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  1. just found my mk7 ones that I de-badged,look the same to me. BTW I can’t remember the mk7 having these rear tweeter badges?
  2. Ones Left hand and the other..........😂👍
  3. Trickz

    Hi all.

    Very nice and to vwroc 👍
  4. Trickz


    to vwroc 👍
  5. Trickz


    to vwroc 👍
  6. to vwroc,not for me but I can see the appeal in what you’ve done👍
  7. Trickz

    Potential mk7 owner

    to vwroc old timer!😂 I’m 44 btw🤘👍
  8. I still can’t get over how rorty my estate sounds completely oe,my mk7 estate sounded normal until you give it some beans and the DSG fart was more like a metallic clunky noise,I’ve now got 300 miles on this one and have heard only the faintest of DSG fluff around 5k but I’m really not bothered because the exhaust pops and crackles coming off the throttle and just sounds so meaty,still can’t believe they didn’t put a resonator box on the non valved estate😍
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