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  1. DaveGrohl

    Tiguan R

    If I was in the market for an SUV (and I'm absolutely not) this would prob be on my shortlist.
  2. Not a fan of that at all. It's just weird, why hasn't it been designed so it looks integrated? I keep looking at it and thinking WTAF? And don't even get me started on touchscreen for everything madness.
  3. It looks like the front of a fish but I can't quite place which one...... it may actually be a cartoon character I'm thinking of........
  4. Oh FFS, touchscreen madness. My gf's new Ranga is touchscreen for everything and it's absolutely horrendous to use. I hope VW's is more responsive and better executed.
  5. I mean it's not an improvement on the mk7 or even its equal, but there has to be a bit of relief that it's not the horrific munter from those early "photos". I don't like the front end (the R will look better) and the back end hangs out too much. Still, it hasn't quite scared the living daylights out of me to the extent that I'd never consider another Golf, which is where I was after those early "photos".
  6. That'll be me then. I'm not remotely bothered about engine noise, And it'll handle better than any Audi A3 so I for one would love the choice.
  7. Lol, you can never have too many R Plus threads.......
  8. Doubt that'd be the name anyway. Golf Plus suggests a Golf in a top hat as Jeremy would say.
  9. We need another thread about this 😁
  10. Indeed Dunc. I've still got the article and nowhere in it did they suggest there wouldn't be a "standard" R alongside a possible R Plus.
  11. I find myself wondering why you're all on here discussing a possible R400 when you've clearly got no interest in it?
  12. Yes the image is very much a mockup over a 7/7.5 from having seen some spy shots of the fugly mk8. Wihout getting into an argument about it, the article does seem a little bit more solid that just ifs, buts, and maybes. Hey ho, we'll see.
  13. Already did that thanks. 400hp out of the box can still be mapped though.
  14. Also, we heard a while ago that an R400 had defo bitten the dust according to everything that VW have said recently. However that Autocar article does in fact sound quite hopeful. As ever, it's all debate and speculation at this point.
  15. That wasn't my point though. I said alongside a standard R. Those in the market for an RS3/R400 could then choose for themselves. Having driven an RS3 I really don't get why people would go for it over an R400. I'm not saying I'm in the majority, but why not let people choose for themselves? The mags would prefer an R400.
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