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  1. There is no water shortage and it is not selfish. There is a water supply management issue. All the water that. Ever was in the world is still there - just not in the right places. We foolishly gave our public water ownership to private companies year ago, many not UK incorporated, and all for a fast buck. We now pay through the nose for water, a plentiful natural resource in UK. That the fat corporations take our money, yet still allow more than 20% of supplies to be 'lost' is the scandal, not hose pipe usage. << But data from the water industry regulator Ofwat shows more than three billion litres of water leaksevery day, a level unchanged for at least four years and just 7% lower than the level in 2000. Major companies across the south and east, including Thames, Anglian and Southern have seen no significant reduction and one company, Essex and Suffolk Water has seen leaks rise by 15%, according to the Ofwat figures. The leak reduction targets set by Ofwat for the period 2015 to 2020 are zero for six companies in the south and east and for Anglian, Southern and Essex and Suffolk, the targets would allow more leakage than the levels already achieved by the companies.>> So basically, f**k them I have a 100 gallon barrel of rainwater collected and also ONR for minimal water usage. But I wont be told that individually we are selfish in the light of the above. Sort out yer infrastructure water companies!
  2. 'Racing Green' Golf R

    As far I can recall, VW have made a few Green Golfs for UK market. Lhasa green Mk1 Oak green Mk2 Dragon Green Mk3 ( I had a DG VR6 as a company car eons ago. Mk7 is also available in Canada in Oak Green
  3. Roof Wraps and Ceramic Paint Protection

    Use it over the wrap. Make sure itโ€™s cool before applying. Then buff off quickly.
  4. Polishing pads recommendations

    Megs MF pads and megs foam finishing pads cover all the bases for me.
  5. Am I Strange ...........

    If you have an itch, scratch it. Thatโ€™s the petrol head thing. Not a Ford man, but can see the allure. Aside from that, 2010 RS is crap from a old and eclipsed generation. All imho. But you are about to meet one of your heroes, and you know what they say about that. Enjoy!
  6. What detailing have you done today?

    ^ looks fab job, but boy did you have tough day to do it. How was flashing off point on the Gyeon product in these unseasonal (cough) conditions?
  7. Waxstock

    Nope will be on hols. Rather not be sent to Coventry...๐Ÿ˜€
  8. Small power reduction to 2019 Golf R

    If VW have had to cut power for the R, what will the case for the AMG 45 and the Ford RS? The ford engine is an ancient design, but a new model Focus is coming, I'd presume with full compliance for WLTP. The AMG engine is a few years old now and may face challenges. BMW M3 has finished production early. 991 production very limited - although 992 in pipeline. All change .
  9. Small power reduction to 2019 Golf R

    I know I was joshing. I agree with your analogy. Btw I think a tank full weighs about 40kg.
  10. Small power reduction to 2019 Golf R

    Ah the less is more clubsport light approach. Seats are heavy. Single seater R anyone?
  11. Golf 7R Photos - Part 2

    Looks beautifully prepped. although I had to double take if it was a small dog sitting on the bonnet, or a large dog standing behind the car in second pic. Great car, Great Dane ๐Ÿ˜€
  12. Brake Porn 2

    I have never driven the Ring, but if I did I reckon id stick with the PS4Ss's rather than Cup 2s, in case there is any rain on way or there and back.
  13. Bluntcaps Indium Grey R MK7.5

    Tasty, tasty, very etc. Very nice spec! Welcome ๐Ÿ˜€
  14. One Step polishing

    SPF is perfect one step product. I have also used it with Megs DAMF to good effect. It has enough cut then refines down really well ( i think due to its diminishing abrasives content) The Megs MF cutting pads are quite effective (maybe too much so for newish paint), and it may be worth trying an MF finishing pad to start with, unless you have lotsa heavy swirls. I really rate the 5" and 3" Finishing MF pads. - 6 slow passes was enough to refine my previous R from a years wash marks ands a few random marks. If you keep your pad spurred and super-clean the, later passes give very good gloss as product breaks down - for a one step/one pad-type approach this would be my choice. One step is always a compromise, but often more than not is actually good enough: I tried a section with the Menz 3800, but wasn't enough cut. So settled on Sonax PF with MF finishing pad. Worked it long and slow - product breaks down but stays fluid, even in the sun... Working the product. Pop. Post Exo coat (shouldn't apply in sun, but I was fast and thourough) Could have done with tad more cut here, but 'good enough' End result - a handy mid life tweak.
  15. Question: I know the fan is electrical, but is the aircon pump also leccy powered? I was under impression that the compressor was mechanically driven?