.5 which is currently APR stage 2 with Wagner
  11. Maybe the police can do some real work and catch criminals instead??? Or is that too much like hard work!
  12. Tell you what , Holly is stunning, I'd give her more than a ring! I'll have a look at my car first
  13. Don't worry, I had post-it notes plastered all over the car saying "do not wash inside or out" in Polish too
  14. Good shout, I'll take a look when I get a chance!
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