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  1. sustanon400

    Upgraded Intercooler Question ??

    Paid 900 fitted for Wagner, it was my tuners choice and I trust their judgement (VRS) , plus I don't like APR hardware 7.5 APR stage 2 medium torque made 418bhp Wagner plus APR high torque was a massive difference ! Highly recommended
  2. sustanon400


    Definitely not when it comes to software. AMD are fine for regular work like servicing, lowering etc but I travel up from Kent to use VRS
  3. Great news !!!!! Do you get all of this with stage 2 software? Quite a big jump in price ! Love the idea of boost on launch rally car style !
  4. Thank you ! You are similar to me , I have the new stage 2 Apr high torque, scorpion decat, vwr intake and Turbo Technics intake pipe plus Wagner , car is ballistic now but gearbox software is the weak link!
  5. I'll be very interested to know how it goes ! How much are they charging?
  6. I'm almost tempted to drive from Kent to visit these guys ! Anyone up for a group buy / group trip ? Lol
  7. Does anyone know the name of the UK agent based in Aylesbury?? I hate the standard software in the DQ381 , it's worse now I'm stage 2! I have been waiting 8 months for APR to release software for this box and I've given up !!!!!
  8. sustanon400

    To Tune? Or Not To Tune?

    I found the standard 7.5 very mundane, verging on boring! With about 250miles on the clock I went straight to stage 2 (APR medium tq) which kept me amused for about an hour! I now have the Wagner intercooler and the latest APR high torque file and the car is breathtakingly fast , I cannot believe the transformation!
  9. sustanon400

    Best place for APR remap SE?

    I can't imagine you will find better than Will at VRS, I travel up from Kent to see him for all my bits
  10. sustanon400

    My 7.5 DSG

    Bloody lovely!!!! How does it compare to the mk7r?
  11. sustanon400

    My 7.5 DSG

    Yes , I know.....but the poor thing just sits in the garage ! I'm too paranoid about it to leave it anywhere! It needs to go to a new home where it'll get used properly and not be wrapped up in cotton wool ! I will probably find myself a £20k TT-RS convertible for the summer !
  12. sustanon400

    My 7.5 DSG

    Cheers guys . Car would have to be £34k with all those bits on but prepared to reduce by selling parts/wheels etc. Ps.....I've owned from new , I'm 47 and drive like a grandad!!!! Only use partial throttle until oil temp gets to 85 and kept in a garage, it's already tucked away for winter and not being used as I've bought a new Abarth 595
  13. sustanon400

    My 7.5 DSG

    I am considering selling my 2018 7.5 R due to lack of use 😆 Lapiz, DSG, pan roof, dynaudio and adaptive dampers, service pack, all the best options imho ! 3k miles , reg 1/3/18. Recent upgrade by VRS with APR stage 2, vwr600 intake, tt pipe, downpipe, vwr springs, 19" BBS CHR wheels with ps4s tyres, Wagner intercooler....Well over 5k spent, around 430bhp and an absolute rocket!!!! All standard parts kept Inc 18inch Cadiz wheels Pro-detailed with 2 ceramic coats ! Will put advert in for sale section at the weekend.
  14. sustanon400

    How would your rate the Golf R?

    2018 stage 2 here and I'd give it 9.5/10 Only let down now by the exhaust sound (still sounds better than our m4). 46.1mpg is my record on a run (my 70yo mum managed 46.6 in hers, identical spec but standard), all in a car that can do 0-60 in less than 3.5 with a few add ons. Had a proper full on play with my mates C63AMG (6.3) which has been mapped and my R left him for dead, we were both surprised by that ! Truly epic car. I still crave a TT-RS mind you!
  15. sustanon400

    Scorpion or BCS sport cat with no map

    What will a sports cat do ? Give maybe 10% more volume to a car that sounds crap anyway ? If it's noise you want, fit an intake, the sound will be brilliant and you'll get a bit more power. Plus , I can't for the life of me understand why you wouldn't map it, a stock R is way too slow and APR have a 15% sale on at the moment ! Lol Pretty sure you could have an VWR intake and APR stage 1 for a similar price to a sports cat, it's a no brainer imho