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  1. Exonian

    Digital or analogue dash

    The analogue dials on a 7R are beautiful to behold. The most stylish part of a well styled car. Far nicer than the bland offerings on the GTI and GTD. The actual dials on the 7.5R are a dreadful cop out style wise. Reasonably clear but a total washout as regards to style. The fact the map can be shoved between the gauges is a great idea as the infotainment screen is too low to look at properly unless you’re sat parked up, and a fat lot of good it is then. I had a quick look at a new shape MQB A1 S Line last week. The infotainment screen was much better positioned and the dials were much much nicer than the Golf’s; stylish and clear to read in equal measures.
  2. Oh no! Not Christine hit *again* Gutted for you Booth11 Hopefully some justice will come of all this.
  3. Exonian

    Mk6 golf R wheel set up

    The mk6 R is a bit of a modern classic and despite the fact I’ve spent 30 years changing wheels on various cars to individualise them as tastefully as I can, I don’t think anything looks better than 19” Talladegas on a 6R and it keeps that design classic originality.
  4. Exonian

    Face lift R or not bother?

    At least that would actually feel like a new car. I quite like the look of them too
  5. Exonian

    Golf GTi TCR vs Golf R

    At least your bouffant won’t get messed up driving al fresco then! Weekend cars are different for different people. My original point that an R is a sublime everyday day where a TCR is a bit more of an occasional use machine for a VW Enthusiast (as opposed to a general car enthusiast, I’m the former I’m afraid and have VW blinkers).
  6. Exonian

    Golf GTi TCR vs Golf R

    Haha! Sorry, tongue in cheek comment as the sort of Porsche you’ll get for TCR money “new” isn’t your average 911 supercar! I can’t remember the last time a 911 was £35k new, and I’m old... There are literally hundreds of cars you could get for the price of a TCR as a weekend toy, my point was exclusively that those who would buy one actually want a hot Golf but don’t want an R or they need a dual role vehicle that seats five in relative comfort for holidays and can transport reasonable amounts of household stuff yet still hold its own in performance and looks. If you get the train to work in the week, or choose to squeeze your b*****s into some Lycra tights and cycle to the office, if you have a works van... you’ll still often want a family car for weekends etc but not necessarily a Nissan Leaf if you still have lead in your Lycra cosseted pencil. Car enthusiasts come in all shapes and sizes with different wants and needs. Being as this thread is whether you'd buy one over an R on an R forum, someone has to be devil’s advocate! Slip £35k into my hand and I’m not sure what I’d buy of the two, R or TCR. The TCR would need a few grand throwing at it in extras pushing it into expensive territory and it still doesn’t have the Clubsport buckets.
  7. Exonian

    Borbet Y

    Personally I’d go for the Borbet FF1 in 18 inch on a Golf. I do like the “Y” though and being as it comes from a major OEM supplier it looks OEM and should be of decent quality. I’ve bought wheels and tyres from tyreleader in the past and not had any issues. They’re very cheap. if you did get any issues I’d expect them to be a bit ropey but fingers crossed... Have a look on here too, select English from the menu and configure to your heart’s content! https://www.felgenoutlet.de/de Then buy the wheels cheaper from tyreleader
  8. It goes the other way too. Having owned 4 mk7’s in the last five and a quarter years it’s surprising how many features the car has that you actually discover early on and then completely forget about!
  9. Exonian

    Golf GTi TCR vs Golf R

    Funnily enough.... I did run a 7R for 18 months though 😂
  10. Exonian

    Face lift R or not bother?

    The one thing you actually see when driving a 7R is that beautifully designed pair of gauges. Underneath, everything is exactly the same. I’d not spend £10k just to get some horrid looking 2D TFT dials that look like they belong in a base model Polo. Except the Polo has nicer digital dials... Keep your existing car and pray it doesn’t cost you £10k in repairs out of warranty...
  11. Exonian

    Both Wing Mirrors Stolen

    I echo that. Your Golf looks like it’s being targeted as they know it’s there and a sitting duck. You can have a fun car for not much momey, channel earnings towards moving to somewhere where a desirable car would be less of a target or the ability to put it out of sight and work your way back up to it. Don’t let them beat you, work around the situation and still have a car you enjoy driving. Plenty of choice out there and someone else has taken the depreciation hit for you!
  12. Exonian

    Golf GTi TCR vs Golf R

    I did the VW show thing for years. You’d be surprised how many people buy Golfs as weekend cars. The whole ethos of a GTI is fun but practical. So the weekend car can be a Golf quite easily. A VAQ equipped GTI handles as well as many sports cars, has very little traction issues once rolling (has better traction control than an R), and grip - well that’s your tyres not your axles. I’ve had 4wd cars spin off close to my 2wd inferior car on track in a previous life. Why do you need a hairdressers car as a weekend car? Or a midlife poseurs Porsche or whatever? Just to show the world you’re successful? Nobody else gives a toss. A Golf GTI can make a great daily driver, a TCR more suited to a weekend car possibly, but just as good as a daily driver. The suspension might be a bit knobbly though. What do you need a weekend car to be? A bit special? A TCR is that. Fast? A TCR is that. Handle well? A TCR will certainly do that. Plus it’ll take the crap home from the garden centre or IKEA, you can fit the dog and kids into it etc. Everyone's idea of a weekend car isn’t the same. I can think of dozens and dozens of people I know who’d love a TCR as a weekend car. I disagree with FWD being less fun than RWD with a properly sorted chassis. Honda Tyoe R drivers please stand up. The mk7 GTI PP/Clubsport/TCR doesn’t make a bad showing for itself. It’s just different. The VAQ drives a little like a mid engined car than a front driver, you don’t get many Evo scribblers bemoaning that. Naturally theres going to be a load of snobbery on here about the R’s ‘superiority’. But not everyone cares about that. Even my very well respected VW Indie doesn’t rate the Golf R as an enthusiasts car, hand him the keys to a TCR though....
  13. Exonian

    Golf GTi TCR vs Golf R

    Unless you live in central London or Milton Keynes there’s a lot more to motoring life than traffic light launches. The current R is well and truly the best all rounder that VW have ever produced but it’s a little too perfect to be proper fun at legal(ish) road speeds or probably even on track. Yes, it can go very fast in all conditions and on all road surfaces. Accomplished (very) and understated is probably the best way to describe it in my eyes. That’s the way an awful lot of owners on here like it, dare I say love it(?). As an everyday car there are possibly cars as good but I doubt there’s anything better when you look at all aspects of tenure/ownership. We all know the plaudits. But... well the TCR adds something, quite a few things in fact, into the mix that the R lacks in dynamics and character. Some owners want something a little rarer (the R should be quite rare as a flagship Golf but it simply isn’t) and something that looks a lot more sporty, they want something a little special but still want a Golf, and they want something dynamically a bit more exciting without sacrificing anything that detracts from Golf ownership. The TCR like the Clubsport is very much a niche model for those that want more than a GTI but not necessarily an R. For anyone that has experienced the VAQ diff they’ll understand exactly what it offers, especially when connected up the the R engine like in the Cupra or Edition 40. The prowess and agility of a mid-engined sports car housed in a Golf body. It’s the high torque at low and medium revs that causes the GTI and GTD to scrabble rather than the actual peak horse power. The VAQ diff helps a lot with that so long as some steering lock is applied. I don’t think there’s a typical TCR buyer, it’s going to appeal to someone who thinks an R is maybe just a little too accomplished and understated. The R being the perfect everyday car and the TCR the perfect weekend car.
  14. Exonian

    GTi TCR.

    A five door will be made too it seems https://www.autoexpress.co.uk/volkswagen/golf/105734/new-volkswagen-golf-gti-tcr-2019-review
  15. Exonian

    GTi TCR.

    A real review at long last https://www.autocar.co.uk/car-review/volkswagen/golf-gti-tcr/first-drives/volkswagen-golf-gti-tcr-2019-review