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  1. So what is /will be the R replacement ? or is it still undecided ?
  2. Matt H I would try and appeal the councils decision , Ask to see any paperwork they have regarding road inspections done on the road where the hole is and ask for an explanation why they deem this not covered by their insurance , I have heard of some people doing this and being successful , you could also try a small claim for damages through the courts due to the repairs not being done they are negligent in their duties I believe . (I don't know how this works or if it would but it is a shed load of cash so worth a try .) Maybe have a word with a friendly solicitor for advice. Good Luck.
  3. I really like it especially in the bright orange . That is nice ,can't wait to see the Tiguan R if/when they bring one out .
  4. That looks like a very good repair. Have you contacted the numpty who caused the damage yet ?
  5. That is so sad . Thoughts to the families of those involved and the Emergency Services staff who had been /are dealing with this . Hope they get the **** driver of the Audi.
  6. I know the holes have to be a certain size and depth before they will even consider repairing them , I have complained loads to transerv scotland when I was working for the Ambulance service (In fact the person in their office I am sure used to hate seeing my e mail address on complaints). I believe holes (craters) have to be 35/40 mm deep .
  7. If you have knackered one of your wheels I would suggest getting the suspension checked as well. I would also take photos and measurements of the hole (if safe ) and try a claim from the council roads dept , and I would also e mail the local Traffic Police office and report it to them as it is a dangerous big hole .I know it is a pest doing this but it needs done , get a quote for a new wheel and send it in as well. That's what I did when I complained to transerv scotland about a 300 yards bit of a duel carriageway that TS said was safe to drive over and it was sorted soon after , (It helped I knew the inspector through work though.). Good luck.
  8. That looks a nice car for a wee while . How are the swirls and other marks ? and will you be detailing it before return?
  9. I think it was better when the edge bits were white . Just me though !
  10. I think it looks great the way you have it , If you try black on the other bit and don't like it you can take it off , I would be interested in seeing what it would look like if you do it .
  11. If anyone has a Costco card their diesel was £1.27 at the weekend , I notice no difference when using it in a Golf GTD OR VW tIGUAN .
  12. I kinda reckoned you would stay as you seem very settled , Good decision I think. I am glad it is working out ok , Can you not oppose the charge back as the card was stolen ,or try and trace where the goods were delivered to if not to you then given out . I don't know how these things work though , but worth a try .
  13. If the Ambulance insurance company and the Paramedic are claiming you did not stop at the scene ask why they asked you to get a quote for fixing the damage , Ask when the driver contacted the police to report the accident and see if you can get a copy of the radio communication regarding this as it is all recorded and when they sent another crew /Paramedic to the incident as the original one would be stopped waiting for the police to turn up,( or should have been .) I hate it when big companies try to get out of things like this .
  14. Booth 11. I cannot find the other thread but did you ever hear from the emergency services about the damage to the wing mirror when their vehicle hit the car ?
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