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  1. Update. I bought a mirror from eBay and got it fitted with some superglue. So far it's still stuck on, fingers crossed. Just the job, £7 delivered. Thanks chaps.
  2. Thanks guys, I'll have a look.
  3. The driver's door mirror glass fell off the other day on my Mk7 R when a friend was driving it. I've rang the local VW garage to enquire about price for a new glass mirror but they've said it only comes as a complete piece with the back plate and gubbins, £68 to you sir. They can do one. The parts guy said they'd had a few similar issues of late so it's not an isolated problem on my car. Has anyone found a supplier of just the glass piece or am I going to have to cut out a template and pop down to our local glass supplier? TIA. Also what sort of glue should I use to stick the mirror to the backplate?
  4. Yeah I do have reservations about the back end but it's ticking quite a few boxes for me so far.
  5. Had a go in a Taycan 4S the other day for a couple of hours. Tried a Tesla model S a few years ago, impressive bit of kit but interior was horrific. Every e car I've sat in since has had the same issue in the back of no room for your feet because of the battery floor. I've not been remotely interested in EVs as a result. Not the Taycan though, good foot room in the back, now I'm interested. Foot room might be a funny place to start, fair enough. What's it like to drive? Just effing wowsers. It's an absolutely delicious bit of kit. How the Hell they can get around 2.3t of machine to move around, accelerate and stick to the road like a limpet is quite extraordinary. Ever since I drove it I'm actually considering swapping my mk7 R and R8 V10 Plus for one, I mean wtf? I know for a huge number of people noise is what cars are all about, I'm just not one of those people. The sensation of pressing the fast forward pedal is literally that. It's strange and addictive. Audi e-tron GT is the same car but with actual buttons and knobs, hallebloodyluliah, looking forward to having a go in one of those too. Not happy about the price of these things though? Kia EV6. Just watched a video of this on Youtube. Looking at VW's ID 3 and 4 offerings and then looking at the Kia, it's game over for VW. The Kia is good looking, has a great interior without losing the plot over touchscreens for everything, similar priced and then you get to driving. 0-60 in 3.3 secs. NOW you've got my attention Kia.
  6. Another R was always gonna be the plan with me but the mk8 has destroyed my planned purchase. The touchscreen lunacy has put paid to that idea so I'm scratching my head furiously to think what I might be interested in. It's a few years since I've driven an RS3 and was utterly underwhelmed by it. It was on an Audi trackday and prob suffered massively by driving R8 and RS6 the same day lol. But I found it horrifically heavy-nosed compared to my mk7 R and was glad I'd bought the R. How are the FL RS3s in this respect? Some positive comments on here, is it now the equal of the R handling-wise?
  7. Wow, that's quite some starting price for a car that they've cheapened.
  8. I have no experience of the Audi stalk but my Boxster has something similar. Many moons ago I had a Peugeot 306 GTi which had a small stalk for volume control. These stalks are brilliant, they take no getting used to at all. I totally agree about buttons on the steering wheel. But then the whole 8R experience is one loss of control of basic functions.
  9. So you don't agree with me? Is that it? If you want one go for it. I won't be.
  10. I suspect it will be a car with a horrendously frustrating and dangerous driver interface. Personally I have no interest in a car like that.
  11. I do find it amusing that they're making a hoohaa about an altered R logo. It's almost as if they're trying to distract us from the awful clanger they've dropped.
  12. I do agree that it's an improvement on the standard GTi but my God what a low bar.
  13. I keep saying this, peak R has been and gone sadly.
  14. Yes and no. If each gen is slightly better then people tend to stick with what they like, why change if it ain't broke? Trouble is, this is very much broke imo. I'll be outta here when it comes to changing my mk7, but that won't be happening for ages. I was thinking an ID3 might be worth a look but it sounds like the stupid touchscreen madness is gonna happen right across VW product. Cost cutting quality issues are gonna hurt them in sales as people turn away in disgust. Once you've moved you tend to lose interest in what you once loved. I only moved to mk6 as I never liked Golfs. I started driving when the mk1 came out. Mk6 was the first one that looked acceptable visually to me. Had a Leon Cupra before that and didn't like the change of Cupra shape one bit. I had 3 Peugeots before that.
  15. They'll end up regretting it imo as they are actively turning people away from the VW brand that would've chosen to stick with them. You're only as good as your last product. I was a massive Peugeot fan until they fekked it all up.
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