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  1. 991 turbo s on road. Make R feel like a2CV. R500 with slicks on track.
  2. Yes. It’s just as good as Tardis, but a fraction ofvthe price, can be applied minimally to localised areas on car as needed with the little straw nozzle thing. , and also very quickly as it’s aerosol. This also makes it far more eco green The detailing world has been seduced by very clever selling of Tardis as a blunt instrument for tar spots. “Splash it all over” etc. That’s what the chemical cos want. It’s the emperors cloths syndrome. Wd40 dies remove however wax - be aware.
  3. Most med and above polishing compounds applied locally with an MF will remove C5.
  4. Koch Chemie Green Star is great external APC. I rate it better than Surfex and it's cheaper than the Gtechniq W5, which is not up to much and poor value IME. CPW is my normal Pre washer, but the KC Green Star is more effective in these grimy times.
  5. For gloss black, which is harder to maintain than matte (as it shows every mark in reflections) using as many touchless stages Pre wash is key to a good wash finish. I would coat with C5 or Gyeon Rim over a wax, since these both offer harder protection layer and do not add gloss, unlike wax) that aside in maintaining yer rims, use as many wet/soak/rinse stages before applying wash mit or brush. This will best remove abrasive particles that are brake dust, plus other grit and dried dirt etc, all of which are also abrasive once picked up by brush or mitt. Dont even think about usibg an EZ Wheel brush - those things are brutal. With good coat (or two) of C5 or G Rim, washing could look like this: pre wash spray wheels with Citrus Pre Wash solution (or similar Koch Chem, Bilt Hamber etc) leave to soak but not dry for 10 mins. Rinse. Optional. If wheels particularly dirty and brake dusty, or every month. (if usibg C5) spray rims with Gtechniq W6 fallout remover which is brilliant on hubs too. Dwell for 8 mins, rinse. snow foam or spray with prewash again the rims. Soak and rinse. Most particles should be gone by now, leaving just traffic film etc. only then wash with 2BM, detailing brushes, MF noodle mitt, wheel woolies ir whatever suits rim design. final rinse, then wash rest of car. Sound like a lot, but ineffect as you go around the car, by time you are at wheel 4, wheel 1 is reading for rinsing. finally and optional but the icing in touchless, is go get a Sidekick Blaster hand held drier and dry your rims tyres. £70 that will save you rims from MF borne grit from hand wiping. You can then occasionally top up or dress rims with a C2 type product without really buffing and risking damaging matte. as ever these stages take longer to write down than to do...
  6. Don't let Miltons dry out on fabric or paint, as it will etch, even in solution.
  7. "The sun is the same,but in a relative way, you're older ....shorter of breath, and one day closer to death" as the old old song goes. The fact that I quote 40 year old Pink Floyd lyrics shows my age.
  8. Use any APC, work in with a 1” paint brush or detailing brush. Do this one- off with strong solution to remove build up, then, when you are on normal maint washes, run around car with same detailing brush doing rubbers, badges etc, as yer snow foam dwells. Can also be done as Pre wash dwells, if you are a post-SF Pre washer. Pressure rinse will remove all. This will prevent build up in first place. Nothing you can apply ( without unsafe biocides) that really prevents algae build up. Use normal dressings or QD on rubbers. It’s a function of damp climate. Getting it dried out is key. A Sidekick T blower also prevents buildup by driving wash water etc out of seams.
  9. DBPoweramp seems to be choice of file format converter SW for most hi fi types. Dead easy to use, can either batch convert entire folders, or right click single tracks convert From/To. MP3/4/flac/alac etc. Not free but worth paying for. You can also edit id3 tags, Artwork etc. i use Apple Music, Spotify and SD FLACs. Apple has nice advantage of steering-wheel Siri voice commands to find stuff. FLACS sound best in the FLR Dynaudio system.
  10. Were OP to have actually given us the dis mpg, or better, brim to brimmed the tank and done the TRUE mileage calculation, there would be something to comment on. Half a tank from visual gauge could be as much + or - 1 gallon, if you allowed for sender to gauge error.
  11. "What's my pet driving hate?" Simple: Other drivers. I'd get around so much more safety, swiftly, economically and with minimal strsss, if only every else would just stay at home, when I wish to travel.
  12. Mainframe

    BMW 435d

    I'd go for the Gran Coupe because of the hatchback advantage. The 3.0d unit is a good pairing with x drive and a brilliant cruiser, with enough poke and itorque for A road fun.
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