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  1. any guys on here done a water meth kit with stage one REVO on a 2019 golf gpf
  2. Have any of you Guys or Girls gone stage two on there Golf R GPF
  3. Need some feed back Guys Milltek, Scorpion or BCS cheers in advance 😬
  4. don't think these guys are listing a gpf delete cheers
  5. can anybody help out here Is Scorpion the only company that do a sports cat and down pipe for a gpf golf????? emailed a few companies YAWN no responses cheers all in advance
  6. well just got home from a long drive with the new wifey picks to follow
  7. its a titanium back box this shit is expensive and welding this stuff up is a nightmare fabrication costs would be twice as much
  8. if you have a small black box by the break fluid can with a couple of leads coming out of it you know its got a gpf filter
  9. anybody deleted this GPF filters Didn't realise the 2019 7.5 came with this on. FFS
  10. Hi Guys almost got the new car as I've finally found the right spec one its got a Akrapovic exhaust and i was wondering if this would need changing for something else as I'm planning a 500bhp build any advise would be much appreciated
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