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  1. I would contact VWCS and VWFS (if used )by e mail and copy in the high up CEO /Director of the garage and advise you are not happy but do not mention the proof you have just yet. I would not be happy with the service you have had either .
  2. If you haven't found a stockist try the Autosmart rep for the area and he might drop it off for you .
  3. Good decision after all you are the person paying for them to be done right and if you are not happy then get them sorted . The guy seems to be a good guy if he is willing to redo them for you , and as said if good tell the world .
  4. Is this just newish GTD and R's that are targeted as we are going to Sheffield soon and have booked a car park but am concerned as mine is a 12 plate . Thanks .
  5. Insurance is a rip off. I just renewed my wifes GTD insurance and made the voluntary excess £0 and it only went up £12. Does not make sense.
  6. Crikey ! ! Did they admit to doing this ? If not check for cctv where you were parked and report to police just in case the person couldn't find you and reported it themselves.
  7. Pinky1959

    Tiguan R

    VW are bringing out a Tiguan R eventually.
  8. Good luck with getting a driving job after passing the test. As for the l paper licence my wife and I still have the original paper one and mine still has the points on I won 23 years ago for speeding( a wee bit 76 in a 60 ), 3 miles before this though I was well into high 90 s low 100 s , so I was very lucky! !
  9. Sorry to hear this , Maybe check locally if anyone is doing one up. What are the police saying /doing about this ?
  10. Keano Re the EXP sealant , I would just wash car and reapply , I have a few coats of this on my Tiguan and it is starting to shine well I was goint to to[p with poorboys white diamond but think I have become confused re on before or after . I have Jetseal on my wifes GTd and think it is not quite as good .Both cars are white .
  11. It doesn't trouble me as such but I think they should be making a point and showing as he is the first to get caught a ban may be a deterrent to others but I highly doubt it .
  12. A motorcycle rider been caught texting while travelling on a main road , He only got points and will get a fine . Surely this should have been at least a BAN for minimum of 6 months , I am disgusted with this and think it is awful . They should be making a point with this and give a ban.
  13. Just been on VW site and the GTI TCR are faded out and I assume is now not available , Is this because they have a limited number or something else ?
  14. From the other vw site , There is a nearly new one on Autotrader for £29.5k
  15. I stopped at a two car bump on the M74 and the rear car driver couldn't get the car to move so I waited (directing traffic from outside lane to inside one) till the Police turned up (eventually ) after about 25 mins ,The two drivers have my details but as yet I have not had any contact either from them ,the Police or the insurance companies but am expecting one soon as a witness .
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