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  1. Is there any need for the language ? People have died and this is a discussion forum so I do not see any need for it , If you don't like it taker it somewhere else.
  2. if you are paying for the mirror then surely they should fit the right one regardless of the build info stated they weren't heated originally.
  3. I hope his insurance company don't see this as they will query any bumps he has in the future as he won't be able to prove it wasn't the child driving. Even on private ground this is totally idiotic.
  4. I would swap for new tyres when they get down to between 2 and 3 mm ,or if I notice bad wear before that I usually do this but I don't have an R ,however we have a GTD and Tiguan Sport. At the end of the day the tyres are a vital part of keeping you on the road so better safe than sorry, and they will need replacing sooner or later.
  5. Glad you have the car back all fixed up with the spoilers it looks amazing . Did you get a courtesy car when it was in dry dock ? and if so was it fast ?
  6. I hope you left a note for the car owner so they could get a copy of the film and claim off the woman. That is totally shocking.
  7. I hope you are getting a good courtesy car when you get back.
  8. Heads would be better imop as hands means someone has to feed them !!!
  9. Is the new bit the same that you were thinking of going before ? Stuff the boss you have now he obviously doesn't realise how hard you have worked to keep his business going and get a good reputation , as said take the customers with you . Good luck and keep us informed.
  10. I assume you have reported this to the police (although they won't do anything ) as if they catch the SCUM somewhere else doing the same thing they can link it to your damage . Glad you are ok.
  11. Lookers Dumfries have had their VW sales and service removed by VW . I have had brilliant service from them for the past 7 years but I cannot find out why. I asked VW and they say I should contact Lookers and ask , I sent an e mail and they did try to phone me but I missed the call and they haven't tried again. Lawries are now VW used sales and service for VW in Dumfries. I do not know if I would go to Lookers Carlisle for my next VW or not but Lawries get very good reports so far.
  12. I get that parking in public car park when you have a really nice car an R is nerve racking but if you are there early enough to start work you should get the pick of bits to park, eg end row , if you get dash cams then if the worst happens hopefully it would be recorded. When we got our cars new (GTD and Tiguan) I was always looking out windows at night if up at loo etc for about a month (paranoia creeps in sometimes ) If you want an R , can afford it , then get it BOUGHT ASAP , and don't worry about small dents etc as it is insured . The dent repairers are really good as someone dented my car door 3 weeks after I got it ,Dentco repaired it so good you cannot see where it was creased , They are brilliant . Remember and post photos when you get it …..
  13. Have you reported the hit and run to the police and the insurance company . I am afraid to ask but how bad is the damage ?
  14. Gutted for you and glad your wife and dog are ok. If you are claiming of the other drivers insurance then you should be able to go to a repairer of your choosing and not be dictated to by the insurance company. , Or threaten them with an accident company like accident exchange or help hire I think they are called who will look after the repair and charge way more for a courtesy car ,That's if they are still going .
  15. Bobby T where was that taken ? Was it at Dumfries motor show by any chance ?
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