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  1. No joy on mk5golfgti forum?
  2. NIP must be sent to the registered keeper within 14 days. Was your car not registered to you? An NIP will not be sent if over 14 days if you were the RK. They cannot proceed if this procedure is not complied with.
  3. Best just to buy Watches imho. Cars , unless really expensive are a Real risk.
  4. Drink Driving will never stop, all the policing of it makes zero difference imho (having been a Police Officer for 30yrs) . The only thing that will reduce it with any significant amount is prison on first offence and 20yr ban.
  5. garrardrj

    Vcds - where buy?

    So Hex-Net Unlimited is the one to buy then? Future proof ? Are they ever going to get VCDS to work with Mac ? Means i have to buy a computer aswell 🙄
  6. Insurance is paid to cover your car. The Golf R is just a Golf. We are car enthusiasts on a forum, we care more about our cars , but we do worry too much. We have a R Line Polo we take to car parks. It will be in a car park for the next two weeks. I will not think about it once, but if it was damaged i would be just as angry as if it was the R. Money rectifies all damage, so anger doesn’t last long.
  7. F Pace....gives me the answer, they can see ahead over the top of you. Alot of higher seated drivers drive too close, vans , lorries, coaches, Range Rover etc. If someone is tailgating me i slow down and let them overtake, thats all they want to do. Rather that than being hit in the rear.
  8. So car-net is the title, but went off about Sat Nav. My unit shows the car-net icon and appears to have been used by the previous owner. So does it mean i have to register ,pay VW or can it be accessed ? This is the screen i get when trying to find access....
  9. See my post above. Really easy to fit. Put the screw down bracket that holds the battery tight to the tray on before you put the battery cover on. Thats about the only fiddly/awkward bit. Throws a load of errors up but drive a short distance, turn ignition on off and all gone. As to coding to the car i will get that done when its in for service. Its virtually the same battery as the one in it before so it will be charged similarly up until then .
  10. Put this in my car a couple of weeks ago. Fits perfectly. Got it from Dorset Auto Spares....delivered free next day. My car Nov15 with 32300 miles Best bit is these batteries come with 5 year Guarantee😃
  11. Where does the £4000 come from ? Its only the bumper and a few bits?
  12. BOTB is fine but you chances of winning imho are far less than this raffle type scheme. I had done it for around 10years every week and once was runner up and got £200 credit.... The catch to winning is that there are always more than one winner (guessed correct co ordinates) and the prize is given to the person who got the co ordinates right and then their next nearest entry was closest than all the other players who got it right. They changed the cost per ticket to get people to buy more tickets and its quite a bit cheaper to enter. I have stopped doing it, but this post might tempt me back 🙄
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