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  1. Yes I had quick scan to look at HW, but nothing for G7, which is shame. Also no real point in going stage 2 code without corresponding intercooler upgrade.
  2. Shame that it’s code only for this promo. Were it 20% off HW too, I’d be sorely tempted to reach for the card and go full Monty: 500 ponies stage 3 code, cooler, uprated turbo, fuel pump. BBK, black Miltek Resonated zorst Etc. 🤩
  3. Slammed is so very ‘Then’. The only way is up. 😉 For my solo stealth hiking/fishing camper project, I am considering taking a somewhat different direction...Lift kit. Challenge is to find a suitable 4 motion TDI donor van to raise the roof.
  4. Lol. I have something else in mind for that thread - with another auto project in mind....for my hiking, fishing and boating forays.
  5. Thanks Penguin. Looking fwd to some B roads fun. I yet to see one seen one, and really don’t like the normal Yaris and it’s family rear lights. Bit like the whole Nissan Juke thing. Eeeewwww. But I am making an exception for this one. I do have massive respect for Toyota engineering in putting a no compromise WRC wannabe for the road, on which they are likely losing money. Doesn’t really make that much sense with the R, but assuming we do actually get back out to work and see customers, I am required to have 4 door for work car allowance. R is all paid for, has covered 17K miles in 3 years, With zero problems, and is a perfect car for my overall needs. Think R for practicality and longer journies, GR for fun stuff. I did really have my heart set on a mid life crisis car (718 Spyder) but it’s a far more serious investment and not one i can make in these crazy times. So an ugly rally special For £3k ish fits the bill. Not sure how long i will keep it. Will report back.
  6. Good rant but sidesteps the awkward fact that the Tourag has earned its race chops, which is more than can be said for the golf R - if R for Race is youR arbiter. Think Paris Dakar, Baja 1000 etc. Tourag has more race success than the rest of the VW stable. 800 ps should be quick..
  7. Always had a soft spot for these: 70s thang. Wouldn’t want one tho
  8. Great read and experince write up there. On my pre-GPF 310hp 7.5R I had the Unicorn Self tune kit + TT inlet pipe done a few months ago and found improvements noticeable in throttle response and outright Go. No idea what power is - not done dyno but very impressed. DSG stock seems perfectly capable of handling extra output. Not done LC as thats not my thing. I found that 30-80mph all out left a Stock S3, some way behind. Can you tell us more about the Revo BBK in day to day driving. Am think to skip stage 2 and go straight with Revo stage 3 upgraded IS38 etr turbo, IC. BBK kit would be poart of that.
  9. Never thought I’d be making this post. I just bought a Toyota! 🤯 Ordered a GR Yaris Track pack white silver pearl and will be having full Gazoo Racing bits glued on. Order confirmed. Arrives March 21. Complete impulse purchase after watching vids and seeing reviews. Given the engineering, i think it’s a bargain for an effective bespoke hand built rally special. My rationale. The sunset of the ICE era approaches - there won’t be many more fun cars like this for petrol heads. The WRC experience derived pedigree and Tommy Mäkinen. Rather than investment, which I dont believe unless you are buying a Ltd GT Porsche, I think it will become a classic, in relatively limited WW numbers and should therefore not shed value like a South American currency. Oh, and i fancy some driving fun: He approves: Real engineering depth: Not a looker particularly. Not that practical. Interior OK ish. I think it will be a lot of fun. with 265hp and 1200kg, it’s power to weight is not dissimilar to the 7.5R. Will be keeping the R...Making a few subtle mods now warranty expired.
  10. Mainframe

    Hi all!

    If you look on the Tuning Forum - you will see many posts around Unicorn. As I understand, they write All their own code, rather than tweak generic maps, then call them ‘custom’ as to many tuners. Also they create bespoke maps and can fine tune for individual cars. But getting box posted, hoovering out your oem map, having that analysed and new map sent back, with existing ready to reflash, was good route for them miles away from tuner. Rick @ Unicorn is well regarded and very knowledgeable on ECUs and tuning. Plenty other tuners out there of course. Co car insurance and clean transferable Co driving record still can give discount from some insurers, but lapses after 3 years in terms of leaving co car scheme. Your own NCD also lapses as your say - guess that varies from insurer to insurer. Plenty insurance deals around - one or another is always ‘buying’ new business through intro offers etc. Check the comparison sites and create dummy quotes to see.
  11. Actually the WI meetings were even more fun, although the aggressive and highly competitive Scone Size n shape profile judging could ruffle feathers. 🤨
  12. Mainframe

    Hi all!

    .....I’ve been impressed with the Unicorn self tune stage 1. Very OEM feel. Insurance +£50 most of which was admin charge.
  13. ...my grandma used to take us to jumble sales when little. Bribed by the cake and tea stands.
  14. Can happily say that I have also never attended one, and can’t imagine having to do so. Sheltered life.
  15. Yep, Msport with x drive - after someone else had done the options list and taken first dep’n hit. Good plan. Still not a B road fun car For me. tho.
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