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  1. You need to say it with a German accent 😜
  2. Dealer looks at a different system. Depends on who you speak to on live chat. Some are more help than others.
  3. Live Chat on the vw website will tell you where your car is.
  4. Have only used this. I bought it when I had my Deep Blue R32. The jar must be about 14 years old but still plenty in it. A little goes a long way 👍🏻
  5. Busy today with the Purple Haze 😎
  6. I’ve noticed that when you get any warning messages, the buttons don’t work until massage disappears. Never had that message though. I just wish some of the middle lane hoggers on the M8 would have a ‘move over to left lane’ message.
  7. You’ll be fine. My non dcc car (on 18’s) feels fine. The 8R suspension seems softer than previous R’s anyway. 👍🏻
  8. Mine was off from 15th July. Done a bit of googling today and found a post from VW. Went into the user settings page and found this...Worked for me.
  9. Save your money. I’ve had previous incarnations of Bridgestones and they are horrible tyres. The S005 is much improved. I wouldn’t think of changing it.
  10. Thanks Rebecca 👍🏻
  11. Sorry if this has been posted before but has anyones We Connect stopped talking to the car. Also my ‘planet earth’ on the touchscreen is grey. Anyone know how I can reset it? I’ve tried pulling screen down on app to update but makes no difference.
  12. Is this only an issue with 19” wheels?
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