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  1. may i ask what dealer you used please? And thank you for your reply!
  2. Hi all Any french/german/polish members available for a question please?
  3. ALA quote £352.20 4 years with MSE25
  4. Apologies becs i assumed posting in the MK8 order thread everyone would assume i meant trading in my current car for a MK8
  5. ive seen plenty. but getting one is bloody hard work Asked my dealer if i would be getting any upgrades at all due the the long wait. But he informed me that 2023 models will get slight upgrades until mk8.5 in 2024
  6. Hi All I have a question and some information from you guys needed that own a MK8 Golf R Please? If you can help it would be very useful! TIA Chillly
  7. Belated happy happy birthday x
  8. My Dealer not happy about me selling my car private for more money instead of trading it in
  9. if you guys are getting the bigger lip spoiler for free then fair play. it makes the car imho into what it should be in terms of looks. a sports car along with the Estorils
  10. im sure most dealerships would love people to cancel and sell them at the higher price to new customers
  11. yes mate mines ok. its the price hike i was referring to since 1st December if you order one now. a friend of mine just tried to order an Audi from inhcape and was told No Discount on any Audi new builds. Ive got a feeling this issue with new builds is going on for a while yet sadly..
  12. my car has today been put back yet again. so officially it will have taken over a year oh the joys of waiting. glad im not ordering now especially with the possible lockdown looming. Plus the price has jumped considerably. how are the rest of you guys getting on ?
  13. Ordered mine April for September delivery and just been informed now December. 😩 Anyone else ??
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