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  1. It’s absolutely not normal to have a substandard clutch in a manual performance car. I’ve had numerous remapped manual cars (all VAG group) providing prodigious torque at low revs with zero issues before my mk7’s. VW were very cynical with the 7R clutch. Right back in the early mk7 days when I was researching engine tuning options (which were scarce back then) it quickly became apparent that the DSG car ECU’s had an easy to remove plastic cage and the manual cars had a riveted metal cage to discourage any tampering.
  2. Yep, unfortunately the dreaded clutch slip. The curse of the manual ‘box.
  3. Not Europe but I saw two in Orlando, one pre FL and one 7.5. Both Lapiz. I was surprised to see any, they were the only Golfs I saw in two and a half weeks that were newer than a mk5. A few Jettas, Beetles and loads of VW SUV’s but Golfs don’t seem to feature. Even on the road for 8 hours plus in a round trip to Miami and in and around Miami I didn’t see a single newer Golf.
  4. More undisguised photos linked to in this forum thread (direct link at bottom of quote) http://www.golfgtiforum.co.uk/index.php?topic=284598.260
  5. Hi Lewman, good to see another Clubsport owner on the forum, there are a few of us hiding in the wings. Those adaptions have been done to a great standard, a totally OEM look that keeps the character of the car fully intact Does your CS have any other mods? They’re fantastic cars out of the box mind you...
  6. If there’s one thing VW do very well it is making Golf sized hatches. Nobody does it better. The Golf R is the pinnacle of Golfs. It’s the perfect performance versus practicality package. With the mk7 they got it dead right and the buoyancy of this forum and the sheer number of owners proves that. If a Golf R doesn’t cut it for you then you really need to be looking at the next size of car up which is where BMW and Mercedes start doing their best things, but they cost more. Sometimes it takes a while a gel with a car, particularly if going from a familiar marque to a different brand. As said, the Bridgestones are very hard and noisy to an excessive degree, the Conti 5P’s not too far behind when they get a bit worn. Michelins do make a big difference
  7. That’s correct. The PS4 (non S) only in 18” and at bargain (for Michelin) prices right now. Worth buying a set and ebaying your old tyres. You’d not regret it. £271.80 for a full set right now after Michelin cash back if you have a Formula One Autocentre nearby
  8. Yeah, it’s just an expensive aftermarket tuning pack. The Golf R has its own Abt range. Abt seem to be doing a bit of heavy duty marketing lately with modified SEATs and VW’s doing the press rounds. Must be a quiet time of year for the journos.
  9. I’d imagine there’s a few Pretorias out there running nearly as many weights to try and offset buckles!
  10. Google images have throws up a good few sets of Racingline 360 wheels and a few members here ran them. Lots of choice of other brands here on a Configurator. https://www.felgenoutlet.com/en/
  11. Looks like a set from Trainspotting
  12. There’s no exact science to it. If you want a particular colour or spec of car there will always be a wait and a risk of being beaten to it but generally I find it good to watch a few cars that ‘stick’ on forecourts. It takes a lot of patience but you’ll know that after a few months the sales manager will want it shifted and will be open to negotiation. There will always be cars that for no particular reason end up sitting on forecourts for ages, they’re not necessarily undesirable or bad cars, they just get overlooked. Speaking to house sales people they say it’s the same case there, some just stick for no reason and end up going for bargain prices in the end just to shift them off the books, dealers don’t buy them cash generally, they’ll owe money on them themselves. The change of registration plate was traditionally when dealers got swamped with part Ex cars but less people take any notice of it nowadays so there’s not a deluge of chopped in cars for them to clear space for so much these days. Summer is peak selling time so less deals about, same for new cars. Once autumn comes dealers won’t want cars sitting round all winter and new car registrations gradually dry up the nearer to December and January you get. Part Ex prices bottom out in winter and depreciation is at its highest before firming up around March. If you don’t have a part Ex then it opens up possibilities far more. Also keep an eye on the promotions going through lease companies if you’re fairly open to the type of car. There are often some good deals on small hatches. I’ve been tasked with getting a SEAT Ibiza by a work colleague whose lease is up on their Leon in October. Even now there are some very good deals to be had via leasing or PCP on those and only 3p per mile excess mileage over the 10k PA
  13. As plodwyn says, you’ll need the tunes off when on track. I’ve never visited the ‘Ring or even played a Playstation/Xbox game with racetracks but can tell from my in depth studying of the ‘Ring map that it’s a technical and long circuit via the back ends of BMW 320d’s and Vauxhall people carriers as they cut in front of me at close quarter displaying their ‘Ring stickers when navigating the city bypass most days. A decent tune whilst waiting to start to get the adrenaline pumping (Black Futures “Trance”?) then music off as you’ll need 100% concentration. I’ve done a few trackdays at Castle Combe and even on “friendly” track days there’s no time to notice music let alone listen to it! I’d imagine the ‘Ring is like that x10 with much slower and much faster traffic to navigate as well as the bends, twists and rises. Besides, any bass heavy music would be lost with the engine and exhaust working flat out. Just enjoy the car noises including hearing your tyre edges squealing into oblivion!
  14. Autometrix magazines and events were part of my life from the age of about 16 to 50 and it's so sad it all folded. Does anyone have any idea where Neil Birkitt is now? It would be a huge task to revive it all requiring specialist knowledge, office space and not least of all money. I'm sure a band of well meaning enthusiasts *could* pull it off but it would be quite some work. I'm sure there are many of us who would write road tests and articles for free if they had cars provided and some expenses paid but the rest of it would be a huge commitment, all the non glamorous parts of the job. I once spent a day with Neil around 10 or 11 years ago and it sure wasn't a 9-5 job, more a labour of love, and the behind the scenes stuff is very hard work.
  15. Cb is right, it's under £40K list before the On The Road costs are added which bring it over the dreaded road tax threshold. You can get 15% discounts off Golfs right now if you're prepared to wait for delivery. Ask on here whether to get and R or TCR and I think you can guess what everyone will recommend. Ask on a GTI forum and guess what... (well it'll be mixed over there actually) TCR for looks and sharpness of drive (if you can stand the slightly gaudy seats) plus it'll hold its value fractionally better going by Clubsport prices. R for sheer competence and sobriety but still looks the part if you have it in the right spec.
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