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  1. As long as genuine parts are used and you can prove that then there is no problem . A Question.... Does the Das Welt warranty given with used car purchases require the car to be serviced by VW though ?
  2. garrardrj

    Rusty discs

    Never seen an R without shitty looking rear discs. I wouldn’t worry too much about it.
  3. garrardrj

    Selling my Golf buyer wants to pay cash

    Many recently ? Links to two then ?
  4. garrardrj

    New Television

    Bought the Sonos....its good
  5. garrardrj

    Petrol Cap Cover comes off!!

    Every 3-4 weeks , think you must have OCD 😂
  6. garrardrj

    New Television

    So bought this TV , very happy. Sound is shite . So considering one of these two , only because they are in stock at JL , so any recommendations ? Or advice ? We have a small TV room .
  7. garrardrj

    Modification Classification

    This is typical of many insurers. They have people who have no idea about cars answering calls from enthusiasts ! I tried to explain modifications in the past to several insurers and just gave up, i told them not to bother and tried elsewhere. I insured my sons Golf Gti we bought him as a surprise 21st birthday present. I tried to do it over the phone but as it was in my sons name they wouldn’t speak to me....I was giving them all the information....They stated they couldn’t speak to me due to data protection (5 yrs ago) , i explained that all the information that were protecting i had given them anyway ! They lost out £900 of business due to being STUPID 😂 I did it online.
  8. garrardrj

    VagCom for £55?

    Deleted the most up to date VCDS from computer and loaded an older version 18.2 and all appears to work fine and got alot of this after an Autoscan. So is it real or is it fake ? Does it matter ?
  9. garrardrj

    VagCom for £55?

    Then went into the engine and haldex sections. Got the first one for the engine and second from the haldex So what does the two pop ups mean ?
  10. garrardrj

    VagCom for £55?

    Well plugged the cable into car and computer and got this first pop up....So far so good ?
  11. garrardrj

    VagCom for £55?

    Well thats what i thought.... but we will see😃
  12. garrardrj

    VagCom for £55?

    Having been around VAG Groups for a while i think the ross tech copies work just like the real thing. I have just bought one as a mate was getting rid of it and like most stuff i couldn’t let it slip through my hands. He says that after he bought it it linked to ross tech website and downloaded updated software with no hiccups, could they be ross tech ones that have slipped out the back door? Time will tell. Cost me £25 so not broke the bank. Mate said it worked perfectlyand nas offered refund if it doesn’t, so have just loaded the software onto a laptop i had to hook out of the cupboard ( i now am even more glad i went from windows to mac several years ago, go it is naff) anyway it is only for VCDS anyway. Now need to link to the car....I’ll be back😃 Here is the one i bought.
  13. garrardrj

    New VCDS User

    Buying a Ross Tech cable today. I am a total novice so wanted to read up on how to use it. Does anyone have an idiots guide to using it ? Don’t really have anything i want changing at the moment, but we have 3 VW’s so thought having the cable etc would be useful. Any Advice Welcome😃
  14. garrardrj

    Changing sound system.

    Go on Uk Mk7 Golf Owners Club on Facebook and use the search facility....There is also a search facility on this forum too.
  15. garrardrj

    New daily driver help £5000 budget!

    Get yourself to a big auction site,loads of high mileage cars that i would prefer, newer rather than low mileage for a daily.