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  1. I’ve also got your options and more and was told that was the reason why.
  2. Ordered mine April for September delivery and just been informed now December. 😩 Anyone else ??
  3. The dealer has been very helpful and has come as a nice surprise considering all the stick they get! It’s still a chunk of change but not as much as it could have been. It’s opened my eyes to one thing, and that’s the relationship you have with your local dealer can pay dividends in the long run. Staying local and loyal can actually work out cheaper in the long run. Note for self. Every day is a school day! Enjoy your bank holiday guys&gals ☀️😎
  4. So has a chat with vw and get this. Even from new your clutch is only covered up to 6 months or 6000 miles
  5. I agree Rebecca in principle. However when a dealer gets refused a claim fir a part malfunction and not wear an tare or abuse I get sceptical. ? I wonder is it dealer or warranty trying not to pay for a new clutch pack.
  6. Bit sceptical about these. I’ve just tried to claim for a faulty clutch and it’s been denied by the warranty team according to the service team. 40k use so it’s not had a hard life. I’m complaining to vw as we speak. Any thoughts guys?
  7. Are these any good or are they not worth the paper there written on?
  8. We all ask is it ph neutral is it safe on paint, lsps, will it remove my coating etc etc. Found this really handy! https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/slredirect/picassoRedirect.html/ref=pa_sp_mtf_aps_sr_pg1_1?ie=UTF8&adId=A0628825A1TPDG8YUBSR&url=%2FEletorot-Accuracy-Household-Drinking-Hydroponics%2Fdp%2FB0922YBVP5%2Fref%3Dsr_1_17_sspa%3Fcrid%3D2MFBXXUUJ7LZI%26dchild%3D1%26keywords%3Dph%2Bmeter%26qid%3D1621334600%26sprefix%3Dph%2B%2Caps%2C172%26sr%3D8-17-spons%26psc%3D1&qualifier=1621334600&id=2979620301960917&widgetName=sp_mtf
  9. Yep me too. Door adjustment 👍 panroof surround cracked and replaced. Personal opinion I think they crack due to cars having 19s with no DCC. I know of 3 others that has had same issue under the same spec. Coincidence? Maybe. rattles from rear seats. Did my head in! Actuator vibration sometimes. Sound vibration. sold now😅
  10. No as Wizzle valuation was higher to start with.
  11. Sold mine through Wizzle. Had an abundance of buyers and sold it well above wbac and motorway offered 👍
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