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  1. Hi looking for a set of 19” gloss black prets, thanks 

  2. Very nice buddy 👍regards economy my WLTP wagon is 6mpg more thirsty than my previous one!i would sooner have sooty tail pipes!😂🤘
  3. Trickz

    New Member

    to vwroc 👍
  4. Happy with my Choice of ps4 235/40/18,being 95 load rating though I’m running at 33psi and they feel just right🤘
  5. Looks good👍I don’t know what model of tyre you have but some of the Blacklion range are actually cracking tyre’s from what peeps have reported back.
  6. Fitted today and quite happy on the looks but really happy with the way the car feels now with a bit more sidewall and 5kg drop per corner has definitely livened things up
  7. My flow formed bola 18x 8.5 flb’s turned up today,at 8.5kg they are pretty light for an 8.5” wide rim,hopefully get them mounted in the next few days.
  8. Peeps have done that👍I can’t remember the name but a guy on here has done that on his wagon,as long as your not bothered about swapping wheels around to get even tyre wear.
  9. Trickz

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    to vwroc👍
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