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  1. If it has the performance exhaust fitted then just have it turned off, quietens it right down then. I think your in a minority here. Most people ask how to get the R to sound a bit more like the A45.
  2. It looks horrendous and nasty. Any chance of getting me back into a Golf R have gone with that monstrosity 😳😳
  3. Did you consider the GLA45? Same engine and performance as the A45
  4. Got my heart set on the new one too. Had mine just about 3 years now and loved every minute. Not sure what difference the 45S will be to the standard one apart from 30ish HP.
  5. March next year? I seriously hope you were miss informed 😳 reading and watching you lot enjoying your 35’s is killing me 😪😪 lol
  6. Looks amazing. I had a test drive on my own in a red one on 2nd March for a couple of hours without the salesman and loved it. Felt very similar low down power to my A45 just ran out of steam a bit earlier as you would expect with about 80 HP less. Interior is amazing and a bit over whelming at first but you get to love it. Going to hang on for the 45S which hopefully will be before the end of the year. Having come from a MK 6 and 7 R its in a different league owning the Merc and the new one should top the RS3 in performance and power.
  7. I thought it was obvious. The more people that see it the more chance you have of someone recognising them. Its like Crime Watch with no video
  8. Just post it here ffs
  9. just tried to pm you my number. wont let me as I think its because you don't have enough posts
  10. Took advantage of this offer and sat in waiting room as we speak. About £450 for 4 19 inch tyres
  11. Really? Show and shame the scum.
  12. Why not just post it here for us all to see?
  13. Asian car thieves in Yorkshire? Surely a printing error?
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