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  1. Steve_3939

    Sad story, but am I missing something here?

    You llive by the sword you die by the sword
  2. Steve_3939

    White Smoke from exhaust?

    Thats exactly how i felt after getting mine sorted, especially after they flagged my TD1 after repairing. They said the engine warranty was gone because of it so lost faith and sold it.
  3. Steve_3939

    Attempted R theft turns into RS6 theft

    If they get it after all that they deserve it👍
  4. Steve_3939

    Attempted R theft turns into RS6 theft

    Were they asian or white?
  5. Steve_3939

    White Smoke from exhaust?

    What was the outcome of this?
  6. Steve_3939

    White Smoke from exhaust?

    Another thing on my side was that it was a 14 plate with revision 1 turbo that were prone to blowing as well documented on this site (I think they are at revision 5 now) so maybe they weren’t surprised that it blew. Obviously the tune took it over the edge.
  7. Steve_3939

    White Smoke from exhaust?

    They picked it up because it broke down on way to them. It was luckily when the omissions scandal broke so maybe they were preoccupied with other shit. When I received it back the heater was working so we took it back in, they said they sorted but didn’t so it went back in again. This time they found it had been mapped and that any work needed that they could blame on the map wouldn’t be carried out. I lost interest in it then and chopped it in with Mercedes on my current A45. Never heard anything since.
  8. Steve_3939

    White Smoke from exhaust?

    When mine did this one Saturday I carried on using it, the following Thursday it went pop. VW replaced Turbo Cat and a brand new engine. Turns out the engine sucked in the bits of broken turbo and rendered it knackered. Had a stage one tune done the previous Saturday. VW picked up car as it was un driveable and luckily didn’t pick up on turn. Replaced everything at cost of roughly £14,000 they said all on warranty. Got it back about 2 weeks later and returned to tuner to have original map put back on.
  9. Steve_3939

    Death of an R

    In Birmingham? Lol. Thats so funny. Maybe Hitler was innocent too 😀😀
  10. Steve_3939

    Death of an R

    I wonder if they can produce receipts for parts purchased? Me thinks not
  11. Steve_3939

    Coming back?

    Considered the A35 AMG? Appears to be on par with the Golf.
  12. Steve_3939

    Coming back?

    I think your knowledge of the A45 is very limited at best. I’ve had mine about 2 and a half years now and am still to find 3 suspension settings. There are 2. In comfort it’s about the same as my MK7 R was, admittedly is is firmer in sportier setting but is very affective when driving hard.
  13. Steve_3939

    Pulled the Plug on the Golf R - Detailed explanation

    Wait till you have done the 1000 miles run in. Gets better 👍
  14. Steve_3939

    Mercedes A35

    first proper review