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  1. DaveGrohl

    Winter Tyres

    Well yes, I suppose, except I want the outright performance of summers for most of the year. Croos climates are an extemely good compromise but I couldn't quite bring myself to fit them for the winter months only, hence I took the plunge into winters.
  2. DaveGrohl

    Winter Tyres

    Good thread, thanks for the explanations. I put winters on for the first time a few weeks ago. I thought I was imagining that they seems quite a bit squiffier in corners than my worn Goodyear Asys. Sounds like it's been too warm for them to perform properly. I mulled over getting them for ages and ages and finally took the plunge. I'll prob swap them on late Dec next year rather than mid Nov. i don't do a lot of miles anyway, I'd prob be a good candidate for not bothering with them as I work at home, but I've taken the plunge now so hey ho.
  3. This ongoing march towards touchscreens for everything just because they can is one of the worst aspects of modern life. It's got no place in a car from a safety point of view.
  4. DaveGrohl

    Tyres for winter

    Thanks Growmac. I'd already seen it and the indepth comments on each tyre as it happens. It's the 860 they tested there though. The thing that's bothering me about the Crossclimates is the aqua results in that review. We get a lot of standing water round here. It's behind the summer tyre ffs.
  5. DaveGrohl

    Tyres for winter

    I'd kinda ruled out allseason type tyres but the winter testing reviews have given the Crossclimates a big thumbs up as being almost as good in snow as the very best winters, but being better in warmer temps, which let's be honest, a lot of the time winter temps aren't below 6/7 degrees a lot of the time. Then again, I won't be wearing them down as quickly as summer tyres so the extra wear of winter tyres shouldn't really be an issue. The reason I'm asking if 850s are great is that the tread pattern seems to have altered a lot between 850 and 860. Decisions decisions....
  6. DaveGrohl

    Tyres for winter

    I've been looking into a set of tyres for the winter for a few days now, read posts on here and looked at online reviews. My Goodyear F3s are finished now so as good a time as any to try some winters. I'll have them on over the winter then go onto Michelin PS4s in April, putting the winters into hibernation over summer. I eventually decided to go for Conti Wintercontact TS860s, with Michelin Crossclimate+ as a fallback. Trouble is it seems the TS860s aren't available in 225/40 18 size. So....... question is whether TS850 is still worthwhile over the Crossclimate? I don't need to dig myself out of snow drifts as I would just use our pickup or a tractor if things got that bad lol. I'm mainly after better grip on light/medium snow conditions and better wet weather performance in our sodden winter in the northwest of Eng.
  7. DaveGrohl

    My dream garage build thread

    Wow, what a satisfying job you've made of that. Well done fella. What doors have you gone for?
  8. Pretty sure you wrap it first then ceramic coat it. Don't take that as gospel though 😇
  9. Indeed but I doubt that's what it will look like eventually. At least car manufacturers have well and truly moved away from that Godawful era where every car had bug eyes.
  10. DaveGrohl

    Who is at fault here? [Roundabouts]

    Again, rule of thumb: what do wagon drivers do at roundabouts? When do they ever sit in the right hand lane and then chop right in front of someone on the inside?
  11. DaveGrohl

    Who is at fault here? [Roundabouts]

    Crikey I thought I was going mad til I read Grant's post. My first reaction was that it was blue's fault, firstly for assuming he was totally in the right and not being aware of red car doing something that HE didn't expect. But also that if blue knew that he was taking the very first exit then he had no business being in the right lane approaching a four exit roundabout in the first place. IMO the red car had every right to be in the left hand lane even if he was taking the second exit of a four exit roundabout. Just watch what wagons do at roundabouts if you think I'm totally off base. Having said all that, anyone who thinks that they are "in the right" on roundabouts these days is a complete muppet to start with. There are so many different roundabout configurations general rules are a thing of the past. Most drivers don't seem to be aware of general rules now anyway, as they're so used to following lane markings on their local roundabouts. Approach every roundabout as a potential collision and you won't go far wrong. Everyone should spend their first year driving a moped, that way you learn not to mess with other road users cos you'll die. That teaches proper defensive driving.
  12. DaveGrohl

    How common is the Golf R where you live?

    For the first couple of years I had mine I only ever saw another R when I ventured away from Cumbria. Then for a year I would occasionally see one every couple of weeks. In the last six months or so the numbers have exploded to biblical proportions for some reason. Common as muck round here now.
  13. DaveGrohl

    Head Light Throw?

    Yup, covered lots of times ages ago as Rmick says. I got my stealer to swap bulbs and adjust dip up a bit when it was in getting something else sorted for free not long after delivery. Dip was waaay too low on delivery, downright dangerous.
  14. DaveGrohl


    Front looks like it's had its top lip pulled down over its teeth.