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  1. Post the air ride fitment, my need for power continued. After chatting to a number of our local dealers, I decided to go with our local Oettinger dealer for a full out build. The end goal would be 500 HP to the wheels.... To get there, and still have a daily drivable car, was always going to be challenge. First off, was to ensure that the motor was reliable at these power levels. We pulled the motor and started the project. Motor was checked for any obvious issues (only on 31 000 miles) and the forging process started. Used the following parts for the motor build: IE I-Beam Tuscan Rods JE FSR Pistons (82.5mm) Calico Bearing sets Ferrea Valves (Stock Size) IE High Rev Kit IE Valve Guides ARP Stud kit Balanced & Polished Crank & Assembly Crank Bolt Upgrade This was completed after a rather long wait. Received the car back and then did the mandatory run in of the car on the Stock K04 turbo.
  2. The car was pretty much FBO, and was a joy to drive, although, with the MK7R released, no longer the quickest AWD Golf... The MQB platform in the new R along with the EA888 motor, made nodding and making power very easy. Was left with a choice to either sell up and get into a new MK7R... or go down the less traveled route, and try and make some more power.... I held off the power route, and added an Airlift Performance Series Air Ride Kit...
  3. A lot had to happen to get it to here. Many iterations of look, and various states of tune. I took a lot of inspiration from this forum, especially Hurdys build. When I purchased the car, i took it almost straight from stock to Revo 2+. Forge Twincooler 42DD Turbo Back exhaust Evoms intake Loba HPFP Devils Own WMI A few other bolt ons... Eventually making 245wkw and 520nm to all four wheels. And a best quarter mile of 12.1 at 5600ft...
  4. 4 years and a whole lot different...
  5. Funnily, I saw more 3 doors than 5 doors, and one manual 3 door on Pretorias just outside Dunfermline Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. I am the current chairman for the Volkswagen Club Of South Africa Www.facebook.com/VWCSA And knowing that we are moving to Scotland next year, would love to get involved to help grow the community if possible. Also, we never got the 3 door Golf R variant in SA, i lust after one so badly... In manual if possible [emoji1] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. On my recent visit to Scotland I saw more Rs than GTIs! Bodes well for my move next year! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Yip. tTRS drop in only. I'd like to get to 500 on pump so the auxiliary fuel system should allow me to fuel enough for that (Pump in my region is pretty poor quality, so that would be with WMI)
  9. I'm not an APR fan. And I wouldn't order a thing from our current APR dealer in our region. With the USP Kit I have options in terms of tuning, as I'm not using an off the shelf tune from any of the big name tuners ...
  10. This is so sad. Ill be relocating from SA to the UK soon, and I'm terrified of bringing my R across ... Glad you are ok though Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Big turbo R owners ... I've just completed the motor build on my R in preparation for a big turbo swap. Fueling wise, I've ordered the following parts RS4 injectors USP LPFP w/ the PWM controller as well as the additional auxiliary stage 3 inline pump. So my question, what FPR are you guys running? I currently have the RS4 FPR installed, should I be looking at the RS6 (155bar) part or will the RS4 part be more than capable? Thanks in advance Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Will be visiting in April over Easter. Wouldnt mind meeting up for a pint?
  13. Not as quick as some of the cars here... but reasonable. 12.37 @ 178
  14. Thats still . impressive John. Even more impressive that you got that done in the UK with all the strict road laws and cameras!! Yip. Local ones are built motors.
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