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  1. Thanks JohnnyG It's obviously an obscure one but was worth asking the question - problem shared etc Funnily enough I'd started thinking along the lines of going to a different dealer - trouble is they are all part of a big chain which makes me think none of them will give the personal touch but you never know....
  2. I guess nobody else has had this problem then? The dealers claim to be religiously going through a VW diagnostic process which seems to be all about avoiding replacing parts. The fact that it causes huge inconvenience to me is not on their agenda. Thanks for the bulb suggestion, DaveGrohl. I'd already read the thread and it sounds a good upgrade but I couldn't imagine my dealer being prepared to help out with it and it sounds like a bit too much disassembly for me to take on as a DIY job. I'm sure dipped beam is set too low but like others I've been given the old "MOT standard" response by the dealer. I'm also very interested in the beam adjusting thread on here....
  3. I'm about to contact my supplying dealer for the fourth time after one of my headlamps has again stopped working. (Each time the same one.) Those of you who think 7R headlamps are poor (...and I agree with you) should try driving on just one - apart from being illegal it's almost impossible! Like many of you, I have found the service department's attitude towards warranty issues on this and my other VW vehicle to be, er, relaxed - not that I have been a regular complainer - so I expect to be met by a brick wall of indifference. My question, in the hope of getting quickly to the bottom of this is, has anyone else had this problem and if it was successfully resolved how so? Thanks
  4. Yes I believe only on the R for twin DRL, I don't 'think' it can be done on GTI/GTD. And Yes I would agree inner pair aren't as bright as outer so I guess that's as VW intentioned it to be And now the inevitable question..... Does anyone know if the inners can be made to be as bright as the outers?
  5. Am I right in saying twin LED daytime lights are unique to the R and therefore identify the car as such? Personally that's fine with me although I respect freedom of choice. My inners seem dimmer than.the outers though - are others the same as mine? I expected them to be of equal brightness.
  6. This thread from our forum may help - viewtopic.php?f=39&t=5317
  7. Mr Boring, daring to be different I guess! A late change of mind from Lapiz For tescor's aforementioned reason but also for all the superfluous silver bling to blend into the body colour.
  8. A lot of posts before mine but just wanted to add my voice - really sorry to hear of the intrusion into your home and the loss of your cars - hope it gets sorted quickly and doesn't stay in your head too long
  9. 18's with DCC and agree with VW I might one day be tempted to attempt to source 19" Cadiz wheels and pretend I'm a German! DCC may be be even more useful to me in that scenario. I also think it will make it a more saleable car when the sad moment comes...
  10. Ordered all black all cloth as the perfect option but was disappointed on that one of course - bummer! Now waiting for Vienna instead but the replacement car order has taken its place at the back of the build queue. Mine is a purchase and I will probably have it a long time so didn't feel Alcantara would be up to it. (Peoples' opinions of its longevity seem mixed) Apart from me not liking the light grey anyway. I see leather as the lesser evil and yes, it can smell superb. Already have two cars with leather Recaros and I find they need to be treated with respect if you want them to stay looking nice long term, especially how you enter and exit the car. Trouser back pocket buttons are a no no, ladies' clothes with styling zips, buttons, studs on the rear cause instant blood boil (I ask them to remove them but they always politely decline...! ) I agree that leather MUST be kept clean and fed regularly otherwise it dries out and cracks. It must be protected from prolonged sun too. I've always used Auto Glym to feed mine but they've changed the recipe and it now seems sticky and doesn't enhance the leather smell as much as it used to. Need to find an alternative - maybe I could try the Swisswax... I doubt scruffy leather would enhance resale value and may even reduce it. Mr OCD
  11. Not my favourite motoring program TBH but I seem to remember Clarkson mentioning at the outset that the current series would feature "The New Golf Mark 7" Four episodes on and nothing yet but I see in this weekend's synopsis that it mentions "Clarkson judges a hot hatchback showdown" Could be worth a watch if this is the one, if only to see one on TV. Special Dynaudio installation to keep Stig happy maybe?
  12. Ok... I am on the way to dealer to discuss options as requested by dealer. I'll post with the available options shortly for those interested. OK, options are: 1) Wait for it to arrive (next week) and have a look and see what I think. Then either. 1a) Accept it with some form of compensation (VW Customer services have been contacted by dealer already) 1b) Reject and take deposit back and walk away 1c) Reject and re-order with leather at a favourable price for compensation and wait another 12 to 16 weeks. 1d) Dealer to get it re-upholstered in whatever leather I prefer. 2) Reject now and re-order So at present I've gone for option 1 - might as well see what it looks like! If the dealer was offering re-upholstery I'd be interested in simply having the grey alcantara trims replaced with black cloth rather than a complete leather retrim. The "R" logo would be lost of course but I believe I could continue to live my life without it!
  13. That's interesting! Not sure you could say that leather would look so good after that much use! I've had my current car for 10 years and 90k miles from new - didn't intend to but that's how it's happened - and I'll possibly do the same with my R if I like it as much as I think I'm going to so durability of the seats is important. Would still prefer black cloth though!
  14. I agree, that would be worse and is hideous. I'm old enough to remember what they are trying to do, but the 2013 implementation doesn't work IMO. I normally access the web via my PC but in a quiet moment went to the VW website on my phone. Don't want to alarm anyone but the R spec there suggests the standard interior to be "Red Jacara cloth with "GTi" logo".... Hohoho! Just for the record, I'm waiting for an R with all black cloth interior - guess I'm going to be disappointed....! Am I right in thinking that alcantara doesn't wear too well, long term?
  15. So they have...Sneaky and quietly...But at least people ordering from here onwards will know what they are going to get... Description remains unchanged though - "Anthracite 'Race' cloth with 'R' logo" Interesting subheading above the image - "You will be surprised how much the interior can change the feel of a car".....!
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