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  1. Copied from another forum There is a petition to get the extra tax on cars over 40K removed, have a look at the attached petition and sing up,https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/241300
  2. or alternatively www.detailingworld.co.uk but be prepared detailing is addictive and costs £££££ but worth every penny.
  3. If you bought them from a number plate dealer/ supplier unless you asked them to leave the name off I would appeal the fine
  4. SimonR Have you had it back to your dealer and complained there or driven another new one to compare?
  5. YES report her to the police as if she knows where it is you need it back.
  6. Go to a different dealer and try an R there and see if it is better or worse or not !. If you can arrive without your car it may be a good idea.
  7. The engine should last more than 21000 miles so is there fore not fit for purpose especially if full VW service record. I would suggest this to VW and state you are not at all happy having bought what you thought was a quality brand . I got a propshaft (cost heavily discounted) when my car was out of warranty after complaining bitterly it should last more than 50 000 miles .For a Tiguan . Good Luck
  8. Take it back and get a refund or another car , Not fit for purpose.
  9. When you took it back was it the service person who stated they would not fix it ? If so go see the boss or CEO of the garage as if you complain to VW the garage get black marks against them .regardless if the car was cheaper or not if not advertised sat nav not working then they have to fix it . Open a file with VW UK about this if you have not done already.
  10. As said all the best , Keep your chin up and you will beat this .
  11. Travelling home from Manchester there was a very nice 19 reg Red R going same way , Followed it at a distance then passed it , and it passed me after that then at the junction for the bottom of the lakes it took off and I think it turned off for Keswick.,Very nice. Cannot remember registration number .
  12. Wrap your hand in Sellotape (sticky side out ) and that should grab all the crap off it, This might work .
  13. Mr Camel Sir ! I am sorry to hear you are not at full 100% at the moment but at least you have good proactive Doctors looking into your health and not just waiting till ( as said ) you collapse . Hope you feel up to a run in the R after the transfusion . All the best for now .
  14. Great roads and fantastic views for those not wanting to go further north . As good for Cycles as it ais for cars motorbikes. https://www.visitsouthwestscotland.com/attractions/southwest-coastal-route/
  15. AWD Rocks they should have taken some care getting him out ( I totally agree with what they did though.) This was not meant as a oh crikey poor drunk driver should have been looked after and treated gently. I do not think the police were wrong but a good solicitor could claim he was hurt more in the way they removed him and possibly get a lighter sentence after all it was all on Film. I am all for the way they got him out as he could have run away if wasn't so rat arsed ….. As stated he deserved all he got.
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