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  1. Pinky1959

    We buy any car

    A friend has traded his R into Arnold shark and got top book for it .
  2. Pinky1959

    Prince Philip.

    If the police have spoken to PP about driving without a seatbelt does that now mean he has 3 points and a fine ?How can you get points if you have not got a licence and her maj should be the same , I cannot see why they would be seat belt exempt.....
  3. Pinky1959

    My Bittersweet 7R

    I would spend a day cleaning and polishing the wheels and seal them also . What does your other half think ?
  4. Pinky1959

    My Bittersweet 7R

    Did you get the wheels resprayed or buy them that colour? They are really nice .....
  5. The advice on here is brilliant , but also try www.detailingworld.co.uk but be warned Detailing is addictive and can cost £££££s but worth every penny , when you see your car clean and shiny sitting next to any other car full of swirls and marks. If your brother is of a certain age will he not offer to detail the car for you for some food and couple of cans ? (Orange juice )!!!!! There is a Lapiz golf R near me and the lady owner is amazing at cleaning it , there are no marks , swirls etc etc anywhere , even on the inside of the wheels .It is Gorgeous.
  6. Pinky1959

    Oil on fabric seats

    Write to the big boss of the garage and complain bitterly about the service and you having to sort it yourself. It will be a pain to do but maybe worth it .
  7. Pinky1959

    My Bittersweet 7R

    Have you thought about black for the remaining white bits on the front spoiler below the vents to make it all black front ?
  8. Pinky1959

    dealership messed up on service!!

    That is shocking but could happen by mistake and being careless I would be fuming mad if it happened to one of my cars . How did you get it back to them to top up the oil or did you buy oil and top it up first ? Then I would start with a letter /e mail to the big boss of the garage and service manager and who ever else you could add , explaining the problem is their doing and suggesting what you would like to see as a fix eg full oil and filter change , letter from them stating that if you ever have any problems with the engine or parts thereof that they will pay for all parts and labour to sort this while you still own the car but get it in writing from a main manager or company director , A compression test done by a garage of your choice paid for by them , Some sort of compensation for the stress , inconvenience and your time to sort out the mess on the driveway. How long have you had the car and how young is it ?
  9. Pinky1959

    Gutted, angry but stunned at lack of damage

    I am glad your family are mostly ok remember it could have been a lot worse , Volkswagens are very strong safe cars , Make the stupid bint pay for all the vets bills and the panto tickets etc etc I am sure you can claim for this through her insurance. Are you having the car checked up on a ramp at a garage ?
  10. Pinky1959

    My Bittersweet 7R

    It would look really good if you wrap the white side bits on the front then it would be colour coordinated. It looks great anyway.
  11. Pinky1959

    Impressive crash

    It does appear to be insured and taxed as well so maybe the driver was under the influence of something !
  12. Pinky1959

    New Television

    I had a Panasonic which lasted no time , I took it to local dealers who eventually (after charging £30 ) to look at it wanted over £900 to fix it , was mad and told her so ffs I didn't pay anywhere near that for it ,, asked for it back and they were not happy and took it to the dump . They are renowned for fixing tv s and renting them . Went to local Sony centre and bought a new one and they are great tvs .
  13. Pinky1959

    ..........of mice and men........

    It was obviously meant to be the job for you . I stopped working for the Ambulance Service 18 months ago( I have a bad back now ) as my wife had taken on an after school tutoring business (Franchise) and now I am the tutoring assistant / bin emptier / window cleaner /loo cleaner and 101other jobs but I absolutely love it, best move we have ever made . Good luck when you start the new job and remember the photos Crane and R.
  14. Pinky1959

    Your previous cars?!

    Ford Escort MK 1 Hillman Imp ! Mini Had it for 3 days as garage put mot on which it would not have passed Opel kadette 4 dr Opel Kadette coupe Opel Ascona Rover 214 Vauxhall belmont Vauxhall Astra GTE Fast car got caught speeding in it 76 in a 60 had been in 3 figures about 3 miles before then , Boy was I lucky !!! Vauxhall cavalier gsi Vauxhall vectra sri x2 Suzuki Grand Vitara 5 dr Suzuki Grand Vitara xl7 Volkswagen Tiguan 2.0 Sport 4 motion
  15. Pinky1959

    DasWeltAuto Warranty

    I would get onto the dealer you bought the car from and get them to arrange the transfer, especially if it was advertised with the service plan .