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    You could put the car on ramps and go for it with a powerwasher or see if a local detailer could do it for a small charge .
  2. I don't suppose when you bought it it was advertised with a full service history as if you did and it had not been done I reckon you would have a claim. Good Luck.
  3. Sorry to hear about the service you didn't receive . Hope this helps. Volkswagen UK Mr Rod McLeod Director Email executive.office@volkswagen.co.uk Telephone 01908 601601 Switchboard 01908 601601
  4. I doubt it would fit my car as it is connected to a bracket that is welded to the chassis. I will keep trying to get the ones that screw to the car when you take the rubber covers off. Update I bought one that fits the Ateca and it arrived today and fits ok .
  5. Thank you very much for doing that , I will look and see if it would fit my car .
  6. Could you please post a photo of the bonnet strut with the bonnet open as I am looking to see if it would do on a Cupra Ateca as I cannot find one .
  7. All the cars look fabulous , My neighbours son has a Tiguan R in Blue and it is stunning. Does it come with bonnet struts or just the pole you use to keep the bonnet up ?
  8. I have been trying all day about every 1/2 hour and no luck and tried phoning also . Have sent an e mail to ask them to enter the numbers and charge the pre rise price also.
  9. Not done it yet . Have done the west coast 300 over the years and it is really good .
  10. coming to a right turn last week there was an old dottery guy walking to the junction , I stopped and he didn't even look either way to see if there was any cars approaching and kept walking , the driver coming out the junction was shaking his head e. I foresee a lot of stupid people getting run over .
  11. I agree with all of the points made but cyclists should have reflective jackets on at all times and have lights fitted and wear a cycle helmet . I shouted LIGHTS WOULD BE A GOOD IDEA to a muppet on a bike with dark clothes a few days ago and got told to F &&& O**, So drivers beware as they will think they can do whatever they like now and get away with it .
  12. Pinky1959


    You could also look at www.detailingworld.co.uk for advice as well.
  13. I am sure you have but if not it would be a good idea to go back and take photos of the road surface and signage( if there was any ) and measurements etc of height of ramp. It may be an idea to report it to the local roads Policing unit inspector as it may be classed as dangerous . Good luck with the claim.
  14. You are a lucky lad , I would not know what to leave out . ENJOY. Just a quickie , Did you get a new company vehicle (crane ) yet ?
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