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  1. Up to you what you buy. In my experience of having both, the VWR flowed better than the APR intake. However there are multiple posts about the quality of the VWR filter. As you are in UAE, I’d also be concerned about filtration ability with the dust and sand.
  2. I had revo on both my Mk2 Seat Leon Cupra’s and loved it. Great guys at Revo too 👍
  3. Looking forward to seeing how you got on Damian 👍
  4. A simple tune is the best performance bang per buck. After that, anything you do is down to preference, whether you want it to look different, sound different, corner different, stop different etc.
  5. Same tyres on both wheels buddy, SuperSports 👍
  6. Pretty sure it was more than 1kg per corner but can't remember now, did it years ago. The 19" Pretoria with tyre was close to the same weight as a 18" Pro Race 1.2 wheel with a tyre. As for the rep's seeming stronger, VAG will spent all sorts on testing components and that the cheaper option won't used for good reason. As for reports of damage, there are loads more original Pretoria's on the road than copies, which would account for more being damaged, and from the folk i have seen report damage, most of the time due to crap road surfaces or people running them underinflated. I've read all sorts from those who will try to justify spending less on something that looks similar. In my many years of messing with cars, i have yet to come across a rep that was in fact stronger than an original wheel, and in this case, even if it was (not sure how that would be possible based on the composition of the material used), it definitely isn't lighter (which makes a notable difference to performance and handling etc). Do a google on it - the same things pop up time and again about replica wheels.. Disadvantages of Replica Wheels Often use lower quality material prone to cracking May not meet safety regulations Can be much heavier than OEM wheels Can reduce value of the car compared with OEM May require adapters or spigot rings to fit properly People (correctly) have an issue with the horrendous cost of a genuine Pretoria wheel from VW and it is known that you can get a set of copies for the price of one new genuine wheel from VW. Personally I'd sooner spend money on a properly designed aftermarket wheel that is decent in its own right than something that looks similar to an OEM item, but isn't the OEM item. I have a set of black genuine 19" Pretoria's in the garage - they are very very pretty
  7. Just wait a couple of months from release and the chances are you’ll be able to lease one for pennies, same as last time.
  8. If you get an oil cooler, would be worth considering an oil pressure gauge as well 👍. As mentioned above, one with thermostatic control would be worthwhile 👍
  9. They are heavier than equivalent sized Pretoria’s and rarer than Pretoria’s although still subject to the usual white rot same as the 18” Cadiz. It’s all down to what you want the car to look like at the end of the day. The cars I’ve seen lowered a bit with 19” Cadiz wheels looks awesome 😎
  10. Maybe because there are loads more genuine ones out there. Having been in to cars for a long time, copies are typically never anywhere near as good as any original. And there is no reason why this particular wheel would be any different than any other OE VAG wheel from the likes of the S3/RS3 etc etc
  11. If you are scared to tune over warranty worries and want to go faster, you need a faster car to start with buddy. Agreed on the pairing with a tuner and warranty being maintained though.
  12. Where are your facts to back that up buddy?
  13. Presumably isn’t really conclusive buddy. What if the previous owner couldn’t be arsed checking the pressure, or had a slow puncture and hit the hole with 10PSI at 60mph.
  14. Personally, there is no way I’d be putting replica wheels on a £20k-£30k car. People can kid themselves as much as they want, but copies are heavier and weaker. If cheaper materials on wheels were better, they’d be on from the factory. Quality and strength can’t be judged by appearance alone, and you’ll definitely notice the car being a little less lively with that extra weight on each corner.
  15. Just my opinion but the 18” Pretoria’s look a bit weird. Also, copies will neither be as strong or light as originals. I remember weighing my 19” genuine Pretoria’s against standard 18” Cadiz (including tyres) and the Pretoria’s were lighter. In fact they were almost as light as Pro Rave 1.2’s in 18” form.
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