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  1. Have messaged him but no response. Does this message system tell the recipient? Or do they have to log in ?
  2. Apparently Rob Tandy on here makes them. Does he still , i am after one thats not coming from overseas…. Anyone have a contact for him ?
  3. Sell to a Car Dealer. There are several around they will give you the best price. Blackdown Motor Co is one. You will be surprised what they will offer. Church’s is another but dealers are always after good low mileage stock. I would also get the wheels refurbed , about £350-400 for Powder Coat. The below image is a dealer after stock on the Facebook R page this morning.
  4. Condenser and Evaporator are different things. It seems a real PIA to get at from this video. Does the white rust as you call it ever stop or stop the thing its rusting on from working. In a black interior it is really anoying.
  5. Anyone had this problem where the heating system blows out white dust . See this video for the work needed to replace it. Now although it is not a failure and the air con and heating works fine, do you think this would be covered under a Warranty ? I think not. Any DIY solution?
  6. The reason there are alot of posts about damaged genuine ones is that there are thousands of sets of them. Less replicas therefore less to be damaged. The roads are the problem, not the wheels. If there were any real issues they wouldn’t still be manufactured. The origin of genuine wheels is known , who manufactures replicas ?
  7. The one in the photo, ECP’s pagid pad option. Advice was sought on that issue And went with the advice given from someone who had fitted what i have.
  8. The manufacturers instructions were minimal . The Forum user was Shak who imho would know more than most. There were no instructions for the pads. So seeking further input from here, which has given me the answer i was hoping for.
  9. I have recently replaced brakes all round. Pagid Pads and Brembo discs. See Photo. All fitted up fine and fitted correctly. The wear on the front disc is my problem. See Photo . Both sides exactly the same. The pads are not touching the inner part of the disc yet... Is this normal or have i just got to wait and do more miles. I have done about 60 miles. I have bedded in like the disc manufacturer said. I have never had this issue before when i have done this before. Could the front pads be wrong , they fit ok . Could they be for a smaller sized disc ? I ask
  10. No joy on mk5golfgti forum?
  11. NIP must be sent to the registered keeper within 14 days. Was your car not registered to you? An NIP will not be sent if over 14 days if you were the RK. They cannot proceed if this procedure is not complied with.
  12. Best just to buy Watches imho. Cars , unless really expensive are a Real risk.
  13. Drink Driving will never stop, all the policing of it makes zero difference imho (having been a Police Officer for 30yrs) . The only thing that will reduce it with any significant amount is prison on first offence and 20yr ban.
  14. garrardrj

    Vcds - where buy?

    So Hex-Net Unlimited is the one to buy then? Future proof ? Are they ever going to get VCDS to work with Mac ? Means i have to buy a computer aswell 🙄
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