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  1. South West Coastal 300 | SWC300 | Touring Route in South West Scotland (visitsouthwestscotland.com) An alternative route but watch for plod doing speed traps and scamera vans .
  2. Thoughts to the member of Patterdale Mountain Rescue who sustained life changing injuries while trying to rescue two people who went camping in bad weather. As for the two persons they got fines of £200 each, Imo they should be fined a lot more than that for putting the rescuers at risk and get the bill for it . IDIOTS.
  3. That is beautiful but the exhausts need a good wash properly.
  4. Pinky1959

    Bad Driving

    That should be sent to the police and the drivers should get a ban and fine .
  5. Booth That car sounds very nice and I cannot wait till you get it to see all the detailing photos.
  6. Report it to the police just in case the scum attacked other cars and were caught on cctv etc
  7. Pinky1959

    Lockdown 2.0

    Lockdown one took about two weeks for traffic to lesson on the A /M 74 , then most of traffic was vans and HGV's so I reckon it will be the same again. Dumfries and Galloway is not locked down yet but is land locked by areas which are in a higher tier eg Ayrshire, Central belt, Cumbria and North England so I think we will be moved up to a higher tier soon if not locked down right as Nicola mentioned D& G in bulletins recently, I think it has been spread by holiday makers coming to this area and visiting family .Someone from London visited family in D&G and carers attending the persons family all got Covid and took it home to family , Paramedics and Ambulance staff got it as well . I think they are all ok now though.
  8. The sales rep did state he would look to see if they had any cars that they could sell me , so maybe they have not got any .
  9. I have had both our cars serviced at our local VW AUDI specialist recently (Previously VW ). I have been looking at cars online and asked for rough trade in price and the question was "full service history. I stated it was VW till recently and then VW specialist . Since then I haven't had any e ,ails from the sales rep. Does specialist service count as full service history ?
  10. I think when the scamera vans are out on the A75 drivers get frustrated as the hgv's travel at 40 mph and imo this causes drivers to take chances to overtake and as for the marked and unmarked cars hiding at junctions etc I agree that driving really fast is dangerous but there is a limit and to speed over it you deserve the fine and points as it should then be classed as dangerous driving and has caused accidents including fatalities , I have attended a few where speed was a factor. Hope all goes well Mr Camel .
  11. Have you done anything re getting the car back yet?
  12. There is a classified section in the menu , but I think you need 25 or 50 posts to allow you to advertise . I am sure some one will come soon and confirm.
  13. For a numpty please (ME ) What is I F T T T. Thanks in advance .
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