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  1. indeed, there's nothing wrong with a nice big screen interface showing lots of options and info. It's for looking at. Important controls are inherently better if they're physical, it's that simple.
  2. ETTO indeed. Your house analogy is a very different environment but then you know that. I'm amused by you using the phrase cheap plastic dial. I thought everyone was agreed that dials are far too expensive? I don't mean to have a go at you personally Martin but I am very angry that VW have completely fekked up what was a great car on the alter of "technology". Plus the car is now downright dangerous.
  3. Yup to all of that. Climate control is reinventing a perfectly good wheel in the first place. It's utterly useless. VW would've been better cutting costs right there rather than all the sh1tty ways they have been doing. Back in the day most cars had rotary knobs or sliders that were mechanically linked that responded exactly as you would expect. You didn't even have to look at them to adjust the temp or fan speed or direction of blow. Then we got these infinitely variable dials like in the mk7 which don't respond properly so that you do actually have to look at them so see what temp you're slowly moving towards. That was reinventing a perfectly good round wheel into a hexagon. Now VW have presented us with a square wheel and actually shouted tadaaah!! and somebody is getting paid for this idiocy.
  4. I did read about the Mazda and Honda situations and smiled. Also the DoT investigation but that made me roll my eyes as it won't come to owt. Re the mouse pad and anchor point, that would be an improvement on touchscreens but would be more beneficial in LH drive cars as the majority of people are right handed. It's a few years since I've driven an A3 but the rotary controller in them worked well. Has this now disappeared? And as far as cost savings are concerned, did VW never go to Maplins (bless them) and see how cheap electronic knobs etc were? You'd have thought they could buy in bulk too.
  5. It seems to be a modern phenomenon. A company gets something just right and then starts to wonder what they can fiddle with to appear to be busy. Look at what's happened to BMWs in the last few years, they ised to be good looking cars. Apart from the complete loss of sight of the designers in the case of VW, they appear to have let the computer dept run absolutely riot, while completely forgetting that they're designing a car not a video game. The touchscreen madness needs intervention at a govt level, it's getting way beyond a joke.
  6. It looks like the nose is going to collapse under its own weight.
  7. Even just the Angry Birds eyes are reason enough to turn away in disgust. I can just about cope with being utterly devastated that I won't be getting an improved version of my mk7R ever (cos it clearly won't ever exist), but then we've actually got to see these things driving around in broad daylight to remind us all of how VW have completely and utterly fekked up.
  8. You've absolutely nailed it there Tw. Which is something VW have completely and utterly failed to do. I keep saying it, but VW have completely lost the plot with this mk8.
  9. Everyone fekks up at some point, VW have well and truly fekked up this time. As I've said before on here the touchscreen madness is enough to turn me away from what is a great great car on its own. All the other stupidly conceived foibles and cost cutting merely hammer the nail in way past flush. It's not clear whether all of the cost cutting in that video will still be present in the actual R but the signs point there. We really do need a ground roots fightback against this touchscreen lunacy. Is there anyone out there who actually doesn't like tactile knobs and buttons instead of touchscreen stupidity? I will be speaking to our local dealer in due course to take my R400 deposit back (lol) and telling them exactly what I think about the mk8 Golf. I hate when a manufacturer turns [email protected] The last time I hung onto a car because this happened was when I had a 205 Gti 1.9. VW what have you done?
  10. I'd vote but there's no option for the touchscreen madness, soz. Every now and then I get a burst of enthusiasm for the mk8 but then I remember it's not a looker. Then I remember it would be a strain to pootle around in it for a few months before I can take it to Unicorn and get it whacked back up to 400 lbft like my old mk7. But the clincher is that the touchscreen interface is a humungous line in the sand for me. Fortunately I don't do many miles in my 2014 mk7 so I'm out. As things stand I don't think I'll ever buy a Golf again sadly. I've loved my mk6 and 7. I'm not averse to an electric car, I'll get one eventually, I'll see how the VW offerings pan out before thinking any more.
  11. They seem to have trimmed the eyelashes somewhat. Rest of it looks slightly less horrendous than the boggo car. What's the point of all these renders exactly? VW are the ones that count. Not having a go btw.
  12. Urgh. It looks like it's got a prolapsed @rse.
  13. ETTO indeed. And I'm nudging into the senior category these days. My own first proper car seemed like a proper weapon when I got my hands on it; 205 GTi 1.6. What a magic roller skate that was. Then I got the 1.9 and couldn't believe cars could get any faster LOL.......
  14. Oh but it does...... I struggled to bond with my mk7 for at least a year after my mk6 even though it had more power, mostly due to my first experience of DSG. I mean I did like it but I wasn't really smiling driving it. Then I got a tuning box and pedalbox and my attitude to the car changed for the better. I was smiling at last. Then a year later I went to Unicorn who put it up to 375 bhp and 400 lbft. Since that day three years ago I've had the most massive grin on my face every single time I go out in it. Power isn't for everyone but it actually does make quite a difference to a car, and this is the Golf R forum after all.
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