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  1. Could you put a link up for the one you have, thanks😃
  2. So i assume that the ctek chargers work on all cars?
  3. So i am after a new charger. The other one is broken/not working. Would be good to have something that charges and jump starts...what else could it do ? Air compressor ? Any advice or recommendations ?
  4. I have another key. Tried the other key , keyless wouldn’t open but would close on the door handle. Locked car , got other key back out and it opens and locks on the handle ! I think i will just forget about it or i think i will go mad !
  5. New battery into the key. Wouldn’t open the car. Started car , moved car , then car locks with touching sensor on door handle. Left for 10minutes then won’t unlock either door .
  6. Been out and drove car. Starts perfectly ok but when out it didn’t lock on the doir handle. Drove back home and it locked on the door handle ! PIA !
  7. So does it automatically revert back to keyless entry and exit? Or do younave to do something else? Its just that my keyless open and lock has stopped working
  8. Is it not possible for someone who is a Mechanic to open an account and then allow others to use it , cash sales only? There are people on here who have TPS accounts , what is against others using the account? I know someone will say Tax , HMRC issues, but surely a Number 2 account or similar for other forum users to use ? Anyone ever enquired ?
  9. Liability does not lay at the hands of the insurance company of the stolen car at all. Liability lays in the hands of the car thief who is uninsured. I would say that to facilitate ease of dealing with the Motor Insurers Bureau one company took on the total bill to repair all damaged cars and claimed it back from the MIB.
  10. Yeah, i am a bit out of date. But don’t have up to date first hand experience anymore , so posted what i knew to be correct...... but if you possess an electronic copy then i presume that the same rules apply. Just they can’t ask you to send it back i suppose.
  11. The certificate is the crux of this. Thats why if they cancel they ask you to send it back. It is a legal requirement for the Insurance Company to continue cover (minimum required) if a certificate is issued (not a cover note) . All third party costs would be covered, but none of the insured. The policy holder would then be liable via County Court for all the Insurance Companies costs.....if they bothered to take it that far. Also why the question is asked “ ever had insurance cancelled,refused or declined” when getting a new quote.
  12. It is my understanding that if you are in possession of a certificate of insurance then you still have valid insurance , but only the very basic required to comply with the law. Anyone else give me a definite answer ?
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