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  1. Thoughts to those involved and the families of those killed. Also to the Emergency crews etc who had to attend and deal with it . I don't get why the papers have to show photos of the accident when the emergency crews are there , apart from selling the news . I have told a few news /photographers where to go a lot and they don't like it , some think they have a right to be there.
  2. What about tar remover eg autosmart tardis or the autoglym version just in case the rough bits are tar . After using this you can clay the car . if you clay before you may cause marring with the clay . Totally up to you though . I am sure more informed members will be along shortly to give more advice . This ^^^
  3. I am possibly late but when you get to the A75 please watch your speed as the Police traffic cars and scamera van are always out and about this area , If the lorries are sticking to the speed limit then watch out as they are somewhere on the road. and watch out for potholes as there are quite a few . If you have been up this way before then you will be aware re the above. Are you staying locally in Dumfries ? Have a safe journey.
  4. I wipe mine with the window treatment when I put it on the windows , It was rain racer but now is H2 Go and a gazillion times better treatment.
  5. Fagin. Welcome to the forum, I am sorry you have had a very bad experience with the dealer . I would be writing to the CEO and stating what happened and that you now have no intention of buying two cars from them (1 for you an R and another for your partner a gti) and would like a reply regarding the comments made by the sales manager. That is shocking .
  6. Motorway cops in Manchester caught a driver with no front tyres, trying to drive while SIX times over the limit.Hopefully the sentence when he gets to court will be at least SIX times the usual bans and fines and time in Prison but probably not .This is totally shocking and he should be banned for life , Same as all drink /drug /drivers caught over the limit even the ones caught the morning after .(I will get flamed for stating this but so what .)I have seen the after affects of Drink /Drug driving and it's not nice ..
  7. Great to have you back on here Mr Camel. Glad you are doing ok and keep your chin up.
  8. You could always put a letter into the local paper stating you tried to report it and the police were not interested and write to the chief constable and complain especially as the owner will need to spend a lot more to repair it . Maybe they could claim from the local plod . Again the claim culture rears it's head , If the police had collected it they could have got prints from it and caught the little darlings ! ! !
  9. I keep looking at the VW TROC R for sale and 99% of them are Blue , odd ones are Black , White or Grey, is this because the dealers have to order Blue or is it they don't want to take a risk with other colours eg orange ?
  10. Is there any need for the language ? People have died and this is a discussion forum so I do not see any need for it , If you don't like it taker it somewhere else.
  11. if you are paying for the mirror then surely they should fit the right one regardless of the build info stated they weren't heated originally.
  12. I hope his insurance company don't see this as they will query any bumps he has in the future as he won't be able to prove it wasn't the child driving. Even on private ground this is totally idiotic.
  13. I would swap for new tyres when they get down to between 2 and 3 mm ,or if I notice bad wear before that I usually do this but I don't have an R ,however we have a GTD and Tiguan Sport. At the end of the day the tyres are a vital part of keeping you on the road so better safe than sorry, and they will need replacing sooner or later.
  14. Glad you have the car back all fixed up with the spoilers it looks amazing . Did you get a courtesy car when it was in dry dock ? and if so was it fast ?
  15. I hope you left a note for the car owner so they could get a copy of the film and claim off the woman. That is totally shocking.
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