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  1. Roadcraft , the Police drivers manual is a good read. Also Performance and Advanced driving by reg local a past advanced police driver and is excellent and has you tube videos of different parts of advanced driving . I have both books and recommend them.
  2. I reckon all drivers whatever age should do 1 advanced driving course as it would improve the standard of driving 100% . I did an emergency driving course through work and I thought I was a decent driver then, but I was shocked at how much I was missing when driving and how much better I felt after it . My observation improved no end and it makes so much difference when you can see what other drivers are going to do before they do it . I would deffo say it is worth doing .
  3. Assuming it was Citygate where you got the R fixed . CEO e mail. jonathan.smith@citygate.co.uk Just realised you are sorted DOH.
  4. I have a front and rear Blackvue cameras but cannot get the App to work on my phone (Samsung ) , Was advised to unload it and start again but cannot get it to do that. Anyone else had the same problem ?
  5. 3 weeks ago I changed my not R (Tiguan ) for a Cupra Ateca .
  6. That does sound bad A comment from their advert “We will continually exceed our customers’ expectations.” CEO E mail if any good for complaint thumphries@beadles.co.uk Keep us informed if you complain please.
  7. After all you have been through in the last two years you deserve it , You work/ed hard so enjoy the car it is stunning and I am well jealous.
  8. Had mine fitted this afternoon ,Fantastic service from the engineer and from Blackvue as well . Haven't had a chance to play with it yet as still at work. Highly recommended
  9. MB Jarvie Audi Technik Centre (vw audi specialists .) Swan St, Glasgow G4 0AX, United KingdomCar Service Glasgow EST. 1981 MB JARVIE CAR SERVICE GLASGOW MERCEDES, VW, AUDI, BMW & BENTLEY INDEPENDENT SPECIALISTS I have read a few good reports on other forums about these guys in Glasgow but do not know them and never used either of them. Pop in to see them and you will get the
  10. I have ordered a camera system for my car (yesterday) and getting it fitted tomorrow as the engineer is in my area , Ordered from Blackvue who are doing fitting for free just now on their website . Excellent service .
  11. Hi can anyone recommend Gap or RVI insurance companies please for a Cupra Ateca . Thanks in advance .
  12. Hi That is what I thought but had to ask! !
  13. I do not wish to be cheeky ! but did your other half and daughter travel in the Amorak ?so Snoopy would not get dirty .
  14. I use H2GO on all my cars windows and it is super brilliant and rarely use my wipers , even at 20 mph the water runs off .
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