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  1. Still 0343. Would the firmware be on the sd card too ? Its has about 30gb+ on it. According to VW website states that software updates are free for life (will VW update it if i ask ?) i paid for it as it was easier, my internet is poor and had no sd card. Only cost £27.
  2. Is there any way to check that everything is ok ?
  3. Before i looked into this Sat Nav updating i ordered a sd card from ebay. The sd card arrived this morning so i decided to try it. It seems to have worked and these screenshots are the outcome. Seems to have done the job. Update took only about 35 mins.
  4. Thanks for your response. I have taken several photos of the screen after the long press menu . This photo is what i think you need.
  5. Apparently its not possible to do yourself. Has anyone had it done ? VW Retrofit will do it based in Redditch , but have to send glovebox unit to them. Cost inc postage there and back £125.
  6. This seems to be complicated and having asked elsewhere several times and not really got a how to do it guide i will ask here. Elsewhere i have been told “ Patching it , renewing maps licence then downloading maps from an online source” So what does patching it mean? How do i do that? How do i renew maps licence ? Now if i had windows computers i could download the maps onto an sd card and then update. I don’t have one or access to one. So i have been after some help which has been hard to come by. I have bought (not received yet) what i thought was the maps already downloaded f
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