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  1. Lol, perhaps it was the fact you quoted my post and mentioned if it was raining, d'ya think? You may have been talking generally but it looked like you were specifically meaning me, see above. Anyhoo, you like it, I don't. Opinions.
  2. Where exactly did I say they were "wrong"? Making sh1t up? Seriously?
  3. Yes but there are other issues to be had with carrying children and stuff if both parents are doing it such as it's chucking it down and the parent with the key is miles off the car. I know it's a matter of getting the key out then but it's all about what you're used to doing. i absolutely loathe keyless for all sorts of reasons (nowt to do with security btw) . I'm totally with those who think there is simply no upside to keyless, only downside. Fair enough if you like it, not a problem that for me at all, let's just hope we can continue to be able to spec a car with an actual ignition keyhole. Then we can all be happy.
  4. I hope you're right. I'm a bit suspicious that it looks so much like the mk7.5 that it's just someone's 7/7.5 with a bit of bodykit. I'd love you to be right though.
  5. Well, no doubt I'll do a post about how horrific this thing looks and what my options are for my next car, but for now, this. A thousand times. WTAF?
  6. I have to concur with questioning the assumption that a 4x4 pickup would have stayed on the road in the same conditions. They may be better in deep snow due to better clearance but they have poor weight distribution and simply don't react to corrective measures the same. If you are going to be knee deep in snow for a large part of the winter in Scotland then I can see the sense but otherwise swapping tyres would be all that's necessary. If deep snow is unavoidable then your pickup will need a good cross climate at the very least. I'm wondering if it was the same time as much of the country was afflicted by freezing rain a few weeks ago? There was one morning here in Cumbria where the roads had never been as treacherous because of it. They just looked wet but were unbelievable. The night temps had barely dipped below freezing. I struggled to walk across our yard which was on an incline in grippy wellies. I didn't venture onto the roads myself that day to test my winters, I didn't have any reason to.
  7. We don't know, hence the heavy use of "if" in everyone's posts.
  8. I don't like the sloping roofline on second viewing either. I just assumed I would be getting a mk8 R to replace my mk7 eventually but if it's really gonna look like that then I will be casting the net much wider sadly. I really couldn't give a t0ss about getting an extra 0.2 mpg due to a better aerodynamic rating if it comes at the expense of an ugly car.
  9. Thanks TP, you've put a bit of detail to my generally held view. As I say, govts love a bit of regulation, it's amazing they haven't fiddled about with this one for years. I recently got a ticket outside our local govt building having parked my gf's Ranga Sport in a "parent and child" place. I parked outside the line on one side because there was a wall on the other and there was no earthly way I could get our son out of that side whilst parking within the lines. I took photos and measured the normal spaces in the same car park, guess what? The P&C spaces next to the wall were 80cm narrower than the normal spaces!! I measured Tesco spaces later that day and they were different again. Needless to say they let me off, but God it makes your blood boil!!
  10. So much infuriation and agro all round the country about this. Yet no one has mentioned the actual size of these individual spaces. They haven't got any wider since I was a lad (many moons ago) and yet the size of the average car has grown year after year, never mind the trend towards SUV type vehicles which are at the big end of size anyway. So much of this could be avoided if the govt actually got off their @rses and did something useful for a change and brought in a minimum car park size, God knows they love a regulation!! The only car park near me that has what I consider sufficient sized spaces is a relatively new Aldi. What a joy it is to park there. The sad thing is, it's not that these car parks aren't big enough, they are never actually near full so there's no need for these spaces to be so small. Whoever it was at Aldi that decided on the layout needs praise. I've no idea if they're doing it nationally. I have a couple of sports cars with big doors and it's a big problem trying to get in and out of the car in any of the normal spaces when there's a car next to you, I have some sympathy with people who use two spaces. I try to find the furthest space and park with my passenger wheel on the line so I have at least a fighting chance of getting in and out myself without technically taking two spaces. Then again, you can watch endless streams of non-parents and able bodied people using spaces they're not entitled to. Personally, I would enlarge spaces nationally but at the same time employ snipers on towers in car parks to rid the country of the people who still don't get it.........
  11. Uuurgh, that front end is all wrong. As someone said it looks like it's had its top lip pulled down. The 7 looked "right" form day 1, this doesn't, it's bland.
  12. Well yes, I suppose, except I want the outright performance of summers for most of the year. Croos climates are an extemely good compromise but I couldn't quite bring myself to fit them for the winter months only, hence I took the plunge into winters.
  13. Good thread, thanks for the explanations. I put winters on for the first time a few weeks ago. I thought I was imagining that they seems quite a bit squiffier in corners than my worn Goodyear Asys. Sounds like it's been too warm for them to perform properly. I mulled over getting them for ages and ages and finally took the plunge. I'll prob swap them on late Dec next year rather than mid Nov. i don't do a lot of miles anyway, I'd prob be a good candidate for not bothering with them as I work at home, but I've taken the plunge now so hey ho.
  14. This ongoing march towards touchscreens for everything just because they can is one of the worst aspects of modern life. It's got no place in a car from a safety point of view.
  15. Thanks Growmac. I'd already seen it and the indepth comments on each tyre as it happens. It's the 860 they tested there though. The thing that's bothering me about the Crossclimates is the aqua results in that review. We get a lot of standing water round here. It's behind the summer tyre ffs.
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