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  1. Trickz

    Golf R Order

    Just spoke to my dealer and he hasn’t had any confirmation from Vw about my order from December,getting a bit worried now🤔
  2. Trickz

    Golf R Order

    I ordered in December yet haven’t heard nothing or been given an order number,got a feeling I’ll be looking at a used one😤
  3. Trickz

    No Golf R on VW Website

    On carwow the r is missing saying this model has now been discontinued when I look at my builds,only the pp gti is available now,so too is my seat Cupra builds🤔
  4. Trickz

    Standard equipment on 2019 300 R

    The only thing I’m a bit worried about is the estate still has a resonator according to blowers pics he got from the EKTA? Or something,might make it a little too lame sounding 🤔
  5. Cheers for that👍They’ve probably reduced the level of sound dampening in the muffler’s fingers crossed in hope.
  6. Have you got pics of the variant exhaust?
  7. Yes I’ve just been reading that.
  8. For peeps that ordered way before this it isn’t good,I’m not that clued up on these modern systems but will the dsg fart be affected by the lack of injectors?i thought it was made by a small amount of fuel with late detonation?
  9. Surely peeps my next r estate on order isn’t going to be that bad? It’s 10bhp less,I’m more bothered about loosing the frameless mirror I never had😂
  10. Trickz

    Happy New Year..!!

    Happy new year to VWROC and all who sail in her!👍🤘
  11. Trickz

    Back again 😂

    I can’t wait🤪just hope the WLTP doesn’t keep her away to long and rob all her power!😂🤘Had a tough year so need this!😍
  12. Trickz

    R Estate

    Cheers peeps,think I’m going to have to go with above,if I’m out with the family it would be three full size hard tails on the roof (two with narrow bars and my800mm) then the youngest stripped down in the boot,if I’m going out with mates it would be either two enduro or 2 dh bikes usually
  13. Trickz

    R Estate

    Cheers buddy I thought it would look tight,I might just get some of the conventional style ones then and just keep removing them when not needed👍
  14. Trickz

    R Estate

    Hi peeps have any of you run the low profile roof bars with multiple bike racks? I need to fit my three Thule 598’s on but looking at some pictures the space where you can fit to the bars looks limited.
  15. Trickz

    Name these alloys ?!?

    They are Vw motorsport wheels buddy👍