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  1. The sales rep did state he would look to see if they had any cars that they could sell me , so maybe they have not got any .
  2. I have had both our cars serviced at our local VW AUDI specialist recently (Previously VW ). I have been looking at cars online and asked for rough trade in price and the question was "full service history. I stated it was VW till recently and then VW specialist . Since then I haven't had any e ,ails from the sales rep. Does specialist service count as full service history ?
  3. I think when the scamera vans are out on the A75 drivers get frustrated as the hgv's travel at 40 mph and imo this causes drivers to take chances to overtake and as for the marked and unmarked cars hiding at junctions etc I agree that driving really fast is dangerous but there is a limit and to speed over it you deserve the fine and points as it should then be classed as dangerous driving and has caused accidents including fatalities , I have attended a few where speed was a factor. Hope all goes well Mr Camel .
  4. Have you done anything re getting the car back yet?
  5. There is a classified section in the menu , but I think you need 25 or 50 posts to allow you to advertise . I am sure some one will come soon and confirm.
  6. For a numpty please (ME ) What is I F T T T. Thanks in advance .
  7. You could always get the broken gearbox and get it examined by a specialist as it belongs to you but then that is more money , but could prove it was a manufacturing fault and then you may get a claim. but you could always sell it or take to a scrap merchant who may buy it.
  8. Pinky1959

    Q5<Golf R

    told me they’d call me after I’d phoned after numerous emails saying that I didn’t like the car and wanted to try to do a deal on something else or get some sort of a refund. Never called. Then I called again they said they would look into potential swaps, 8 days a go and I’ve not heard a bean. I guess the issue comes with not wanting finance, so wanting a car with a similar value. But the biggest issue comes with Audi wanting to give me way less for the car I bought off them 700 miles ago. And meaning that to buy a new model through them I’d need to be adding 5-6k. When both cars have the same cost value, ish.. I would try e mail to the CEO of the garage where you bought the car stating you were very interested in doing another deal but no one has bothered to return your calls and you are not happy as you were recommended the garage , lay it on thick . This may be a waste of time but if you don't try you will never know.
  9. Sorry to hear the response you got , I would send an e mail to the big boss as detailed above asap and state you are very disappointed in the service you have not received .
  10. Co0ngratulations on getting good news , Onwards and upwards now but don't do to much hard graft.
  11. I would contact Kranzle as it should last longer than 4 years .
  12. So sorry to hear this . As stated get as high up VW as you can , send an e mail detailing everything from the oil leak on your drive to the fact the dealer have no one available to take the gearbox apart, the fact they refused the claim without proper investigation should go in your favour. I would do this asap before VW cs return your call and hopefully the Chief exec will get a manager to investigate this put in the e mail how disappointed you are with the service received (not ) from the dealer and you are not at all happy , Get advice from a solicitor as well and keep a note of all the hours , costs incurred etc as well just in case you can claim this back eventually. I don't know legally if you can ask that they do not touch the gearbox until they get in touch and say they will investigate it or even suggest they pay for an independent gearbox company to do the work that way they cannot say its your fault but then again this could go against you as well. Good Luck.
  13. Sorry to hear about the injury Rebecca. Hwmbo will have to take over detailing the car and his jeep(Under supervision of course ) if your daughter can't be persuaded , I am sure bribery would work . If I lived closer I would come and drive it for you but not clean it (I would not do it to your exacting standards .) Take care and I hope you feel better soon.
  14. Some HGV drivers are absolute nutters, but they all must have some sort of skill to be able to drive these monster lorries , I used to travel the A75 daily and some of them did not realise there was a speed limit as they regularly do 70 mph plus on the A75 at night when the police have a change of shift . Some times I even struggled to get past them in the Ambulance when in a hurry.
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