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  1. Thanks Rebecca. It a real fun car. My mad days are behind me, but I was with an old mate who drove GR, reminding me of our younger days in souped up Fiats rolling thru hedges, on thge very same roads (Torcross) where we were now dialling in serious speeds in a Toyota. I am looking fwd to getting tyres, brakes all bedded n scrubbed, and engine ready for revs, then exploit Track Mode with the LSDs etc. But gently goes. It’s a dream to wash. Being smaller and with thge CF roof, there is so less paint to deal with. The gloss black plastic is as VW. Like butter to mark. B
  2. Yes, it’s a nice set up. I have access to all the keys... For tuning the GR, I suspect that, a bit like the GTR, there is a way to go with this platform and powertrain. But until someone cracks the ECU, its TBs only, and that’s not for me. What’ needed for the GR is a Rick-Unicorn type expert who can rerallly get under the hood. Piggy back boxes don't do it for me. Apparently cooling for track work can place engine under stress. So and IC would be first step, then remap, then downpipe etc. Car does not feel lacking low and mid range. Quite the opposite, I think it act
  3. Done a few miles over past few days. Motorway, town and B roads. It’s all running and bedding in, so only a couple of red line excursions. Compared to the R, it is a very much more alert and eager car. Speed pick up, direction changes. Manual gears are great. The IMT. Rev matching is quite clever. All out, it is not as fast as the R, but it feels quicker if that makes sense. The R is far more civilised cruiser and rides better on motorway. The 7.5 tech, stereo, controls all superior. But the GR is one of those cars that shrinks around you and is egging you on to g
  4. The non haptic steering wheel controls, and other digi analogue controls mix is very good blend. I like it.
  5. From 10:00 https://youtu.be/BTpjHe9mr5s
  6. My trusty California mini duster picks up dust and is great for dash top, door caps n trims .All dry surfaces etc It lives in the car, as does a clean and dry 1” paint brush for crevice-dusting. i use a clean MF lightly misted with some diluted ONR spray to clean and remove greasy finger prints etc. from the plastic surfaces. For gloss and piano black trims try Gtechniq G6 Perfect Glass, which also doubles for dials and screens. I never use any dressings on interior. Tried a few - none is preferable to me as I like the natural matte look.
  7. I can’t remember getting in a car and it all feeling so ‘right’ so soon. it’s a hoot. Just wants to go, go, go. Running in so bit of caution, but have made a couple of ventures to 6k rpm. ..initial impressions is that it is no way faster than a stage 1 R, once going and and the speeds rise. But it picks up and feels quicker, more alert and keen to go at it. The in-cabin engine noise is a step above the anadoyne ea888 Muzak pumped in. Gear change is snikedity snik rifle bolt action. Lever just to hand urging you to change up/down. Imt Rev matching function clever
  8. Picked up the GR. They had cleaned it off but not dressed it. snow foamed. Rinsed Sprayed Koch Chem Green stuff to strip surface. rinsed W6 iron and fall out. surprising amount of iron rinse 2bm with gwash n ONR DI rinse dryed with new Big Boi dryer One quick coat Polish Angel High Glass, C2 on roof n wheels. buff n go. Colour and paint quality on BBS rims is exceptional. Best on any car I have had. Some swirly marks on the gloss black roof and tailgate spoiler. Will polish out. No discernible mar
  9. They are good. Was going to post exact same. basically they are melamine 3000 grade fine abrasive. Designed to work wet, soak them in some apc/ detergent and work over wheel, drying with mf as you go. I have taken to using Dr Leather wipes for my leather and these are perfect to condition rim after magic wiper.
  10. Home. Quick tarts Bath. Blow dry and spritz of polish. it’s an eager scamp. Quick throttle response, responsive pointy front end and steering. feels small around you and very snug coupe like. Interior ok. Pearl Colour and finish is very good. just of to Devon now via Dartmoor. Get some miles on.
  11. Try one of these: Cheap, not super strong, but can be tied on and make a bit of noise in the breeze that will deter cats n birds. I keep one in car - for when I am at my mums which is shitehawk central, and then another at home for occasion if I have been coating and need car to stay dry as it cures, or debris-free if I am part way thru a job. Very light car contact, plus added bonus that the plastic flaps a bit in wind, and this does seem to work. Needs weight done or tucking under wheels, and is strictly a temporary affair. But cheap. £10 each it’s
  12. Not exactly apples n apples, but hi praise.
  13. See You Next Tuesday. Popped into Toyota Bristol for a gander at my car. Already posted on Detailing thread. Car looks great. Good chunky stance, the lower rear roof line is cartoonish in the flesh. BBS forged rims lovely. Proper Michelins. Fit, finish and paint quality is very good - easily a match for VW. Interior very snug, OK design and relatively good materials usage. Collecting Tues/Weds then straight down to Devon - will divert across Dartmoor. Getting quite excited. Still haven’t told wife about the new ca
  14. I carry some detailing kit in boot of R, just in case of bird strike etc. Was in a dealer car park today and saw this: It was grey and raining, Was looking dusty and bit forlorn, like it needed someTLC and a good home so. New, but it had obvs been standing out for a few weeks. So,... “Just one panel”, I told myself, “Just one panel and then I’ll quit. I am NOT an addict, just couldn’t help myself. Then the sun came out and everything lit up.... I lik
  15. Report back when done. With pics. Be interesting to hear what coatings they use. Especially top coat. I have waiting in the wings, both High Gloss and and Cosmic Spritz. Cosmic Spritz has more SiO2 for protection, beading etc. High Gloss has more titanium oxide for for shine and a warmer hue (allegedly) I hope you will be pleased with results.
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