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  1. ...hmm, .just ordered another replacement. Thinking about it, I would have replaced the standard filter before now, and there’s even more reason to keep this one in top nick...
  2. Been running the R600 for nearly three years. how often are others replacing the sponge filter??
  3. Agreed. I also prefer the original LED lights too... both front and back. all in all, not enough to make me want a 7.5 - Dash tech is OK, but I ‘m happy wth actual dials 👍🏼
  4. Ahh, thanks Stobsie. I see now. You’re right, the originals are better 👍🏼
  5. -oh-? I thought the 7.5 now has separate ‘under sill’ pieces. will have to investigate further..
  6. Evening.. not been on here for a while, and just had a search but couldn’t see any mention(?), but has anyone added the sill skirts from a 7.5 to their older 7R ??
  7. -downside is the CatD, but I've had the car since new, it is pampered, and I'm happy to keep it long term. It really is the ideal 'daily'... (I'm almost embarrassed to say, but it is a post-script to this story... I've just bought my dream car, using Man Maths and a large dose of 'you only live once'... I'm not wealthy, just a petrolhead, so looking forward to picking up my 2008 997 GT3 😃)
  8. ...thought I'd update this, as it may be of use to someone in the future... The car was returned to me and apart from a couple of scuffs on a wheel, a broken indicator lens on the wing mirror and an interior that stank of weed, there was no real damage. (There followed a couple of weeks debate with Insurers.. including an estimate from my local Bodyshop that included a new set of wheels..) To cut a long story short the Insurers said they were going to pick the car up and pay out... but I said I'd buy the car off them.. They valued it at 22,500 O/S finance = 18,800 ..was told if I wanted to 'buy' the car they would only pay out c£13k to the Finance and I would have to pay off the rest immediately. Car would then be registered as a Cat D. ...oh, AND I would also receive another £11k from Gap insurance. So.. I've kept the car, no o/S finance, and some money in my pocket Will get Prets refurbished in Spring. Coffee beans in the car sorted the smell..
  9. I'd collect it ASAP. As others have said; lifes too short. Also, in 2,3 and definitely in 5 years, the difference in value wouldn't cover a decent meal... These cars are particularly good when our weather is rough, so you'll be missing a couple of months of fun..
  10. - Thanks all. Definitley look like CI-R to me. Presume the pictures above are 20" -? ..I was going to play it safe with 19", but the 20s do look good.. Anyone have experience of fitting 20s ? EDIT; or is just the lowered stance that makes them look bigger-?
  11. ..excuse my lack of wheel knowledge.. but what are the above? and any suggestions where best to purchase? Thanks
  12. -actually, if REALLY cold, presume this may apply to tyres with plenty of tread, where the rubber is cold/brittle and lost it's flexibility
  13. I've had this in the past, and coincidentally again this week... it's the tyres; a combination of the colder weather and my tread depth being lower. Once the 'tread blocks' get worn down (not illegal, just smaller) they lose their flexibility. Combine that with colder weather and when on lock, moving slowly, the slightly different arc of the two front wheels can make one of them 'skip' slightly... hence the 'judder' feel. Nothing to worry about, just check your tread depths to see how long you've got...
  14. -Yes. Hard to describe, but a good remap is a revelation. Takes the car to another level completely....
  15. My May '14 car has been running Stage 1 for 12 months. The turbo failures do seem to occur relatively early in their life. I'm now of the view that if the turbo did fail, I'd look at an upgraded [non-stock] version. It would be interesting to know the chassis numbers of the failures.. if it was in fact a 'batch' it should be easy to identify if your car is higher risk (?) FWIW, my chassis number ends ...00069
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